Design Your Own Holiday Cards in Photoshop (Funky) | Khara Plicanic | Skillshare

Design Your Own Holiday Cards in Photoshop (Funky)

Khara Plicanic, Designer/Maker

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11 Videos (41m)
    • Welcome! Let's Do This!

    • Master 02 assets

    • Things to Know Before You Start

    • Set Up Your Document

    • Add Your Image(s)

    • Special Effects: Stroke & Pattern

    • Add Your Type

    • Save Your Work & File Prep

    • Designing the Backside

    • Finalizing Your Files

    • Final Thoughts & Congrats!


About This Class

DIY your way to holiday cheer—Photoshop style! This course will guide you step-by-step, from a new blank Photoshop document, all the way to a finished (fully customizable), ready-to-print, holiday card. Use it as is—or as an inspirational starting point!

I've filled this hands-on project with some of the most requested techniques and effects compiled from more than 10 years of teaching Photoshop around the world. As you make your way through the course, you'll gain real-world experience in sought after Photoshop skills including:

  • formatting documents for print
  • working with color
  • adding and styling type
  • manipulating layers
  • correctly saving to various file formats
  • adding special effects like pattern overlays
  • and so much more

Everything you need is included: The carefully curated fonts, the pattern files, and illustrations. I'll even share my personal recommendation on where to order your finished cards from. 

All you need to bring to the table are whatever photo(s) you want to include, and access to Photoshop. It doesn't even have to be a current (or even recent) version. Really. Everything this design involves is accessible in pretty much any edition of Photoshop. (Yes, that even includes Photoshop Elements.)

This course will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully create your own holiday cards. Designed for even the most novice of Photoshop users, this course will give you the skills you need to complete the project while making Photoshop approachable, and most importantly—fun.

So let's do this. Make your holiday cards something special this year— design them yourself!





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Khara Plicanic


Hi there--and thanks for visiting me and my little corner of Skillshare, I'm so glad you're here!

I'm a photographer/designer/crafter from Nebraska, USA who has so much fun problem-solving and discovering new things, that I just can't help but share my excitement with other enthusiastic learners.

Having spent more than 15 years as a professional photographer, I've had the pleasure of creating unique work for a long list of clients and giving back to the industry as a veteran...

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