Design Theories #1: Bruno Munari's Design Method | Luisa Barbero | Skillshare

Design Theories #1: Bruno Munari's Design Method

Luisa Barbero, Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

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5 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Let's know more about Bruno Munari

    • 3. Let's dive into the method!

    • 4. More examples and explanations on the method

    • 5. Your project!


About This Class

This class is all about the design method created by Bruno Munari. This method is fundamental for you to understand design thinking and to find effective solutions to your problems, and to gain more knowledge, experience and skills. 

Bruno Munari has been and his work still is one of the most fundamental in the design world! He has not only been a designer, but a poliedric figure, and therefore I encourage you to find his books and publications and have a look, there are so many interesting topics that is quite a long process to list them all ;) on a personal base, what I love the most is this design method and the tactile books ;) 

Here you can find some useful links:

The design process we analyze through out the 12 steps is meant to help us not only to find solutions, but also to widen our view on the problem and what sourrounds us. Therefore it's important to really focus and work hard on each step, i guarantee a lot of satisfaction in the end ;) 

12 steps are a lot but they will easily became a sort of automatic workflow the more you practice it. And remember: this is not a fixed skeme, you can always go back and re-formulate, re-research and work again on your prototypes! Also, interaction is key for this to work: make sure you will give yourself enough time to test your prototypes with various subjects and also take some time for you to take decisions and let your creativity free flow :)

Feel free to share your opinions and ask questions, I'll answer as soon as possible! :)





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Luisa Barbero

Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

Hi everybody!

I'm Luisa, I'm a freelance Designer and video editor living between Berlin and Torino. 

I'm graduated in Fine Arts, currently living the craziness of Berlin, finishing my M.A. in Communication design, seeking everyday for new inspirations and adventures.


Weirdness and curiosity are what I always strongly encourage and are the words that I love to use to describe myself.

My Skillshare classes will always be about all my greatest pas...

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