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Design Professional CV/Resume for Your Dream Job | Adobe XD

Stevdza - San, Android Developer & UX/UI Designer

Design Professional CV/Resume for Your Dream Job | Adobe XD

Stevdza - San, Android Developer & UX/UI Designer

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13 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Things Recruiters Don't Want to See in Your Resume

    • 3. Introducing to Color Psychology

    • 4. Know Your Colors - Part 1

    • 5. Know Your Colors - Part 2

    • 6. Download and Install Adobe XD

    • 7. Adobe XD Interface

    • 8. Adobe XD Shortcuts

    • 9. Free Online Resources

    • 10. Design Professional Resume/CV - Part 1

    • 11. Design Professional Resume/CV - Part 2

    • 12. Export CV Design in PDF format

    • 13. Design Rounded shape Profile Photo

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About This Class

We are going to design professional CV/Resume using Adobe XD. I'm also going to teach you about color psychology, because each color has a different meaning to people.

I'm going to share with you some tips about what you should and shouldn't add to your resume as well. And couple of websites where you can find free resources like icons, colors, color pallets.

For this course you only need Adobe XD installed on your PC, it's FREE for download, you don't have to worry about that. Also in this course you'll find all the necessary files for you to start working on a real world project. I'm going to include not just the project files but the colors which I used in this course, as well as the list of most common shortcuts I used in Adobe XD.

Basically no prior knowledge is required, because I'm going to walk you through this course step by step.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stevdza - San

