Design Pinterest Image in Canva | Asmaa Moustafa | Skillshare
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4 Videos (16m)
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About This Class

Let’s learn how to design Pinterest images using Canva. This graphic design program is free and easy to use.  start design and download it.






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Asmaa Moustafa

Social Media Marketing and Graphic Designer

Hello, My Name Is Asmaa, I work as both graphic designer and internet marketer for over 3 years now!

I helped a lot of people create their online business.

I'm here to help you:

1- Enable you to turn your hobby into a business. 2- Help you Identify what is limiting you and teach you how to overcome them. 3- All saving you time and money! 4- Give you access to great marketing tools that will save you time and put money in your pockets!

what can I do to help you to reach yo...

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