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Design Stickers in Adobe Illustrator

Amber Lim, creative human who mainly designs

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Trailer: What you'll learn

    • Assignment: Design your own stickers

    • Theme: Set the style

    • Sketch: Realizing ideas

    • Tracing: Pen tool escapade

    • Color: Live paint

    • Final touches: Captions and finalization

    • Implementation

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to design your very own pack of stickers. This class might do different things for different people. By enrolling in this class, you may practice your Illustrator skills, create the perfect gift for a friend, or flex your creative muscles, or all of them. Either way, jump on board to start creating!

*BEWARE*: Creative muscles will be exercised upon in this class. Your Adobe Illustrator skills will also be challenged to the inevitable point of rapid improvement.





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Amber Lim

creative human who mainly designs

I draw on my free time, and for some reason, I ended up at art school. My favorite book is The Little Prince. When I'm demotivated, I watch Haikyuu; when I feel hopeless, I watch Boku no Hero Academia; when I'm fearful I watch Zootopia; when I'm bored I watch Crayon Shin-Chan, etc!

I don't like to put myself in a mold and say I'm a graphic designer or an illustrator. I like to use a broader term (if I have to conform myself to a conventional category), because I get bored ...

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