Android Developer & UX/UI Designer


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1. Introduction: Ah, hello there. Would you like to learn how design, professional and good looking city all by ourself? Well, then, this is the perfect course for you because I am going to teach you all the necessary things . You need to be able to do it by yourself. You will learn not just called a design, but also the color psychology and what each color actually means. This is a very important because you want to choose the right course for your product design so it can represent the things you want toe and not something different. Uh, this course I'm going to share with you a couple off useful websites where you can find simple and elegant icons for your product design and the websites as well, where you can find beautiful color combinations, which fits your needs. Uh, the scores. I will include all the files unit for this project, so don't worry about that. This course is for all level job seekers, for students and for anyone who wants to improve the number off interviews they get as a result off a professional design city. So what are you waiting for and enrolling these scores today and start learning 2. Things Recruiters Don't Want to See in Your Resume: Ah, hello there. In this video, I'm going to mention six things your employer does not want to see or hear from you. So be careful when you are writing your resume. Take your time. Don't hurry and big each and every word carefully. Okay, so the first thing is a life history. Your resume should be full off. Useful information for the employer. Clean and concise resume should only contain important information for a specific job for the company you're applying to before you decide to create your CV. First, read carefully the job description and then you need to decide which information should you add and which to remove from your resume. Life history information could be added in a cover letter, however, but you need to be creative and somehow connect your life history to the job you are applying to. That's how they will know that you made an effort and that's ah that you're a resume is original and not copied and sent 200 or even more over job advertisements. Okay, next irrelevant information. So basically every statement on your resume shortly toe employer toe the conclusion that you have the right qualification for the job escape and remove all the necessary information from your resume, like hobbies, music, movies, your favorite TV shows and so on. Because trust me, people who don't have a long list of past jobs, they tend toe add those irrelevant information to fill the blank space on their resume. Just don't do that, Okay? Next one is a messy A resume. So you don't want to send Messi in the poorly designed resume to your employer. That's directly tells them that you did not make an effort toe adequately prepare and organize your city. And how could they give you a job when you failed right after they opened your resume? Clean and professional design, combined with the right colors will leave a good impression. We live in the visual civilization where a good look is always appreciated. Okay, next outdated information. Hugh ever bean in. This is a situation where an employer wanted to hire you. But your contact email address was outdated so they weren't able to contact you. Well, how could you know that you may be missed the perfect opportunity, but you don't know that because they sent the job offer to someone else because you misspelled the world in your email address. The lesson curious. Always double check your contact information, like phone number, email address before you click that send button. All right, The next one is a misspelling or grammatical errors. Ah, your resume serves is ah, sample off your writing skills and evidence off whether or not you were detail oriented. If you have a typo, someone will probably notice that, and it could leave a bad impression. Always read your resume a couple of times before you send it. The best way to do that or to avoid those errors is to give you a resume toe, a family member or a friend of yours to read because they will spot the type of better than you actually wrote the resume. Okay, and the final one is talking bad about best employers. Um, don't complain or talk about or talk bad about your previous job and how you were unpaid or underpaid for the job. You worked 10 or 12 hours a day. That's not off their business, and they will label you as a negative person. And the negative persons are not welcome anywhere. Uh, today, um, today modern companies appreciate honesty, creativity and open mind in the open mind and the employers 3. Introducing to Color Psychology: the meaning off color skin, very depending on culture and the circumstances. Color is a form off nonverbal communication. It's ah, meaning can change from one day to the next. With any individual, it all depends on what energy they are expressing it to the point in time. Each color represents something different. For example, have you noticed that green corner in the market where you can buy various types off fresh fruits and vegetables? Well, hey, we noticed how appealing it looks like it is because the science is behind that attractiveness. Colors are combined. In a way, Toe subconsciously tells you that those products are fresh, clean, delicious and healthy for eating. You don't even notice that someone else is using color psychology to Loreal to buy more. And that's just one off the examples. There are plenty off situations where your mind subconsciously chose something's over the others, and if you learn how to properly present your product service or in this case, resume, then in some way you're going to learn how to manipulate with people's decisions. In this case, we will target HR or ah, human resource department toe Is there the serum and helped them make a final choice in selecting you for the good candidate for the interview. And when you get in the interview, well, then it's up to you to present yourself the best way possible. But there is a science in that as well. But we will talk about that in some off my next courses. Maybe for now, we're going to stick with colors and design in the upcoming videos. I'm going to explain you the most common colors from Ah, psychology is 10 point after this, you're gonna carefully choose the colors when designing next time, stay tuned. 