Design Your Desired Future: Prioritize and Downsize in Goal Setting and Action Planning | Jami McDonald-Brumfield | Skillshare

Design Your Desired Future: Prioritize and Downsize in Goal Setting and Action Planning

Jami McDonald-Brumfield, Design Your Desired Future

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10 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Downsize and prioritize class

    • 2. Class project downsize and prioritize

    • 3. Scenario 1 Susie

    • 4. Scenario 2 Brad

    • 5. Scenario 3 Lucy

    • 6. Pick your Project

    • 7. Prioritize

    • 8. Downsizing

    • 9. Action Planning

    • 10. Conclusion


About This Class

In this installment of the Design Your Desired Future with Transformational and Empowerment Coach Jami Brumfield you're going to learn how to take long and short term goals and set them in order of priorities and down size larger goals into smaller chunks. We're also going to discuss procrastination and how it relates to goal planning. 

The two prior classes in this series relate to this course; Analyze, Self-Discover, and Create a Starting Point on Your Success Path and Creat Long and Short Term Goals. These classes will enhance the learning material in this course but they are not necessary to take this course. 

This class will offer you three scenario options and the class project will be to work through those scenarios. You'll be able to transfer the learnings in this course into your own goal planning process. 

If you're ready to take the next step in goal planning then click enroll and lets get started. 





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Jami McDonald-Brumfield

Design Your Desired Future

Hello, I am Jami McDonald-Brumfield. I'm a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practictioner, Reiki Master, Life, Career and Relationship Coach. I like to jumble everything together under the title of Transformation Coach because that is what I focus on when working with clients.

I am also a published and self-published author in multiple fiction genres with over 20 current titles.

My training videos will include real life exercises you can use from multiple mod...

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