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Design Custom Layouts for your Digital Planner | Apple & Android

teacher avatar Daisy Marie Productivity Geek, PlanningPrintsCo

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction & ing Class Overview

    • 2. Introduction Part II Having an idea of the pages we will need

    • 3. Part II - Overview layout One week per page side

    • 4. Part III - Double Week Layout & Insert

    • 5. Part IV - Linking Additional Pages

    • 6. Step V VI Designing layouts Windows Final Steps Export Next Calss Decorating our Planner

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to this week's class series here on Skillshare.

In this class, I will share the steps I take to create weekly templates and additional slide inserts to use with my digital planners using my windows computer.

You can follow this course using your computer, or your android or apple device

I will be using the application called "Google Slides" and then I will briefly test our project using the application called "XODO"

I wanted to make this class as easy as possible while using free resources to share the steps that I personally take when creating some of my customized digital planner layouts.

I focus here on a  basic design. However, once you know the basic steps the options are limitless.


  • Before we get started, please make sure to have the application Google Slides installed in your device or if you will be following along using your computer, then be sure to be signed into your google account and then find the Google Slides using the applications menu on the top right corner. Right under your account ID-picture. 
  • If you would like to test the project with me, then also install the application XODO on your device, or be sure to look up xodo (dot) com to be able to open the project in your computer once we are ready to test it.
  • We will continue to use the planner we created last week. If you have not completed that project.     I invite you to take a few minutes to get that one ready in order to follow along this class a bit easier.

Don't forget to join in next Thursday for our final class of this series. Where I will share all about how I organize/duplicate pages on my planner, using Goodnotes.  How I decorate my planner with readily available tools and what I use to create cute digital stickers. I will be using my iPad Pro, but I will talk about tips for iOs and Android users too!


I will love to meet you and share our projects and planning tips over at our social media channels.

Follow at @productiveplanning or find out more about at

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Daisy Marie Productivity Geek