4. Know Your Colors - Part 1: uh, all red. This is the color off passion and the drama. The scholar attracts the most attention and is associate ID, which strong emotions such as love and anger. Red is the color used in ah, use the universally toe signify danger, courage, strength and power In Chinese culture, red represents, lack and prosperity. Use red when you want toe get pulses racing and to inspire action. However, you was carefully as the red can evoke feelings off aggression and cause. Visual string lovers off red are passionate with enthusiasm for life. The color red can stimulate the appetite, often being used in a in a restaurants for this exact purpose. It also increases creating for food and the other estimate shaving red assed. Your favorite caller identifies you as, ah, extrovert, optimistic and confident. If you favor the personality, call red. You have a passion and enthusiasm for life, and you are not afraid to pursue your dreams and goals. This is the color off encouragement. The combination off yellow and red makes orange convey excitement or and enthusiasm. This is the color off extrovert, excluding happiness and joy. Realizing inhibitions, Orange is a motivating and encouraging color orange is appealing to young people. It stimulates the appetite and is associated with healthy food. However, the negative connotation off orange include the insincerity and the self indulgence with orange Aziz your favorite color. You are warm, optimistic, extroverted and often fence. You're friendly, good natured and generally agreeable person. Orange color aids in the assimilation off new ideas and frees the spirit off its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves at the same time. It thinkers self respect and respect for others. Yellow, uh, this is a color off optimism. Yellow is compelling color that conveys youthful and fresh energy. This color is, uh, uh, this color off sunshine is associate ID with success and confidence. Ah, yellow stimulates the left side of the brain, helping with clear thinking and the quick decision making. Ah, yellow color grabs attention because the ice is yellow. First, the downside off yellow is that it can induce anxiety and cause Want Toby over critical. You know his attendance to make you more mentally analytical and critical. This includes being self critical as well as critical off others. Yellow is creative from a mental aspect, the color of new ideas helping us to find a new ways off doing things. It is the practical thinker, not the dreamer. Yellow is related to the ego on our sense of self worth, how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others. If your favorite color is yellow, you have a strong, independent striking, and you are a selective with your choice of friends, keeping a small group off clothes and like minded friends rather than being involved in a team, events or larger social gatherings. A pink This is the color of sensitivity. The passion off red, combined with the purity off white, creates this color associated with the love, tranquility and community. I think his associations with tenderness and nurturing, while conveying a sense of safety and even vulnerability. Seeing the world through pink colored glasses holds a negative connotation as it is associated with being unrealistic. An overly optimistic Culliver psychology, I think, is a sign of hope. It is a positive, color, inspiring, warm and comforting feeling, a sense that everything will be OK. Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of being can have a calming effect on the nerves, and they create physical weakness in the people. Violent and aggressive prisoners have been successfully called by placing them in a pink room for a specified amount of time. Exposure for too long can hear the opposite effect. Pink is a non threatening color, seeking appreciation, respect in the admiration. It does not like to be taken for granted and just loves to hear the world. Thank you Big can also remind you off earlier childhood memories associated with nurturing and comfort from your mother or a mother figure. Pink from a negative call, meaning can represent a lack off willpower like off self reliance and the lack of self worth. It can indicate an overly emotional and the overly cautious nature blue. This is the color of trust. Blue, the shade off the sea and the sky might indicate coolness and conveys tranquility, serenity and peace. Blue collar is associated with the confidence and inspires feelings off trust, loyalty, integrity and responsibility. Cool blue is conservative, and that can also be perceived as a reserved blue tents to Seo to suppress the appetite because they are not many foods associated with the blue in nature. Blues wisdom comes from its higher level off intelligence a spiritually perspective. Blue is the helper, the rescuer, the friend in need. Its success is defined by the quality and quantity off its relationships. Um, it is a giver and not a taker. It likes to build strong, trusting relationships and become deeply hurt if that trust is betrayed. Blue is conservative and the predictable a safe and non threatening color in the most universally liked color off all probably because it is safe and non threatening. At the same time, Blue is persistent and determined to succeed in which ever endeavors it pursues. Change in change is difficult for blue. It is inflexible, and when faced with the new or different ideas it consider it analyzes it thinks it over slowly and then tries to make it fit its own acceptable version. Off reality Green. This is the color off growth and health ring color in all its glory is expressing renewable in life, really has a strong association is, ah, refreshing and peaceful call. It evokes the feeling off evidence and the plant for environment while providing the rest ful and secure feeling. This is the color that he has a strong sense off writing wrong inviting good judgment. It sees both sides of the equation, waits them up and then usually takes the moral stand in making appropriate decisions. On the negative side, it could be judgmental, and the overcautious green promotes love off nature and the low of family friends pets at home, it is the color off guard and lovers, the home lover and the good host. It is the generals and love on loves to share, but it also looks for recognition. It is friendly and can keep confidence. The scholar relates to stability and the endurance, giving US persistence and the strength to cope with editors to cope with the adversity. On the negative side, the color green can be possessive and the materialistic with needs, toe own people and things. 