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Design Your Instagram Profile for Organic Growth 2021

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The 3 Account Types

    • 3. Finding Your Value

    • 4. The Perfect Handle

    • 5. Name Optimization

    • 6. The Perfect Profile Photo

    • 7. Bio Secrets

    • 8. The Most Overlooked Element

    • 9. Your Next Steps

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About This Class

LEARN HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM AS A TOOL FOR YOUR BUSINESS.  Expand your brand and Business through the strategies we teach.

We start with the very basics and you will learn how to create a powerful, professional Instagram profile for your brand or business designed to effectively appeal to your target customer.

Even if you already have and account, be sure to check this class out. It is imperative to know that you have done this in the most optimal way for your Instagram sucess!

Over this 8 week course you'll learn some incredible Instagram promotional marketing strategies on how to promote your Instagram Account to those who have an interest in niche.

In no time you'll have valuable skills that will help you effectively build a strong community of Instagram followers, that are targeted to your niche

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: awesome. So in this very concise course together, we're gonna make sure that we're optimizing your account on instagram for as many followers and as much growth as possible. When people are browsing instagram and they come across your profile, they're gonna have the choice, the choice to whether they want to click that, full a button and receive all your updates and future content, or if they want to just push that back button and get back to whatever they're doing in their lives and our job two days to make sure that not only people push that follow button every time they find your profile. But we wanna make sure more people are finding a profile. And we want to make sure that a very specific type of person is finding your profile, one that is right for you in your business or your personal profile. So in this course, there are six character six. We're going to cover one by one and make sure that each of them are perfectly optimized to make sure you get as much growth on instagram as possible, We're gonna go through the type of account that you have had to turn it into a hybrid account. We're gonna go through the value that you're offering through your profile. We're gonna go through your instagram name and instagram handle. We're gonna go through your photo, your bio and the most overlooked one. The call to action on exactly what that means for you and your account. So if you're excited, I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture and making sure you design the perfect instagram profile for you. 2. The 3 Account Types: awesome. So welcome. We're gonna go through together the types of instagram accounts that you can either create all that you already have and don't really know about. And this is really, really important because each different type of INSTAGRAM account has benefits and it has its downsides. I'm gonna make sure that you're choosing the benefits that's right for your business and whether that's get as many followers as possible as for you to decide based on the knowledge inside this lecture. So let's jump in. So there are 3.5 distinct types of instagram accounts that you could stopped. I say 3.5 because it's basically three. But the half, as we're about to go through together, is going to be the little hack that we can use in order to get the best out of the most out of instagram, meaning we can take more than one off these account types and use it to our advantage. So we're getting them best out of each account type without really having any downside. I'm gonna show you exactly how you can bet So the 3.5 account types are one a personality instagram account to a brand or business instagram account. Three A themed account and 3.5 is the hybrid account. So let's jump into some examples of what each one of these. So a personality account means that you are the face and the focus. It's built up around you. It's built up around your personality or someone, someone's face and someone's personality, if not yours, so you can see Luca done. Church is a N b A player. He plays basketball on a professional level, and people follow his instagram account to get updates from him specifically and to see his personality, to see his face and to see what he's doing day today. Nicky French. I'm not 100% sure who she is, but she has a personality account. So if she's an actress or if she's a model surely posting content about herself about Nicki French about what she's doing that day about the projections working on and people follow her. For that reason, a brand account is your brand, and your products are the face and the focus that you can see. Ah, very easy way to distinguish between the two other types of photos that they have. You could see these two brand photos of both logos, where the personality accounts were both people's faces, and we're gonna get into them or detailed stuff in just a second. But I want to give you a broad overview first, so your brand and your products are the face and the focus inside a brand or business account, and your content type is obviously gonna be around your niche. So if it's Nike, it's gonna be around sport. It's gonna be around the brand of Nike and the clothing that they were the product are the shoes, maybe, And it's gonna be specifically in your niche, your brand and your product. Audi. They're gonna be around the automotive industry. It's gonna be talking about cars going, talking about that technology in their card is gonna be talking about people who drive that car. That's gonna be very focused inside that brand. And inside that business, the third type of account is a themed account, so on overall, consistent theme is the focus of the content type again is going to be consistent with that . It's going to be either in a theme or a trend so here a couple of examples that one eyes travel and leisure. So travel and leisure could be a instagram that he's themed around. Just travel and themed around holidays and destinations that people want to go. It's not specifically a business. It's not specifically a personal account, but it's actually around a theme that people like so such as holidaying or traveling cats of instagram is another good one. This theme is not a business in the cats on a business. It's not run by a business in the cat industry, but it is around something that is very well liked. A lot of people want to see that sort of stuff. They want to see the cats on their instagram. They want to see cute cats, and the content type is going to be specifically around cats and maybe they branch out into other animals. But that is a themed account. Now, a