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Design Crafts Art Abstract Painting

Constance Hessman

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7 Videos (25m)
    • What You Will Learn

    • Basic Supplies Needed

    • Mixing the special solution to add to your paints.

    • Mixing the solution into the paints.

    • Putting the paint on the canvas.

    • Removing the drips.

    • The amazing finished abstract painting.


About This Class

Try this fun and easy art abstract painting that anyone can paint. You may have several of the art supplies needed around your house already. I'm sure once you try this easy abstract painting project you will want to create more. It's just that much fun and oh so easy to create. Each time you create a new abstract painting using this method you will be creating a new design. So let's get started while I show you step by step how to create a beautiful, stunning abstract painting. The abstract art painting designs you create will amaze you!






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Constance Hessman Fine art Artist and Instructor
Constance Hessman has a passion for art and teaching. She is also a formally trained computer graphic artist. After a full career in high tech and ever changing computer graphics, Constance has decided to enjoy life more and settle back into her fine art and art instruction. Her love for children and nature often appear in her works of art.

Constance is a very diverse artist, she likes the challenge of using all types of media. Her f...

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