5. Know Your Colors - Part 2: violet. This is the color off spirituality. The energy off red with the calm off blue combined to create violet, a color that inspires reflection and self awareness. This is the color off sensitive compassion in the intuitive soul. The introvert, also Violet, has associated with his being associated with the royalty and characteristic characteristics. Off quality and the luxury in the meaning of colors. Purple and violet represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually combing the emotions they inspiring and enhance the ability and spiritually in enlightment while at the same time keeping us around it. Ah, the color violet relates to the fantasy world and the need to escape from the practicalities off our lives. It is the dreamer escaping from a reality. Artists, musicians, writers, poets in physics are all inspired by violet, and it's magic and mystery. Violet is color off the humanitarian, using its better judgment toe. Do good for others, mining wisdom and power with sensitivity and humility, Violet can achieve a lot for those less fortunate. Too much off the color purple can promote or aggravate depression in some time. It is one color that should be used extremely carefully and the in the small amounts by those were vulnerable to the depressed states. Brown brown is the color off the earth stability, and the solid foundation is the message that emanates from the core brown. The cooler relates toe ah, things that are natural and simple. Brown is known to be dull but is a reliable and the wholesome. Although humble and the stinky brown is the color off safety and quiet confidence. Warm and reassuring. It is a practical and sensible color, which implies common sense. The core brown is associated with wholesome nature and organic product products on and anything related to the great outdoors. Every culture on or farming farming. Some brown's can show a degree of sophistication or elegance, depending on other colors associated with the brown. For example, brown with soft white or ivory can appear stylish and classy, although more Ah, scheduled in a black with soft white or ivory, Brown is a solid with the strength and maturity it prefers toe function in its own safely in the world. Ah, it is not carefree and spontaneous and doesn't like surprises. Brown is predominant color on this planet. Along with green. Brown is a comforting and stabilizing. Why Green is balancing and the rejuvenating. Just what we all need to help us deal with the stress is off modern life. That's why people enjoy watching and the resting in nature gray. This is the color off compromise. Great is considered to be unemotional, detached, color seeking, tow. Avoid attention. It conveys gloom and depression. Very conservative. Great has a stabilizing effect, as it is a very natural but can also conjure. Ah, conjure up feeling off. Frustration graze linked with the maturity and protection being reliable and practical. A color grader is quiet and the reserved it does not stimulate, energize, rejuvenate or excite. Ah, great color will never be the center of attention. The leader or the director. It is too safe and toned down. If you love great, you're trying to protect yourself from the chaotic outside world world, even to the point off isolating yourself from the others, leaving you with the feeling that you don't really fit in or belong anywhere. Being a personality color gray, you are attracted to this neutral, non emotional color as it controls and contains your energy. You just don't show excitement or enthusiasm about anything much in your life. Blick. This is the color off mystery. Black is actually the lack off color. It covers heights and and implies that there is a barrier. A strong and powerful color. Black is a formal, sophisticated and secretive. It is the color of things that are scary and evil. Black conveys pessimism and lack of hope. While Black has many negative associations, it is according signifies power and control. It is considered unfriendly and intimidating yet still refined, elegant and confidence. Black implies self control and discipline in the independence and a strong will and giving an impression off authority and power. People who like black may be conservative and serious, or they may think of themselves as being sophisticated or ever or even dignified. Black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning. When the light appears, black becomes white, the color off new beginnings with the personality color black. You may be looking for protection from any negativity that surrounds you and the final color. White White is the color of pureness, the core of perfection. What is totally reflective, awakening growth and creativity. You cannot find hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its way. The color white is an ultimate impurity. This is why it is a traditionally warned by Western brides and the reason why doctors wear jackets, white records. What is the color of protection and the encouragement, offering a sense of peace and corn comfort and hope, and helping alleviate emotional upsets. It creates a sense off order and the efficiency a great help if you need toe the clutter your life many people use White is a recall of their youth and innocence, it reminds. It reminds them off a time when their lives were easier and less complicated. White is used in many medical practices, such as dental surgeries and boater rooms, as an indication off clearness clean lis on deficiency. However, it also can give the feeling off coldness off emotions and may lead patients to think that the doctor or the dentist I want to relate to them on emotional and personal level. Too much white can cause feelings off isolation on the aura emptiness it could be toe untouched and sinless, making you feel as though you can't make a move for fear off, upsetting it or creating a mess 6. Download and Install Adobe XD: Ah, hello there. And in this tutorial where I'm going to show you how to download and install Adobe X'd so just head over to Google and type of the next day we're going to click the first link, which is official adobe website. Um, Al Abed is totally free. So you don't have to worry about that. That'll be ecstasy is a very popular tool for, ah, designing mobile applications websites. See these little icons and basically everything you could think off. There is also an option toe make a prototype off mobile applications, as you can see here. But ah, in these course, we're going to focus on designing a city. So, uh, here you have a download X'd button here. You can also buy, uh, other. Basically, if you wish toe have more cloud storage space. But for now, it's good. If you want to use adobe eggs the unit to create an account. I have already Ah, did that. And, uh, I'm just going to open That obeys the application out. So this is the start screen on the left side. We have ah Adan's way. Have cloud documents. Ah, and, uh Ah, some other stuff on the center of the screen. We have a recent files and the on the top on the top of the this little window, we have, ah different templates for ah iPhone. Ah, for Android Mobile and those different screen sizes. We have also templates for ah iPad Pro or ah, Android Tablet. And we have ah template for a Web design, which is, Ah, 1 80 And we can create a customer layout. Which will we do that in the in the upcoming videos? So that was it for this video. Stay tuned. And the next video I'm going toe show you Adobe's the interface. 