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5 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Typography

    • Color

    • Logos

    • Class Project

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About This Class

In Graphic Design, trends come and go throughout the years but it's very important to keep up with them. Whether you're a designer, illustrator, or creative director, it's necessary to stay in the know and use these trends in your own style. 

In this course, I'll be teaching you how to design in the 2018 style in regard to:

  • Typography
  • Color
  • Logos

If you'd like some more info and resources about 2018 Design Trends, please feel free to check out these websites:

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Anthony Zubia

Art Director & Freelance Designer


Anthony Zubia is a Creative Director, Art Director, and Freelance Graphic Designer with years of experience in the Austin non-profit and startup scene. He is also a Skillshare teacher with over 2,000 students worldwide. Join his classes below to learn more about Passive Income, Print On Demand, Graphic Design, and how you can earn a living as a Creative.

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