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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Overview of the class

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Designing background and soldier

    • 4. Removing unwanted background

    • 5. Adding text and texture

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview of the class: Hello and thank you for taking down this class. My name is Tony. I'm a freelance graphic designer and I publish Weekly Victorious here on Skills year. So be sure to follow me to receive graphic design classes in this class. You are going to learn how to design a double exposure movie poster from scratch at Obey 40 . I will show you step by step for now to create this thing for double exposure effect. Too great. A nice looking world were a movie poster. So if you want to learn now to design, poster and improve your designing skills and throwing now and let's get started. 2. Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name's Andy Stony. First of all, thank you for enrolling for this class. And I'm so happy that you controlled. And I appreciate I appreciate on your efforts posting your designs in the assignment section or the gallery of this class. So thank you so much. And in this video, I'm gonna show you that design that we are going to do for this class. So we're going to do a double exposure, a movie, poster design and little story. I got this idea from the movie that I recently watched The Hawks storage by, Directed by Mel Gibson and starting Androgel feel Yeah, it's Andrew Garfield and that. So I thought, you know, we not make a, uh um World War movie poster since I haven't shown you Ah, double exposure. So my net made of exposure. Right. Poster. So this is the design that we're going to do? It's a simple design, basically, and, uh, it's a simple steps. I'm gonna show you step by step. The process of the creation of this poster and, um, on the things here accepted the phone that I use here. It's a beam in front, but you can use any other ones that are free. I think this one is free. And now everything year are free. The image and I'm gonna show you the the images the vice that we're going to use for disc less. All right, The 1st 1 from picks obeyed at home. It's a little bit, uh, helmet had night here. Yes, I'm gonna. But a link in the description of this less so you can down this our finest. We'll just split the free download and then the image off a bottle of Wajima. Yes. Search it on Google and then gap it. I think I got it from here from national Gavin W two museum that orig This where I got my image and also the movie poster graded here at the bottom of our design were very going toe a put here. So just click on the specs. This, uh, think All right. So, yeah, this is all about here and now we're the same. And I'm gonna show you the steps that I that I, uh I did hear you can use any version off. It'll be 1/4 ship 66 or CS five. Amusing adobe 40 Shep TC and ah, yeah, this my layers. So for a change, we're going to do a poster which you really do remember and that we always dough some classes about adobe in straight or so I mean, do some and over 40 chapter torreyes. And it's a double exposure, you know, double exposure. It's, ah, combination or merging upto images. That's basically the double exposure and photographers on Mr. It's a technique used by photographers. And in this design, what we're going to do is we're going to do a asylum it like a here and then an image inside off it some but no, we're going to do that as well. By combining two images right now we're doing celebrate and then an image inside of it. And then we're going toe must out the US flung here, right? And then we do a sunburst background design with the little take store on here. Right? So that's basically what we're going to do in this class. So yeah, I hope you I don't know the device meaning for this class popping up your adobe 1/4 ship. And in the next video, we're going to start making our double exposure poster design. All right, So see you in the next video 3. Designing background and soldier: Hello and welcome back in this first video off design process, we're going toe design a sunburst background for our poster. There are other ways to do it, but I believe this streak is the fastest one. So let's do it. I also opened the celebrate off soldiers said in other window. Now let's make a new file by going toe file. No, I'm using CC, but I like. Like I said, you can use any version to create this design. So if I size ihsaa 8.5 inches by 11 inches, all right in the resolution is 300. Let's make it seem like a in case you want toe print it and white background. And I'm just click on. Great. All right, so this is our canvas. Now we're going to create a background for these. Make sure you and lock the layer and it's the sunburst that we are going to do. We're going to apply it here. Make sure you have the white colder in the foreground. In the background color is the seven. B 278 and then get your Gregan tool. All right, so this isn't the same thing here. Just dealing ingredient. And then from the top, click and drug to the bottom part. Make sure the white part sound the top part. All right, so now got a filter. The start. Click on wave. So this is the setting number of generators. This one, maybe link is one tau nine grand marks. Amplitude this one door 999 Click on repeated pictures and select the square. All right, so does not Stating That's how you create a vertical lines. Something like this. Now, just go to a filter again. We're going to start and then click on polar coordinates in era. Just selected rectangular the polar. All right, so you can see the preview, and that's it. That's how it created the background for our poster. And now we're going to add the silhouette and the day soldier right here. I was just using the move tool, having just click and drug toe over canvas. I like