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Design & Create A HTML web page with Adobe Photoshop

Web U Teach - International, Web U Teach - Learn with us, Grow with us.

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13 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Welcome to this course

    • Here is exactly what we will be creating on this course

    • The 3 Critical elements to a web or sales page

    • lets prepare Adobe Photoshop

    • Preparing our canvas and setting the stage

    • Creating the outline of our web page and the 3 sections

    • Adding menu items and copyright footer message

    • Adding our Web Pages Design Elements

    • It is important to think about web pages sections before the next stage

    • It's now time to slice up our graphic and export it as a HTML web page

    • Lets take a look at exactly hat Photoshop has automatically produced

    • I will be using this HTML Editor but you can use any of these

    • The final stage Now to make it look and function like an actual web page


About This Class

Do you want to be able to sell your digital product on the likes of Clickbank or JVZoo?

Have you ever noticed how they usually just use one single sales page to sell their digital product?.........well this course is all about teaching you exactly how you can create a seriously awesome sales page using just Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is an amazing design tool, and many people are not even aware that it is also able to generate HTML web pages by using a simple built in 'export' function.

On this course you will be taught all about this exciting tool. Why is it so exciting?...... because this single tool now unleashes a whole new range of creative possibilities within Photoshop. 

You can be as creative as you wish to in your websites design - and then just export your design in to a fully functioning HTML web page with clickable links.

What are some of the uses of this?

Well, lets just say that you wanted to create your own digital informational product. Nothing would make it stand out more than if you were able to create your own custom sales page for that product that would wow your visitors when they landed on your page. 

Here is a bit about what you will learn on this course

You will be shown...

  • How to start off with just a blank canvas in Photoshop and go on to create your on unique web page design that you can then go on to export as HTML and images.
  • How to decide on the header, body content & footer sections
  • Slicing up any flat images ready to be exported.
  • The step-by-step process to exporting ANY image as a HTML document.
  • How to format your exported content ready to be used on the web.
  • How to add great looking headers & footers to every single page

We are going to have a lot of fun on this course and you are going to learn a super-cool & very modern new skill. 

So if you have not already joined us on this course, then be sure to jump in TODAY!...... We look forward to welcoming you on the inside.






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Web U Teach - International

Web U Teach - Learn with us, Grow with us.

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