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Design Infographic Elements in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Bar line

    • 3. World map

    • 4. Pie chart

    • 5. Graph

    • 6. Male female

    • 7. Update 1

    • 8. Update 2

    • 9. Update 3

    • 10. Update 4

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About This Class

Hi. My name is Jestoni and welcome to Design Infographic Elements in Adobe Illustrator. In this class you're going to learn how to create simple infographic elements. These elements are pretty common in infographics design. We will go step by step and simplify every design, This class is for everyone who wants to design an infographic elements.

In this class, I will use adobe Illustrator CC but you can use any version of adobe illustrator. I prepared seven info designs for you to follow along.

If you want to create your infographic design or learn how to design it, I believe this is the right course for you so enroll now and let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview: Hi. My name is in this Toni and welcome toe design Infographic Elements in Adobe Illustrator In this class, you're going to learn now to create these infographic elements. These elements are pretty common infographics design. It will go a step by step and simplify every design this class is for. Everyone wants to design on infographic elements. If you want to create your own infographic design or learn how to design it and believe this is the right course for you. So Enron now and let's get started. 2. Bar line: Hi. And welcome back for our third video for going toe design, this infographic element and also this one. As you can see there, there are pretty simple simple lines and people's lips. So you do a disperse, I'm gonna Did I get here? So I'm gonna get my rectangle very simple. That gonna change the color gray. And I mean, you are orange, the goal Aries have zero. I 90 way next I'm gonna duplicated and then on this, And then I get tear something that extremely that those finders, something like that Go get my hunker point dollars, click on the sender, then get the direct connection told and then move it to the right side like that. This important now we spoke like a shadow Her We can achieve that Using a good I think. Rentals. The easiest one. Yes. So get defendable. Hey, start on this corner under a point year. Another point here and then close. It's not perfect. I'm gonna do mean and make this right. And the index and I can't hold despite and make sure it's a name. You can go toe controlled by to see the outline, and it seems okay so control again. Togo Body Review Toe toe Preview month I'm gonna change the boiler. Something like this one. Now we can duplicate this. First we're going toe group this grungy. No, I think that's an idea. Thanks. First, that's it for that. So I got going toe duplicate it several times. This is actually story on sovereign goingto use index that I control. And then on your shift key, I think that and then I'm gonna duplicate. It's complicated this one more time. Yeah, well done. Well done. So I'm just a simple takes year. Nor Makesem. It's car police Gonna invented this, and I'm gonna I am some speaking here known. It's skated down so we can Here on the left side. So another one is this part. We're gonna wrap it here duplicate to make a copy. This money is actually Reedys easy. So let's see. Don't get me a story making like this and then get the rectangle tools. Now we can create this like this. Make a rectangle on the right. Bottom off from your circle. Something like that looks. Looks okay to me. Yeah, I think it's fine. So let's unite this. Make it one shape goto window if you don't see your pathfinder for press Ship Control left nine. Now it's a matter off, I think some information here. I'm gonna No picking. What we want to do is select this getting the Aflac told and then decide the corner. I'm gonna hold my alky lt and then click on it like that. Make a copy and then let's make it a smaller names. Don't begin this. So these I'm gonna so like this, too, on my shift key. And then we're going to reflect it. Reflect this again. Click on this. Maybe on this area. Make sure you select the or his own gun instead of vertical scaling that make a copy right there. Oh, it's copy the import in politics. I'm gonna Now, let's change this ice so we can see you in our reference. Now select this two elements Attention the go order to orange. I think that and we finished the sentiment. Scan it up. He finished two elements. So next video way, we'll do this Meaning female. I cons. So that's what we're going to do in the next video. I hope you learn something again in making this infographic elements. So your next time. So you in the next video 3. World map: Hi and welcome. My name is just Tony and I thank you for enrolling in this class and for our first video, we're going toe great. This represent representation off a world map. So actually, you can see it's very easy. It's more cereals, and, uh, we're just going toe feel a world map, some silicon, six months irritants. So I have here a world map that we're going to feel the circles on this world. And we don't have to be, you know, crazy with too much defense off a world map. But we want to do is tow. Make sure that it looks like one month. So that's what we're going to do in this video, and we'll start with this one and then continue doing the others one by one. So I make this video as much possible. It's very easy so everybody can find alone even your beginner or advance not being straight or user. I make sure that you can find on with this. Okay, so I start with this one. So I am very a It's making you find go to buy new, and then this will be made with its 2500 pixels. The East 1300 fixes okay, quarter modes RGB going toe Print it so RGB screen saving the toe and yes, Okay. His here's our documents is quite a big new, but it's OK, so here, have a Maybe I'm going toe start feeling here feeling somebody months here this year, so I don't know the word muff and then being it with some surgeries. Okay, so I'll show you how I do this. Get the Ellipse stool. You got your first baby Arjun should leader. Then I'm gonna start making Syria girls. Maybe that small, but I see to do that. No, There are many ways we can feel this very quickly. No, begin to transform. And then the leading one by one. You shouldn't do that. I'm gonna show you how right now. So 1st 7 position me and many TVs. Mourner Problem with very smallest will take time. So they need some of the surrogates. Okay, So go to effect. Click the distort and transform, and then click on transform right here. Click on the free book so we can see what we're doing and then make a copy off. Let's say, uh 30 30 copies. And then it's, uh, this move move category. You can see I mean, that he feels some of the I mean, make sure that it's over. I'm going toe feel disperse this area. Okay, This area, that seems good. I'm gonna break, okay? And then gonna duplicated first under or don't and ship up and chippy that and then and throw deep. Totally get that process. We're going to expand it. Goto object, Expand appearance. Now it seems it's group and go to make sure that it's in the be the one set of myself. Right, So we're going to deal. It's, um take your time. Don't worry. The more you spend time better, of course. And here I covered mostly old countries here. So we're done. It seems so with me. So let's see how in the me remove the come up and see what it looked like. Okay. Seems ok. Order