7. Adobe XD Interface: Okay, So in this video, I'm going toe introduce you with the Adobe X date interface. So it's just like this web template. Okay. And as you can see, we have a very clean interface here. So if you if you want to zoom in or out, just hold the ah control and move your ah mouse wheel down or up. So on the left side Ah, we have, ah, little icon here for ah, for our ah layers. On top of that, we care our assets. We won't be using this. But anyway, I want to show you. And on the bottom, we have a plug ins. Okay. Ah, Now on the left side, on our toolbar, we hear a select icon or select tool next week of a rectangle tool. And ah, if you hold shift and drag this, you will get a perfect rectangle. Okay, so next we have ah, ellipse stool. Also, if you hold shift while you drag this, you'll get a perfect circle. Next door is a polygon eso If we hold the shift, we will get perfect shape. And if we don't, then we can do our but by ourselves. Next one is lying. Simple line tool. If you hold shift, you'll get a Streit line like this. The next tool. Okay, so on this line, we can ah, increase. Ah, with or height or size you can see on the right side. We hear a bunch of tools to work with as well. So this capacity, we can change that as well. A swell is the color. So if we increase the size off our line, we will get a little thicker line like that. And we can set the dash years toe five. And we will get that shaped something like that. Or we can increase the mesh like that. Okay. And this is opacity. As I already mentioned, the next tool is a mental. I think the most most, if you are, are already familiar with this tool. You can go. Ah, many, many things. With this, you can create the various shapes. This is a simple text tool, so you can write text and you can select font and size on the right size here. As you can see indicator already. You also can't hear a bunch off options where you can ah, uh, select the ah or all lower case, lower case letters or or upper case. You can click here underlying to underline the text. Oregon strike through like that and the also you can set the border, as you can see here, Um, so let's use our rectangle tool again. And ah, let me show you how you can use a shadow. As you can see, when you click shadow, you can select the X Why and the bold, which is boldness. So if we said this Balto 20 our shadow will spread out. We can also set opacity off our shadow that the fourth value is a 16%. And, uh, there is basically with drunk like you can, ah, create shadow on each and every object here. Okay, We also hear a part of a prototype for window, but we won't be using that because ah, we're just only going to stick with the design. So here on the top level corner, we have a menu so we can create new art board open. Ah, specific file save file, export file, import file manager or plug ins and so on. Okay, so, uh, that's pretty much it for this interface. I want to show you one more interesting thing, which you can do to align your your shapes. For example, it's great three rectangles. So I'm going toe hold old and shift and drag those circles and OK, so if I select all of them and click here on top right corner like that, they will align vertically. But when I click this, they will align the horizontally. As you can see here, it's pretty useful told when you kept more shapes. Ah, which needs to be aligned, and that's pretty much it for the interface in the upcoming videos. I'm going to show you the short cuts on how you can save your time while you work on your design. Stay tuned and see you next video. 8. Adobe XD Shortcuts: OK, in this video, I'm going to show you a pdf document for ah, adobe exterior shortcuts. In this document, you can see the most useful in the most important keyboard shortcuts. This file pdf file will be available for you to the unloading in this course. Don't worry about that. And as you can see at the top of this document, we have our tools and it's shortcuts. Okay. As you can see, V for our selectable are for rectangle for lips tool Uh, l for line and so on. So those rockets are very, very important because they can save you. Ah, lot of time when you're working on a project design, they can save you more than 50% time. So you better learn those shortcuts. Most common shortcuts in the upcoming videos. I'm going to show you in the real project how to use and which one to use. Are you long? You don't have to learn all of them, but some of them are are pretty important. And you should learn them like those rockets for the tools. You must remember those a 10 10 shortcuts because you're going to use those tools every time next. You have also shortcuts for a group. As you can see, control dri the group two or more elements inside one group there is also zooming or a zoom out shortcut. You just press control and, uh, plus or or control plus minus. Oh, are you can even do a better way and hold control. And, uh, it was your mouse wheel toe. Zoom out and zoom in. You also have the option toe Copy some object, like rectangle or ellipse by holding, holding old and the dragon. Uh, the object you can also Ah, copy rectangle, for example. In the same line a za the original object is so you can do that by holding old and shift and the dragging the object. Or also you can shortcuts for text control be for a bold text control I for italic text and so on. So, uh, be sure to check this document and, uh, in the next videos, I'm going to show you on the rail project how to use on which to use 9. Free Online Resources: Hello there. And in this video I want to show you four different websites which are ah used for downloading icons and the choosing color palettes for your product design. So the first website is I went I can't dot com. This is ah, the best website for me. Personally, I use this website the most off my time. So here we have Ah plenty Icons Week we can use. You can select your material style or I West style or you can just type here. For example, it's a home, and when you click on the cycle down below, you will get the material style and IOS style $2 so you can download those icons in SVG format, which is a scalable vector. Graphics SPG is ah commonly used in adobe eggs. The project designs okay. You can choose many different many different icons here as you wish, and the next website is called flat icon dot com. So, uh, this website has a little more off icons, different styles off icons. As you can see here, you can choose whatever whatever you want. It's your choice. Uh, next website is called the color hunt, not CEO. So Basically, this is website for ah different the color combinations which you can use in your product. Of course on. And those are very beautiful colors. Here. You, Kevin, you consort the those colors by trendy, popular random. For example. Let's say I want to use this color justly here, and it will be copied to your clipboard automatically on a final website. I'm going to show you is my color that space. So if we base our cold from the previous caller here, including generate, we will get the bunch off other colors which are good in a combination with our original caller. As you can see. Ah, you can check it out many more. So let's use another color, for example, and just paste that here clean, generate. And as you can see, we have another great color palette which we can use in our product design. And that was it for this video. Uh, I would recommend you toe bookmark those websites because they are very useful source off resource is And that was it in the next videos, we want to start with our design 10. Design