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Design Facebook Advertising Images Like a Pro

Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

Design Facebook Advertising Images Like a Pro

Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

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4 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Design Unparalleled Photos for your Ads

    • 2. Lecture 1 How to design attractive photos for you ads

    • 3. Lecture 2 Design your photo with photopea

    • 4. Importance of facebook Ads

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About This Class

If you want to succeed in online business we all know that one of the best methods to promote and scale your business is facebook ads, 

However so many people struggle to boost their business using facebook ads, and one of the reasons is that the photos and images they use on their ads do not captivate their target audience.

On facebook, there is a lot of competition, and if you don't know how to design attractive photos to promote your products you'll definitely fail, an attractive photo, this will definitely decrease your ad costs, and increase your sales.

In this course i will teach you how to design attractive photos to succeed in facebook ads, All the methods i teach are completely free and simple to use.

So let's dig deeper in this topic, prepare yourself to take notes, see you in a few seconds.

Meet Your Teacher

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Rihab Seb

Digital Markter


Hello, it's Rihab!

I am extremely happy you are here!

Since finishing college, I struggled with being imprisoned in my 9to5 job! So I dedicated my free time to focus on one goal: Starting My Own Successful Online business!

I walked along a path of failures before I was finally able to earn my living online and quit my 9to5. And ever since, it's been magical!

I tried several online businesses, failed in many, and succeeded in a few. Failures were and still are my biggest achievements because through them I learned how to improve myself and my skills.

Here, I plan to share with you everything I learned and am learning. I hope this will benefit you in building your own business and quitting your 9 to 5!