some areas that we need toe cleanup, in case you want to make a really nice presentation off a warden. Sam. Any then then duplicate in this area. Say I'm gonna somewhere here. Okay, I see we're done with this gonna Senate garden ontology here in our gun bus. I think this one first. Listen, let me, uh, change your brother. The cooler is 134353 and click. Ok, and next, What we're going to do is stool Great. He perspective something like Waken see like in a three D Something like that. Don't go get your free transform tool Click here and these prospective start. Okay, I'm gonna click on the bottom on the side. Oh, this perspective. Make sure you select that. Then click on this right corner like this. Okay, So weakened being a more something. Okay, person, it's next. Making background. So many wife for macron. Colder for dese the f e three d for so I'm gonna happy this hex code put it here. All right, I'm gonna say about not this background, So I want more next. Something the keys for data. That's pretty easy. So this get power got over boarding up here, Making name. I start here. I think that And then another one here, this door selection toward sitting this lanes de corner for now you see something foreign? This is F one by nine and the dogs are you know year. Okay, so next. No, sir. Like this one we're going to do with this. Take a marker. Have been very easy. Is You mean it's great cereal. We're going to create a city killed here on your ship. Maybe something this meeting going to change together like this and that zoo. And then we're going to duplicate this under I mean control. See? And then run, pacing, run, Going to make it smaller and then seeing the gardener it. Sorry. So get me on Capitol and quickness. So should get the the shape the, uh, the elements off the attributes. I mean this line. So we have to Andi the corner there and then for the stroke. We need three points. We're going to change the volume. Basic here. Okay. And then getting this, make sure you're starting the center of the city, girls. And on your you don't have toe your she keep this something. Sure, Not just the side. The right side of pacific. It ending down inside. Beef changed. The board are saying it tomorrow under control, and then your bracket key. Let's make it the one object, one enemy preventing and I need using me but Finder. Okay, You don't see. Go to window. Click on, Find her. I'm gonna play Can unite. So it could be one object. Okay, so in this hour Oh, are marker here gonna rotate it many day? Cynical on top from this line. Something get me need student. Then they circle one Syracuse going her. It's a motor off putting your data on this one. It's 100 Seems really okay. And then the date down saying okay. And we're done with this one, actually. Beginning, just going toe. Get this process going over. So that's what we have here again. See, just a reputation where you want toe Put that line. Okay. So make sure we have it's morning in Syria again. On So, on this one corner something a gate, this line, this data in the other parts in the right way are done, actually just copied the this data mistakes. And using the line segment is using toe great this night. And then some takes here, and we're done with our first in four design. In the next video, we're going toe plate. This chart so easy. And that's what we're going to do in the Gambian video. So I hope you will learn something from this info graphic design and see you in the next video. 4. Pie chart: Hi and red. Come back in this video. We're going toe Create these by chart that we have here in our infographic design Infographic elements. So sure you can see It's really easy. See, Import. So that's what we're going to do in Adobe Illustrator. So I'm gonna copies duplicated here. Okay, so we'll start with this one. Get your lips, stone or pressure L in your keyboard. Net ran. I'm gonna drop you. Sit ago under she ski in windows and then today stroke without something stroke rate. Here a person is a move in the field corner. Then that's some strong maybe see 50. Thank you. Uh, 65. My 60 to 65 points window and then click on this is true panel in click on dash line. That s You can see almost the same right now. So it's a matter off making the lines here, so really points. If you add the dash points, you can see the the rate of the line here you can see having make it. Thank 16 points. I mean, curing a sickness. Your line. Okay, I'm gonna go to object, expand appearance when more times expand. And did you see this spying this pop up books, Okay. And now and so individual lines here on though, it's still group group, strike, lick and lick and group still compound paths. So go to object. Compound path release right there. No! Weaken Cilic in the middle way. Want to select individual so we can change the color. Like what we have here? Okay, so I'm gonna select the never portion and then on my shifty when collecting the areas that I want Include, and click on discolor. Boehner is 1343.3 Nick. Okay, now we're going to add text. Let's say it's, um 45% All right there the size. Yes, I seen politics. We're gonna and obligated music and noting, Absalom! And for this one, this one is a little tricky. So it's getting the we've stolen in, and next we're going to duplicate it. I see. And then control there 90 make its mugger on your and then shifty and nets. He's told here six points, same Sochi and now goingto object. Expand, make. Okay, I want to remove those lines here. So let's select both Now I'm gonna kill me, get d shaping thereto were going toe cut out this orange on the surrogate. So speaking center say half tones. Looks like 1/2 down there. I'm gonna cut out that. Like that. No, but you can see we separated the small one. The bigger ones we're going to open. We're going to make it toe going toe compound path and make or control eight. I think that next mean doing these lines look like there's lines here that effect we can actually do it being seen. And then I starting here. And then I didn't touch that center like that. Gonna change in the corner so we can see it there. No oneto. This line. This rectangle don't into our circle. So I'm going to do is select up, get the rotate tool or press are in your neighborhood. And I'm gonna get undersander here center of the circle, hold your alky, and then click. I'm gonna you see 30 degrees, um, spacing. And that is not the spacing, but the younger gonna get they gonna click the copy duplicate, and then we're going to Presley control the to repeat that process several times. I think that And now I'm gonna select each part of it. Let's go to object, compound bath and make. And now we're going to cut out our circle to make that holes like this one. Like oil on this, get the but finder and then minus friend. Okay, I think that we got out against even. We make a jungle. There's a hole there. I'm gonna change going on coal. Something red I'm gonna put May see it from here. You can see we can see the red tongue in about, so there's a whole Okay, next. We need to make some space here. Don't make sure it's compound bus. I turned eight. Then get the ex student, make a circle in the center. Maybe this big, and then send it on, then, my friend. Okay? And then I'm gonna duplicate this. So maybe 65. 