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Design Hipster Logo for Beginners in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Class overview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Castle icon

    • 4. Finishing the design

    • 5. Assignment

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About This Class

In this class, you are going to learn how to make your own hipster logo in adobe illustrator. We will start from scratch, design everything from logo icon to circular text and finish this design with a nice stylized frame. This logo design class is for everybody who wants to design a hipster logo for business or personal brand. I hope you're excited as I am and if you want to learn how to make this awesome logo style enroll now and let's get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Class overview: hello and thank you for taking out this less. My name is dystonia in this class. You are going to learn now to make your own hipster logo in a garbage in the street. Or maybe start from scratch, designed everything from logo icon, so circular checks and finishing design with the nice stylist frame. This logo designs left is for everybody who want to design a hipster logo for a business or personal brand. I hope you're excited as I am, and if you want to turn now to make this awesome, longest time and run now and let's get started. 2. Introduction: Hey, guys, when come, Thank you for enrolling for this class for this week's graphic design. Bliss. You're going to learn Noto design your own hipster logo before we start designing our logo . Let's define what it's a hipster style, a hipster designed stand. In my opinion, it's a design with a touch off retro style and simplicity with strong, descriptive icon. I repeat that a strongly scripted I got all right, so in simple terms, it's designed in modern year with traditional styles. I think from 50 to 70 Serra we can associate tipster to retro design because they are basically the same. A combination off classical, classical and modern style. Also, when you look at the hips hipster logo, there's a nostalgic feeling. Even they are designed in recent years. And to tell you the truth and my big fund off this type of design, and I love doing them, or at least incorporated to my own projects. So in your screen right now, this is what we're going to do. A simple one. This is our class project. Of course, you are free to design our own hipster logo after taking the class, so I let me show you the stages off this hipster logo. So here in my adobe illustrator or this very going toe designed this logo basically, once I dosed in a nice icon for a logo. Then the time I started dozing informant and play with the tanks. And I'm gonna show you what I mean about that. But right now, there's ah type of types of locals. Don't go here. One in, ah, white background and the other one in black. I'm background, so you can see in case you want toe, you know, But you're no going toe. Black background. You can see you know your design. Really nice. All right, so I'm gonna zoom out a little, and, um, this is where I started. Actually, I started my insane here. I'm thinking off making something like this one actually achieve this kind of effect may going toe effect. Ah, warp. All right. Something like that. But it doesn't look good. So I move on, um, using the type on a path toll Haifa needs here. Title type on a path tool. You can type in ah, circle or any shape. So and it looks good there. Then I decided that someone gets playing street. The techs did They date here and then I move on toe at something because kinda, you know, really very simple. So I had a day tagline here on the, uh, bottom part under the clothing company. And then I decided toe at the frame for this logo and ah, toe to lines here, toe frames here, the outside frame. I made it a little ragged, jagged, have frame. And I thought we not make it a little, uh, something like this, you know, at more These are brake lines, and they After that I'm I played with the A little, So I decided to did I decided toe toe play with the inner frame. You can achieve that by going toe. Affect and distort and transform. I think it's ah, roughing. Right. So later I'm gonna show you how Well, yeah, created this. Even the the icons of the castle, the I going up or the for this castle. And then this is what I came up with. It's like that, all right? With the back, uh, black background and for the white background. It's okay. No, You know, compared to the simple one with It's a this one. I think it's better if we read more and more style in the inside frame. All right. And it looks good. You can see here what you can see right now. This one, If I zoom in, this takes your Yes, I thanks your all right. And here, this the final outcome off our hips turned logo. And, uh, yeah, that's what we are going to do for this class. So I hope you're excited and then executed over going. I start designing. This is a hipster logo. We start from the I got a castle icon and then, you know, finish up the techs and the styling for the frames. All right, so see you in the next video. 3. Castle icon: Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video we're going toe design this hipster logo, But before we start, please install the needed funds. There are free points that you can get front one from France mural dot com. It's also Well, it's a free point. Have been for a commercial, you commercial. Use this from website from this website. And another one is Ah, particle. It's ah free points. Well, you can get it from here being that net. But don't worry, I'm gonna put a link for these two sites. All right, installed this party go. They have Ah, right. Drink shop. Nice ones here also, this one else would. They're very retro looking fronts. Okay, so this what we're going to do in case you're not follow not following. And in case guys, you're not following with me if you want to create your own logo at this point right now, Silicon icon, that will represent your business. Especially if you have a catchy name that's saying a catchy name. This one is a castle. So I decided to just ah, Castle icon Or if you have a ah business about cars or automotive automobile, maybe a outline of