Design Thinking 101 for Talent Leaders | Nicole Dessain | Skillshare

Design Thinking 101 for Talent Leaders

Nicole Dessain, Talent Experience & Design Thinking

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10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. What is Design Thinking?

    • 3. Why Design Thinking for Talent?

    • 4. A Study in Empathy

    • 5. How Might We...?

    • 6. The Magic of Insights

    • 7. Unleashing Ideas

    • 8. Prototyping for Talent

    • 9. Testing Like an Anthropologist

    • 10. Putting It All Together


About This Class

In this 45 minute crash course, “HR nerd” Nicole Dessain will teach talent leaders how to build creative confidence and learn how to apply design thinking to create more human-centered workplaces.

Is your culture nimbly adjusting to the complexity of today’s business world? Are your people programs fully engaging your workforce? Are they sustainably adopted by your employees? Do your leaders embrace talent initiatives? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, then this class is for you!

Design thinking is a method that offers a fresh approach for crafting impactful employee experiences with lasting impact.





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Nicole Dessain

Talent Experience & Design Thinking

Hello, I'm Nicole. I am a talent management and HR "nerd". I love to blow up long-held beliefs that stop us from preparing our organizations for the future of work. I feel lucky to have had an amazing corporate HR and consulting career that I recently turned into my own start-up, talent.imperative inc, a talent experience design consultancy. My second, not-for-profit business, DisruptHR Chicago, was launched in 2016 and has inspired more than 1,700 HR and business leaders in the Chica...

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