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6 Lessons (36m)
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    • 4. Step3

    • 5. Demonstration

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About This Class


Hey, cuties, I am Comic black rainbow, I am a visual creator, and anime drawing educator.

Drawing is a wonderful thing, but sometimes such wonderful things can make you so sad! It is when you look at the blank paper to start drawing, but your head is blank! This situation makes you feel frustrated so much…right? Or maybe there are always a few characters in your head, and you want to draw them, but you don't know how to do it! Take easy! There is actually a way to create a character!

In this Skillshare class, you’ll learn how to create a character from nothing with three parts, step one: Set a topic, Step2: how to get the ideas of topic association and Step3: Expression of character personality!!! It is great for those who want to create a character on their own!!! If you want to know the secret, come to the class!!!

After you learn the knowledge from this class, of course, the project you have to do is create a character and share it in the Project Gallery of this class to inspire your classmates! Again, thank you for watching my class, I can't wait to see the character you create!


Meet Your Teacher

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Comic black rainbow

Cartoon&Anime drawing educator


Hey, cuties!!! Welcome to my skillshare.

I am Comic black rainbow.
I am a visual creator. As a freelancer, I am also a graphic designer and Cartoon & Anime painting educator. My work includes video, graphic design, and painting.
If you are interested in cartoon and anime drawing, you can check my blog for more information and learn something back.

In skillshare, I will share how I draw cartoons and anime with watercolor. You will learn and draw with me. So if you want to learn anime drawing or watercolor, don't miss my classes. I can't wait to see the work you create and share with people. If you have any questions, don't be shy!!!!! Please comment below the class or send me a message through email or social media. 

