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Design UI Faster in Sketch - Design a Web

Irfan Rosandi, I Teach Design on Skillshare

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11 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Intro

    • What You Need

    • Installing Sketch Plugin

    • Designing Top Navigation

    • Designing Article Category

    • Designing Card Style Design

    • Working with Symbol and Automatically Generate Contents

    • Image Masking and Generate Text Content

    • Designing Bottom Navigation

    • Create a Prototype in Sketch!

    • Conclusion


About This Class


Hi, I am Irfan a UI/UX Designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been using Sketch since 2015, and i use Sketch almost everyday in my working time. I would love to share to you the tips and trick on how to design faster in Sketch based on my two years experience working with sketch, so you can save your time. Sketch is very powerful tools when it comes to designing UI. 

In this course i am teaching you on how you can use sketch plugin to speed up your design process, and you will learn a lot of various sketch's keyboard shortcut to help you design faster in Sketch. 

In this course, you will learn on how to create a simple Cooking Blog with clean user interface style and prototype it directly within Sketch.

So let's take this course now and speed up your design process. 





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Irfan Rosandi

I Teach Design on Skillshare

Irfan Rosandi is a UX Designer and also a UI Designer. He has been working in various design project, from small project for small organization to big design project for fortune 500 companies. He has done various type of design project from web design, mobile app design, to logo and poster design. Join his class to learn something useful for you!

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