hybrid account which is very important, is a blend of any of the previous three accounts. Which means you can see you have Louis house here, who is a great example of this, and we're gonna show you exactly why on gun show you sort of content that they post and what makes them a hybrid account. Lois House posts a lot of viral content, a lot of quotes. He puts a lot about him proposal on about his products, and he's blended the three of these accounts to together in order to create an account that takes the best out of all of these worlds were gonna take. We're gonna have a look at what are the best out of each of these worlds. In just a second, you could see my luxury Freedom Formula brand is a business account at Hot. But I'm posting viral content on posting personal content. You know, have people trust me and like me and come through and but be more likely to find my account because I'm using the hybrid strategy. We're mixing a a mixture of the three account type. So in order for you to really know what's at the core of your account, because we're going to make sure that you're building a hybrid account and if you don't want to buy it brought a hybrid cannon. This is then you need to choose what sort of account you are. But I'm gonna show you why you still need a core of your account. So those how's that? A core is a personality. My account at a core is a business account. You can have cats of Instagram and you can start to build a business around that. But it's coal. It would be a themed account. So in order to choose what is at the core of your INSTAGRAM account, you really need to know what is the value of an INSTAGRAM account. What makes your instagram account valuable? 3. Finding Your Value: So what actually determines the value of your INSTAGRAM account? There's three factors that determine exactly what is the value of your instagram account, and that is follow us. How many followers do you have following your instagram? The reach? How many of those followers actually see your content? It's very important. You can have 100 million followers. But if only 500 people see your content at any point in time, you know, actually worth that much money. You know, actually that valuable and affinity. So how strong is the relationship with your followers? Meaning how many of these followers they're gonna take action and follow your advice when you try to sell them something or when you promote something. Here are the four or 3.5 account types, and here is how they raped in each of the important categories on what is a valuable instagram account. Because, of course, the purpose of the Instagram account is to create value in one way or another. So whether you want to create a lot of followers, you may want to go with just a theme to cap themed account has quite viral content. If you're just posting about cats or you're just posting about holidays. You're just posting about World of Warcraft, that whatever it is that your theme is, if it's already popular, you're going to get very naturally very organically. A lot of people lacking your content and following you. We're also gonna have a high reach because you're gonna be able to post a very viral sort of content that people are very naturally drawn to. The problem is your affinity is going to be close with three theme to count call because you don't really have a strong relationship with a themed account that you follow. You follow holiday destinations. You're not really feeling. Don't get the behind the scenes on through that person is you have no idea who you're talking to. You. You're following. You're just following it for the However, if you were to be following a brand, you have a very strong if it any reason, you follow a brand of the county people on Nike because you're choosing chosen to actually like night and your affinities. Gaudi. Much higher relationship with Nike Post promotional post Trying to sell one product is much more likely to buy and if the themed account tried to sell you a holiday. And the downside to the brand account, however, is lower followers. You're gonna have a lot less people being like Oh, yes, I love this business compared Toya's I love cats follow. So you're gonna have lower followers and lower reach because the content Lee first around your brand is gonna not be as viral as the theme personal account type is gonna be somewhere in the middle, you gonna have a high affinity because it's going to be people following you. For you, you're the face and the brand, your face of your account. Your reach is gonna be pretty high. But it's not gonna be as violence that themed account. But it's gonna be more borrow than the actual brand account where your person about products and services and around your niche and of course, your followers he's gonna be a little bit higher than brand because people like to see people's faces. They like to follow people, more businesses. But it's not gonna be anyone years highs if you're following a bunch of cats having fun. So the hybrid account, of course, we'll get into in a second, I'll show you the numbers of that. But what you need to do is you need to choose your account time. So whether you truth, your face is that as a personal, which means your face is the actual instagram account. And that's about you, where you choose brand, whether it's business or a brand that you'll starting with that you have. And that's at the core view instagram account with each use themed and you can make it can't really viral and then try to monetize it from there. You need to make sure you're choosing someone of these three account types at the core off your instagram accounts. With that in mind, we then have to look at hybrid accounts. So I want to make sure that even though you've chosen so you've chosen the brand account, you want to make sure that you are taking into account, and you can make that ah hybrid account and not only increase your followers and reach, but you can maintain high affinity with your actual followers. So hybrid is taking the best off all the accounts and moat movie, improving and merging them into one for you. So your account should be a hybrid account, and we're going to talk to you about exactly what that means in the type of content that you can put on your account with the mindset of it being a hybrid account because it was a great example. And if you don't follow him already, go follow Tony Robbins. He has one of the best hybrid accounts that I've seen. The business account is a business, but his face is at the Is the face off. These Insignificant has also got the elements of a personal account in here, where his face is on the stories. He's personalities on, the stories, all the content about him. But he also post quotes he post viral quotes. That's terrible posts, inspirational stories that are very terrible themed and he sells directly to is consumers. He sells products using these purse, and he's the perfect example of a of