that. All right. And now began its get it up control D to show the bounding box Anglican Your corners always . Ah, hold your shift key to constrain the perfect shape. All right, Something like this. This this would be final. Yes, and that showed the, uh, smart guides. So you just you're gonna go to view, all right? And then just click that check mark toe are committing these ice new size. Okay, so we're going to add the, uh, never part of the head soldier. Now, just get the colder. It's actually the red it's in. The X code is 79 13 14 No, make me layer to show the layer style and click on color overlay. All right. It will apply that it will apply there as long as on the foreground color. Now, right, Click on it. Convert placement object so we can clip mask the shape that we're going toe apply later. So now let's do the lover part of need design or the You know, the torso part of the soldier. Get the mental, are priced beyond your Gibbard. Make sure it's on shape in the color red. Of course, Now it's up to you how you designed this, But tabula just click in. Click here, Alright? And then I'm gonna show you way to go. I'm gonna show you, um eight. Or how I am. And in these the points here, in case you want door? No, changed the curves. Now just click and make sure you close the path all the time. And now get your direct selection tool. Click on these are point and you can see the handles. And you can click here to change that. Or you can get your convert bindle me no click May know like that it will go a straight line. All right. And then, if you're Glick and run, it will show a new handles of the point. Something like this. All right. So you can add Thea single point single handle here. Something like this one on the decide. And it will not change the other side of the unders. And like on the direct selection tool, if you put 100 it will change both, uh, Saints. Unless you are select the point first Indian Yanda's. All right. Uh, yeah, I think I'm I'm fine with it. And now double click on this layer un decide so to show the hairstyle window and make sure select the color overlay and click on the dark color. All right. And also in the, uh, upper part. So let's get the rectangle, and then it's drawing your tongue and somewhere here from the upper part of the nose. Summer like here. And then we're going to change the color block. It's like that. All right. And then we're going toe clip it. Make sure you select the in between by holding the key and then click in the in between layers off those two. All right, So that's how you sleep. Mask the, uh, shape. Okay, so, yeah. So No. 20. See video guys on the next video. I mean, I'm gonna We're gonna remove some backgrounds for our image. So save this file, right, Because we're going to need it in the next video. Okay, So, yeah, I'm gonna save it. And that's what for these media guys sealing the next the next one. 4. Removing unwanted background: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going to remove the background of this image of the soldiers raising the US plug in Wajima. So we need a magic one here in removing the background. So click on Magic Wendell, and then just click on the image and then to add more on your shift key and then click or drug here on this going on something like this. All right, so add in the selection right now, we are selecting the background, not the soldiers, but we're going toe in verse next election later. Okay, So I just ah, on your shift key while clicking on the address that you want to include in the selection. Okay, so I just ah, find some of it. And then, of course, you know, you can go Greek selection tool. I mean, the quick mask. All right. Something like this. And you will see there's a your red color. Those are the not selected. And we need a brush for these. Yes, but be on your keyboard and way are going toe paint over on the, uh, it is that we don't want think tone in this election. Okay, so we need a hard brush on this one. So make sure India foreground is the black black color to paint. All right, So hard brush and then just spent over on the image. So this will not be selected on the red ones. I mean, the, uh in the great mass mood. Okay, so I just go over, beat it, and you would see that I'm gonna bent over this image and, uh, if you want Oh, remove some expected something like this. You have tow press X on your keyboard toe. Make the four grand call or write. It means it will not included in the selection. All right, that's you can see my, uh, foreground color and background Golder is exchanging from black to white. And when you are done selecting the background rescue in your cable toe, go back to normal view, and now go toe select, Select on the inverse. All right, now it will select the soldiers in the flood. So all we have to do right now is press controversy and then control V paste on a new layer . All right, And now on our in document that's project file. We're going toe drug. This image of the soldiers without the, uh, the background. So let's just get here. Yes, like that. All right, and then position it. Control T toe. Precise your image, of course. Holding your shifty when the help. Just a position it nicely here and then click on the check mark on top of the options. And now let's make this image corner block by double clicking on the layer to show the layer style click on color overlay and make sure it's called a block, all right, and now we can remove some unwanted areas of this image by adding a layer must do it. There's some portion of the you know, one toe. All right, so click on the, uh, they're musk here, and then make sure on top in the foreground, this block took over up the, uh, some toe to hide some of the image that you don't want part of the meat you don't want, and then this brush over on it. It's like this. Make sure you're using the, uh, harden hardness and brush and brush. Okay, And then, if you want toe, go