65%. Still big Some, you know, smaller. Called my shift key by scaling down now we want Oh, cynic, each one of it. So we're going toe all right. Getting the expand. Actually, you can see right now it's group so we can and go now we consider individually so we can change the color. Okay, so I'm gonna like this for changed for no toe orange, and we're done with That may be easy. Okay, So finally, first, I'm gonna complicate this. This one actually really easy on the same thing. Get your next door and make a copy. Control C control F in front, and we're going out saying you don't neck and doughnut here. So actually, what we're doing here is reconsidered individually, so we can change to go there. We can achieve that. Making a lines here. Person, it's Ah, it's already compound path. So, uh, get the lane segmental. I'm going to draw a line here. Stover's in the center off and use it again. I think that. And then let's get the what? They told goingto take this, uh, this line. Make sure there's no feel colder are stroke cooler. Go. OK, so I'm gonna click on the sender off the boat off the line segment. I'm gonna hold my lt and then from the angle 20 degrees in, create a copy. Next. It's making first. Let's go out. Nine. Controlled by you. Now presently controlled the get several times. Duplicates that nine segment and let's go back toe preview mode when thrown by again. Next. Let's, uh, getting the selection tool called. I'm going toe Divide this. I think that and no. When we on group this, it's individual. They've been with parts now, so there's some remaining lines here. We can go back toe controlled by and then then the the slayings in defender, controlled by again to go back to preview mode. No weaken. And in the corners, this them attention to call your toe orange and right way have finished. These are my church in different Richards. I'm gonna don't forget this and we're done. Don't miss our pie chart. So save this document. We're going to add more infographic elements here. I'm gonna make it the neither smaller in a position in a year. And we're done. They finished toe infographic elements in the next video. We're going toe. Make this thing. These are element. Okay? Actually, ladies import, we can finish this in other next month and means or five minutes depends, but I save this file and see you in the next video. 5. Graph: hi and welcome. And in this video way are going toe design and decent graph here and it looks come to gated . But actually, it's really easy if you know how to work things out in Adobe Illustrator. So this what we're going to do in this video? I'm going toe. Did I get here on our document? Open the document that you are working on somewhere here. And if you want toe change the size off your part bird, just click on this icon at birth and then drug this corner like that. Yes. You can see there's a white space here. It means we have to change the, uh, background. I'm gonna unlock this, then send like this on this. Bigger that men like this again. Okay, so first window, the this line made toe flatten out what we're going to do here so you can see there's lines here. Now they're lying Dashed line here, and it's simple, right? So we start greedy, tangled, or I'm gonna draw something like thes the size. It's ah, if you want follow alone. It's for the with its have been point fight. OK, it's nine pixels and then for diet is 413.90 pieces. I'm gonna change the other door. And the galleries and the Mexico hex code is 717272 I'm gonna look to get this, get the nine segment daughter even stunt from here on the my shift key and drawing during the lane segment and then get the selection tour. We're going to duplicate this holding me shifty Malki drug to the right side and on my shift key containing these and then press your control d to repeat that, passes like that and then select all of this invisible lines. Make this throw color stroke, maybe three points. Go to a stroke panel and click on dash lines and distinction to call our tool degree. Okay. And next, that's Ah, start doing this graph. So the easiest way to do this is actually a mental. So let's get the mental and I start doing here. We start from the book. Okay. This gray area sung out. Click here then. Yes, a conflict. I'm gonna make that feel better. No, me of the first part and you need to mars. I'm gonna I'm going to repeat that. But what I'm going to do is duplicate this control, see, and then control There, there and then on the stuff. I'm gonna make this smaller. Like this. Okay, I'm gonna change the scholar toe. Connery step discolor. And the border is 1343 by three week. Okay? And same duplication of these, of course. Or we need to end. It aided this area, These points. So what I'm going to do is click on the points and movie something like this, and then here need to Maybe I'm gonna make this. Maybe this on. So this one? No, over. Now let's begin this one. Control C control F. Nothing they do on smaller. It's changed the corner to orange and calories at zero 592 way you're gonna get the points . What? We didn't on the last one. Vivian very knows things here. Right then. And this effect, this white part. As you can see on our reference, it's actually very easy. Very simple to do. So what? We're going toe, uh, first before we doing that. Let's make this lane. I'm gonna sit like this. I'm gonna group this control g, Then send in tow front. So we can cover the orange and the scholar. Okay, so this notice I'm gonna get my dangle told So first I'm gonna There are something like this. I think that changed the going toe, right? And then I'm gonna duplicate this. Put another one here, Here, here. So I told my gonna let Malki and then drug to the right side and then ship keep at that and then repeat that process. Control D several times. Two times. Select this white direct Unger's up in your appearance spaniel, and then the capacity, I mean that 50% somewhere. 50% think that. Okay, so and the second. See, there's some access areas here off the Arctic tongue, and we can cut out that, but they say it's where you would be getting the rare exception to That's how we're going to edit this. And in that egg selection tools like what we did anything. The points. So that's the good thing about working on the door being straight or you're working on a point, and it's easy to edit them like in 40 shop. You know, you're working on a peaks other and it's really hard toe. And those who speaks on their so many of them right there. And as you can see on our graph there, it's not meeting the, you know, the dash line like this one and as well on this one, it means that a miss something that dash line. So I'm gonna put this video, and I will be back and miss Pretty. So I'm gonna make this points right eating this straight line. Okay, so I'm gonna put us and feel in a few seconds. Okay? Welcome back, guys. So, as you can see, I move forward and I put this data. This takes simple takes and added here, and also I I sent her this points in the center line on the dash line. So that's basically that's how you great this is a graph, actually. Pretty simple and, uh, gonna be summer here. And what they were meeting right now is the this fun. Should he? That's already lady. Single important rectangle. And that's it. That's how you Great, Not simple graph here. So I'm gonna believe this one and gonna I mean, this is Father. What we're missing right now is the This one actually wants the same thing. You know, Yes, I instead off. It's actually a line. So let's see how we can great this make this, uh, infographic element. I'm gonna No, but get this and great this. I think I'm thinking off a mental, you know, understand the same thing. I just throw something like that. And the first dui nine segment person doing line using a line segment, Okay. And then, yes, gets a handle. And don't be be the best here. I'm