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5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Typography

    • 3. Color

    • 4. Logos

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

In Graphic Design, trends come and go throughout the years but it's very important to keep up with them. Whether you're a designer, illustrator, or creative director, it's necessary to stay in the know and use these trends in your own style. 

In this course, I'll be teaching you how to design in the 2018 style in regard to:

  • Typography
  • Color
  • Logos

If you'd like some more info and resources about 2018 Design Trends, please feel free to check out these websites:

Meet Your Teacher

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Anthony Zubia

Product Designer & Course Creator



Anthony Zubia is a Creative Director, Art Director, and Freelance Graphic Designer with years of experience in the Austin non-profit and startup scene. He is also a Skillshare teacher with over 2,000 students worldwide. Join his classes below to learn more about Passive Income, Print On Demand, Graphic Design, and how you can earn a living as a Creative.

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1. Introduction: When it comes to graphic design, there are many changes and trends that happen each year. So whether you're an artist, designer or creative director, it's important to keep up with these trends and apply them in your own way. My name is Anthony Zoo BIA, and I'm an art director and freelance graphic designer in Austin, Texas. I'll be showing you 2018 design trends and had a design in this style. Covering topics suggest typography, color and logos. Let's get started. 2. Typography: everybody. Thanks again for checking out my class. I want to walk through some 2018 design trends for you. So I have, ah, three little art board set up right now, and I'll show you some type treatments, You know, some typography tips, Teoh, help you stay with the trends that are going on in 2018. All right. So first, I would stick with the A lot of type that says 2018 design trends. And I'll show you some examples on different typefaces that are used, and I'll stick with some some free funds to show you or, you know, ones that are pretty cheap, you know, help save you guys some money. So one trend that's been going on for past three years, not just 2018 is having big, bold, condensed type. So this farm right here is called League Gothic. So I'm gonna have a kind of take up most of my art board. We can go to the character panel, and if we go to the tracking, we can bring in the type a little bit more. And so I'll go ahead and create outlines on this, just so that way it consent or directly to the art board so you can use the alignment tools to help set it up right there. So another type train is using funds that arm or typographic in the sense of as if there have been hand written. So, for example, Deadhead is a good one. We'll go ahead and type out design trends. So in the meantime, I'm just gonna change this color to Gray. And in this video, I'm only using black, white and gray because I'll be covering colors in the next video. So, uh, a trend for this year is a lot of, you know, overlaying type, so I'm actually going to bring in the tracking a little bit more. So that way, the letters are actually connecting. So it looks a little bit more hand written and again and create the outlines. Would you can do command shift? Oh, so I'm gonna have this design trends go directly across the 2018 just like that. So cool little type treatment right here. You can do big, bold condense type in the background, and then having overlaying type that looks more handwritten and script. So the next little type treatment, I'm going to show you actually is only used the fun Anaheim Gothic and again typing out designed trains when we change the leading on this back to auto. So the leading is the space between the lines of text. They can actually go in, you know, a little bit more Make this bigger in the corner when we change the tracking back to where originally is maybe just go, you know, a little bit in more. So Anaheim is a good fun. And these types of bonds are trending at the moment because, you know, this is more of a Gothic fun, you know, more geometric type or similar fonts are pretty trendy because, look, they're very minimal yet say a lot with their shapes. So, for example, this has a perfect circle. Perfect circle right here, rectangle, another circle. This is like 1/2 circle rectangles. And so with that, we only see points here. These tend to look more geometric and trending right now, so this looks pretty cool, pretty minimal. And then I'm just gonna add 2018 in the corner. So I'll be adding to this in the next video. So you see why I kao You'll see why have separated them this way. All right, For the last little treatment, By the way, I held option down in order to duplicate the type. The magazine gonna type out graphic before it. So another cool, free fun called love Low. And so this is a little bit more geometric, Aziz. Well, see, with the A, it looks more like a triangle. You kind of see some