Design Your Own Products! Patterns, Geometric Shapes and Illustrations

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 13+ Years ✅

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15 Videos (59m)
    • Class Intro

    • Pattern Design - Setting up the Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

    • Pattern Design Cont.

    • Pattern Design - Having Fun with Patterns and Options!

    • Pattern Design - Preparing it in Photoshop

    • Pattern Design - Testing it out on Products

    • Geometric Design - Setting it up

    • Geometric Design - Adding Gold Accents

    • Geometric Design - Finishing it up in Photoshop

    • Geometric Design - Testing it out on products

    • Lightning Bolt Design - Vector Drawing and adding Gold texture

    • Lightning Bolt Design - Add a Space Background

    • Lightning Bolt Design - Fine Tuning

    • Lightning Bolt Design - Testing it out on products

    • Lightning Bolt Design - Let's Tweak some more for fun!


About This Class


It has never been easier to create your own patterns and designs and create products to sell online. This class will focus on creating three different design types. We will first learn to use Adobe Illustrator to create patterns quickly and test out those patterns on our products

We will then create a super colorful geometric design and create several different variations. Finally, we will create a custom vector illustration, create lighting and shadows to make it pop, and place it on a beautiful space background. 

There are several online websites you can use to upload your creations, I will show you one that makes it quick and easy to see how your design will look, and it is a lot of fun too!

It would be great to have some basic knowledge of Adobe illustrator and photoshop, but even if you are new to the programs, you can still learn a lot by following along. 

Let’s learn together!

Mock-ups created on Society 6. 


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I LOVE watching you work. I have a billion ideas in my head after watching this class. I anticipate going thru a "Make ALL the Patterns" phase for the next couple of weeks :) Another great class, Lindsay!
Melissa Taylor

Designer, Illustrator & Beekeeper