Design Dragons with Personality!

Piya Wannachaiwong, Fantasy Illustrator

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13 Videos (2h 41m)
    • Welcome Aboard

    • Characters Welcome

    • Refer This

    • I Do Not Bite My Thumb At You

    • Rule of Thumbnails

    • What Are Your Values?

    • Family Values

    • Family Values Too

    • Really LONG (Optional!) Value Video

    • Jamaican Me Color

    • Balancing Scales

    • Color Crazy

    • Really REALLY LONG Color Video (Also Optional)


About This Class


Students will learn how to not just create a cool looking dragon, but one with personality. We will do this by examining a character from well known stories (such as the Evil Queen from Snow White) and reinterpreting this character as a dragon. 

This class will be a fun way to help establish a strong foundation of storytelling with art. This is for art students looking to get into industries such as video games, movies and comics.

This class is open to any media. Having a good foundation in drawing is very helpful, but not absolutely necessary. While this class focuses on dragons, the skills learned here will help students create impactful art with any the subject matter.

Students will walk away from this class with a finished painting that they can be proud of.

My work can be found here:

Write me: [email protected]

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I am in the midst of this class now. Piya is an outstanding teacher! He really gives lots of art tips and solid examples and clear assignments. I am learning to design creatures with personality and stories, and how to create focal points in my painting. I really like looking for references. I'v designed characters for 3 dragons in a couple of days. Now I am making thumbnails for one. Thanks Piya!
I love Piya's work - he creates stunningly vivid fantasy paintings of dragons and otherworldly creatures, and this class shows us his entire process. Although in my opinion it's not for the utterly beginner (even if it teaches you about thumbnailing and value painting), the very beginner could first take the "Character Illustration: Create a Mythical Dragon" SkillShare class for more insight on dragon characters and then come back here to get the most out of this class. Also, don't get put off by the duration of this class - about an hour and a half is dedicated to watching how Piya paints value & color (and I'm not saying this as a bad thing, on the contrary, it's almost magical, including the background music!)
Razvan Ursan

Drawing is such a stress relief!





Piya Wannachaiwong

Fantasy Illustrator

I have been a fantasy illustrator since 2005. Clients have included Fantasy Flight Games, Albino Dragon, Unchained Fantasy and Kobold Press. I have had the privilege of designing creatures of all kinds, cute and scary, large and small, wicked and friendly. I have an unhealthy obsession with coming up with new creatures and I'd like to share that with you.

I also have a passion for teaching; I have had the opportunity to teach art to students age 5-105 in a variety of settings: academia...

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