a hybrid account with millions of followers that is really, really effective in making the best off all three factors that make your accountant valuable. So here's an insanely valuable account consummate now, one last thing I want to talk to you about. If you couldn't quite decide in your account. That's okay. I want to show you this one will hack. Basically, you can create what's called a parallel account, meaning a count on the right code of stone. He's a chef in Australia, is a blend off a personal count and a business because not only has he the face of it, but he does sell a lot of approx on his account. There is high affinity because he's the face of it, but he has low of followers and reach because the content that it purses around his businesses around it's cooking. It's around him as a person, and it's not as viral as the account on the left, which is proper taste. They have a very high follow up and reach account because they post viral recipes. They break down recipes into 15 30 seconds and make delicious, chocolatey looking things that everyone shares and tax everybody in. However, they would find a lot hotter to actually sell something because their affinity is lower because they're just eight themed account, so you can actually do it. You can run these in parallel with each other. For example, if I'm Curtis Stone and I'm running a business, have a high affinity and sell products through this business that have an account exactly like Kota Stones account on the right. But if I wanted to drive extra traffic into the account because I can't actually post viral content on this, I could take a new account and run to accounts in parallel with each other. On the first account, I would be posting viral recipes such as Proper, Tasty, and I would be promoting my business account with my viral and themed account. That's another way that you can create a hybrid count is you conspire it them and promote between them. 4. The Perfect Handle: Okay, So now that we know what is at the heart off the instagram account, what is the core of it? What type of instagram account you're creating? We can now break down the elements that go into a perfect INSTAGRAM account. To increase your conversion rate, increase your followers, increase your affinity and ultimately increase the value of your account through the sales that you're going to be making. So let's start with instagram. Handle what is an instagram handle? So and instagram handle is basically you're using name on instagram. It's used for two things its used to identify your account. It's a unique way to identify your account, and it's also used as your your L address, so you can see www dot instagram dot com. Port slash. Whatever you'll handle is is going to be how to navigate to your account on the Web browser . So what you need to know what you need to understand about the Instagram handle is it's a unique identify, so nobody else could have your handle. So if my name is Benji, which is and I want the Instagram handle Benji, I can't actually have it unless nobody else already has claimed it. So you need to go and claim you handled for your business. Your brand, your personality count your hybrid account, whatever it is to make sure that other people aren't using it or to make sure that people don't claim it before you do so I'm gonna show you exactly how you can do that and also in the likelihood that it's already claimed because it's gonna has so many uses on it, it's most likely going to be claim they're gonna show you what you could do to either get it back or to go around it and understand that in scum, handle is not the most important thing in the world. And you don't want to be paying thousands of dollars to by the handle handle off someone. But how to add a couple of letters or numbers or prefixes or suffixes to instagram, a handle to make it even better than if it was just your name itself on. The second thing you need to understand is your instagram handle is actually searchable by users, so we're going to talk about this a lot later, but it's searchable in the terms off S C. O. S. O. S. Io is search engine optimization, which means when someone types in the word sports apparel and your handle is sports apparel , you're going to be ranked really, really highly on the results. And if someone's looking at accounts to follow on sports apparel were looking to buy something in sports apparel and your script handle is ranked really highly, you're going to do exceedingly well from this because people are gonna be searching for it . They're gonna find your account, they're gonna follow you in the buy your products and services. And you need to know that it's such a bull, because if someone's looking for your business directly and they're not actually looking for a theme or they're not looking for a product, but they actually want to fight, do you want to try and help them find you? So if my business is total pizza myself pizza in Miami, then I need to make sure that total pizza is in my instagram handle because when people type in total pizza, I don't want other businesses coming up when people are searching directly for me. So there are three rules with your instagram handle. Three basic rules to remember because it is quite a simple thing. Toe optimize rule number one This simple A your instagram handle is the better because it's a unique identify. So it's gonna be hard to get simpler handles because they're more in demand because they're easier to explain that better for Seo and they just look clean up on your page. So, for example, if I wanted Benjy, this is a simple as it could possibly be for my personal count. Benji's my name. That would be the simplest form off instagram handle. Um, most likely it's going to be taken. You're going to see a little screen like this basically says that the Instagram user name is not available. What you need to do is need to add something like this so I can add a full stop or an underscore their two characters that instagram except that are letters or numbers. So I could be Benji dark blue. I could be ben dot g be And don't j I I could add it this little full stop period to wherever I want to inside off my user name. As long as it makes sense and it doesn't look trashy. It's a good way to find a user name for you that works for your business, a brand of personal account that isn't too complicated or too far away from your ideal. You can add an initial so I could add something like Benji J. Wilson. That's my full name. And if any will someone's taken, I could have Benji J wasn't full middle name. Um, you could use your knee shot, Benjie dot entrepreneurship. You can see something like this could be better than just using Benji because not only am I s here for my name when someone tries to find me directly, but also search engine optimized for my niche of someone types entrepreneurship into instagram. But I'm also going to be likely to pop up very high. You can