gonna click on here. They start with the top, the orange one. I think that then we can click on here on the selection daughter. It's changing the color orange. And then that's it's and some great Let's see. Five points. Yeah, by points with me Look good. And then circles on these corners using it. Next tool. When I draw a small one here funding the shift key. Thank that the scene one. Right. That's how you create that one. And I'm gonna be in the process again. So saying that I don't get this was my then shifty. Then using index election told and this point, all right, maybe finishing that one. So what we're meeting is Well, this is the Thanks. I'm gonna cavities. All right, I'm going to indicate this, and we have a nine graph. So these are the basics of infographic designs that you can create several times. I say this is your template. Uh, you can get one of these and then create on your on your next project. So that's it for this video and think. And also for discourse. Right way. Finish everything. So you learned something from this? And it's a reminder that in the next video in the next scores, I mean, we're going, uh, from from the from the start from the basics toe, Not not the basics, but the research. I mean, we go from the research to the finish infographic design. So this is a minor of infographic design and I have been or something. How to create this and see you in the next plus 6. Male female: Hi and welcome. My name isn't just Toni. And welcome to the fourth video off the glass, about for graphic design. So in video, in this video, we're going toe design. This male and female have sent representation. So the Saigon's I'm gonna drug this toe. Our working documents is open The document that you have working on maybe start with the female. We start from the head, going to the going down. Okay, So get your an ex student and throw something. I think this it's so my foot here. I have a reference of this. And then for the body, get the down the door. The shoulder would be a little almost the same with a paying circle. I'm thinking that. Okay. And then we're going to make this both on the this modem on this part of a wider, so we will use deterrent free transform tool. If you don't have this option, you can actually use a this way. So let's I think I think this it is available in six. Deception is not available in CS six. Okay, So if you are using CS six at the Administrator six, this is what you should do So click on this corner and then on your control. You can see we can start now and then press your alky like this and shifty. Okay, So, like that, that's our body. And then for the arms arms. It's actually pretty simple getting the around rectangle tool. Throw on arms first left arm. We start with the left. Me something like this. That's, uh, David here. You can see closely I'm gonna be in, controls us a bird, get your their ex election too. Make sure that, then that's the first. Let's make this corner a little arounder. So, like everything. And then click on this, this knowns, and then drag it inside. Now we have a rounder corners and then using the direct selection tools, select this corner in this points this node and then Iligan this make this little pointer something like that. No hay now in this position knees No se actually bumped going on here, So it's ah ended in this area. You're seeing the their excellent control. I'm gonna select this two points. The 1st 1 This one. Now they're one on this one being using my, uh, people arrows holding my shifty I think this. Okay. I think that's basically basically there. Although we condemn this point, get your the uncle point all and then click on this point. I think that now, using the direct selection told I'm gonna boarding this. Known this however, that really perfect. I think that however going toe duplicate this on the other side. So make sure you see like this get the reflect all. And now we're going toe. Find the center of this rectangle. We can actually go. I think you control press control. Why in your keyboard? And then I'm gonna find the center. Then press your alky your keyboard, and then click. You can see happens the results right now. So make a copy. And then from Tories, Price controls, right toe, go back toe preview mode. And now for the legs. So next it's actually easy. It's just too around into the jungle. Well, I would draw another one here. Then let's make this a rounder. It's nothing in this left leg using the reflector. Now let's find the center from 20 white again and select this and then click. Then click on copy the duplicate better so it seems, you know toe apart. Sonus means Senator closer our team in. I got no dear. And now for the mean actually, male is quite simple. Unless you're going to see. So I'm gonna get the, uh, see a girl and extolled, Then draw a circle Get me. I can control. I mean, the neck I mean the shoulder because writer to the head waas a male, you know, Very wide shoulder boulder shoulder. I'm gonna You can even closer No a around in the rectangle And then for the arms in the same thing Go get the around and rectangle They finished the male and female icons I mean anything longer And get this bunch off me and seems bigger. Kind of made me see anything smaller. I mean, don't forget this ontology. Now let's go toe If it transform Mr Can transform and then click on transform Make a copy off 20 So we need the 19 copies of 19. I mean and then horizontal move. Let's see me. So I think we can selling the store making this group Tongi go to I think you start and transform nice form you can preview being for 19 press 19 19 copies And then I think that that same cell gate So 84 pixels for me and then I'm gonna click on OK and then go to object, expand appearance and still that group. So that's right. Click, click on and group how we can select individually. I know Minto on group so we can select individual each one of No, no, we can change the color. So I mean, like this portion get May I drop? It'll make this order scored or the color is f 0592 a click. OK, And for the main that's safe Click definitive poor hopes and cynical Inside the head and the arms click on Capitol like on this only share orange color And right there you're done with the most common designed in the infographic male and female. Now on you have to do is tow. Have your data on the left for whatever you want to put it so in that seat. So I hope you learn out to create this male and female icons. So in the next video, we're going toe design this one and then we finish with this maybe in the last video for this but in the next video is maybe go this way. Okay, So save this design and we will go back here again in the next video. So I present something few in the next video. 