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Design Your Own Fonts: For Beginner Guide

Aan Kurniawan, Logo Design + Illustration

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9 Videos (18m)
    • Introducing

    • Created font part 1. build font

    • Created font part 2. edited and completed font

    • Created font part 3. Move to fontlab

    • Converted Line to outlines stroke

    • Setting matric and Font Info

    • Solved Problem in Font

    • Export otf and ttf

    • Created Cover font


About This Class

Uncover the secrets to designing the perfect font with this new class from Aan kurniawan, graphic designer who likes to explore expertise that has won +200 competition, be it logo design, infographic, identity, typography and others.

Join Aan as she reveals her personal technique to create a sans serif font of proportion. Aan ensures that every letter he makes has consistency and unity. In this +45 minute class, you will learn how to create your work font with the Rectangle concept from Aan.

The main lessons include:

- created font from coreldraw to Adobe illustrator and go to FontLab
- move to fontlab
- problem in fontlab
- setting matric and info in lab font
This class is perfect for designers and illustrators who want to create new fonts and fonts. With this technique, you will be able to create fonts of any complexity, allowing you to create the beautiful and timeless work you've always imagined.





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Aan Kurniawan

Logo Design + Illustration

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