Design Your Desired Future: Action Plans, Setting it all in Motion | Jami McDonald-Brumfield | Skillshare

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Design Your Desired Future: Action Plans, Setting it all in Motion

teacher avatar Jami McDonald-Brumfield, Design Your Desired Future

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Action Planning Deep Dive

    • 2. Action plans ~ Class Project

    • 3. Action plan ~ Class Project Scenarios

    • 4. Action plans ~ Pick a goal

    • 5. Action plans ~ Obstacles

    • 6. Action plans ~ Actions Items

    • 7. Action Plans ~ Measuring Success

    • 8. Action Plans ~ Time

    • 9. Action Plans ~ Rewards

    • 10. Action Plans Visual Imagery

    • 11. Action Plans ~ Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class we're going to deep dive into the action planning process. I'll dicuss multiple action plan components and you'll be able to create your own personal action plan by using these components in your goal and action planning process. This is the fourth class in the Designing Your Desired Future series. It isn't necessary to take the other classes to complete this course but they will enhance your skills in the process of goal setting and action planning. Check out the other classes below.

Design Your Future Series

People who will benefit from this course are people who want to change the direction in their life, want to find ways to get un-stuck or out of ruts, looking to break habits, change careers, grow their business, find happiness and satisfaction in life, looking to overcome obstacles and/or challengesm someone looking to improve their own self development, and/or improve relationships. The thing about goal setting and action planning is it can be applied in multiple areas of a person's life. 

The tools I will teach you in this course are ones I use in my own coaching practice. 

Ready to make lasting transformations in your life and empower yourself to find your desired future? Click enroll now and lets get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jami McDonald-Brumfield

Design Your Desired Future


Hello, I am Jami McDonald-Brumfield. I'm a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practictioner, Reiki Master, Life, Career and Relationship Coach. I like to jumble everything together under the title of Transformation Coach because that is what I focus on when working with clients.

I am also a published and self-published author in multiple fiction genres with over 20 current titles.

My training videos will include real life exercises you can use from multiple modalities because everyone is a little different. You're going to find tools to help you work through whatever the class objective is and learn techniques you can use in multiple areas of your life.

I look forward to seeing your projects and feedback from the trainings. Pick a class and lets g... See full profile