circular shapes here with the end is, well, triangle, half circle. That's a nice little font right here. I'll go ahead and justify it left. Make it smaller. Kind of bringing in a little bit more now duplicate in 2018. So this far, Valentina is a Sarah font. So Sarah fonts are also being used, especially on web. Now they're starting to come back. And so the Serra font are the ones that have what people like to say. Like the little feet at the bottom. You know, these don't have any bottom pieces. So that's what the the Sarah fonts are. Well, these ones are Sand Saref. So again, kind of putting this in the upper right corner. We'll go ahead and change that to an outline. So command are brings in your rulers because I want to be able to align this type spring that in there this type can come in with the tracking a little bit more. So again, I went converted to outlines because I just want to match this up real nice. Same thing on the point of the two. Nice. So again a little run down on some 2018 type of graphic design trends. Big, bold. Consider condensed type with a hand written find over it. Or, you know, even better if you hand your yourself the more geometric type and then having some nice Serra fonts as a title and then again back with more of the geometric type. You know, this is a good example of it. Title case. Marino. Just the first letters or capital. While this is all caps, so has a good little variety. So the next video we'll be throwing some color on here and making my own little pieces. Um, these are boards are 6 40 pixels by 6 40 which is, you know, more for instagram mechanism for social media. So I'm just like to make little examples that I can show you guys so you can learn how to design in 2018 and keep up with the trends 3. Color: all right. In this video, I'll be covering some color trends for 2018. So I'm a quick of this back and bowled 2018. I was going to choose this, you know, Sam White case I am, man. I would choose the design trends in the front. I make a basic seem like a red, so a train you'll see are overlapping colors. So, for example, quick on this front design and go to my transparency panel. So then I'll click, multiply, zoom in. You can see that now there's an overlap on here, So with the blue and the red, it kind of makes its own color as they overlap. So you'll see that in a lot of logos to help give ah, certain death the multiple Hughes. Whenever you see them together combined and overlapped in this way, it gets off a pretty cool effect. So moving on the here we'll see the lives well for 2018 Argh! Radiance and color transitions. So, for example, I'll go ahead and draw shape around this art board. All right. Another train. You'll see two, for example. On Web pages are a lot of diagonal cuts or images cut in half with vibrant colors. So I'm gonna go ahead and send this to the back, and what I'm going to do is to make a greedy int. So right here, click on the Grady in panel. I've already had one in here, but for example, these are the default ones that you'll find. And so, look, this is something that is already, you know, pretty trending looking for 2018. You'll see this a lot on the Web, but you can go in here and customize this default, grading it and make it your own. So we see five colors here, going from yellow to orange to almost read something. Changes to more of a purple is, so I'll start with more of, ah, the pink and heading in the purple. You can see it's getting darker, so there we go. Now it has pink going to purple on. What we can also do is right. Here is a change. The angle of ingredients. You see, it's shifting as I'm scrolling up so we can even adjust a where the shades go with the Grady in slider. If you want to give him some more balance, bring that more towards the middle, so the options are endless and we can even changes toe. Why to give this some more balance. So there you go. This is a nice little 2018 image, you know, for design trends that you'll find on the Web. It looks pretty cool now. Right here. Have imported a stock image from unspool ash dot com, and another train is that designers will use some great photography, so you can head to that website if you want some nice free great stock photos. Now when I'm going to make is called the Duo Tone. It's something that you'll see a lot on the Web, especially, for example, Spotify on their playlists. It's where you're only using two colors over the image, so I'll show you how to make that. I was all rectangle over. The shape will choose this. The Dark Red is going to have a dark color and a light color, so I do that over it. But now I'm gonna send this to the back, and I'm clicking the image itself. I'm gonna have to cut it, so I've cut it and now it's gone. But I'll be bringing it back in when I make a transparency mask. So by double quick here are making a mask. And so now I'm inside this black box so I can't click on anything else because I'm so speak putting something in here, which in this case will be the image. So I'm pasting it, and here it is, so it kind of shifts a little, but we can bring it back to where it was. I'm kind of lining up the buildings with the guys