Design a Cool Vector Design in Minutes! | Samuel Wilson | Skillshare

Design a Cool Vector Design in Minutes!

Samuel Wilson, Let's Design With Style

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6 Videos ()
    • 1. Introduction: Super Easy method of Vectorizing a Photo

    • 2. Editing our Image Inside Photoshop

    • 3. Inside Illustrator Part 1

    • 4. Inside Illustrator Part 2

    • 5. Inside Illustrator Part 3

    • 6. Finalizing in Illustrator


About This Class


This is a video tutorial that illustrates how to convert a photo to a unique customized graphic that can be used in many ways, such as an image for a card front, book cover, etc.


Vector images contain all the data that that makes them perfect for scaling without compromising their quality. For instance, you are making artwork for a client to be used for printing on a T-shirt, or to be printed on Large Format. A vector file would be the best for such purposes because they can use it to print up to any size they want.



This tutorial is subdivided into a few parts:

General Overview video link:

The main concept it to use the online resources such as google images without the need to create the graphics from scratch.

Perhaps I should add that you should make sure that you have rights to the images you use but if you are using them just for reference then no problem, just use any image.

More of such videos will be coming your way often so just watch this space.

Please feel free to reach to me if you want any part of this tutorial explained more, or for any instructions related to graphic design.






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Samuel Wilson

Let's Design With Style

Hello Friend!

I am Samuel Wilson, a talented artist in the areas of graphic design, illustration/ drawing and painting, 3D modelling and rendering. As for drawing and painting, I do it by hand as well as
with software programs.

I am excited to share my skills with you here, and hoping to teach you how to do cool designing along the way, and also hope I'll learn some awesome things from you too. Please feel free to connect with me personally if you need further help ...

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