Design Intricate Flowers from Simple Illustrator Shapes | Daniela ⚘ Usurelu | Skillshare

Design Intricate Flowers from Simple Illustrator Shapes

Daniela ⚘ Usurelu, Quirky Sewing | Surface Pattern Design

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9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Preview + Class Project

    • 2. Flower Dynamics

    • 3. Creating Flower Parts

    • 4. Creating Flower Shapes

    • 5. Creating Shape Variety

    • 6. Flower Embellishments

    • 7. Create Intricate Flower part 1

    • 8. Create Intricate Flower part 2

    • 9. Thank You


About This Class


Design Intricate Flowers from Simple Illustrator Shapes

Learn how to create beautiful and intricate flower designs using basic Illustrator shapes.

Join self-taught graphic designer Quirky Daniela for an inspiring class about designing intricate florals from simple Illustrator shapes!

This class teaches creative and conceptual tips and tricks on how to design beautiful and complex graphics from simple shapes! Using only simple Illustrator shapes, the pathfinder tool, blend, rotate, reflect and transform tools, you will feel comfortable designing intricate flowers, beautifully decorated, for use in illustrations or repeat patterns.   

This class is ideal for aspiring designers, illustrators and pattern enthusiasts seeking creative inspiration. After taking the class and completing the class project, you’ll have designed complex floral graphics for use in illustrations or surface patterns. New to pattern design? Join Quirky Daniela's first class, Repeat Patterns Made Easy, in Illustrator, for a technical introduction on designing a seamless repeat pattern.

Key lessons include:

  • Using the shape tool
  • Using the pathfinder and the blend tool
  • Creating floral shapes and motifs 
  • Transforming ideas to motifs and simple shapes to intricate embellishments


  • Minimum basic Illustrator skills
  • Illustrator (Daniela is using CS6)