use your domain because you can use the dot all the period you could be benji blue dot com, which would be my website. I could be Bookstop calm or if you're selling cat colors, you can colors dot com if that is your domain, because not only does it help, um, usual actual name on and scram, but it also gives people called action Don't you know that your website you can add a prefix? Such a It's Benji. Oh, I am Benji. We can add a country or state or location such as Benji, Australia, Ozzy, Benji or something like that. So here are a few other suggestions for if you're not a personality account, um and you can see that more simple. It is as real number one, the better it is. So at Benji's the best that maybe at Benjamin which a little more complex but still be incredible. Have at Benjamin 92 which is my birth year. Benjamin Underscore 92 on and you know you just fall off the deep end when you can't find anything that's taken on. That would be by far the worst and scram handle brand. They want Nike. They don't have Nike. You could do something like Nike official. One of the old brand name is official on the end. You can you not get Parral. You could just Nike the brand that and then we've got underscores in there and get it gets worse and worse and less simple. It ISS its theme that ran entrepreneurship could be entrepreneurs and start explaining What do you mean? A post and quotes is in there and you can see the bottom one down, then the dots and ones and people use numbers letters, which I don't recommend because it doesn't help with the CEO. You just want to make sure the simpler it is, the better. That is all you need to remember. You can add any of those perfect prefixes or suffixes in order to help you get an account. That's not only such engine compromised, but also simple. You can see out of asked you shoes out of us Amazon USE Amazon, Australia This is an Australian tourism account that issues Australia, which actually they used to be Australia dot com. But they've obviously purchased the handle Australia from somebody and just use it and have made it simpler and is an island. Ask is, I think, a clothing brand on, and they've put Haskins obviously taken so that all have done underscore UK, which works really well because that is the location that so go ahead and create your handle. Make it simple, agile location and official. In the end, out of whatever you need to make sure that it's not already 5. Name Optimization: awesome. Welcome. This is where we're going to be choosing out Instagram name. Now we have the handle. Now we know what the account type is. I wanna make sure that we have the perfect instagram name that's optimized for our instagram account. So what is on Instagram name? Exactly? Instagram name is the name of your page or your account and it's not unlike the handle unique to your account So you can share on Instagram name with his many Instagram accounts that want to use your name. So what? Is it useful Similar to the handle the you have Instagram name is searchable. So you want to make sure that it's s CEO optimize whether you're a brand themed account, whether your personal account gonna make sure that you're searchable through your name and it doesn't have to be the same as your instagram handle, so one make sure susceptible to the other factor that we want to optimize full. Is that what we want? To make sure that when people read the name of their our account, they can understand who we are and what we do and if it's just a name, so if you're If minds, Benji Blue and Personal Count. They don't have to understand what I do, but they have to understand that I am a personal account. Just because I've used my name someone like Nike. It's very easy for them to understand that there are brand because the name is Nike, they look under handle. They look at this photo, and they can very easily understand that there a including brand. So what we want to do, You want to make sure to optimize out instagram account with S E. O. We need to just use the name of either ourselves. So Benjamin Wilson, for me, a brand. So it could be, ah, freedom formula Or could be Nike. It could be Burger King. Whatever it is, used the name of your brand that you're creating all that you own if you'll. If your theme is the core of your accountant, remember each one of these. You're gonna have a different core of your account. If it's personal, call a brand core themes call. You want to use the themes or cats of Instagram that had the word cats in their name on before. You could use your purpose. So if you don't have a specific name. We don't have a specific thing. It could be, um, rev relieve world hunger or save the bees. Could be the purpose of your account. I could be your scram name, which is basically just telling people the purpose of your account. So have a look at some examples off this. If your personal count, you can use something like your name. See, LeBron James is the name of his account where King James is the handle of his account. They don't have to be the same, but the name is more likely to be your actual name. Where your handle can be your nickname or a sling name or Anesi Optimized name, uh, fancy things. Blood is another great example of this because that handle on instagram user name is fancy things blood, which you know she's a blawg. Anyone searching fancy things. She's coming up because she's well optimized with the CEO of fancy things in her name off her brand. And you could see that her name is Kristin Lee. He I don't know how to say that spitzer perfectly, but it looks like Lee on and Kristin Lee here is there for the name on her account cause she's a personal account. You can see number two your brand. So Gucci. They use Gucci as the handle was the user name. And they also use Gucci as the name of their account. Very straightforward. A couple of other examples there. Uh um, Benji Blue would be the name of my brand freedom formula. Gucci number three. Your theme. You can use the theme. So cats cute cats feed is the handle here, and cute cat photos is the name. Obviously, you can see that photos was taken. Cute cat photos was taking this user name that I just want to keep cats feed because they're playing off the word instagram news feed their which is really cool. They get the dots in there that periods of the full stops, whatever you call for whatever country you're from and you can see the name is the theme off their account. It's cute. Cat photos is the theme. That's why you would follow up a couple of other ones that we came across with dogs of Instagram, a very simple and related month, or fruits with faces, fruit that looks like it's been shaped into a face just naturally, not an apple that has looks like it's got a face, and we're very interesting. Instagram account. If you want to go check that one out and of course you can use your purpose. You can see in this one here it's team bloody. DOT motivation is that user name, which