Let me add some color... See full profile

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1. Intro: when you look at the bank paper and you want to draw something but your hats just blank all there are feel characters in your mind. You want to draw them. But you don't know how the iss Hi killed he I'm coming back, Grimble. I'm a visual creator and animal Joy Educator Tech Easy. There is actually a way to create a corrector. So in less skill share cost, you will learn how to create a character from nothing with three part that one. That topic stab too. Gather ideas off topic solve the issue. Staff three expressions off tractor personality. So it is grateful most who want to create a corrector by Leo. Oh, if you want to know the secret coming to list class right now. Okay, So after you learn the knowledge from lace class off course, the project you have to do is create off. Correct. Okay. So, ness, Surat 2. Step1: Hi, guys. Before you create imaginary characters, the first thing you have to do iss sat a topic. Because if your friend asked you like this, can you just joe corrector on this paper? Maybe you don't want the thing you can, Joe. And you just Oh, okay. And maybe just the boys. Okay? A boy. Yeah. So nice. Don't worry. I will create, uh, corrector you. And just like this, Now you will feel so we're because you just quit like this. And your friend I got okay. So if you can create more tractors, you bandage on more people to me. It here. You maybe just like a had blank. Right? Before you join anything, you better fact off topic so long you can mak more creative ideas on this, Pasig. Besides, if you want to Great, uh, building. Right. You want to create a building, you'll better half the found ashen. So lot the building would be strong, right? That if you're from the action, bigger, stronger. You're building 10. Asked more navel like this. Okay, so you have to set a topic. So what? You can mak more creative idea on lis topic. So the first thing you have to do is sack off topic. After you said a topic, we can talk the next stap. Okay. Just like this, for example. I want to make the topic is like, Go. That's try cat. Okay. The topic. You can set anything just like a love flowers And most plans, seasons or mood. So I try to make the catch And like a winter. Okay. For example, I set the to topic and in the next video, we will talk how to connect a lot of things with the topic. 3. Step2: Hey, guys. Master arm pra veers video. We talk about setting a topic and I said, I want to demonstrate the Kate and winter to you. But in here I want to demonstrate Kato first, and you will set. Okay, I know the topic is Kate, but I don't know what the thing I can do on its I mean, I don't know how to build a corrector look like Kate, and even I don't know how to draw a Kate on this packer. It's just like a head blank. OK, I understand why you have the problem. This because you need to search How many pictured and the kid pictures. So although you will know Okay, look, it looked like this. And how can I take some old features from Kate and used to the create a correct right And you must collect the data pass so you can have more assoc active ideas. Okay, so let's go to the internet and such the information that you need. Okay, everyone you can see as such from Internet and there is so so many Kate picture. Right. And in here, we can tech Ah, sound cat features too. Our data past salata. When you chew our kids, you will find that is not difficult. Okay, so in here you can see the Kate. The eyes is look like this, right? It's so beautiful. And in here you can see the mills. It's near the mouth. Right? This is the second. The first feature is eyes. The second feature is nose and mouth. Okay, Off course. This is look like a person. Maybe you can draw corrector look like this, But in here I would I would not do. Yeah, like this. I don't do this. Okay, Right in the hands is so peeled. Off course the years years. Okay, so it's like a year sees the third feature. The fourth feature is the hand. Okay. And what? The thing we can check while the future. We can tell No this car, other rights. So tech the five features from locate inflammation and now you can write down lows features . Okay, so look first. Yes, the eyes. Right. Eyes just like this. Sometimes a piece like this and sometimes let's talk about this, right. Locate ice. Okay. Lets that could picture is once the no like these rights the north. It's near the mouth. Okay, The third is years like this. Rights that years is so cute. Okay, in the fourth is the hands, the hands. Okay, the five is the father. Okay, so, locate. Have those creatures your tech form, the information you search on Internet and off course you can, too. Cool ideas off association to your corrector, so lots you can create a corrector look like a Kate's. And you can use those ideas on it. Okay, let's take a look. The second topic. Winter in here it is. Okay, if you don't know what the thing you can connect with winter. Okay, everyone, you can see we search Winter Internets and so many picture look like this off course snow on this snow flexed. And this snowman and this snow No, Sorry. Bubble hacked. Okay, um, when the thing like this coat. So there are so many pictures, you can get the ideas from IDs and you can write down those things and creates your imagination to create a corrector. Right. Okay, so I think he's almost there. Okay, So the thing we tech from the pictures IHS Snow Fax, bubble head, and there's no men and like a coat. Okay. Okay. So after we tech those features, um, the Winter pictures Now we can write on my face The first the snow flacks so many different shops. So we just joga Singh cold, like Okay, no flex. And the second it's no man. Usually snowman look like please. Okay, Snowman. Right. And the third ISS. Okay, the law is right. Okay, like this. So in here, after you search from Internet and your practice to get the association, you will know. OK, so in this topic, while the thing I can Joe on this corrector So the staff to the thing you have to do ISS topic association flight, the topic association, so lots you can go the next step. 4. Step3: staff three Expression off corrector personality In here I will introduce you while the three geometric finger you can use designing the corrector no matter you want to decide a corrector Ah, body Orla phase all the thing you can use from it. The first is circle. Usually people feel something or someone inside a so called you will feel like a The person is fat but it smacked People feel like a soft And if the baby we will feel it's cute And the second is square you Julie's grayer Mac People feel like something or someone strong or stopper sometimes is my go happy The third is triangle. What? The thing? You will connect. We've triangle. If someone face look like triangle you will feel this person as harsh and triangle Mac people feel like the shop or a dender. So this three Jura Metric Seeger is the bad, bad, fast sick speaker. So you can easy to use them to design your corrector Now, after you know what the feeling from this free Jura metric figure. Now we can try to use them from our corrector off course there is no rule cuts. It is batter you use them more. Clear out the corrector, so love your corrector will be unique. Okay, so let's try it in here. I want to try to draw Oh, person body. Just that Here you can see suckered Triangle Square triangle Trying Go super super for angle. So in here If the person you us with a little dramatic finger it would be more simple. Or you can try a mother That's please be body. Let this or we can try. Okay, now, after we try the three dramatic figured all the corrector body. Now we can try another is I used the three geometric figure on a human feature. Okay, after we know how to use the dramatic figure to Jola human body in here, I want to show you how to use the free dramatic bigger to Joe the human feature. So be here. This is like a triangle, right? And here he's the sucker. And this is like a square solar faced by these and we can try to come fine. The three geometric seekers I'm human feature here is no little. You just come find and the dramatic sharing secrets by your old and just up to you. You can just try to use your feeling to draw on its. And to Mac, the corrector unique is Okay, So now we can start for the first. You can try the train. Go one in here. Maybe. I just want to job a year where you hear? Yes, I want to use the Which one trying Maybe North. I want to use the sprayer. Okay. Solan. Exactly. Eso thanks. We try like triangle year, I think eyes, It looks like, uh, - so buffets these different rights. And you can try So a year here. Wrong here in the eyes. Triangle eyes. No, we can give She trained. Yeah, it's like this. You can use the sprayer, Mom. Okay, so here you can see you use the different dramatic figured to make the difference human features. So it's really nice to use the tour to create your own cracker. Right now, you can try to use the way to create your old corrector, so lots you can make the difference. The national features on the director himself. Just try to use this tool, and this guilt will make you create correct term faster 5. Demonstration: Now I want to demonstrate Kate first so we can use the skill from the step 12 Free to create. You're corrector. Let's try to draw a corrector. The topic is Kate here because the cakes is shop feeling to people so that the corrector face with Triangle and Kates make people feel like a woman. So I want to draw a girl and the girl here at old the long hair because usually the Katie's short hair, right? So I want to job these corrector with short hair. And because usually people feel locate are shying. Right? So I want to join a shite girl here. All right. Just sketch draft with the triangle year. Okay, Kate, I want it to look like a It is wearing just by way. The other. Okay, now we can juggle face here. I still want to use the You're a matchy speaker to great the correct her face here. I want to use Kate eyes. Eyes look like these sewing here eyes and because Okay, nose is your the mouth. So in here, I want to make a nose near the mouth. Okay. With you. The nose Sarah girl, and then okay in here. We almost finished. It's And you can add more details or textures to Mac is more complete, My girl shadow. Oh, that's true. And 45. Okay, so in here. Now we'll finish this. Okay? Now we can try another topic winter. And because before the topic association is the snow next and apple okay. And no man And the coat. So in here, I want to job is like this. We can Joel No, man. All right, bubble. And because the face he's her. So maybe we can give it here. Starting the triangle is camera and this career, right? And because I want and in a coach. So Okay , now, after we put the cell CSU look, corrector. Now we can start to the sign no face. When you create a corrector, you don't need Teoh rational or logical to draw a picture over, create a corrector. Sometimes you can just follow your feelings to Joe. What you want to create? Okay, now we almost finished. I just at the the little shadow and detail to make its more to come of it. Okay, salt would finish. This is the demonstration 6. Suggestion and thank: Oh, yes. Now you know how to create a character. You can set many topic and get the idea from the topic. Fathi Asian. So what? You can create many, many, many, many crackers. I'm so exciting while correct terrorists you create. Okay. And don't be shy to share to the world off course You have to show you a crack tres in the project, Gary off lace cloths, first toe inspire your cross mates and surprise be Of course, if you sure on low is the grand place Take me, Comey Blood Rempel and skill share off course you can take the cure share project. Pull it, Trice Toby, look. Feature on skill Sure Block. I'm so happy You little is wonderful skill for list class If you want to know my work or you want to know about the panty check my Facebook instagram or YouTube I also ride block on my website. Call me leg rumble dot com Check in the end. Thank you for watching my cloth And don't focus to practice. And I really want to see what a corrector while the imaginary corrector you create. So please share to me