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1. Introduction & ing Class Overview: welcome in this class. I am going to teach you how to create your own layouts for the digital planner that we created the last week. If you haven't seen that class, I am going to also include a link to which below there you will. You will learn how to create the actual planner of the bones off the planner, step by step using a windows computer. Hello. My name is Daisy and I am a productivity coach. I focus on helping individuals like you to craft a productive life and career before we get started. I do want to invite you to follow us on social media by searching productive planning in their more about our programs at productive planning coach dot com. Let's get started. All right, guy. So, as you remember, this is a day planner that we've created last week. If you haven't again taking a look at that course and to invite you to go over there and take a few minutes to create this planner, which is the one that we're going to be using for this class. I just wanted to give you an overview of what is it that we are going to be working on. So you have an idea what to expect. So I am here in the preview mode, off the planner Uncle. Go slides. And is it? Remember? This is a way for us to make sure that all over links and everything it's working properly . So I am going to go ahead and start navigating throughout the planner to show you what is it that we're gonna be doing? So we are going to arrange the planter. How we won't. We are going to change backgrounds and then we are going to start working with this layout . 2. Introduction Part II Having an idea of the pages we will need: All right, so we are ready to get started. We are in the file that we've created it. We have the cover of the beginning of the planner and then we have 12 inserts for the months that we created last week where they were created in the previous course. So today we are going to create the layouts. And to do that, I want to first know what is it that we need? Are we going to create a tailor the month first and then add additional slights under between this one between January and February for our weeks? Or are we going to create a month overview and then the first page and then depending on this layout, it's that we know how Maney inserts we will need between the months. In my case, I like to just create want layout for the weeks and then ah, well, copy and paste those as I need them as I work on my planner, Instead of having them here from the beginning, I would just copy and paste as I go and how to navigate from one to another one. So, to make sense, I'm just gonna go ahead and get started because I know I can get a bit confusing 3. Part II - Overview layout One week per page side: So in my case, I'm going to go with the week right away. So I am going to copy this one and paste it and used this same one to start Creed in the days of the week. I want seven of these boxes, so I'd have to make sure that I can fit them in this side of the page. So I will copy and paste this in the top or arrange it on the top first and then copy this one. So what I did, I just copy and paste this I made arranged this three first to make sure that I have them where I want them to be. Then I copied this three and paste them here and then just selected one more and copy it at the bottoms to have seven Ah, for ah, space for the seven days of the week. And then I always have ah, small area right here to either add Ah, the goal of the week. Or maybe to do for the week. There's something specific about this week in particular. So now that we have the first layout ready, we are ready to move on in. Create the additional week inserts 4. Part III - Double Week Layout & Insert: All right, So now is the time for you to decide what kind of layout For the week you want again for the project, we are doing a two weeks per slide kind of design. So to create thes insert for the weeks, we have to include a new sides, a new slide. So we have to navigate all the way to the bottom and copy and paste this one. So by doing Ctrl c and C J L B, you can paste a news like when you we do that the lengths tend to move, So you do have to kind of double check on those. And typically this one last one moves because the system thinks that you want to continue on, including the latest inserts that you include. If that makes it so just kind of, go ahead and double check and change it back to whatever he needs to be. This one needs to be back to slide 14 which is going to be our December. So we do want to change that. Okay. So you can do that by clicking here and then edit, Then delete this exit out and then select slight 14 again and apply. All right, so we double checked our lengths. Now we're ready to, um designed the layup, and I am gonna go ahead of here in just copied this one since it's the same layout that I'm gonna be using throughout my weeks, my weekly spread. So copy this one seater, ill see, never get back down to, like, 15 and paste. He's twice that since we're doing a double week view. Now we have the insert for the weeks, and this is one of the reasons that I like to do my layouts just like this because it allows me to have two weeks in just 11 slide. And by doing that, I maintain my file in small format. So when I exporting the file, it doesn't take us long. It doesn't take much space in memory of my advice, and it also works more smoothly. It doesn't lag as much if I had multiple pages and multiple slides. Now we do want to have something that take us here. You can always when you export your plant your planner to whichever application you're gonna be using it at it should allow you to see it in um, an overview, and it's like it should have in waffle kind of option, sort of like this. Where use would you click on that? And you will see an overview of all of the windows and all the slides that you've created, or you can include a link within the planner to navigate from one place to the other one. So I like to do that. I'd like to include a link in my file by going to the very first page, or when I opened up Runner and at something here that allows me to navigate to my weekly layouts. 