is a little bit complex, but you know, not too bad that that adopt motivation and the name is motivation slash entrepreneur or not even a slash It's more like a line, and as the purpose they want their therefore entrepreneurship and therefore motivation. They don't have to use their name when it's a themed account like this, or even a hybrid account, you don't have to use your name specifically. You can put that in your bio more on that to come. Another example of this would be Monday motivation. So basically post every Monday and it's motivating stuff now you're more likely to follow them if they're called Tom Jones and you have no idea what they do. So creating an understanding using your name is also really important, so you can use additional descriptors such as the motivational, the entrepreneurship to help people better understand your account. You can see here in this example this burger King D E is the use name. So, um, it's a German burger King and abuse d for Deutschland. Um, as they use the name because obviously Burger King is used in the U. S or their main brand. And then name is not Burger King, but spoke Kicking Deutschland, which helps segregate and like specify that people in Germany don't really want to be following breaking us because it doesn't really pertain to them. But bugging Deutschland means that that's gonna be in German and it's gonna be relevant to their, um, area. So a very good example off making sure that you can people understand what your count does Bet up by using additional descriptive. Um, and you can see if we had a brand name of total and we ran total accounting or total pizzeria total education. Miami after was an educational company own online learning company. These are all just additional. The script is you could have instead of just the brand name total, you can make sure you're adding these on to the end to help people understand what you do. The los ing, you know is you don't need to stress about this. This can be changed at any time. Even your instagram handle can be changed any time over that one. You probably want to, um, make sure you don't lose your handle. So if you do change it, someone can come in and grab the one that you were using. But instagram name specifically you can go in and change it 100 times a day. Once you do have it said they want. You do have on something like you won't believe it because, like I said, it's search engine optimized. And if you keep changing it, then the search engine is not going to be putting it at the top because the name no longer applies to that search term. So don't stress use one of these rules. Just put your name. It's very straight forward. Very simple for you to do. Um, and you don't stress this is gonna be an easy cost. Gonna make sure you've got everything you need to be well, a clip at well equipped and take on the instagram world on do exceedingly well by 6. The Perfect Profile Photo: excellence, and now we're onto the instagram display photos. So the photo that you use as the face of your account, we want to make sure that that's perfect because it really is the thing that's most seen on Instagram. And it is the only visual representation of your account that you get to use all across the Instagram platform. So represents your account as a whole. And it's critical in order to grow really fast and help people understand what your business is about to draw, to grow your affinity with the actual customers and have a highly converting, um, instagram page. So make sure you check the attachment for this lesson where you can download the template and get the exact dimensions that you need for your instagram profile photo what you need to know in order to optimize it, and I'm gonna show you exactly at live, walk through the end of this module off us, walking through a building, an instagram photo together. What you need to know, though, is it can either be displayed as a circle or a square, depending on where it's displayed across the Instagram website, so you want to make sure it's symmetrical, and it fits to both a circle and a square. There are three keys to remember. Once you've got that, some symmetry down is you need to have it be a symbolic representation of whatever it is you're trying to present. So whether your account is a personal account of brand account, a hybrid account or a themed account, you can't have a busy logo are busy photo that you want to make sure that it is very symbolic. And it's very simple cause this photo is gonna be seen at really, really small dimensions. You want to make sure it pops up every single size, and we're gonna be walking you through some examples office. You wanna make sure there's no noise, making sure that there's not a lot of stuff in the background or the foreground, not more than one point of interest for people to look at in your instagram profile Pfirter . And of course, you'll make sure to high quality image, because when it does get squashed, the high quality image shows up a lot better because they are able to choose the right pixels, you know, squashed down and make sure it's really clear image for you to see. And of course, you want to make sure that that you don't come across as a cheap business when you have a Pixley profile photo when people go onto your instagram page. So let's go through some examples of this. So you want to make sure that it's a symbolic representation of either yourself or your business or your brand or your logo So you can see here if this is a personal page and you're a girl and that you have a following about your lifestyle, the photo on the left here is you. You look your square onto the camera, your close up to the camera. It's quite symmetrical, and it shows round and assured square that shows well, round shows well square, very appealing photo to look at, Um, and it's very high quality. So you want to make sure that your photo is something like that, as opposed to the one on the right where there's a lot of stuff going on. There's more than one person in it that's hats and sunglasses. And, um, it's not off the face of the upper torso in the face, which I highly recommend. If you're using personal counsel yourself as the image, make sure you're very close up, so you've got just face or just the shoulders and the face. Otherwise, it's way too confusing. If you're a bodybuilder, you can put some of your upper body in there as well, but I wouldnt zoom out. I wouldn't have you in full length off full profile, but just your absolute face and really close to the camera and high quality. Even for businesses, you can see someone like Starbucks instead of using the actual logo, which is on the right. That's that full logo have simplified it zoomed in. I've got rid of all the writing that covered of old symbols, and instead they just used the logo in the middle of the Starbucks logo, um, as their full instagram picture, and you'll see a lot of people like this, like Nike, just