Design Thinking: Explore the Full Potential of Design | Karri Ojanen | Skillshare

Design Thinking: Explore the Full Potential of Design

Karri Ojanen

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Design?

    • Design Thinking | Introduction

    • Design Thinking | Process

    • Design Thinking vs Agile

    • How to Break Into Experience Design?

    • Class Project

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In  this class, Toronto-based experience and product design lead Karri Ojanen talks about the meaning and significance of Design Thinking, and how you, as a designer, can use it as a tool to help your team and yourself understand design as problem solving and not as "art."

You’ll learn about the key elements, methods, and process of Design Thinking, and what it has in common and how it’s different from Agile software development. Karri outlines steps you can take to get your team to understand and leverage the potential of design as a problem solving mechanism. There is also a simple yet powerful assignment to help you analyze the value of Design Thinking and evaluate your design process.

This class is perfect for designers at junior to intermediate level, and everyone interested in learning more about what’s behind the concept of Design Thinking.

Karri has worked in the US, Canada, Finland, and the Middle East with award-winning agencies, global companies and brands.





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I'm an experience management lead, creative thinker and senior manager, multi-skilled and versed in all areas of digital experience management, including creative, user experience strategy, and technology.

I grew up and began my career in Finland, "the home of the mobile phone and a design industry based purely around function", as Monocle Magazine calls it.

I earned my experience as art director, concept designer and creative director in Scandinavia, praised for its award-hoard...

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