7. Update 1: Hello and welcome to the first update of this class of the design infographic elements in Adobe Illustrator. So, for this update, we're going toe design new sets off infographic elements, as you can see right here and remember. Or now we're unless we have Ah, something like this. We created this designs. So I thought that it would be better if we add another like a three d looking infographics . Something like this. Three D by and also just one also the start looking. If you're thinking that I created this in what ship noticed a created it using the adobe in straight. Or But of course, this one is easy If you're using the fourth shop, you know, But you can this Ah, you're gonna actually I keep this in, illustrator, But I'm going to show you that later. Then we have these Ah, battery right here. And just put it right there just for I start there. Okay, So if you're ready, If you're ready, let's do it. Okay. So you can get open the file that I have use for our first sets off the, um infographics. I just at the I space here. Now we're Ah, heartburn. I never Yes. Using your art bottle or press shift. Oh, in your Gibbard. And now are you getting? Yes. Open a new file and then gets a make it nus RG because are all right. But for me, I'm gonna use it. I'm gonna create the infographics here just beside. I'm gonna add another art board so I can have the reverence and see what I'm doing. Okay, so, yeah, let's do it. Let's start with the battery. Like I said, just for start there, I'm gonna get my at Bertel idea, and then I can just create another heartburn. This ice is doesn't matter. Just creating your document. Now we focus on the design, not on the poor print or anything like that. Okay, so I'll start the let's start with the battery. Infographic, as you can see, is ah, fairly simple. There's nothing much that I can explain That idea. That's ah again. See? Yes, the basics, like basically rectangles. So I'm gonna get me and a tangle tool. Okay, so I'm gonna maybe I'm gonna just copy right here, so I don't have to go back and forth on the the other canvas just put it right here, it seems May I'd burn. It's quite small. So I'm gonna make it bigger using my keyboard army using my art, Bertel. So, like this art bird and then helps I click on the wrong side night year. Just click on this and then yes, drag it to the right side. There. Okay, Now we're ready to design some Gonna start with this one. So we start with the first on top. Need 25%. The front or the type. Is that I that I'm going to use for this tutorial? If the monster, it's a free from Google fund Good from that gun, so you can don't know that it's free. It's a nice free actually tonight find. I mean, all right. So let's get our Donald old. I'm gonna draw a rectangle about this size. Maybe there. If you want to follow along with me, you can just see my don't keep right there. Says on the with its ah 151 pig cells and for the height is 31 pixels. Today. It's like that. And then we're gonna and they about five points are, let's say, six points right there. Okay, I'm gonna put it right here. You know, either of the Goler and in tow. Swap it again. Then we go on a six. They want to follow along with me again. The color the hex code is B F BF. Find 6 to 7. Okay. And then, if the the head of this battery, get your think tank until again, then drew a small rectangle. It's like that. Of course, you need to remove the points for the stroke. This entire zero, I hope a memento. Get the Goler that's like that. All right. And then using your keyboard Ottos never right or up and down. And if you want to center this, for example, the Rick Nagle is not aligned. Example of something that just like, just like that select this too. And then click one more time on this bigger rectangle outline. It will become the center point of your align mental. Okay, click on a line and then select this one vertical align center as he has eight moments right now. I said no. It's centered, okay? And then annexed. Let's on that Dungan. So I'm gonna put it right here on this. Say, about about 50% of this battery. And again, if you want to century, make sure that you click on the center on that the sender But center the, uh, medical that one again aligned toe. And in Tokyo Bay And there. Okay, So our key object is this bigger rectangle out the stroke rectangle, and that's against even your being Looked like it twice it will begun selected, for example. The highlight began much thicker. One more time. I'm gonna sickness too. And then on this, a bigger rectangle. I'm gonna take one more time. That will be my key element. Now I'm ready to align the rectangle inside. Okay, so I'm gonna click on this vertical alliance center. All right? That's better. Now let's Ah, just I'm gonna just duplicate this just the same politics. But I think that you stepped person, not the fortified on just 50% una get up to go other and then get my type tool. You're gonna die 50%. Sen. Acne. Um, once in a Martin said at the regular. All right, I think it's collar white Steve still color white. And then you spun it right here, all right. And it's basically, that's for our first ah design in a duplicate, this one and then yes. Ah, duplicate this. Ah, First decide that we created all day holding your out. It's against even you hold your it was duplicate and then drug and then shift to make a straight duplicate right here it's ah aligned, all right. And then that's I did this one make it, uh, and he's 75 percent get our title. It's type 75% right now. Of course, we need to change the color. So I'm gonna drink in the garden of these. Tow the scholar If you want to follow along, If the color is zero to a one d six and then also this one, let's remember the ah, I stroke points because when we either up, it will apply as a feel cooler. All right? Mandela hopes so. Just flip it swept the caller to a stroke and then enter the six points. All right. And when while selecting the eyedropper tool, you can press your control key to make a selection tool and then click on this rectangle and there and then released the control key. I dropped the scholar, my there. Okay? Of course. The name. The Titan is double click on that, and I dropped the color. Okay. Okay. Let me do it again. Right there. Okay. And then you saw. Repeat that again. Hold your out. And then shifty. All right. And then the same thing. Maybe I'm gonna immediately Maybe 45 percent from this one yet. Made type doing. I fortified and then just ah, duplicate. Ah, yes. I dropped together. I'm only me Control Kyi's While my I dropped Only selected pricing may control G May I direct will become a, um, selection done so I can select this and the nine drop Stop the gold artist rope. So, like the six points it's an Agnes Alan attention to go over. All right. And just like that seems Ah, the quarter for this one. Nothing. Exactly. And there and then, yes. One more thing under Al and then drug and then shifty. This one is say say, 90%. Get your title type 90% and then I'm gonna get may. I dropped a little. I dropped the scholar. Select this bigger a rectangle rectangle one. And from the color for like this hand it up again. Swept the Phil Kohler toe stroke cooler, make its explains. So this one, I want to go there, right there, and ah, well, I was done. All right. So that's basically the first, uh, designed that we created the battery infographic element. So when you're done, make sure you cynical and then goto object explained, and then click on, make sure you click on the object feeling stroke. All right, so you need to take that and likely gonna get you. So that's it. Save this fight. And then in the next video over going toe design another infographic in this one. All right, I'm gonna show you how I created this without using the Effect tool or the three D Effect in and Administrator. So see you in next video. 