the car that you can use as a descriptive icon for your logo. So that's basically how you just a Nikon for a logo, Right? Either you, uh, associate it your name or your business. But this one is about, uh, for the name So Joseph Cassidy. All right, so that's Misskelley. How I decided for this logo. Okay, so let's do it. They start that designing this class project, you can go to fight great a new document and then stated two points 353 150 and then for the color mode, select idea. In case you want to print it immediately, you can just see my gay. I start with the RGB and then screen 72 pp. I All right, then click on. OK, now we have the same canvas you can follow along with me. Even if you are using the lower version off administrator, like six or CS five. Okay. So I'm gonna I start doing the, uh that's like on here, So I'm gonna this duplicated here. If you look at the castle, it's basically, you know, rectangle. So that's what we are going to start. They start getting the rectangle. Dole. Um, you start from here on this left side. It seems as you can see, I just do this one and then this one in the middle one. All right. So I'm gonna go get their done get here and just put a colder first year. Let's say say green, change it later. Again, it's Ah, let's zoom in. We can see nicely. And then I'm gonna cut some part of here. As you can see here, we can achieve this by creating another by getting getting another dunk it here. Let's say this here. You can use your space bar, the movement, the shape just like that. And then I'm gonna duplicate that holding me out and then ship key right here. Okay. Said this toe. Smaller rectangles, right. Click and then make it make compound path. Break on this one. Finnic, these jungles goto Pathfinder. And if you don't have it open, go to window and click on Pathfinder. It's like that. All right. And then make sure these are selected. Click on this minus friend. Yes. Like that. And chip that. All right. Very simple. Now listen to the body of this site. Part of the castle. Get another rectangle. Make it the same with all right. Maybe this long, something like this one. All right. And then I'm going to make the side, uh, temper here, Staunton. I can keep that by getting the, uh, free transform dolar and then click on this one. Perspective distort. All right, If I click on, decide and then move it. Going inner. I mean, have that. All right, But if you are using, they're using sear seeks. Probably don't have this. What you can do if Yes, get another. Don't get here. I'm going to show you and click on the, uh here at the nice for middle. And then let's say you don't have this options, right? You don't have this options. What you can do is on this corner that I get inside, it's like this and then hold your control. As you can see, it will distort. All right, and then holder out and then ship just like that. That's against you. All right. See? Hold your control and then out and then shift. Make sure you ah, move it. First. The, uh, make it smaller. Something like, uh, I'm gonna repeat it again. get the, uh, transformed All drag it inside, make it will make it smaller, something like this. And then hold your control and it will distort. All right. And then Schiff and then are and you will have don't even love those perspective. Distort. All right, so this one is for the see a six version user. Okay, so let's continue this one. I'm gonna united this in my perspective, in my Pathfinder shape modes united. No, it's one object. Now this lines. So it's just like with our life segment. I'm gonna go. No one here holding my shift key. Make sure it's ah, straight line now than one year. You can press control. Why you so you can see the out lane, Have you all right that I'm gonna hold my shift key and said like these line segments and throw in a controlled way again to go back to the normal view. And then I have a lot of a stroke here, maybe two and then click on stroke and click on this run cup? Yes. Like that. All right. And then let's expand this. Make sure you select the field and stroke click, OK? Yes. Like that aske. You can see there's some excess part, but don't worry. We can picks that silicon a green one at the black stroke here. No points as well. And, uh, good. No. Right. And now, on the middle part, let's do it again. Let's get the rectangle tool. I put it here and then it's Tongans on top. It's like that and see what they have year No one that saw him off the it's true, something just feel colder. And then I'm gonna just duplicate this one. I'm indoctrinated holding me out and then shift key. It's like that here and then get my rental. Click the start here and another one here, and it will add the in between shapes. Gonna double click here on the blend tool really going to leave you now? I can, uh, specify the steps. How many? I went and say just for all right and then gonna pick. Ok, no to object. Explained unico que No. These are individuals. Of course. These are groups, but I buy rightly and group it now it's individual in the Bidwell elements. Okay, I'm gonna unite this on my Pathfinder. You know, we can unite you can add now a stroke off. Two points. Yes. Like that? No, we're missing this one. This one is actually easy. You can use any stool off the droid. They and Randy upset again. Something like that. Okay. And then get your, uh, nine segment. Okay. I'm gonna draw another line segment here. Yes, I'm gonna divide this one goto object. But the bite objects below. Yes. Like that? No, I can delete dispersion. All right. So, lady Easy, isn't it? Now we're ready, toe. Let's just hope this and then position. It's here. Make sure it's in there, but you can go. I'm Jay throwing a wrench and then sent back or shift control up. And Brockett. All right, all right. Seems OK. That same thirties and then this. Ah, Flug. You can achieve that. It's just a lying in a triangle. And your line segmental Roy straight line on your shift key. It's like that. I'm gonna get the quarter una copies, and then let's put it here. The cooler is 0 0/4 e 07 It's like that and then we can expand here. All right. That's our castle design. Very simple, isn't it? I hope you guys follow along with me in the next video. We're going toe design. We're goingto finish the