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Design Simple Christmas Card in Adobe Illustrator: Warp and Blend Tool

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Overview of the class

    • 2. Design 1st part

    • 3. Design 2nd part

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About This Class

In this class, you are going to learn how to make a simple but nice looking Christmas card in adobe illustrator. We will start from scratch and finish this design with a nice bokeh effect in the background using illustrator. I have designed this class for beginners to intermediate levels but everybody can follow along. Also in this class, I'll show you, how to use the warp tool and blend tool to make your design life easier. I hope you're excited as I am and if you want to learn how to make this nice looking Christmas card enroll now and let's get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview of the class: Hello and thank you for taking out. Discuss. My name is just Tony. In this class, you're going to learn how to make a simple but nice looking Christmas card in Adobe Illustrator, We will start from scratch and finish this design with a nice bouquet effect in the background using Illustrator I have decided this class for beginners to intermediate levels but everybody can follow along. Also in this class, I will show you how to use the work told and Lendl to make your designed life easier. Eye opener excited as I am, if you want to turn now to make this Christmas card inside and they all know and let's get started. 2. Design 1st part: Hey, guys, Wait. Gum. First of all, thank you for enrolling for disc less. My name's just Tony. And in this class you are going to learn how to create this simple Christmas card design. I assume that you controlled for this because you want toe learn how to create this or want to see how I signed these Christmas card. All right, so let's do it. And if you would see, these are very simple, simple likens. And there's a bouquet effect here in the background. Everything is simple and we'll do it step by step. We know, uh, skipped. I steps here. So before we start, I'd like you toe stall a fund. If you don't have this point, they're all free that you can get from Google or different that come the best. The first bodies Birds of paradise. It's a free for personal use. I used that phone for these techs. Happy New Year. And, uh, for this Mary used the times New Roman I some that you already have this point on your machine for this word. Chris, must I use open sense? And finally, for this one, it's only a Baldoni empty. It's ah sorry. Front. So that's our d. For instance. I'm going to use here. There are available for free and some eye constant. I'm gonna show you how toe great this also a bouquet effect for the background, a simple ribbon and then a silly weight off Christmas tree. All right, so this what we're going to do in this class, we'll focus on this one. But of course, the background You can change if you don't want the bouquet effect. But I'm going to show you how a created this one. I have. Ah, another saying here that I used Nia sameness pattern. Uh, you would remember these from our less glass where we created a seamless pattern. It seems okay with this. I design with this Texan elements. Uh, this one, if you remember from our lesser glass. All right, so this what we're going to do, I really focused on this one. I'm gonna show you how to create this bouquet effect here in Adobe Illustrator. So just do it first. Of course, in integrating your document, um, I'm gonna and put me number here 396 pixels and that they bonded 40 night. Make your If you're going to play this, you need toe goto say Mike A All right? And then high or medium. I said it d i and then for the lead, I just put a nine or eight feeling. I think I used eight in that design. I'm gonna click or get here. All right, so this melia canvas, but that for me toe, uh, for me, toe get this exactly the same. I'm gonna throw a heart bird alongside here. Okay? So in case you already have a heartburn art bird, um, you can just click on this art Bertel, and then click on this one new art bird, and then I just click on here, right here. Okay. I'm just the same you have here. Three settings. 396 by 540 pixels. Okay, suffers, um, I'm gonna gonna create another layer here, so I could, uh, put it here. Okay, so first, let's do a background, so I'm gonna great, they I'm gonna get the rectangle tool. I'm gonna cover this art board this link that make sure you turned on the smart guides so you can go toe view. Smart guides are pressed. Control you in your keyboard. It's like that. I'm gonna get the corner of this. And just I did up here just like that. If you want to follow along, you can copy the same color. It's 91 d 28 and then I'm gonna just like this, like this layer, so I won't be ableto move it. It's like that. Okay, so we start from the top. I always start with the that. No, um, moving down. So we start with the I got silly wait up a christmas tree, so I'm gonna do it here. So first, let's do a Christmas tree getting started. He said a star or you have to do express your down arrows to remove those corners or a paddle if you want to add more cornice. All right, I'm gonna press shift e constraining a perfect triangle just like that. And then I'm gonna just duplicate it, holding me out and then shifty well, it down and then holding my, uh, alky not the shifty scaling, scaling that, scaling up the sides just like that. And then I'll repeat the process duplicated holder out, and then shift key the duplicate, then, uh, move it down and then on the side, holding just on the key. All