8. Update 2: Hello in. Welcome back in this video, we're going toe designed. Another infographic element. This one we're going toe design is kinda file donut looking infographic. And it's actually very easy. That's a trick here that we're gonna do this. And we don't need to use any life effects here, like a three d extruded. And maybe we don't need that. As you can see, it's only a flat design and weaken after that. Give that in a few steps. So open up your, uh, document that you're working on, and I'm gonna drug this design the right side. So we have a reference when I'm doing it, I'm gonna gonna put it right here. Or maybe this one. I mean, just fix that later. All right? So have been up their fight, and it's doing first. We'll start with the the biggest one. I usually start the biggest one. When I started doing my design, I start with the biggest one. So let's get our and its toll right here. And then I'm gonna say I'm gonna put it right here. So let's dry lips. Yes, like that. I'm gonna duplicate I dropped recorder. So we're working on the same color. Golder is hex. Code cooler is 84 C for for one. All right, if you want to follow along and then I'm gonna duplicate it, holding me out first and then drug down. And then, Chief, all right, don't constrain a straight line. It's like that, Okay? And then since ah, this is decide you. I'm gonna should be a darker like this collar, so I'm gonna I don't sweat. The Garda is X code. Golar is five e 84 30 a year. All right, and then I'm gonna send it to Buck by price May control key and then Ah, square brother. Open, brother. All right, you can see it right here. Toe object. Arrange. Send the buck. Schiff. I sent toe ascent backward. Only control in the open market. I scored a Brockett. All right, but this is these are the sure Gettys that you need. All right, So now let's get our rectangle doing. And then I'm gonna guess Drew a rectangle right here? Yes, like that. All right, then, Minuto, send a tow back again. Controller, Open the scare, brother. And just like that, you have a rounded looking and don't not right there, and I this quite big for you. You can just and yes, hang. Of course, you need to adjust the rectangle as well. So there's no hole on the side. All right? You probably get something like this, but that this epics for that, of course. See, there adjusted Behave point. For example, Like this one, you can use your keyboard arrows up. All right, now it's a gun. Also. This one. Just click the point. I'm using my direct selection tool. Right. It's great. That point. And then came Bordano up. That's ah, so much. All right, now we fixed it, okay? And for that whole, like in the ah, it's just an illusion, You know, it's kind of unusual, and all you have to do is just to get our and it still again, or we don't need tojust duplicate this one control. See control f toe, make a copy and paste in the front and then make it smaller drug first and then hold your out and then shift. All right? Yes, like that. And then let's change the golder toe. Same corner of decide. Yes, I dropped that and then you need to do get this one smaller circle, hold your health and then dragged down and then shift key. Yes, like that. And then select this too. Circles are ellipsis open Europe. Pathfinder, if you don't know if you don't have it open, you can goto window. Um, but find the right here. You can see it right there. It's Ah, shift control F nine. All right. And then we're gonna divide it. And this option, Yes, click divide. And it's actually on a group so rightly in group, and then let's select this one. We don't need it. And then this portion, we can change the color toe white. So I think we're seeing the bottom, that doughnut, something of something like that. All right, Now this a simple trick right there that I was this used for this, right? And, um, it's duplicated so we can create another one we can guess actually combined this to shape the rectangle and then the mark spherical. And it's that we created, like this one, Dungan, and then hold your chief key and then click so you can select these two shapes And then for the shape modes, just click on this one. United it will become one shape. All right. And then we're ready. Toe duplicate it when you're out and then drug up and then shift. And this make it smaller about this size, right? Like different. All right. And then, um let me just I dropped the gold or so can do it really fast. The ex codus foresee a Toby C if you want over all along and then the the other one let me either at this one ex codus 63 CD F six. All right. And so we said, there's no hole right there. So you have to do is just delete this and then just duplicate this one and Rosie control f and then skated down. Make it smaller. Hold your out and then shift. Yes, well, And then this duplicate I dropped the border of the side. All right. Looking nice, right? And then one more time under l and then shift up to duplicate. Make it smaller. Scary. Done first before holding your out. And then he if to constrain a perfect shape All right about that one. That's I dropped the Golar for its orange. The Garda is B F five 6 to 7. All right. Or in the school are on your Schiff. Hold your control key if you're using the eyedropper tool. But I still control key. So to change toe selection tool. And then I dropped the golder. It's oranges. F 372 to 4 and we can actually assimilate this one. I don't need that one. All right, So this is basically how I decided that one and then for this Ah, it's just ah, rectangle. And then I let me let me show you. Get your rectangle, um, about this size inmate only deep. You can see it's 157 pixels by three pixels in height. Okay, on if you want O get exactly that. Just like that. Just click on the canvas while the rectangle Tory selected this click and then you you can input the numbers right here. All right? Yes, like that. And then if you know, put it right here at me. Either them to go there. All right? And then fronts Diamont just ah tangle. I square on your shift key to make it a square. It's ah, 165 big cells by 327 pixels. Oh, let me and do it again. Same size and in the different number on your shift key. While making this rectangle to make it square, It's ah, let's make it that thief for D 41 Want want exist by 41 pixels in height? All right. And then I dropped the goldar at me. But it right here and then rotated told your shifty it's still big. Of course, you can make it smaller on this stooping for me at me. You said it to make its mother hold your old and then shifty about this ice about this 21 pictures, that looks fine. And then you cannot be the right here. And then you're ready. Toe at the didn't for our infographic. So I'm gonna guess cough unit here. Mistakes, especially on front. So let me send the buck right there. And then this Steidl on Darrelle the Doctor Gate just like that, and then seems going being so I'm gonna make it smaller again. The typeface iss Monserrat regular free from Google that you can download. All right. That means center. It's not saying three it. All right. And then on the other this Yes. No picket this. And then I dropped the color. And also for this one. Let's say then we need to delete this one because we're goingto input. Another numbers percent. Maybe it's 55%. Let's make it the one size this a eight points. Let's see. Yeah, eight point. Seems fine with me. All right. And then one more time. Again. A duplicated minuto include this rectangle soldier, Al and then dragged down just like that indoor I dropped the Goler. No, I saw this one. And we are done. And now our second. Ah, and don't have infographic elements. So I hope you learned something from from this video on the upcoming video. We're going toe designed this one and also this one. All right, so I'm gonna just delete this and, uh, position my, uh, infographic night here. All right, so I said your document and I in the next video, we're going toe design Another three D looking by infographic elements. So see you in the next video 9. Update 3: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going