have the tick. They don't have the writing there. McDonald's just have the M walnut. They don't have one that they just have the yellow flower thing. A lot of these businesses and brands simplify their logos even further, so make sure if you have a logo that's not um, complex. You can use that otherwise it is quite complex. Just use the first letter of it, or just use something very simple and very appealing that stands out well. It is a symbolic representation of your brand. So number two I want to make sure there's no noise surrounding the subject of the image. Which is it that you are a product or a brand or a cattle? Whatever the theme of your account is no complex kala pellets stick the one or two colors maximum that goes the same in logos. If you have agency Starbucks, if we go back here, that's not Starbucks. This here Starbucks, you see, they have blacks and they have whites and they have greens that's actually really simple. It's only three colors, but again they put it down to just two colors black, green and white. And you can see a lot of brands doing that, that some people actually inverse that cars, which will be talking about in the upcoming lectures but basically stick to one or two colors, even in your filters as well. So this girl, you can see it's a clear photo of her. It's a little bit more than just the face, but it's a athletic looking brand, and it's a clothing brands. You can do that, although I do think should be better off being a lot closer to the actual camera. And you could see the background is just white. It's bricks where the other one concede the skulls really far away. It's a full body. She's small. You can't see your face. You don't grow a personal affinity to hurt. You can't see it. You don't understand anything about her. There's lots of fractions, of light and mirrors and different angles, which is just more confusing. If this was posted on, instagram would be a great post, but not to be used as your profile image again. You can see here a couple of makeup companies Glam Bay, a lot of makeup that started squeeze all that products in there to try to screens that use the name in there, have even got under school like it's not what you want. In a profile photo where Mac have simply just used there logo in a two color form stretched across the entire circle, the across the full width of the image and number three. You want high quality image. It needs to be shop. It needs to be known blurry, and it needs to be close up high quality Copy, high quality fire way and you zoom. And that's no blurry photo. You wanna make sure it's very high quality and shop. Now we're gonna do a little test in a second, but before you do, you can actually use a hack called eight Brand to theme Temporary image, which is where if you're a entrepreneurship account, you may use a really cool looking Carl and beginning as your photo for the first month as you grow your account because you're posing as a team to count. Even though you're a business account, people are more likely to follow. If you're a really cool call, well, this man in the suit in time, then they are if you are just the lager off your business and it also you can use photos to entice curiosity on and give insight into your account and make people actually want to click your profile and go learn mobile who are which, as we've discussed, they can then go follow you and see you off updates or they can go back to your website and buy your products. So what I wanted to show you and ask you is, Which photo should McDonald's be using as their profile photo? The left you've got Ronald McDonald, which is obviously their mascot, would be totally finally use as their profile photo. That's obviously a question. I'm not telling you that this is a question for you to understand. Do you? On a two colored logo that's really close up? Do you want their products doing their products that it really close up on high quality as the photo? Do you want the arch to give it a little bit more lifelike inside? Just having the basic logo with the writing underneath. What do you want? A Buckets of chips? Olin one, which is getting that product and may entice a little bit of curiosity. So you definitely want this on. You want this? McDonald symbolic representation that's clean. It's high quality. It's really good. The only way that I would use any of the other ones. It would be probably the chip one. All the product. One. If you wanted to split, test and see if you could create some curiosity with those, but they seem way too complex. Ah, and what you want to do is you wanna have the big McDonald's logo. The two colors. Really simple, straightforward. Make sure you was a symbolic. Make sure it's two colors. I'm sure there's no noise. Make sure it represents you as a brand. 7. Bio Secrets: great. So now we are onto out Instagram buyer. So what is your instagram bio? It is basically a short description selling your instagram account. Highlight the word selling here because that's really what I want you to focus on doing. It's not describing your account, but it actually selling what you want people to do. Whether that be following you, whether that be to like photos. Well, that would be to go and bio products. You want to make sure that you're selling your account to them and we're not just describing it. So you want to think of your instagram bio as basically like a new school way of having a business card? You give them and you meet someone at a meeting. Maybe you meet a man in a suit at some dinner and I go Do you have a cod and get his my card? You hand over your card now Why? I say sell is because a here on the left is a plumbing business that I own for the sake of this example and I'm selling my business in the in my business cards of Benji's Plumbing. We come to you in 30 minutes plus 10% off your first visit. If anyone has a plumbing problem, they know that they can get me there to fix it in 30 minutes, and they get 10% off their first visit. Where be could be the same plumbing service could be the same. Everything, but she's got benches. Plumbing is a number is the website, and that's it. There's no call to action. There's no sales. There's no enticement off someone to actually use my plumbing service over anyone's anybody else's. Ah, where in a You know, there's no reason not to use my plumbing service in this one. So we want to make sure that we're following this same procedure for the new school business card, which is the instagram buyer. So here's a question that I need you to answer yourself. It's Why would you follow your own INSTAGRAM account? What benefits would you receive if you don't know your company if you have no affiliation with the company, If you don't know the benefits already and you need someone to describe them too, why would they follow your account? So you need to write those things down because thes and things that these air valued that You actually offering people when they