I like what I do, and I would love to be in t... See full profile

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1. Design Unparalleled Photos for your Ads: hi there. If you want attracted in your online business, we all know that one off. The best method stupor, hold and scale your business. It's Facebook ads, however, so many people struggle to boost their business using Facebook ads. And one of the reasons is that the photos and images they use on that adds do not captivate their target audience. On Facebook. There is a lot of competition, and if you don't know how to design attractive photos to promote your products, you will definitely fail. I'll attract the photo will definitely decrease your at course and increase your saves. In this course, I will teach you how to design attractive photos to succeed and Facebook ads. All the methods I teach here are completely free and simple to use. So let's the deeper in this topic and prepare yourself to take notes. See you in a few seconds. 2. Lecture 1 How to design attractive photos for you ads: Hi, then, and welcome to the structure In this lecture and in the few coming ones, I'm going to show you how to create a photo for your Facebook at. In each lecture, we are going to use a different software or a different online tour. Feel free to go with anyone off them. People nowadays are distracted very easily while browsing the Internet. The amount off concentrated time an Internet browser can stand. Checking something without becoming distracted is very short, and this applies when they are checking their Facebook news feeds. That's why images are very important. Human brain processes images quicker than words and remember them for a longer time. Also, images in social media platforms get more engagement. So if you want to get more engagement on your ad, you should make sure that your ad image super attractive and that it can catch your viewers attention. So you need your images to stand out and to look different. That's why you should be putting some effort in designing your products images. I would be using this product as an example, and I would show you how I'm going to design and attract the photo for it. As you can see here we have different photos provided by the supplier, and we have also a video. We will not use this video right now. In the coming lectures, I will be showing you how to use it in your heads. For now, we are only going to work on images. The first thing you should be doing each time you want to start selling a new product is to go to Facebook. You go for Facebook search and you type the name off your product. You can add free shipping next to it or 50% off, and you can check the results. In this way, you will be seeing all the photos and the ads available under your product title. You check out the photos and it would be great if you find some with high engagement. Because in this way you will get an idea about what's working and what's not. For our example. Here we have several photos. Let's check them. You can not that almost all of them are poorly designed. You can keep spying as much as you want, and you can get inspired through this on how to design your own photos. So here we have our product and we have many and many photos. Some people simply pick any random photo from this and use it on that. Ed's well, as I told you before, this is wrong. A photo like this is not attractive. Why would anyone stops crawling and the click on this photo? There is nothing fun or attractive about this photo, and it doesn't fire up your viewers curiosity to be interested on knowing more and exploring more and buying your product. The more you work on your photos to make them more attractive, the more they will be able to stand out and make sense. So let's now jump back to our happened Peeler and find out how we are going to design and no, some photo for it. In this lecture, I will show you how to design your images using Power Point. Well, yeah, a few people use power point for this kind of stuff, but I love it, and I find it one off the easiest Softwares to be used, especially that we all have power point on our PC's, So no need to pay any extra fee Step number one this side where you are going to run your at. This means your ad placement on Facebook and shut out the right size you should use. And this thing here Facebook gives you all the needed information, plus the available places. So let's say we are designing a photo for newsfeed and with links, so our photo size should be with this rescue. The minimum size allowed 600 pixels, so our image size should be 1146. You can go with 1200 by 628 fixes. The most important thing is to keep your racial right, and you're smaller size higher than 600 fixing. You convert pixel two inches and you change the four point slider size to 12.5 inch by 6.54 inches. And in this way we have the exact size off our ad photo. So I go into these on your product photo using power point. So let's go there and check out how this is going to work. The first thing to do is to have your slide empty, then toe adjust your slight size Toby, equivalent to our at size we will design our photo to fit exactly within the slide. So when we save this slide as a jpg, it will have the same size we need. So you go in here and you choose to customize your slight size. Toby. 12.5 inch by six points, 54 inch. After changing the slight size, we answered the photo we won't work with because having an attractive background for your image is extremely important, because photos with white by ground are less likely to attract people's attention. The tricky part now would be to remove the background off our photo and replace it with a more attractive one. Power point holds a feature that many people ignore or simply don't know about. It lets you remove the background off any image. It works fantastically, and just by a few clicks it lets you get rid off any background, and you are going to see how I'm going to apply this to our photo. So here use a lecture photo and you click in here. You can also select the areas you want to keep on the areas you want to remove, so now we have our photo clean and ready, and we are going to add a background for it. That's why we are going toe pics. Obey picks. Obey is a website where you can find photos that you can use for commercial use without any absolution. So let's go here and search for backgrounds related toe happen. You can see that you have many at many options that you can choose from. Well, im going toe pick. I want that I think will be suitable. Well, this might be a good one. I'm going to download it now. After the learning our photo. Let's get back to power point. So now we have our background and our product above it. I would also add