5. Part IV - Linking Additional Pages : so to include a link that would that will allow me to navigate from one place to the other one. In this case from, uh, from this place to my weekly layouts. If I wanted to include a copy or duplicate the weekly layout's page, I want to have something here to take me there. So in my case, I like to use the shape that looks like he's sticking out. So I go to shapes under shapes. I go to yours, this shape right here, and it says, Folded corner to meet you looked like a sticking out. So I go with that and I place it where I wanted to be changed. The color to color I like in even at text, if you like. You don't have to do this. You can add a sticker, or maybe just handwrite it when you start using your printer. For In this case, I'm gonna add text because it's always going to take me to the same place. So why not add text? So I am going to write weekly. We cleave quickly layouts weekly out, and now I am going to arrange it as I wanted to look like you can tweak the shape swell as you like. Okay, so now you have the item that you are going to use to navigate to the weekly layouts. Now, you want to link this to that particular laid out. So by clicking on the shape, or whether whether it is this shape or the texts, either or will do the same thing. I like the shape because is larger, so it has more area for me to click on. And I do see Terry. Okay. And then select Slide 15 which is where we created the weekly overview. Okay, so now when we click here, it will navigate to the 15 and it's going to show us this page. All right, so we have a weekly layout ready. We had linked the we have added or included a navigation linked or design at the beginning off the planner. And now we can continue to do the additional inserts. Whether you want more pages. Um, more weeklies, uh, layouts. You could create a variety or a few versions off the weekly layouts and do the same thing and maybe just at different sticky notes. Or you can have a blank page which is what we are going to do now. So to do that, I am going to select this one again. Copy and paste. And now we created insert or slide 16. In this light 16. I am going to go for a different design, so I don't need none of these right here because all I need is a blank page for me to be able to journal as I need to do a vision board. If I wanted to do a any particular design, I can do it right here. And I have a blank slate for me to do that. So do not to get to this page. I will go to appear, and I will add a different one, another one of these to link to that page. So let's go ahead and do that right now. So we think that we could link this one just like 16. And now we are ready to move on to the next steps. 6. Step V VI Designing layouts Windows Final Steps Export Next Calss Decorating our Planner: So now that you are happy with the designed, you've created the layouts. Did you included in your planner and you have all the links that you need? You can't kind of review. Make sure all your links are correct. It should be like 15 and they should be sliced 16. That's good. This one continues to be slight. 14. Remember that we mentioned that we wanted to double check the links and make sure the view were not moved around when we were placed in copying and pasting. If you're happy with your planner and now you can go ahead and arrange it, it's want. In my case, I like to arrange the cover off my planner to be a little bit tilted just because it looks like it. It's just placed on my on my counter or in my desktop. So to do that, I will select all of it and then used a little dot up here to arrange it as I want to. You can definitely use this area for other stuff, like maybe adding sticky notes here and maybe highlights off your of your planning. Or maybe go ahead and add two DUIs or important things reminders. You couldn't do that by using the shapes like we did before, and maybe add sticky notes to decorate your disk to decorate it as you want to. And this always is an option. Optional step. You do not have to do this. I like to have them just in case. I want to add something. Maybe it reminder are something that I don't have a place for just yet. And I'll just go ahead and add it here. Now that we have this ready, we have tilted the planner as we want. Now you can go ahead and change the background. And to do that you will select all of yours lights by going to this lights over the on the left side, click on any of them and select all by doing see Gerald L. A. And now you selected all of your slides. Now go up here where he says backgrounds and you can change the color. Or you can choose an image. If you happen to have a background image that you prefer, maybe you have a wooden image that you can use to represent your desk. You can use that some people like the marble background so you can go ahead. And at that, if you like for the course, we are going with solid color. So I am going to choose this one, all right? And what it does is since you selected all of them, all of them will change anything times that you don't have to go one by one, and you could done and all of your slides already. So if you want to make sure that everything is how you want it to be before you export, you can go ahead and review each slide carefully, and you have completed the project. So now you can exploit it just like we did before. By going to file download and you will downloaded as a PdF, you will save it to your computer and then open it with whichever program you like to use. So now we are in Sodo. And again, remember, we're using a Windows computer. So this is so dot com you do not have to have an account like I mentioned previously. You can still use this one as a guest and preview your files here as well as a guest. So just go to sodo dot com and it will show you this screen from here. You're going to locate your file. In my case, I say they too might stop. So I'm gonna go here. Frankel. Two quick access. I'll find the file that I just saved. And here it is. This is the layout that we just created. We added the background color and his sticky notes there, there. And that's just kind of test out our links as well, using the Soto application to make sure they work properly. So there it iss in takes me to my week. Takes me to my blank page. Great. No, I am on my monthly layouts and again you can see that they switching by taking and look over here at at the bar on the right side and just kind of you see it moving towards the bottom. That means reeling. Start looking as long as they move, it is working. Okay. And now we are ready to start playing. I hope video has been helpful. This glass have been helpful. If you want to learn how to make this runner more personalized, how decorated and kind of one follow on with me into how I decorate and prepaid in my planner to get to start using it, make sure that you follow our classroom because next week we are going to be uploading the class all about decoration in personalizing our planners. Thank you so much for joining us and enjoy your plenty.