right. Okay. Seems it looks Christmas tree. I'm gonna goto Pathfinder and then unite this. You can open your Pathfinder by going to window and then Pathfinder. All right. How are we going? Toe is throughout this. Cut out this in tow. Syrah girl. Get your ellipse stole. I just throw something like this one. The your shift key to Mr In a perfect surgical. First, I'm gonna change into to the right right there, and then I'm gonna just put it here. Send it the front by, uh, bracing, holding the control ship and then the open bracket or the close bracket. I mean, or you can go toe object, arrange bring the front ship control and then close, brother. All right, so this really big you can for scary down. Don't forget toward the and ship key. All right, so I'm gonna select this too. Something update minus friend. It's like that. I'm gonna put it here, going to make it center. Just click on this options here. Same center. Ready? Just put it up. Next the ribbon. First listen to the text first. Select the Times New Roman right here, situation to go there and then first you can see it. So let's draw a rectangle on here, make it white. And then they send a tow truck here holding the close rocket. That's center. This it's like that. All right. And then the sides of the ribbon get another rectangle tool Just like that changed, right? Get the Bendel, the ad Donkor point All make your center here. Click on that one. Get the the wreck selection tool and then let's move it despite on the right side here. Great, that rebounded back. It's like that. All right, so let's personal a day stroke point here changed the color door this corner of first so we can see that it the overlaps on the back ribbon. Let's see about three since it's in the front sent door about here. All right, maybe that's made two points, etc. All right, two points Seems OK. I'm gonna duplicate this. I'm gonna get my, uh, and flexible and then make sure you're the decelerate off Christmas trees in the center already, because that will be our point of power. Are Affleck? Affleck told. All right, so I'm gonna select that a point of the triangle off a Christmas tree and then holding my out and then click on it. Then there's a young window here, so let go. India review. So we can see what we're doing here and seems OK, so I'm gonna click on copy. Yes, Like that. All right. We created a nice ribbon. Let's continue doing this now for the work Christmas. Just a simple takes off up incense. Scale it up, holding your shifty. All right, then you can play with the styles. I think I used the bullet here. Say it's center, dear. All right. And now those epic for the techs just duplicated several times. All right, so make sure that the spacing it's OK for you before you start making the adjustment. Right? So you getting up India stops got off the panel and curious idea talking. All right. Here or the gardening. Make it an auto. Make it in the zero. If you want more or say add another 10 points. No getting. So I'm gonna troisi and then control me. It's like night just like that. And then I'm gonna press my keyboard. Roo left two times two then changed the color of this door. This color. All right. And then I will repeat that control. See? Control me then pressed Sanada in my area. Gibbard left side changed the guard or two. All right, so that's what I did. There really, really simple effect, but school. Right. Okay, so I'm gonna group this control G. So when I can move it, it will move in one man group. All right, So in the next video, we're going toe finish disability, a bouquet effect and all the remaining elements off our Christmas card. See you in the next video. 3. Design 2nd part: Hey, guys, Welcome back. And in this video, we're going toe. Continue deciding our Christmas card. So we start with the divider here. Actually, it's a feeler. Because if you get him off, this ice cannot empty just this end here. So meaning some Fieler. And if we zoom in, it's actually a snowflake. I am ready. Showed you I how I I created this design in the last video. I'm gonna post a link so you cannot see that enrolling that less class that we had, right? So I'm not gonna, um great. Another one toe save time. All right. So let's do it. I'm gonna I'm gonna put a, uh, upload the I going so you can follow along with me. All right. So I'm gonna I just got here. Split here. I mean, changed Gorder, toe white and then skated. Known holding my shift key. It's like that. But you know what? It's uh, stay, be text. First, get their title changed corner toe right here. I assure you, sentry click on a line and then click on this one. The result on the line center. And then that's ah, position our snowflake. I go on all right. Then I'm gonna duplicate it, holding my hulk and then shift key and then drug to the left side somewhere here. And then I'm going to get my rental or price w in your cupboard. I'm gonna click once year. So this would be a start and the end line on another click here. Monthly? Yes. Like that. And you can see it. Ah, it That's more snowflake. All right, so it's like, you know, duplicates the blend tool. So double click this. If you want to edit, you can select the spacing or the smart scholar or the steps. I'm gonna break unspecified steps you can preview. Now we can see how much want their according to our design. I don't want toe so much clothes to each other. So maybe put a by height. Maybe if I I'm gonna click, OK, it's like that. Let's see. Right. Seems ok. Makes I'm gonna I like this. To duplicate it. Need to reflect all and again click on this top of the Christmas tree holding your out or option d on your mark on your Matkal computer and then click on it. It's like that we can copy Nixon its duties for Christmas trees. Go get the icons I uploaded in the your project. Sexual. If you look at it, you can see these icons. All right, so I'm gonna get this one. Yes, but it here the same best time I want to create from scratch. I just follow along what we did here, right? So I guess a triple, uh, triangles here and I believe there say additional light on top. Yeah, I say star. All right, now, that's, uh, finishing this design BD That's happier. No, let's bend this. We can do that by going toe effect, then warp. And then you can select the ark. We need the negative year. So let's say negative between one percent. Okay, let's make it negative. 