Professional Resume/CV - Part 1: hello there and in this video we're going to start with our design. So open up Adobe's D, and we're going to create the custom size layout for us. So we're going to use a four ah paper dimensions, which are 595 in 842. So just type those measures and click enter. All right. And after that, let's change the name off our art board here toe CV, for example. And now we're going to directing A to tool by pressing are, which is a short cut for a rectangle. And let's create one rectangle with the same size. Remove the borders and the whole bolt and drag this toe right. So next we're goingto use a lips tool to create two circles. Two Ellipse toe Press E, which is a short cut for that. And now I'm going to use two colors, which I already chose for our product, which is a lower grade and the blue sky blow. So we're going toe at those colors into our color color palette in our Toby X'd like that justly based and ah, enter and click plus Okay, I want to add white collar here as well. And now we can remove those circles. All right, the next thing we have already chose our colors sewing toe. Choose the fund for our products. So we're going toe toe. Choose the three phones. In this case, the first front will be open since, like, the second regular and third Bold. So let me change those phones here. Toe appropriate style. So bold light and the regular like that. Okay. Ah, just click. Uh oh. We will delete those those phones now, OK, And now let's use the rectangle tool by clicking are character are, which is a short cut for a rectangle, Of course. So the with off our thesis side navigation will be 198 Remove the border and changed the field color toward our great call. Okay, It should look something like that. All right. Next, we're going to create a profile photo. So here. Ah, select ellipse stool, which is a short cut. He and the whole the shift and bolt and drag this on the left so we can create this circle in the center so the our circle will be vertically centered and the within height off our circle will be 110. So the top margin for our circle will be 35. Next I'm going to was black in your wife faces. Uh, so I'll just select your website source male and, uh, smile or natural face and click. Apply. And this plug in will automatically download and import this image from the Internet in our circle. So this is just example off our profile photo next, women to create one more ellipse tool or circle with just border white border. And we're we're going to decrease the size off the circle little bit. Hold alternate shift and decrease the size. Okay, Now we're going to select this border white border in our profile photo and were with a group those two elements. So first, with select will select all the elements and hold shift and click on the white background and on the gray side navigation. So we can de select those items and only leave those two, and we control G. We're going to group those elements, and we're going to rename rename this group. All right, so, uh, now, uh, margin for our image here or profile photo will be 35 on the top. Okay? And it will be centered the vertically like that. Next, we went to create three circles for Ah, our contact information, like phone number, email address in the street in the town. So let's create a circle with a, uh 26 within height. Remove the border, and, uh, we're going to create two more off those circles. Okay, so, uh, left margin for those circles. Should be toe 12 and both of margin off each circle should be around 10. Okay, like that. So 12 from the left side called old and shift and read the circle so the bottom will be 10 and the one more time. All right, so now we need to find icons for for our contact information. So we the phone. Ah, email and the map tycoons. So here on the on this website, which I showed you earlier, we're going to type phone, and we're going toe down on this I west style image. This is ah, svg file. Just so you know, it's perfect for our product. So next let's do that for the email as well. And one more icon for ah for ah navigation, which is Ah, my pin like that. The, uh this time we went toe down or the material style icon eso just select here and click dollars. All right. Next the women to import those images. So hold the shift shift control and I and you're going to get this window appearing. So just like those toe already down s produce file and import. Okay, Now it's select all those elements and hold shift and old and dragged down two degrees the size off those images. Now it zoom. Zoom in with according control in mouse wheel, and we're going to change its color to dark gray. So let's decrease the size off. Our first I can hear is well, and put that on the top off our first white circle. All right, put it on the center like that. Next one is a female icon. Decrease the size as well by holding old and shift. All right, we need to increase the size, maybe, or it's perfect. For now, let's increase a little bit. So whole shift and increase a little bit, okay? And the last one do the same. So after that and we're going to select this white circle and this icon, and we're goingto group those two elements into one You will see now. So when you are selecting mawr elements multiply elements, you need to click on one element in the whole shift and click on other elements so you can select the both of those elements with the control DRI. We're going to group those elements and we want to rename the group toe. The name were convenient with okay. And the 3rd 1 will shift and click war in select both of those elements group and renamed. It's pretty much easy when you are using those shortcuts. They are saving your time a lot. Okay. Ah, after this, uh, we need to add some text for the phone number for the email address and for the street number in the town or a city. So, uh, for our text, where went through was open sense A regular phone size off 10. So I'm just typing a random number here for for a contact information and let's change the color toe white and decrease the front in the size as well. So color will be white font open sense a regular, and the size will be then. Okay, Now put this, uh, on the center off our first icon. The space or the margin between those two between icon and text should be around six. So let's change this toe. Busy. Just an example. Email John Doe and I into at gmail dot com. And the last is Street Address and and the city. So let's say Grand Street, Ferry, New York. Okay. And now we should created a profile photo and contact information. The next thing we need to add is ah, about me. So, as you might know, I already said in the first or second video the scores that life history should be somehow connected toward the job. We're applying to the drop description as well, so I could prepare the I could prepare the next here for for about me section. So you'll see now. So about me text should be, uh, for ah. Should be around the 16 sighs left margin should be around 18 and the bottom around 10 and the top margin should be around 52. Okay, so, um, now