Design a Classic Ink and Wash Watercolor In 20 Minutes | Ron Mulvey✏️ | Skillshare

Design a Classic Ink and Wash Watercolor In 20 Minutes

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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2 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro / The Magic of Ink and Wash

    • 2. First Design to Watercolor Finish


About This Class

The Essentials of Watercolor: Simple Techniques that Bring Paintings to Life 


 About This Class

 Hi Everyone,

Watch as I teach you the Traditional / Ink and Wash Watercolor Technique, a 3000-year-old technique that is still being used by artists of the present. Ink and wash will bring depth, expression, and boldness to your watercolor paintings. No experience needed and no student ever left behind! 

As a professional landscape artist, I've painted thousands of watercolor paintings and studied hundreds of books from the old classical masters and those who have shaped our Modern Times.

Working in the studio, sketching in the field or on the street corner, this technique will bring home the 'gold' and with amazing simplicity and ease of execution.

Watch as I teach you this simple technique step-by-step. This is an expert technique used by professional artists. Within a few minutes, you'll see how the Ink and Wash brings a confidence in your design and to  your work that produces expressive, bold and engaging watercolor paintings. 

By the end of this 20 Minute Lesson you'll be able to: 

> Create bold and expressive  Watercolors with a simple mastery of the Ink and Wash Style 

> Relax and learn—you'll never be left behind and no experience is required to master this wonderfully simple technique.                                                                          

In my 30 years of painting, I've discovered that 90% of professional watercolor painters use 3 techniques: The No Drips, No Slips; The California Style, and The Ink and Wash . 

This course focuses on the Ink and Wash. Enroll in my other Skillshare courses to master the other 2 professional techniques and watch as I reveal other simple secrets of the craft!  

Let Ron Demonstrate how the 'East' set the stage for 3 millenniums of watercolor painting with Ink and Wash. The Ancients dipped their fingers and charged their brushes with pure black ink, deftly drew and boldly washed color onto their creative efforts for future generations to admire.  


                                                      BOLD   BRILLIANT   FLUID

                                 Action is the foundational key to success. (Pablo Picasso)