fall, your account and the value have to tell them and sell to them in your instagram by a So a good way to start If you can't enter that first question is that you to ask yourself, Why do you follow the accounts that you already follow so few years? Instagram, go onto your instagram profile, go to accounts you're following and go one by one. Why do I follow him? Maybe the friend who could be friend, friend, friend, friend and cool. This one is inspirational photos. That's why I fall on this one is discounts to local ah, supermarket which they give off and you need to go through and you need to go through each account and write down. Why am I following this account? That might have more than one reason, but just right down the main reason you're following the account, so make sure you ah, um, looking over here on the left at the list Which of these are some main reasons why people follow instagram account where they're being news metal, be pretty pictures or inspirational quotes and photos, Maybe their friends maybe a free result. Discount coupons. Maybe it's funny. Maybe it makes him Lofton's entertaining. Maybe there's a service or product that you want your saving up for. You're not sure if you fully once you want to keep in touch with them. Maybe the educational learning and informative. And you can see here some examples on the right of inspirational things off funny things. That's the chips with the tomato sauce says that fingernails that look like hands. Um, he's a product of the Roman. If you're Rahman it, you run around one or something like that. People like, yes, I love rum and I'd like to see photos of Rahman it like these food, and they're gonna follow these accounts. So once again, ask yourself, Why do you follow your own INSTAGRAM account? Given these new parameters, given these reasons why most people fly your account and then you have to convert these reasons into 100 and 50 characters to convince people to follow your account or to take your cold action, which will get into in a second, basically go from reasons why people showed failure count. Now we need toward it and put it into our buyer and this two main ways to do this. So one over here on the left, you can see this is a paragraph. So we write laws. We help you to pen your own civil rights into existence to scoreboard 26 laws for more than 69 million survivors and counting seconds. See, they've written the benefit of what they are trying to explain what they do. And it's written in paragraph full where dot points over here, you've got ninja who was basically got his name at the top of Blevins Ninja is all of his handles on all of these social media platforms, which is just shouting them out. But you can see we wouldn't do this because we're not as big as a ninja who is a gamer is a YouTube game, a twitch gamer. And, um, everyone already knows who he is. If they're following him for us. We want to make sure that we're explaining yourself a little bit better and selling the benefits of following us. But you can see he's just laid them out in dot point format. So now I've got reasons why people should follow us. We want to make sure that we are not explaining those reasons, but we're selling them. So here is a difference between an explanation and a sale or the benefits. One of them's explain what it is. No one is explained the benefits you get. If you're a world traveler and in your by you've got traveler, then it's not really giving the person that benefit they want the benefit that they want is travel with me and see incredible photos of the world. Follow me and seeing Kredell phone. That's how you would would if you are a travel. You're a restaurant. You could say restaurant. You could say Follow us for 20% off your first dinner. Um, I could restaurant, um, offering 20% off your first dinner, and you can have the explanation benefit in there together, which is very important that people miss this. And if this can increase your conversion rate of people seeing your page to following your page or your account even 20% you're going tohave 20% more followers every single day. So if you're averaging 80 followers a day, you're going to be having almost this matter a little bit off 100 followers of Danes of 80 which is 20 extra followers a day, which is just maciver. The becomes exponential As you're getting more, more followers, you want to make sure that every little minuscule detail is perfected and refined so that you're not leaking these followers. And this momentum is really working with you and not against you to make sure you sell the benefits of your account that write down what they are, turned them into either dot points or a paragraph and sell them. I don't explain them. Tip to use Emojis Even if you are a business page, the emergence of fun they're very commonplace in on Instagram. Even for big businesses, you can see Air Canada's got emerges in their Fiji water. These big businesses that actually using in movies now don't overuse them. Go and have a look at the old competitive checklist that were put together and see what they're using to see what's appropriate for your niche. But don't be scared to actually put some emerges in there. Tip Number three Use S e o rich keywords. So we've been talking about this throughout the whole off, creating out instagram account, and we want to make sure we don't skip over it here because it's still gets pulled by the Instagram search algorithm. Anything that is in your bio is going to be read, and you're gonna be more likely to show up high on their search results. So if, for example, I'm on Entrepreneurship Channel on a make sure the words entrepreneurship is in my bio and I want to make sure that any other word that I would think people will be searching for will be in my buyer, even just written naturally. Hey, my name's Benji. Um, I'm interested in entrepreneurship. I'm an entrepreneur and can help you and then insert the benefit there s so you don't have to, like, put them in and stop pointing anything. But make sure they flow in naturally and they work for you because now these is going to pull a few people back to your account. Every single they just from people searching entrepreneur inside the instagram search box. So you can also on top of that, until the tip number three used these words as hashtags because it actually boosts the school on the CEO score. You can see he's an example here you can see hashtag Rahman. This is a Rahman business and you can see that. But hashtag Rahman in there and they've got Rahman not as a hashtag. And that, of course, got the Roman Emoji to. So they've got the best of every world and handle these tips and you can see that you can actually put a hash tag in your bio, which makes it clickable and more searchable. More likely that rank high on S E results. So what you need to do is you need to go and write down all the s year rich keywords for your business. What are people searching for? To find your business there. The key words that you want to be writing down. You can use them. It's has to actually can use them naturally in your buyer. 