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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Installing fonts

    • 3. Comic Effects 1: part 1

    • 4. Comic Effects 1: part 2

    • 5. Comic Effects 2

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this tutorial we will learn some comic effects using Adobe Illustrator. In this class you will be creating your first comic effects in simple steps.

We are going to talk about the foundations of design through shapes and for our hands on project, we'll be designing two comic effects from start to finish. I'm going to share with you my way of designing things and see me how I approach each complicated designs and make it in simple shapes.

Once you learn the basics you will able to design different styles that you can use in your own personal project. I designed this class for beginners but if you're intermediate level you may still get a thing or two I'm so excited to see you in the class so enroll now and let's get started.

  • You Can Use either Mac or Windows
  • No Prior Experience
  • Learn Designs

This course is designed to teach you how to solve any design problems you have. In this course you will learn not only about doing designs but also the proper steps in designing. I will teach you how to maximize your talent and build your confidence.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: thank you for taking up less. My name is Luis Tunnel. And in this class, we're going toe design. Thes coming effects in simple steps here in Adobe Illustrator. Once you've learned the basics, you were able to design different stance that you can use in your own personal Tragic. I designed this class for beginners, but if you're intermediate 11 you may still get anything for I'm so excited to see you in the class, so Enron now and let's get started. 2. Installing fonts: e Thank you for enrolling to this class before we proceed in designing our comic effects, let me show you the comic typefaces. Styles are used in the past this air free and easy to down. The 1st 1 is from the fund that come. You don't have to register here. It's badda boom by Lambert. It's for personal use only. But if you want to use for a commission, you may want to contact the designer first Cantel downloaded. Just click this button. Thea Other one is from France. Create fun spirit that calm It's comic that I can just click this town important to get it . After you download it, you get a compressed file. I used seven seat to extract this file. Yes, rightly and 70 and struck here and then when you get the file the point that's double click that and get this installed. All right, I want to start it again. I already have you and for this one the same thing for comical title directly. Seven. Zip and struck. Here, Just click that And like all the points that you need want to install, right click and click story. Okay, Just, uh, simple I think you're different from maca user. Just make sure that you stole this first before starting or if you want, you can use Agra phones. There's a phone that you like, but these are the one that I prefer for this coming effect. Okay, so see you in the next one. 3. Comic Effects 1: part 1: e and welcome. But in this first video, we're going to design our first style off comic effect. I was inspired by the comic stern Moby that I recently watched, so I thought it would be cool if I make one class about it. That's what you need. Something that expects you to be created, right? Okay, so let's start. I will use Adobe Illustrator or C C in this class, but you can use any version. I wouldn't do any special features here in cc version that you don't have. So we start from scratch. Here's my canvas. I'm going to show you how I created this one. Yes, you go to find. And then from the with 9 60 pixels 5 64 height and color mode. Just rgb screen 72 0 p p i and just leave everything like that and people get And he's our canvas. Sparely white, actually, what time we're going toe cover a cover The thread like this one and the called Lawry's. If I 403 c, just copy that and write the copy and click OK here and making you, um nao here. Not layer, but a shape right Thank you. And then double click this for a grand quarter. And then just based that year, Rick. Okay. And next my going toe, like this layer. So it the one move right. So that would be our macron. Korder. So let me start to, you know, and the thing that we're going to do Is this one some explosion effect here? Kaboom. So let me show you mostly like this one. I don't have to worry if if you came up with a little different, but yes. Remember the steps that we're going to do and then work on it. And then, uh, you get near what you want in the design. So and just like that, So I won't accidentally move it. And then it starts from the stool. If you don't, this one espresso end your Gibbard, and then I will put a base where the smoke coming out. All right there. Yes. Uh, it's think that. Okay, how about it? Closely. And when you start adding some smoke here, like this one, like the outline that you see get a stolen and there are many ways how to do it. But this one, I think the simples