Design Your Own Fonts: From Paper to Screen

Natanael Gama, Type Designer

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13 Videos (55m)
    • Let's Start

    • The ABC's of Sketching

    • Diagnose: Sketching Your First Letters

    • Improve Your Sketch

    • File – New. Digitize Your First Letter

    • It's “On”

    • Extending

    • A Pain in The “S”

    • Diagonals

    • Therapists Need Good Spacing

    • Kern Nerd

    • Export and Print

    • Do it All Over Again

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About This Class

To design a font might look like an overwhelmingly tedious and extremely difficult task, and in a way it is. No magic bullets here. However there are ways to speed up the process as well as to make it fun!
In this class the Type Designer Natanael Gama will teach you how to create your own fonts without going nuts. From paper sketching all the way to export the digital font file. The only thing required for this class is a bit of courage. Remember that the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward. To type your own font can be an epiphanic experience!

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Simply the best typography class I found on Skillshare. Thank you, Natanael!
I have seen many skillshare videos, and some are good, others are less so. Your classes however are absolutely top notch! Friendly, thorough and educative. I love how you spend the time on important details. Thank you!
This is a comprehensive course that you should follow along if you want to create your first font and avoid some mistakes along the way!
Janik Ma. C.

The best Mexican designer





Natanael Gama

Type Designer

Natanael one day decided to play with fonts and never stopped. Inspired by the typography classes while taking his degree in graphic design and multimedia in ESAD.CR he started drawing Exo. It was a successful project on kickstarter and is part of the Google Fonts Library. Since then he has already released two more types via Google Fonts, Cinzel and Exo 2. Apart from other commissioned works he has been creating his own typographic library. 

His work has been ...

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