26% they go No gay. Now we can ah expand it. But if you expanded, I won't be ableto edit the text, so make sure you type it correctly. So let's expand appearance just like that and then move it up just on either editing here on these basis up your design. All right, Seems ok. Next, you will be doing the bouquet effect or if you don't want toe you can do the seemed this pattern that we had on the other glass next class. So maybe this this duty but gay effect. All right, so we'll do toe toe object here, your kind off, two kinds off book, a book, a background. So get your lips, Stone. Next open your Ragen panel. Click on the side slider. Great against liner. It's like that for the type Click on the radio. All right. And excellent. Yes. Click on the start. Another slider. Okay. For this block, let's make this our white, uh, just it's like it to the zero here. Just like that. Make it at least 80%. And on the middle one. Let's make it 40%. And andi left side slider. This Mingus 0% just like that. All right. Next, let's lower down the opacity, so at least 50%. That's our first book. Okay, so that's how I created this one. Now for this one. It's really easy. You can Ah, I'm gonna miss duplicate this. It's propagated on your out just like that, and then make it a little bigger. All right, Now what? We're going to do it. So we're going to Well, It's like we're sleeping this Ah, on Regent slider here. So this one would be right? Now it's seating on the 0%. We'll make it 8%. And then on this one, and on the right side, they make it in tow. 0%? Yes, like that. All right, if we put it here, So that's what it looks like. So on X, we're going to add it to our symbols panel. So with the dispersed when and they may guess what And then on the export type, click on graphic. Go get on the other one. I mean, I did here. Name it, too. In movie clip. Make it a graphic for the export type, OK? Yes, like that. All right, now it's ready. Toe some bouquet effect. Now we're we're, uh, Christmas card. So get the, uh, symbol sprayer. Toller, press. Schiff s on your Gibbard. I'm gonna stick the 1st 1 so I'm gonna guess Click once it's like that. So you can see if I hold it, it will add more. All right. So make sure yet that you don't press too hard because it will add more. Something like that. All right. Thanks. I'm gonna get the other one. Remember to I mean had something here. Toe Make the variation, If you can see there, say, yeah, there's, um They're all arms. Equal the book. A party's almost the same size is so we can edit that being going toe, getting the symbol size ertl They got it. And if you price on it, the symbol become bigger. See? So be careful pressing this. It will make it be really bigger. Now, if you want. Oh, make the other parts I small there. All you have to do is older or option in your Gibbard and then click on it just like that. All right. And unit toe select which the Which one you'd like toe edit the 1st 1 or the 2nd 1 Now let's say I'm done Anything. My may seem boys here, maybe. Okay, What I going to do is I'm gonna break link the symbol so I can edit individual of the struggles, so I'm gonna double click on it so I can go inside of that group. No, I can the lead some part of, uh okay that I don't want toe. I can't move these circles. It's like that and the position of the the things that just to be loved. They love the, uh, spacing here. All right. And, of course, some of the the elements who can never done the capacity. Okay, so it seems good to me. So what I can do is, uh, can lower down the opacity again in this group. Maybe 30%. Let's see. Yeah, it seems OK. All right. And of course, you can add it on the top as well. You know, Duplicated told in your out and then gets put it here. I just think that you can go slower than capacity again. 14% and see, Maybe 20 right there. Seems OK, so don't worry about the the other parts here. It's not going to show if you bring this design everything. That outside on the this red line of the bleed, it will not Sure. All right, off course. If you want to cut it out, you can get the my tangle tool and cut out everything that outside. I've decided dung. And let's say I'm gonna draw a rectangle here and meeting with the governor, right? And then I'm gonna sell it. These bad boys are okay. And then just go to your Pathfinder and then just drop it. It's like that. And they're all gun that you need to edit the capacity again. Yes, Like that. All right. Gay seems seems good. So the search for kids, parties, video guys, I have learned something. And this really simple Christmas garden, You know, you can great meanness, many variations that you want. Something like this with a seamless pattern, similar pattern or with a bouquet or without this. Or you can add us many icons that you want. Just get from here. And yeah, I hope you learned something. Something new that you can use in your picture design. So that's all for this video, guys. I hope you find it useful and see you next. Us? Thank you so much.