already had in there, and so it switches the colors. So what will have to do is invert the clipping mask so it's inverted now. And as you can see, red is now the dominant color in this photo. It's always, you know, red and white. So I only quick this, uh, red rectangle says it. So it says click to stop editing the opacity mask. So that way I'm back on the outside of the mask and I can click on over if England now. So to make a duo tone, this is more of one color. I need to add in another color, some choosing a bright yellow. I'm gonna go over the image Now again, I want to go back to multiply. And so, just like that, this is now duo tone. So what would be more of a black color is now a dark red, and what will be a white color is now yellow. So we now have this duo tone image and on the yellow, we can even change the opacity a little bit to give some more contrasts was 2018 texts. It's still behind the yellow. I'm just sending it back. So that way I can click on this text again, and we can even have it match the red to give it some more balance that way. So that wraps up some 2018 color trends. And in the next video, I'll be I'll be combining topography and color to show you what some 2018 logo's could look like so that you can create your own 4. Logos: Alright, I'll be covering some logo design trends from this year, so we're gonna go back to the script style handwritten font. So let's go to Deadhead again so you can have a large type that's in this fun. So let's say your branding, you know, photo business. If someone's a photographer, let's say this is their name. So then under it we can go back to love low more of that geometric type, Klytus says. Graphic design, so you can have the geometric type under it as kind of like the sub header. So if it's nicely right under there and for the colors, you can keep him dark like black, you know, maybe like a dark blue. You can even do a little bit lighter also, and it would look pretty cool, pretty hip and trendy for the next example. Are we doing overlays again? But in this case, there doesn't need to be the multiply on there so that it doesn't have to necessarily be see through, so I dont goto Lee Gothic condensed stick with the same type of theme, no making in the outline so they can a line in the art board. Some choose this nice light green for it. So we'll go back to Anaheim again. And this type graphic design trends. Let's fix the leading turning toe outlines. And so this Congar oh, right over it, have a go in the middle. And if I double quick biz, I can rearrange how I want to align the type so we kind of moving around and make it a little fun. So that would be a pretty cool logo if if you have the background type, that's very simple, or let's say that it's a symbol of some type and then have the topography on the front now for the last example. What's also been trendy are a lot of lines and cut outs and slices. So let's say this is your symbol for whatever needs a logo, whatever business or person. Maybe the logo. I was going dio white rectangle over it, some sloping both of them's and aligning it to the selection. So that's perfectly in the middle Now what they want to make smaller, then a rectangle and have the same thing go on the opposite side like that. So right there's you can see how the same distance got the smart guides on Now that looks pretty cool right here. And of course I will cut it out of the actual circle for the logo. But in the meantime, I'm just showing you that for the trends, you'll see a lot of slices like this, whether you no matter what shape it is, if it's a circle, a square or, uh, let's say it's, Ah, hex, a gun or something. I have some resource is for the classes Well, that you can look up what the like more in depth of the trends. You can see some cool examples. Let's say the business name would go here. I won't keep and ah, Anaheim lower case just like that. So this is the name of the business, and this is the symbol. You have a nice little trendy, fine trendy logo. Trendy symbol. So I want to go ahead and unite these and cut it out of the circle, the sea. Just like that, the lines are cut out, so it's just about wraps it up. I thank you again for watching my newest class. I hope you learned the finger to about graphic design trends. Whether it comes to topography, logo's and color, and I hope you learned a lot. If you want to check out some of my other classes, be sir to follow me and visit my page. If you want to learn about print on demand and selling T shirt designs or if want to learn more about Adobe Illustrator, you can also visit my website at Zubi, a creative dot com, as well as following on social media at Anthony M. Zoo BIA thanks again everybody and good luck designing with your 2018 trends. 5. Class Project: for the class project. You can show us what you learned and create your own 6 40 pixel by 6 40 pixel image, just like I did. And you can show us well, cool logo you made. Or maybe it's a great you created or even a dual tone image. Whatever it is, be sure to show with us so we can give feedback and comment. Could look up there guys and keep creating and keep up with the trends for 2018.