Design + Sell 3-D Printed Jewelry On Shapeways [A Heart Pendant Project] | Chris MacDonald | Skillshare

Design + Sell 3-D Printed Jewelry On Shapeways [A Heart Pendant Project]

Chris MacDonald, Aritist at MacDonald Creative Studios

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10 Videos (54m)
    • 3d printing intro final

    • 3d printing sketch final

    • 3d printing 3 final

    • 3d printing 4 final

    • 3d printing 5 final

    • 3d printing 6 final

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    • 3d printing ending


About This Class


About This Class

3-D printed objects are a reality and our future. From healthcare to fashion, 3D printing is rapidly becoming accessible to anyone. Learn how to model a 3D heart pendant for a necklace using the free open source program Blender. Then, upload and print it on

In this project-based step by step class, artist and designer Chris MacDonald teaches you the beginning basics of using Blender, and how to upload a file to sell your own designs to Shapeway’s platform. This class is designed for absolute beginners who want to learn the introductory basics of 3D modeling using Blender and Shapeway’s platform in a project based format.

Watch 10 step by step short video lessons.

In a step by step class format, you'll learn everything you need to know to complete the 3D printed heart pendant project as well as how to sell your own designs on Shapeways.

  • Intro to Design + Sell 3-D Printed Jewelry
  • Sketch Your Design
  • Starting In Blender Part 1
  • Starting In Blender Part 2
  • Starting In Blender Part 3
  • Modeling The Pendant Part 1
  • Modeling The Pendant Part 2
  • Final Preparation For 3-D Printing
  • Uploading To Shapeways
  • Final Words And Thank You

Learn by doing through project based learning

Don't just watch! Participate and learn by doing. See the Class Project link for details about the project. 





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Chris MacDonald

Aritist at MacDonald Creative Studios

Chris MacDonald of MacDonald Creative Studios is a artist who focused on illustration and oil painting for thirty years. His artistic focus transitioned to digital art and online selling after the company he worked for was downsized in 2009 during the recession.

As a self taught digital designer, his designs and surface patterns can be found on fabric, ribbon, clothing, bedding, coloring books, wallpaper, and home decor products.

As a full-time artist and designer, his skills i...

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