a darkly out over the my ground, and you will see later why this is very important and how this will make my entire photo look way better. It should be under the product photos. I'm going to move it under. You can also add a glow for your product to make it pop up here. You as a glow, and you can also modify the color and the transparency and the size as you please, and the year we have our photo. I'm also going to add a saves badge in here to make it more attractive, and this is it. See how we designed and also photo in just a few minutes. Now we have to save it and to make sure that the text overlay is acceptable. So after saving good image, you go to this Web page and you upload your image and you will get the results. As you can see in here, if the proportion off your text over your image is too high, this might affect the reach off. Your at Facebook has this rule. That's why we should always test our photos to be within this Facebook guidelines. That's why each time you designed an image for your ad, you should go to this link and three should test your image and make sure that it's within Facebook guidelines. I'm going to test the photo we have just designed. If it's not okay with this tool, I'm going to minimize my text and make sure it's within Facebook rules. Because, as I told you before, this would affect the reach off your ads. So please do not forget to always test your text overlay As you can see, our photo is okay, so we don't need to change anything. You can also add free shipping here instead off 50% off. Its after you both are good at. I recommend both of them. - So that's how you design your images, using Power Point statement with me. And let's meet in the next lecture where I'm going to show you how to design your images using a different software. 3. Lecture 2 Design your photo with photopea: hi there. And welcome to this lecture as I promised you through this section, I'm going to show you how to design your Facebook X photos. Using several online tools and several three software's. We have already seen how to design your photos using Power Point. And now, in this lecture, I'm going to show you how to design your photo using this awesome online tool. It's called for topi. This online tool allows you toe save your files on your PC. So if you design a photo using this online tool, you can simply save the file on your PC and access some time later. So if you want to change your photo if you are doing slip testing if you change your mind. If you decided that you can modify your design a better way, you can always get back to your original file. You can always open it in this online tool, and you can always modify it. This online toy has several options that are common with Photo Shop and Jim. It offers really everything you need in order to design awesome photos, so I recommend you to use it. It's a little bit more complicated than power point, but I'm going to show you how to use it. So we are going to start by starting your new project. You can choose any off these templates, but I'm not going to do that because I'm going to design my photo from scratch. Here. You choose your project name. I'm going toe toilet Facebook as. And here you choose your photo size so way are designing a photo with this size, I'm going to include this in here and here. You can true the background off your photo. I'm going to choose transparent and I'm going to click on Create. So I have created my image. I don't have a bygone. And now I'm going to start designing my Facebook at photo. I'm going to access my download five, and I'm going to check my apple Peter photos. This is the one I'm going to use. I simply drag it in here. So when I dragged my filter in here, a new layer was created. This layer we have the photo off the apple appear if you are familiar a little bit with the shop. This online tool works in a very similar way to for the shop. So now, after applauding my photo, I want to remove the background off my app It, Peter. So I'm going to select the layer I'm working on and I'm going in here to layer, I'm going to click on Last Arise. So now I can go to the stool in here and choose this option, and I'm going to click like this and I'm going to click Deal it. So see, I have removed my background. Now I want to remove the background from the inside. I'm going to click like this like this, like this. So if you want to remove something like this, you can go in here and choose quick selection like this. I'm going to delete it. This way. You can delete things faster, so here you go. Select and you click on the select so you don't select anything. So here we have our apple peeler. Without a background, I'm going to move it to the side. You click in here and you simply move it. If you don't see these points, that allows you to scale your photo, you just have to check this box in here and they will appear okay. So now I have my eye, Peter, without a background. I want toe design a different photo in this lecture than the one I designed in the previous one. So I'm going to add a different bagger for my for my photo. I'm going also to download in here. I have already downloaded a background from picks Obey. I have chose this one I'm going to edit. So if I want to move it to the back, I have to just cried the Slayer now in here. So here is my layer, and I want to scale it to fit in my within my dimensions. So here I have my apple peeler and I have this big room. See? There is still something that should be removed from here. I'm going toe. Say leg the layer off the apple peeler. I'm going in here. I'm going to choose quick selection. I should be in here. You can always hide this layer until you finish working. I guess this is fine. I'm going toe. Okay. This is great. I'm going to select and select. So now I have my apple peeler and my background. I want to add an overlay over my background, I said, like the layer off my background. I go in here to effect As I click on color overlay. I'm going to choose a black overlay and I'm going to change dress princey in here. You can't change it as you like going toe. Pick this one. Maybe I'll keep it more. Olson. So now I won't. I have my background with an overlay over it. I know. I want to add a globe toe. My apple peeler. I'm going to select a layer I'm going to layer. I'm going toe layer style and I'm going to color toe outer glow. Sorry. Okay, so in here we can change the everything related to the glow. These options are not all available in Power Point. That's why this online tool is a little bit more professional than poor point because it allows you to do many and several things that power point can do. So in here we can change the opacity. You can change that. Always. I like toe make the spread alky bit