Design Your Novel: Create Memorable Characters | Jami McDonald-Brumfield | Skillshare

Design Your Novel: Create Memorable Characters

Jami McDonald-Brumfield, Design Your Desired Future

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11 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Hero Creation Introduction

    • 2. Hero Creation Class Project

    • 3. Hero Creation ~ who is telling your story

    • 4. Hero Creation ~ Audience and Genre

    • 5. Hero Creation ~ Differences

    • 6. Hero Creation ~ Motivation or Hook

    • 7. Hero Creation ~ Desires

    • 8. Hero Creation ~ Empathy

    • 9. Hero Creation ~ Description

    • 10. Hero Creation ~ Backstory and Ideal Future

    • 11. Hero Creation ~ Project Time


About This Class

In this training I will give you a step by step process to creating memorable lead characters to use in your novels. You'll learn how to create more than just the surface description of the character and tips on how to make to design characters that have readers empathizing and connecting with them.

If you've read a story and said, "I just love those characters" and want to learn how to make your own awesome characters this class is for you. If you'd like to learn to flesh out characters in the books you're working on this class is for you. If you are an aspiring author and would like more insigt into creating memorable characters that bring the story to life, this class is for you.

Click enroll and lets get started.

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Jami McDonald-Brumfield

Design Your Desired Future

Hello, I am Jami McDonald-Brumfield. I'm a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practictioner, Reiki Master, Life, Career and Relationship Coach. I like to jumble everything together under the title of Transformation Coach because that is what I focus on when working with clients.

I am also a published and self-published author in multiple fiction genres with over 20 current titles.

My training videos will include real life exercises you can use from multiple mod...

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