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1. Action Planning Deep Dive: Hello and thank you for checking out the design your desired future. Siri's. I'm really excited about this goal setting in action planning Siri's and I want you to know this class is going to be a ton of fun. This is part of a Siri's, yes, but you don't need to complete the previous classes to take this installment. For this class, you'll be putting together action plans for made up scenario. You'll have three scenarios to choose from, and the class will walk you through all the steps to make it an effective action plan. The outline you'll follow will be something you can use with your own personal goals if you're looking to make lasting changes in your life than those classes for you. If you're ready to put action to your goals or and or dreams, then this classes for you. If you want to tighten up your skills on creating action plans in your life than this classes for you, if you want to improve your life, your career and your relationships, break habits, overcome obstacles or make lasting lifestyle changes in your life, then guess what this classes for you. The techniques I will teach you in this class are the same ones I use in my coat. With my coaching clients, you will get step by step instructions that you can use to create your own effective action plans to help you achieve your goals and dreams a little bit about me. I've been a coach for about a decade. I've been certified as a trans personal hypnotherapist. Raking Master Master, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Law of Attraction, coach and confidence coach. I've taken continuing education courses and relationship, business success and career coaching as well as worked the leadership, development, coaching corporate America. And what I've learned over the years is that goals and action plans are the cornerstone to creating effective in lasting transformations in a person's life. And learning these tools empowers people to achieve their goals. If you're ready to get going, click and roll now and let's get started 2. Action plans ~ Class Project: I am so honored you chose to take this class and I'm really committed to giving you the best learning experience possible. Your class project will be something you can complete as you follow along with the material . You'll start by picking which scenario you plan to work with throughout the course, and then you'll be asked to update your project with each step. This process will give you learning cues from visual, auditory and kinesthetic areas. I've learned through experience. The best way to connect with clients and classmates in the learning environment is to create material that uses all three areas for learning. This process of working through the material and updating your project as you go reinforces them Geral On a deeper level. In the next video, I'm going to introduce you to one of the three scenarios. 3. Action plan ~ Class Project Scenarios: let's start going over the three scenarios in scenario number one, Kelly Kelly is looking to make a career change. Her goal is to move into management. She has analysed her skill set and identified areas she needs to work on to be more marketable. For that position, she has created a list of goals to achieve, prioritized, the most important wants to complete first, then downsize the larger goals to make them more manageable. Now it's time for her to make her dreams come true. One step at a time in Scenario Number two. Sam and his wife have had some struggles in their marriage for the last few years, but he has decided he wants to work on fixing the rift they've created. He has made a list of problem areas and decided finances is one of the most impactful areas on their relationship. They want to buy a house but haven't been able to save money. They need a new vehicle, but credit has suffered, and they're unable to qualify. He's made a list of goals, prioritized and broke the larger goals into smaller, manageable pieces. Now it's time to get started with action planning scenario, number three, Alex has decided she needs to make healthier choices in her life. She wants to improve her diet and exercise. She is going to tackle the most impactful area first and then continue to work down the list of priorities She is pumped and motivated to get this party started. Now that you know all three scenarios, it's time to pick which scenario you're going to work. Used to work through this class and post that in the project. Gallery pauses video and start your project, then join me in the next video. 4. Action plans ~ Pick a goal: over the last 10 years, I've adapted my action planning skills specifically to hit on key points. I've used many different types of planning methodologies over the years, but I found ways to adapt thes from my experience on what works and what doesn't work and from working with clients. I feel this process I'm outlying in this video is the best I've found. It has great results. So now let's talk about the first step picking the goal you're going to work on. I provided three goals for each class projects scenario. Check out three goals and pick one of them as your centerpiece to your action plan. Kelly's top three prioritized goals are. Find a mentor at work, improve public speaking skills and improve interview skills. Sam's top three prioritized goals are created. Budget enlist the help of his wife and achieving financial goals and make a plan to improve credit. Score. Alex's top three Prioritize goals are. Start an exercise routine, create a weekly diet plan and make exercise fun. Now it's time to update your project in the gallery. Identify which goal is going to be the centerpiece of your action plan. When that is complete, come and join me in the next video 5. Action plans ~ Obstacles: The next step in action planning is to recognize the obstacle and or trigger that is keeping the person from achieving the goal. Here is the deal on this stop when you deep dive into self discovery in order to side on the obstacles keeping you from achieving your goal, you need to dig deep the surface obstacles or, as I like to call them, excuses are only there to mask the true obstacles. If you produce an action plan that addresses the obstacle standing your way in, this does not fix the problem. You may need to dig deeper and find out what is really standing in the way. In this case for the class project, you're working with a scenario, and I'm giving you those obstacles. I'm going to list three obstacles that could be standing in that person's way. You'll create an action plan to address one of those obstacles in scenario number one. Kelly. The three obstacles standing in Kelly's way. Our support from family support from co workers and dyslexia in Scenario number two Sam Sam's three obstacles are cooperation from spouse not wanting to give up luxuries and desire vs need scenario. Three. Alex Alex is three. Obstacles are time, energy, desire vs need Pick one of the three obstacles from your scenario and add this to your project in the gallery. In the next video, we're going to discuss action steps. 6. Action plans ~ Actions Items: in this video, we're going to talk about the actionable items used to move the school into forward motion . Every plan must have action tasks. The key to making your action planning effective is to make sure the action steps will address the goal and also eliminate the obstacle putting action task down that don't address either one of these areas or only addresses. One of those two areas might get you some forward motion, but it is usually not sustainable. Now is the fun part. You have your goal in the obstacle you're working on overcoming. Now there's three action items that could be done over a week's time link To gain forward momentum in achieving the goal, be sure to also ask yourself, Are these actions relevant and achievable? This is a checkpoint to ensure you're creating a realistic action plan. List thes three items on your project in the gallery and come and join me in the next video 7. Action Plans ~ Measuring Success: in every action plan, you need to have a component to measure success. Look at the action items, you create it. They might all be able to be measured by one factor, but they might also require different measurements by different factors. List how you plan to measure the success of this plan on your project. In the gallery, this can be quantitative, qualitative, even measuring emotional success. It really is dependent upon the goal, the obstacle you're working on overcoming and the action items to address both of those areas. 8. Action Plans ~ Time: Let's talk about adding the time component. Another important component to action planning is time. How long will this plan take? The challenge in this exercise is to create a weeklong action plan, so your answer is already built in. But there is more to time than simply the length expected to complete the plan. You want to set up checkpoints or two to measure your success throughout the week. Do this now in your project gallery. 9. Action Plans ~ Rewards: Here's the fun part, and it is often the for gotten part of action planning. Rewards are about motivation. It's important to set up a reward system and make sure the reward matches the complexity of what the challenge. Waas. If you achieve a big goal in a month's time, the reward would be different than achieving a small goal in a week's time. So go ahead and choose a reward for the action plan you've created and add this to the project gallery. 10. Action Plans Visual Imagery: If you've been following along with my other trainings in the Siri's, you prop probably noticed. I like using visual imagery as a tool. One more component to effective goal planning is visualization, otherwise known as visual imagery. This is also a really great motivator. In this exercise, you're not creating your own goal, but if you were, you'd like to set aside some time at least once every week to do a visual imagery meditation. You'll want to do this meditation in a place where you won't be disturbed with a timer set to keep you on focus and a place where you can safely close your eyes and focus inward and imagine. And when you imagine this scenario, you want to do this in the present tense. You want to imagine what your life will be like when you achieve this goal again. You won't be doing this for the goal that you're setting and creating in this class. But when you do make your own action plan, this is an important component to add to the planning and execution stages 11. Action Plans ~ Conclusion: Congratulations. You've successfully created an effective plan for one of the scenarios, and in doing so, you've learned the process to do this for your own goals. In your own life, you have learned picking a goal, defining the obstacle, keeping you from achieving the goal, creating action plans and tasks to overcome the obstacle and find success in the goal. How to measure Success. The importance of putting a time limit on the goal with checkpoints. Rewarding yourself for a job well done and visual imagery to reinforce the success of the gold. I hope you found a lot of great information in this class. Thank you for allowing me to help you in this journey. Please check out all my classes on skill share. Each one offers great techniques and tools you can use to gain forward motion in your life . Please be sure to review this class, and if you enjoyed it, share it with others so they can gain the same knowledge. I look forward to reviewing the projects in the gallery, take some time and review your classmates projects and provide positive and constructive feedback. We learn from each other this way. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the community section of the class. I truly do hope to see you on my other classes. Have a wonderfully successful day.