to design a three D pie chart. Something like this, Right? So open up your document and let's do it. So I'm gonna Yes. Ah, copyright here. So we have a reference. Yeah, I'm gonna duplicate it from the other side of the heart burned. And then let's mean, let me zoom in a little. All right, So let's start. So basically what you want to do, right? Year is just get the first the the shape from the top, and then make it look like a three d. All right. Almost the same thing that we did something here since since it's flat begin. Ah, does something to make it look like a three d. All right, So first, let's get our lips, Stone, Windrow. Something like this. End up, make sure you up India enable the smart guides. And then, ah, you can turn off or inject all the, uh, show. Greedy snapped. Agreed. It's not the pixel or it's not the point. In case you have, it's something like this one. Yes, I'm jacket. All right. So you can freely move any point that you desire. All right? So again, Get your stools and ah, let's do it right here about the size about 230 to buy you another 13 picks, etc. Night. I mean, the little bigger 250 toe toe, 243 by 120 pixels tonight. All right, And then I'm gonna yet mainline segmental. I'm gonna cut this ellipse enough. Almost half, or or maybe 1/3 about this. All right, and then go to object, but divide objects below. Now we have two objects right there, and we need one more. So I'm gonna cut another. Ah, the lips are about I think, this one and then goto object bus if I don't decks below. So we have sabre shapes right here. But we only need three, like on top of this. All right, so we're going toe, unite the two elements or two objects on the right side using our pathfinder. Basically, you and I All right, now we have one e three. Okay, so let's move. Move them and start with this one. Maybe about leath and then another one night. Here, make it something that Ah, you can use your keyboard arrows. Apple right and then, All right, that's fine with me. So, uh, I'm gonna cynical this three and then dragged down all my out first and then dragged down and then shift to make a straight line. Perfect. Ah, lane. About something. Something like this. For now, let's changing the Golar toe a darker colder so we can recognize it should be the bottom. Ah, more than part of our, uh, by chart. All right. And then I'm gonna send it to Buck. You can select the object. Arrange saying backward or control. Open square, brother. All right. I need to do it several times, or we can send them back. All right. And now we're ready to make it look like a three d. So we're going to use a mental, but I don't worry if you haven't use a painter before, you can get to follow along with me. All right, so I'm gonna zoom in. We start from this area, the left side, we'll make it look like a three d. So we start with me, decide. Don't get your pencil, and then I'm gonna just It's follow along with me. All right? Make a first point right here. neither one night here, here and here. And then you need to close this one so it will become a shape are all right. So it's not like a path. Only you need to make it. Uh, you need to close this path against the right here. I never and then we can unite this. So we have one shape, right name and it to send it back and then one more time on this side. What I'm talking about is something like this one, all right, to meet our I just looked like a three d. So I'm gonna create a rectangle. I'm just follow along the the path of these lower shape. But of course we can. And in that either knows, Uh, no. We can let me saying it the back first control and then open bracket. Right data now distinction to go there so we don't get confused. All right, So first I'm gonna say this one under him. The Goler, the governor is hex code. This 47 BD a one Next, this one the schools are exclude is to see seven a 65 and then finally, it's select this guy right here and from the gold or the goal. Orissa one a 473 All right, that doesn't the first. Ah, first part of our pie chart looking three d. So we need toe. Do another one on the center one. So again, get her mental. This is just drawing a straight line right here. And they're here, here, and close the path and data this Get the gold or orange cooler. Exclude is BD for 0 to 8, and then I'm gonna I interrupt the corner for this one F 156 toe to f and find any on this bottom should be the same corner for this so we can unite this too. So we in a moment the ah number and all of the shapes that we have Let's ah, the less shapes that we have in the better this, Senator Buck. All right. And we're amusing something. He finally part for this one. First, let's get the going over. Let green or lime cooler X Cody 7 81 for three And then let's get our Brendan If the ah this one is selected, you want toe and select it while using While the mentally selected just press control e key on your keyboard and then click on the canvas. And then they start making making it Look, three d. It's like that under one. Right here, Here and here. Yes, I dropped the gold. Or that they're lying color. This one is green. Escort this three E five e two c. Okay, then let's send it back a suggesting it's overlapping on the other parts of the body. All right, that looks fine with me. And finally decide. Get our mental. And then I'm gonna guess Helicon this portion, right year here, here, here, and ah, on the right here. And then here it's I dropped the gold over ex codus for e seven b 39 and then I'm gonna unite this. Let's see, Do you mean happen? If you unite this, they sang it them up. All right, so that's basically our three d by chart. Quite simple, isn't it? So that's how you are. Make the things I look three d in and the main straight or so we have to do is yes, duplicate this. It's a simple a rectangle. And then I'm gonna duplicate this one and find any united here no obligated right there. And we are done, actually. So we're down the one element. How far were Infographics? Ah, design. So in the next video, we're going toe design this. Ah, ready. Looking right here. It looks like a medial bottom, but should it's not? Yes. Ah, a nice looking the presentation for infographics. So that's all for this video and Expedia. We're goingto do this one. All right, So see you next CNX Syrian the next video. 10. Update 4: Hello and welcome in this video. We're going toe do our final infographic element. Like what we have right here. So open up your documents while and that is Do it. So I'm gonna drop this. So we have a reference. All right, now to great this actually very simple. Um, something politics, of course. The background. It's a yeah blur effect that I I included for this. Okay, this kindof really nice looking. Uh, actually, you do this for Ah, you I or user interface, something like that. But for Infographics, you can also create this very nice looking infographic right here. The the great Jen. And then on the tools that we need criteria. See? Off course. The Pathfinder. And then I said, the gray agent. Okay, this kind of a nice transition off color. All right. And then the background, like a foreign drop shadow. It's ah, familiar that we have right here. I'm gonna show you that later, but let's do it. Now. Let's see how we gonna create this one. So get our lips stole. I'm gonna go somewhere right here, hunting my shift key to make a perfect circle, right about the about this size. Um, it's 100 16 by 116 big cells. All right. And then I'm gonna, you know, duplicated holding me at all and then she fear will put some