let's copies. Thanks. Like I already prepared that. So in this case, we're applying toe a cybersecurity, cybersecurity position proposition and that that's why I could prepare the this text specific specifically for ah, for that job you'll see now a Z you can read. You compose the video and read this text carefully. You just need to add a few sentences like I did. I have a connected my life history with the drop I'm applying toe. And I think with this fuel sentences, you can you can make your better candidate for the job. You'll see you can read these text and you can apply to yourself. Just change. Of course, the life history of yours. You can use your imagination to create a different stuff. So, uh, on the bottom off this text, we're goingto the personal skills as well. So it's Ah. Okay, just second. All right. Uh, it's now created text. So for the personal skills were going toe, we're going to use I don't make maybe around 10 skills, which are personal skills, of course. Like, really like a responsible person, ambitious and so on. You'll see. And for each of those killed women who had the one circle, uh, where the size may be off off. Six. We'll see. All right, so, like that and on the right side of the circle were in tow, had a text. 1st 1 will be, let's say, maybe reliable. And we're going toe. Put that on the below. Our personal skills Top margin should be around 10. And this circle will be centered the horizontally to align with our text here. Okay, Now we're goingto copy this. Those two objects and ruin toe based them on the right side by holding shift and old, I went to rename this toe accountable and were to create a couple off those asses. Well, so down below. Copy again, selecting the two elements. You can do that by holding shift and just selecting or clicking on each of those elements, like texting different kinds of shapes. Next one will be eager off knowledge. Okay, Uh, and the fourth will be, Let's say, let me think a little bit. Maybe a curious. Okay. Next, copy this one more time. Continuous learner. Okay. And the fear insightful. And let's copy again. Dumb bill. Okay. Alice changes Too ambitious this toe persistent. Next one can be, as you can see, those ah, personal skills or ah are very important for a position for the job Position off cybersecurity expert. So as you can see, I have adapted this this savy for the job I'm applying to. So that's very important. You don't need to send the same city for every each and every job. That that's a bad thing. Okay, And now down below, I will add the text which will be renamed toe courses. So I have also added a few courses here which are very, very good for Ah, drop off. Cybersecurity expert. Those are international certificates for cybersecurity. So C I s S P c c and a cumplir security plus and the last one will be driver license Be, for example. Okay. And now I think it's ah, very nice and professional. We don't He was too many colors just white and grey. It looks professional and they're on the right side. Here. We're going toe create. Ah, another design. You'll see. So first, let's save this document to our computer. In order to save a file, you need toe use a shortcut control as and you just type name off your document and where you want to save it on cloud or on your desktop or on your PC wherever you want, and that's it. In the next tutorial in the next video we're going toe, continue with our design and we're going to finish that. 11. Design Professional Resume/CV - Part 2: Hello, guys. And welcome to the second part off our city design. So in the first part of this video, we have created a side navigation. If we can call like that and we have added contact information about me section of personal skills, section and courses. Okay. And now on the right side, we're going to start by adding the name and our our professional title. So the name is Ah, John Doe. We're going to, uh, he was Ah, open sense. Ah, Open sense form. Uh, 35 will be a size and bold. Okay, top margin should be around 35 left. Margin should be 24. Okay. Like that. And just below this, our name. We're going to add our professional title, which is a cybersecurity expert. So we're going to change the text size and the color, and, uh okay, so, uh, this will be 16 size regular and, of course, blue color. We're going to put this just below our first next here. Like that. Okay, Next thing we're going to start by creating ah, education. So, uh, we're type education. We're going to change the color. Too dark gray. The size will be 22. Front will be bold. Okay. Ah, left margin should be 24 as well. Talk margin should be around 40 for mouth. Okay. And, uh, just below our education text were going toe had, uh, a few more stuff on the margin on the bottom from around 12th. Okay, We're going to let our past education. So, uh, let's say, uh, first, we're going to change the the text here. It says the University of Cambridge, this is a school, and just below that, we're going to add Ah, on the department on which this John Doe went. Okay, text size will be a little lighter. So 14 open sense regular. Okay, So top will be top margin should around 12 and rose Bellow this title, we're going to add one more. And of course, women 21 circle, which will be size off 88 with and height. Ah, that a great color. Okay. Ah, right. Margin should be around 12. And now let's copy this text by holding all can shift and ragged. So treasure a little bit lighter fund to light size or wealth, and we're to decrease the opacity from 100 toe 50%. All right. And now we're going to group those toe texts by shortcut control, G. Okay. And now this circle will be on the center with our next on the right side. Okay, I'm going to sell those and copy by holding Bolton shift and dragging down. Okay, so the top margin or the margin between those two will be around 30 30. And we're going to say this addressed computer science and the Let me add the one lying sure between those two. So this kind of looks like a timeline. Change the quality of dark gray, of course. And the on the right side of flour education, women toe ad The year when we started and when we ended our education, So, uh, Okay. Ah, year will be open sense. Regular front. With the size off. Eight. We're going to change the color to blue and okay, front eighth, regular bloom. All right, so now we're going to center this, uh, as our circle in the light on the left side, and we're going to put this on the right side. The right side margin should be around 12 and we're in tow. Copy this again. on the bottoms, but we're going to change the the year from 1011 to 1000. Ah, Fisting you want a toe 2000. Sorry to 2016. Okay. And the after that we're going to copy our education text, and we're goingto change it toe. Ah, something else you'll see. Work experience. All right, So the top margin should be around 30 left Modern should be 24 as well. And the in working spirit in the work experience section went with just one. We're going to say that we worked. Ah, um in glow. So now it's copied this circle