Design Versioning - Version control for designers

Adria Jimenez, Software Engineer, Designer

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31 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Welcome and how to get the most of this course

    • 2. Understanding Design Versioning

    • 3. Course introduction. Is this course for me? How is the course structured?

    • 4. Which tool are we going to use and why

    • 5. Downloading and installing the required software - Mac

    • 6. Downloading and installing the required software - Windows

    • 7. Up to date lessons

    • 8. Get to know the interface

    • 9. How to structure your files and folders. My recommendation

    • 10. Initializing your project

    • 11. Adding new files to your project versioning

    • 12. Saving your work changes

    • 13. Time traveling with your files, from present to past

    • 14. Practice time, store your versioned designs online

    • 15. Setting up the online storage

    • 16. Adding your local changes to your online backup

    • 17. Save and backup in just one step

    • 18. Recovering your versioned files

    • 19. Practice time, setup a new versioned project

    • 20. What you need to know first

    • 21. Adding permission to our colleagues or team members

    • 22. Time for our team members to work

    • 23. Apply collaborators work to the versioning

    • 24. Getting your team members work and reviewing it

    • 25. Saving your designs aside for later processing

    • 26. Identify a conflict with your versions and why does it happen

    • 27. Reproducing a conflict and how to solve them file wise

    • 28. How to not loose your work when problems happen

    • 29. Daily vs Feature Workflow Demo

    • 30. Keeping your design files small in size

    • 31. Thank you Questions and Actions


About This Class

My name is Adria Jimenez, and I am an engineer and designer passionate about technology, design and excellent products with years of experience working in big and small projects.

During last year, I’ve tried different approaches to keep my designs (Sketch, Photoshop, and images) under control and backed up.

First of all, I had several requirements:

  • Keep design versions enabling me to go back in time like I do in Mac Time Machine
  • Ability to completely change any design at any time without losing my early progress
  • Have backup of my designs
  • Make my designs shareable with my colleagues so they could collaborate on my ideas
  • Cheap or ideally free to use
  • Simple folder structure
  • Easy to use
  • Future proof

As you can see, it is something basic if you are a freelancer or work with a small team of people. I tried several online services like Dropbox and some other offline inventions like having my complex set of folders, or multiple copies of files but at the end nothing worked as I wanted or it created much overhead.

Finally, I found a solution and it worked so great that I decided to teach other designers like you how to replicate and benefit from my workflow.

What are you getting with the course?

  • Proven working workflow
  • Lifetime access
  • HD video lessons
  • Step by step guides
  • Knowledge quizzes

What you'll be able to do at the end?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to use my refined workflow to keep your designs organized and versioned.

You’ll benefit from the ability to know at each point in time what did you do and why did you do it, and not only that. You’ll be able to go back in time to recover a particular design at a given point in time, all of that while having just one design file instead of multiple copies of it.

As soon as you get used to this workflow you will not believe how you have been so long without doing your daily work like this.

Who is the ideal student?

The ideal student for this course is someone who works with design files, either Photoshop, Sketch or any other tool. There is no limitation in the tool to use.

It can be either working on big projects with a lot of other people or something small, personal projects or a freelancer.

See you inside the course, learn the new workflow and change the way you work forever.