more right here. All right. And then for this one, I'm gonna dopey it one more time, Control. See, and control F So ah, copy and paste d duplicate on top of diese first serial that we created. And then let's resize it on your shift key and alc toe Make the changes from the center of the circle about this size, Let's see about about 71 pixels. So I'm gonna change the gold are so we can see it. How? Make it later right there. All right. And now I'm gonna, but I'm gonna make a cut out of the bigger one right here. So first, this one, this ice Mother one, I'm gonna lock that one controlled toe right there. Controlled. Oh, so we can Tom select the smaller one, all right? And then has to get our line segmental I'm gonna make it cut out. Hopes on say you can actually use our mental. I'm gonna create a shape right here in the center and then about right year, Let's say about 40% right? And then select this to let me attention together so we can see it properly. Making together. All right. Now listen, Agosto. And then open our but finder and then click on minus front. All right. Nothing that he created a ah, cut out of that one. So let's Ah, today also see, like this one. It's, Ah, luck right now, but all we have to do is yes. Hold your control and shifty. And then you again control Schiff in tow to unlock any luck layers All right? Or are lucky or toe allot any, uh, lock the items or elements on your art bird. Okay, so now we can sending this to and then you night it toe become a one object right there. So that's basically now I created this one. Okay. And then for these, let me concede a goal. Or so we can see anything. Friend Spencer, when we, uh, but rain data. So again, all your shifty and then drug and then make sure it's in the same data. So you need to open the smart objects. Smart against. I mean, not smart objects smart guides, so you can see when you're drugging the shape, it's aligning perfectly. All right, so that's basically how should he the ah, this kind of effect? No. Are you going to do is to add more effects to make it like a three D or something like that . It's based on the Reagan that you use. So let's at the great and great great and right here, get your gradient tool and then open the ingredient. Monday night here, let me never put it right here. So we need a black to white or write the black color. All right. And then you need to do is yes. Um, this black color, nobody click on that and then select this. Ah, let's say on this third row on this. Ah, all right. Not not this one. Yes, quite Derek. Maybe this one on disturbed. And then make sure you select the radiant total. And then click and drug they went toe in the shadow about on the downside. Don't downside. I never all right. And then you need toe great. Another um Reagan for the inside or this one. So little big, radiant again. Click on this Gregan slide there to add a, uh, regent, you need to change the color you can just any color and just say yeah, on the sea lane green right here and then me. Another one is big green color. No, let's I did the, uh, position. I'm dig region. I accept you over Do one toe on right there. That looks fine with and me the green and then the light green and up. All right. And that looks Ah, nice. And then this. Ah, said the takes. I don't remember which one use right year. It's not. I think it's, um it's ah really way. Yeah. Strange reason. At the Monterey, it's also free from Google Railway Fund. So just like the Hagel our, then I'll make it 40%. That's so made smaller right here. Still being so about 31 31 points and then the great Guindos Well, right here get your eyedropper tool and then click on this. Ah green Gregan innit doh make first great outlines for the, uh takes goto type great outlines or shift control. Oh, right there. And then I dropped the color get your Gregan tool and then something like this All right. All right. Cool. No need to add more. Of course. Drop shadow and some kind of effects on our design. So let's start with the in the basic one. So I'm gonna select this way right here, make a copy off it, Control. I see. And then control be two places in the back, and then it's not good. Agent. Should be. Ah, uh, pure white. And then pressure keyboard arrow to the right side. So you can s so you can see that they know far if a, uh, sleep in Ershad or something like that, it's not quite visible right here and then always not showing too much. It's OK. Sign data. I mean, it had It's quite dark. End up toe appear that it's let me ah, changing the position right there. All right. And then that's Ah, they That's a day a copy of these because we're going toe cut out. No, let's say like this one, and then we're gonna duplicated control. See, Control have no place in the front. All right. And then we're gonna move it to the right side. One pick said, all right. And then what? I'm going to do? It's ah, that's selling this to all right. You can see right here. This is the one that we created. And then the one from the book. I'm gonna hold my shift key to select this too, and then open our pathfinder and then divide. All right? So we can get only this portion that extends as, like, a inner, uh, shadow or something like that. That's an group. This then we can divide are beginning. Delete this one. So all we have is this oneness portion right here. CNC All right, e no. Let's, uh he said Shem, let's add some shadow. We can duplicate this area this Grady in color control. See control, be complicate. And then this changed the governor to Ah, gray color. Hey, Nana Goto effect there. Go similar and make it the click on preview so you can see the genius and still much meat then begs us. 10 pieces stood well. I think it's fine. Could make it 11 right data and then it's Ah, bring it on down. Rescue Baldato known. So the shadows, Of course, the source light will come from the top going down, right? And then we can add one more time. Let's say it's make Nissa anything. I don't want to add too much shadow on top. Okay. And then one more time. And Rosie and then controlling me. As you can see, it's too much shadow for that. So we'll lower down the opacity. At least 20 to 35. All right, and then yes. Ah, make it bigger on your own. And then Schiff right there. All right, that looks fine. And then still like this, The one that we locked. Excited here. Yes, sir. Click this one or, ah, shift control and then dough to unlock any locked objects on your art bird. And then this. Select this one. Also doing that. We cut out anything is right here. Let me see. Like this one and then this. Make it be your on your own so we can see that kind of age and there. Okay. All right. And then, um, this oneness making us with bigger on your own and then chief almost the same size of ah, our mean, may not she And then more between the nightside solvency, that kind off light coming from the stage. All right, so let's see what they have. Okay, since finding me. So that's basically nice how I created, um, this one and I want to see some of your designs. All right? On it mean just no playing in this so we can finish this one once he's want to see some of your science in the gallery off this class. So if I have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me supposing the discussion of discuss and, um, I'm gonna answer it within 24 hours. All right, So the soul for this class and I opened or something? Don't hesitate to us in remaining restaurants. Okay, um, this all prince video. And, uh, if you have any questions posting the discussion, the soul and us, you in another blast.