bigger on the size. A little bit bigger. Not that much. You can change the size manually like this, for example, what I guess this is also making also at the letter like this. Well, this is awesome. And you can also change these options. If you want oil, it's fine. Now I'm going to click on OK. And he it is my epic. Peter, What could I do now? I want to add a different also photo in here to make it more attractive. So I'm going to my download. I'm going to add the photo off these apples. Okay. I just black the photo in here and this photo peak create a layer for this. A new photo. I'm going to remove delayer the background of this photo. So I have to select the layer. I have to go to layer to rest arise. Don't forget to do that. If you don't do that, you can't remove the background. So I'm going to click in here. I'm going to tow this quick selection. I'm going toe this option. I'm clicking like this and here I have removed my background. I need also to remove these from here. So I'm going toe de select everything. I'm going to move it like this. I'm going to minimize its size on I'm going toe maybe make a little bit larger and I'm going toe. Okay, I'm going to add a glow for it. So layers so layers, layers died outer glow. And this is the same glow. I will make it a little bit larger like this. Maybe I would move it in here and I will move my apple peelers to this side. Serve. This looks fine. I'm going to make this a little bit bigger. Well, I love it now. I still have to add some text in here. So I will do this. I will add, uh, addicting. Get in here. I would change the color of this box from here. I will change. I will change. Maybe toe orange. I will try. Yeah, this is the orange Maybe. No. Let me try another. Another color. So now I'm going to add attacks in here. Free shipping. As I told you in the previous lecture, you can add sale. 50% say lurking and free shipping or anything that you think can be attractive. Anything that can't push your viewers into buying and in tow, checking your link and checking your product. So I'm going to click here on tax and I'm going to do this and I'm going to write free shipping. So I'm going to change the color and the phone and everything. I'm going to select all of it like this. And here I'm going to change the color toe white. I can also change the size to 70 for example. So now we can modify everything related toe This text, you can change the color. You can't change the phone, can do whatever you think is better. And after finishing all of this, you can go in here to file and you can click on save as PSD. So this way you will be saving the original file off your photo. So if someday you want toe very, very edit or you want to change anything about that you can simply access. You can simply open it from your PC. So I'm going to save this. I'm going to save it. So I have saved my photo. I have I have saved the original file. If I want to reopen it, I can go in here and click. Fine open and I can't choose it in here. This is it. I can't Truitt choose it from my computer and here it is with all the layers and everything . So this is awesome because it allows you to save your work, and it allows you to modify it over time. So if you want toe render now, this sort of used directly on Facebook. You go in years to find and you go toe expert as and you choose any off the of the format unity can choose jpg and we have chosen. You can make that resolution the highest possible if you want urgently concept and now it will be safe. So in this lecture, we have learned how to you was for therapy to design our Facebook as photo as I told you before and it would you want pick that tool you find yourself more familiar with. I love foot api, and I love poor point. Both of them are great, although with foot api you might be you might have more options and you can modify your photo a little bit more than with power point. So stay tuned with me and let me in the next lecture where I show you how to design your photo with another online Frito. So stay tuned 4. Importance of facebook Ads: Hi there. Building a highly converting Shopify store and the picking suitable winner products are not enough to succeed. If you fade at putting your products in front off people who are interested in buying them , it would be extremely difficult to succeed. And the best and the most effective way to advertise to products and to make them reach the right people and customers is to use place with heads. Facebook ads allow you to target exactly your potential customers. If you are selling drugs accessories, for example, you can tune your ads. Target dog owners If you are selling hiking tools, you can soon your ads to target hikers. If you are selling a high ticket item that only amazed between 25 37 years old and I live in Georgia might be interested in you Can Jr ads to target exactly them. In addition, using Facebook ads, you can retarget people who visited your store or both from you or performs any action on your story. So if someone visited your store and edit a certain product this card and left without buying, you can retarget him with an actual ing the same product and you can offer him at this count called in order to push him and to buying or if someone both a certain product from your store, you can retarget him. Advertising for a related products, for example, And not only that basis, adds, allow you to target people who are similar to the people who both from you. Facebook collects that about everyone. Facebook knows your age, your sex, your hobbies, the things you love. Celebrities. You follow that TV series you watch. So when you asked Facebook to search for people who are similar to customers Facebook search on his database for people who are similar to your clients and show your ad in front of them. People who are similar to customers, either people who will most probably buy from you. Master Facebook ads will help you boost your business and your revenue. And only people who mastered Facebook ads succeed in e commerce. If you want to match Facebook ads, I highly recommend you to check my Facebook at scores available here in my skin share channel. This course sums up everything related to Facebook. It's starting from the basics up to the most advanced techniques each day. The competition is getting higher and higher, and succeeding in e commerce is becoming harder and harder. So if you want to succeed, your only way is to really master Facebook ads. My course is your way to do so. The quantity of information and the quality of the lectures you will find in this course will astonish You don't waste any time now. Finish the scores and go directly to my face with ex course. Watch it carefully and launch Miss any minute. See you that.