back again. Yes, flip the U. Make sure it's in the white collar, the foreground color, and then back again Go hide the portion of the mission that you don't want. No que something like this. And then just ah, it's up to you How you want the some extras here to split the pressed XTO. Exchanging the black and white in the foreground and background color. All right. Seems fine with me. And now make sure you select the layer mask and what we're going to do, Isa, we're going toe and more. You know, it's not pointy. You don't want appointee here if something like this. All right. Okay. I guess the next step would be, um, making the flag. I show I mean it. Duplicate this. So we're going to do this. We got going door duplicate the image. So control J to make a duplicate of it. And here on top, we're going toe hide the effects toe, show the, uh, really, uh, the details of damage and then make sure you're on the mosque. So, like this and then yes, in your brush tool, we're going toe bent over on the soldiers, and we're going to leave the, uh, U s flag. All right, so that's basically how I did that design. Isolating the US leg. All right, so it will let some, you know, drama power. Motive, Ulster, Not anything did is just the US plug. Okay, Now make sure your civic again the image and then let's go toe, uh, layer matting and click on the fringe. Different the French and then add to with pixels just to remove some of the like halo The queen's you can see on the image white part on the ages in their matting, click on the French and two big cells Click OK, All right then. And it will hide these Ah doth he looked part a little thing. Now let's add the adjustment layer recording a curves and then here I just ah, make sure it's clip below the layer Click on this one and then just ah, I had some contrast in here Toe pop up the color of the flag. The Yeah, they black and white of the plug. All right, and mystery. We're done with this part. Okay, so clean up your layers in the in the next video we're going toe finish our design by adding some takes and takes years to our movie poster. All right, so see you in the next video 5. Adding text and texture: Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video, we are going toe. Ah, finish our double exposure movie poster the time, and we're going to add some checks and textures to our poster. Okay, so, yeah, I start doing it, Throw up in your design. You're basically file. And make sure you clean up your layers. It's always good to start in a portion of your design with the Clinton, uh, nears. Okay, so get your thank tool, and I'm gonna type a feeling by just only stubborn so you can put your name on it and then on your character panel, make sure you always I did the, uh uh, talking. Okay. So you can guess at the individually or there's a preset on it, like 2040 60. So always, always ready the police it idea character of the tracking of detects. And then we'll add the, uh but enough Uwajima here. So I was like, nothing of you. Majima going right and I'll be using American Oak Front is ah, supreme one that I bought the recently You can use any any fun with the nice said if and for this word off anything. It's everyone he saw Gabriella. Yeah, from using them. Viola, you can know. Noted for fear. Yes, I think it's on my machine already. So it's a nicer frontier battle off. And then this couple, it'll make it a little big. And then the tracking, Of course. I only said it done. Don't make it. You know, in auto auto rocking. It's not idea. Nacer List type the word Juma. I just duplicated the word battle for the word Jima. I will remove the letter I and add some, uh, turning between the J and M turning. It's a space between individual letters and to a turning position. The cursor between letters you want to add space and then priced out older, out and then pressed the left or right arrows. Okay, so that's were very going toe idea Shepard DeFelice plug And, uh, that furnace, like is simple, suggests rectangle. Get your rectangle tool and then through a tangle in between the J and M, just like it will look like, you know, notoriety whenever a poster. So yes, draw here in the jungle here and sure it's right. Got it right. And then they just at the Ellipse Just the same quarter off our it in here on your shift key when the click and dragging the mouse. And I'm just trying it Doha Center. All right. Same style. Gave it me. And now about the about the movie credits. I just don't know that a file about the, you know, sample movie credits and, um, the move the no, just, you know, using the cable datos it's better and opening in the movie. Great, it's here. I didn't install the but you can install it if you want to change the takes in here. What? I'm gonna do it. So I just put it here on the, uh, never part of the design. Amusing. Make uber Darrow's never right. And then to ah, precisely control t in your keyboard just like that. Okay, so it's a clean up our layers, you name it takes all right. And I think we're only missing one thing here the next door. So I'm gonna upload the fine. It takes your file that you can add the orders. Poster? Yes. Drop it here. But it put it end up here and then scale it up and there's something like this. Should be on top of the background layer, all right, and then duplicated holding your key and replicate. And then just like this to and then number down your capacity so it won't, you know, really strong in your design between 20 to 30 person in the busty, and then this control G group that name it. Think store. All right. And I guess we are done me that Our design double exposure movie poster design. So, yeah, I hope you guys learn something from this video. And, um, please let me know what you think about this class by giving a review. And, uh, yeah, if you have any questions, just posting the discussion and also post your designs. Okay, so that sort for this video seo index less.