Design That Sell - Cute Illustrations Dog Wall Art

Winda Lee, Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Dog Basic Shape

    • Dog Drawing

    • Dog Coloring

    • Making The Decorations

    • Final Touch


About This Class


Let's Discover How To Make Cute Illustrations From Scratch to Products!

Hi, I'm Winda Lee and I have been illustrated children books since 2007.

And through this course, I want to share how to make cute illustrations and turn them into products that SELL

Perfect for Source of Income!

With this course, you can make products for nursery that able to be sold and can be your source of income, whether it's passive or active.


What will you learn?

  1. Developing your product:

  • Product decision making

  • Product design process, starting with basic shapes making, inking, color your amazing drawings, to how to apply your nursery drawings into products.

2. Turning your artwork into real product:

  • Using Photoshop to prepare your artwork for production

  • Tips to scan and getting know your materials

  • And finally...GET YOUR PRODUCTS on hand.

Who is the target audience?

  • All Ages
  • For you who want to be an artist as hobby or professional
  • Beginner friendly with very simple step by step tutorials

Let's Start!

Winda Lee





Winda Lee

Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber




Hi, my name is Winda Lee and I'm an illustrator and a writer.

I love to draw cute stuffs and children related illustrations. I also a pattern maker which allows me to create many cute patterns in my free time.

I am best known as the author for Gummy's Diary in Line's Webtoon Challenge in Indonesia and some in US version with readers 1.5M, 32.8k subcribers and 9.7 ratings with many young moms and young girls readers.

I graduated fr...

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