in this text here just for the old shift and dragged it down and the OK, let's change this to Rugal. This is the name of the company and down below. We're going to say what our drop position. Waas. We're going to say cybersecurity consequent something, OK, and the year we'll say a year from ah, 2000 and 16 toe current era, which is Ah, 2000 and 19. All right, below our work experience, working toe had ah one more section for ah, computer technologies, computer skills and technologies. Something like that Okay, so the top margin should be 30 as well. Left Margin 24. Of course. And now we're going to start by it heading some computer skills, right? So OK, down a little bit. And let's start by creating our skills and technologies. So 1st 1 will be Lennox command line. Okay, Next one day C plus plus next Java. Uh, next will be, Let's say, uh, my male wear analysis. It's a good for this job position. Next one is in my ask Rael databases. The next one is Ah, it's a Jason In the rest, a p i next one can be bare scripting. Next one will be python. Okay. I mean, for a structure next one weaken B I p networks in penetration testing. So, um, the most thing the most important thing in your CV when you don't you have a much work experience is to add the all your skills you have, no matter what they are. Even if you have ah knowledge off Microsoft Office, you need to say that because every skill is ah useful and you need to add all of those and the on the bottom. We will add the foreign languages. Languages are always appreciated and useful in every company. So we're all going to say this English and German. Okay. And now that we have created those ah, all, we're going to segue Gozo and move that a little bit on the top so we can hear space on the bottom like that. Okay, Next. Uh, we went with the some knowledge indication for our knowledge of computer skills and technologies and languages as well. So I'm going to copy this little circle from above, and I'm going to create the 10 of those circles. So on the scale on off 1 to 10. How much do we know about each of those we mentioned here and the okay, I'm going to select all those and change the color to blue. Okay, I have separated that a little bit. So all those 10 circles will be indicators off our knowledge, and we're to set those indicators for each and every computer skill here and for our languages on the bottom. So let me just ah, allying those Ah, uh, those ah indicators on the so I can center them horizontally for our text here for each text. I think the margin between those circles Ah, should be 16. Okay, I think the 16 will work. So let's try again. Uh, okay. 16 here, down below 16 as well. Okay. And that's perfect for now. So I went to select all of those shift and old and dragged it down below and again. And now I went to select just the two of those. So I can't group all those 10 a circus in tow. One group. So it will be there for us to select those objects. And now that I have created that I'm going toe change the color and let's add those for ah , languages as well. Okay. Perfect. So now let's change the court to blow, and it looks away. Better now. Blue collar, combined with dark grey is ah is a professional combination color combination. So now here from some of those ah circles, I will, uh I will they select or uncheck feel color and I will just use ah border so you can use Ah , Those are not indicators for your level off knowledge. You can adopt that by yourself. This is just an example here. So just so like those circles change the color okay at Borders and repeat that for all of those. Ah, all of those skills there and for language is, of course. And this pretty much how our design should look like. I think it looks more professional and the okay. You can play by yourself with the other big city and create design you want by herself. This adjusting an example Here you can create basically anything you want. Your imagination is the limit. Remember that? And that was it for this course I hope you enjoy. I hope you will learn a lot about W's d and about designing and color psychology as well. So thanks for watching and good luck in your future career. 12. Export CV Design in PDF format: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to show you how to export our design. We just created ah is a pdf file. So the only thing we need to do is to select this selectable V is a shortcut for that. So just select the whole design Click control G. So you can group this design and let's rename it toe. For example, I don't maybe cv design, okay. And the after that, when you select that, you'll get this one group, So click control e this time. And ah, as you can see here, we're going to select the pdf file. Here you can select the folder or place where you want to export that and just weak export . It was pretty much easy. And the now let's open this file. As you can see, this is now the pdf document or your city design 13. Design Rounded shape Profile Photo: Hello there and welcome back. So I have received many requests from you to actually show you how you can add your own imager into a circular shape or some other shape that you want. So I'm going to do that now and show you. So first I'm going to download that just a simple face image. So I'm going to download this. Okay, and let's switch back to Adobe XD. So here I'm going to use a shortcut Control Shift plus I to import this image. So let me just locate them, that image here, okay, click Import. Alright, let's zoom out a little bit. And here I'm going to actually crop or resize this image. So I'm holding Shift and the resizing. Ok, as you can see, our rights. So let's zoom in now. And now I'm going to do is Ellipse tool to create a circular shape. So I'm going to hold down Shift and Alt and just drag this from the center. Okay. Something like that. Okay. That's fine. I'm going to remove the border and went to place this circle on the center of this image or somewhere here. Okay? And we can set the opacity to lower percentage so we can actually see the background behind. And we can scale that wherever we want. For example, somewhere like here. Our K, That will be fine. And now let's select our circular shape And let's increase baggage capacity. And now we're going to select and both of those elements. So the circular shape, end the image and click, right-click and mask which shape our gay. And there we go. So we have a mask, our image with this shape which we have created. And of course we can use some different shapes like a rectangle or a polygon, or some our own custom made. And you can also, for example, create Now one more ellipse or a circle and just hold ALT and shift to create a perfect circle. Okay? And we can, for example, remove the field polar and increase the stroke size. And for example, add some colors to it, okay? Right, for example, black one. And then we can just select those two elements. Click Control G to group them into one group. And then we can place this circular shape or whatever we want. So other Toby all for this video.