hipster Diogo. Okay, so I hope you learned something today. So see you in the next video. I'm going toe finish our hipster logo. 4. Finishing the design: Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video. We're going toe finish our class Project Hipster logo design. So, in the last video, are you remember I asked you toe create another art bird. So here and yes, I dug a the icon here. So here you can see and you can create your own fictitious company. This one just made up for this class old Gasol closing company. All right, so this art board is actually 350 points by 350 points. All right, So make sure you center your icon, just click on this one to ST Read, And now it's ready to add our takes and our friend so we'll do it so we'll do the old castle. Let's first get Thesiger go Deep store. So I'm gonna throw somewhere here in the center of the castle and then holding my help and then shifty. Yes, I think this how big the Yes, you kill some are something like that. And then don't my idea stroke. So I will get the type on a path to will, and then I'm gonna click on this circle like that, and then I'm gonna select the points. It's Ah, particle. How many civic? The particle regular. Then I'm gonna type dia getting the center line here. It's, uh but it here in the center, it's And some, uh, stroke weed, I think, uh, Sportivo Jableh. Nothing like that. All right, Catherine. Now, if you want to make this a smaller when you have to do it Yes, sir. Go to this corner and then hold your out. And then shape he ascendancy began. Make it smaller or bigger. It was like a shape, all right. And in case you want toe the size of the takes, just click here, Click on it. Here. That's too much. Yes, 23 24. That would be good, because we're going to add the ah, year here year. Okay, Next. It's Dodea number takes on This one is this one is a smaller compared to the EM index. I think it's only something nb 14 points. Spot it here. All right. See, the it takes me up. I the side here to make sure it's not really small. Not really big. Okay, No. Let's type another Stipe on 19 and it's plus one fund. Get the regular one. Put it here Then let's duplicate it. Only my belt and then shifty get me typed out again. And then I'm gonna Stipe here, 98. It's like that. Okay? And then, I guess, duplicate this one I'm in type of authentic began And just the spacing off the stakes by opening the character panel of the title Ernie type goingto window and then select the, uh, they and done out there. Right? We can just at the talking here, maybe 50. Yes. Make sure you're editing this one. Se seven, The bite. All right, then this Put it here. If you want to make sure that this word this center of disclosing company, you can select this, too. And then, uh, like this one on your shift key and then click again for the clothing company. So to make it the, uh, the key object, Aliant. Okay, object. All right. And then click on this one. The result down the line center. All right. So I CNT it moves a little, So it's OK. No. So it's a d small circles on this side that's like that that year and then duplicated and, uh, somewhere here on your ship. All right, so Let's see. Our design seems OK. Now, what we're missing is me cream for our hipster Diogo. It's, uh it's getting around in the jungle. Some bird, Some put it somewhere. Here. That's, uh, door much. Yes. On the your ship. KP one toe on this. Now begin change decides corner by dragging this small, Uh, both in here on this. Make it at least three right, Three points and then do another one control etc. And control f the base in the in the front. Hold your order out and then shifty, my, uh, make it bigger. Dragging up something like this. Like that. Just like that. All right. And now this one. Make it. Ah, yes. Your points. No. For this effect, we can keep this by going toe a fake and I stylized scribble. All right. And this is the, uh, this network one and you can lower down stuff here. Se three points here. This one made me that Say one point, Gurganus three and Spacey, Maybe. Yes, three points. It's like that, frankly going. Okay. And maybe he began. Ah, lower down the stroke point here. All right. And then to achieve this kind off spacing this broken lines Here we can is goto object, expand appearance and then you can like this individually, they, uh, selecting you're getting your direct selection tool. All right, get direct selection tool, and then click on this portion of this points and yes, but it's still it in your keyboard. It's like that. All right, Another one here. Yes, sir. Some part you'd like to delete. And then they let them. All right. Very simple. And now, on the inner frame, we can stylized this inner frame and going to effect. It's, ah, distort and transform. And then click on Ruffin. You can preview. That's a very ugly frame. So let's lower down and click on Relative. And this one for the points make it this month, never down the details that upper INGE's make it at Lease three. Or Ah, see, I'm both one. No, that's a no good. Let's select two points in decisis and the dailies for for INGE's Click on Smooth and then they're going. Okay. All right. If you want, you can of course, lever down the stroke. Points made toe may toe. I guess this one is a leader. I can check out my, uh, in the same year. Strap in. Don't before. Yeah, when was the same? So number four toe don't before. All right? That's basically how I designed this. I still logo. And I hope you guys learn something from this class, you know? Hey, really? And really glad that you in turn for this. And if you have any design that you're working on, please supposed in the gallery of this class and let me know my to think of disk less So the salt for this video and see you in the next class. 5. Assignment: your assignment is to create a hipster logo based on the fixed tissues company to help you think what kind of business you're going to put up. Think of the things that you like or passionate about from their great a made up name and then do a hipster logo. Just remember, the icon should be related to the company name or the business itself, so it's easy to recognize your business. I hope to see some of your designs in the gallery in the sun for this class. See you next time.