8. The Most Overlooked Element: awesome. So the last main feature of the INSTAGRAM account is your INSTAGRAM account. Call to action will see t a. So if you don't know what a contraction is, this is a very important lecture, and this is that you're going to really help you on instagram and even in the marketing world in general, understanding what 1/4 action is and how effective they are. So 1/4 action is an instruction to the audience to prompt an action or response that you can see some common ones are. Call now and a phone number, or sign up for more info and in box where you can put your email address or visit our store today. These are actions that an ad is or account is inciting, uh, the user to take. So someone's that are often so graham just to give you a little bit more often overview of them. A little bit more examples. You could just understand how effective colder actions are before we take it to the instagram world is one for Lyme screwed. It's You can see you go to their website that says download on the APP store. We'll get it on Google play, this is their home page. You can either click, download the app on the APP store or download on Google play. This is to call to action that one collection with two options for it. Your ride any time downloaded here or downloaded here. That's what they want to do. The court action is to download. That is the eBay homepage you can see at the top of the home page, a big search bar that says Search for anything and then a search. So the court action is for that office for you to search their website and search for something that you're interested in buying. And then, of course, there'll be more court actions as you get through the process, which will end up being by now will be the last call to action. Here is the temperature, so you can see at the top of his website you can see he's got three annual best off iTunes 6005 star reviews. He's got, um, the latest episode title there, and then a clique to listen to the latest episode. The cold action is to click toe Listen, he's got some social proof of the top is gonna photo of himself. And then it's literally like you're listening to the latest episode just because that buttons that if you go to his website not actually intending to listen to the latest episode But that's what he wants you to do. And that's what his purpose of you being there is. So he's gonna click the listen button. So in Instagram, you only have one clickable link to the outside world, which is cold alcohol. This is where you put your call to action. You put it in the link and in the last line of your bio. This is where you can put some text for the court action so you can you can see on the left . Here the privacy of bio Bio is to prompt a follow. And the purpose of your court action will be to go offline and to go off of instagram a group bias stuff. We're gonna get into this in just a second, but you can see your bio wants to selling instagram account, as we talked about in the last election, sell the followed to them. This is why they want to follow you. This called action the bottom can be a chance to take them off site and a chance to buy something or taken action. 1/4 action off something that you want. So that bio may say, Follow some photos, the world and then on the right. You can see the court action says Submit your video for a chance to be featured, which goes to their website lad bible dot com fortune. I submit. And this is a lad Bible where they pushed Were there post viral content You can see they've got the call to action at the end off their descriptive buyer to be. Go here and submit your video and we can feature on our page. So the purpose of the court action once again is to direct off site. So it's the only link that's clickable. To take someone off site is in bio, which is where you see people say, Lincoln bio people are talking about. Go to the buyer and click the link. If you want whatever is in their ad. Eso you can see here post Malone he's got as he's called election shop dot personal in dot com thing and see the collection is actually part of the euro, which is shop. But I would actually put a bigger call to action a little bit more value in here, such as visit outside for 10% off above his link s so that they have more reason to click on that link. So popular quarter actions for you. You may want them to go to your shop. You may want to give them a value off twin Sanofi first order may want them to join you newsletter. You may want them to get a free guide and exchange that for a mess. And Joe e mails, maybe wanna promote other social media such as Follow us on Facebook or follow us on YouTube and you can have people. You're basically directing people to take actions that you want using this call to action. Um, and you can have any of these up the loss little tip on your cold action when she decided it. Once you have that set up, you want to make sure you putting down arrows of the down hand or arrow towards the link because it draws people's attention to it. You can see this is cats of Instagram and I've got shop here with the link below. So people who wanted by photos off shirts or whatever merch they've got for cats of cuts of instagram or cats of world, um, they can actually go and shop on there and buy those shirts and things, and they can see it better because they got the downward errors. 9. Your Next Steps: massive Congratulations on making it through and learning for the entirety off this course . Not many people would make it as far as you do, so that is a big thumbs up and and congratulations to you. So there's three big next steps for you to take the 1st 1 I would really love if you could share your feedback about what you learned and what you liked in this course publicly. To really help this course, get out there to more people Number two. Come across to our YouTube general that's dedicated to help you further grow your instagram and your presence online. We put little short of videos that are the most up to date strategies for you and your instagram account, and you're bigger presence on line. Thirdly, the biggest thing you can do is learn more here on school share. We have a whole course library for you to go and expand your instagram region, even your digital marketing, as I hope, the ones I recommend for you because you finished this entire course creating a content game plants. How do you optimize all the content that's going out there on your newly optimized instagram profile? and number two having incredibly popular course about the instagram algorithm and how you can hack it and use it to get your instagram content at there as far as possible. Thank you so much. Once again, I'm looking forward to seeing your feedback, seeing over there on YouTube and seeing you in the next course.