way Mitt a first lives our second headaches. Actually, this one and then just copy and paste up right there on Tracee and controlled be the pace in the book. So here it is now selected. I haven't changed in the corner so that something like this one when he won, he won t go like OK, and then I was like me The first lifts. Let's move it down It's actually this It is gunned up the smoke it down. I'm using my ankle but arrows left or right and then select both and group it control G right there. You can see on May there spanning it's No one ship. I mean, one group with two ships when I mean duplicated all your heart and then move it on the right. The duplicated. That's position it here. Like I said, that were first lips. The biggest one would be our base where we're going toe put several, uh, shapes that, like, like outline that we didn't so you can edit the spacing by double clicking that to go into the isolation mode. And now we're going toe position it like me outlining our lips. Yes, double clicking right here. I'm in the isolation mode so you can see I'm dragging the white part. The the meat down some variation off our black outline. Okay. And there, miss, take time. If you need to know, you don't have toe, Harry. This and this ah, duplicated older out and then dragged the right side That complicated. And now I'm just making scaling it up some variation. So this is the simplest way how to do it to do this outline. Unless you have a mental orographic tablet so you can draw that that line. And now we fast forwarded. So since you know the process, just duplicate one Ciric older, one group and then edited using the isolation mode So you can edit the spacing of the black and white in one drop and right there. All right, I'm just done with the base off our A smoke. Right? My wrongs done, actually. Quite done. Yes, As you can see, there's a white space there that's actually our big base. That's a scale it down. Make it smaller under a shift, chief together right there. And now, then let's see. I mean, it's on some on this ontology and Now it's one group we can edit still this one by double clicking that toe goto isolation mode. If our word you can play with this one, that was a boom that's typical. Some defect in the comics on that sound, but that some effect I'm using a badda boom. Maybe scan it up, holding your shift key when drugging up right there to constrain the perfect shape off your text a little bigger and, yes, are small there, then just a little bigger than our smoke. Right now we're going toe at those outline. But first, let's change the gardener the same corner. Just I think that I pekar and then a little darker, like this one. The 11919 and click OK, and then takes I mean, that's, um out linear control C control, be the pacing back And now again, See, it's still selected. Well, uh, luck the first layer off our techs we need the second, the lower layer goto appearance spanning and click this ad stroke. Sit in the white corner and then we'll add name you mean by five points. Then in our layer name is duplicated again and Troisi control be in here. It's selected. Make sure it selected the, uh, nowhere. Uh, the third takes. And now, in exchange to call your comeback, the points will make the double, maybe 10 points right there. Or you can add maybe 11 11 points. And now we will grow. Please select this three. Uh, thanks. Orange orangey Now in a position it here, right there. No, thanks. It's quite slant. But we will go there that you're selling this corner and will be trying, Okay? And maybe we need to go to the, uh, some, uh, smoke effect like way. Been at another line over over there? Yes, I will duplicate it on Alki and then run. Then I guess they did something like this one. We only see the partial off it, but send it to a friend by holding your control and Schiff And then later than and then sitting in isolation mode like that? Yes. Based on the canvas, if you want toe outside of that isolation. So this is the first part is continuing in the second video 4. Comic Effects 1: part 2: Hi. Let's continue duplicate the smoke or the white part and bring the lead some part of it toe a variation of the same. So I think this one is Okay. Now let's make it smaller. Scale it down and let's put it up here on your shift key when it's getting known to constrain that perfection. Okay, so you can delete the parts of that are add more of that smoke. Zoom in a little bit and it's making that Islam get the mental and just follow along with me like this one and second for this one. This one and this one it's like a conga or painting on their off white and get depending again. Maybe do the block part of it like this one. And this close that one looks right there. This may okay, there changed the corner to block in quick. Okay. And we can actually duplicate it if you want. What, me fishing it nicely in Do it. Another one on the other side, on the right side. Get the that ex selection tool so we can edit this part right there in the mental. And let's do it again, like what we did this one right there always close those points in another one in the sander making small there? Of course, Madeleine, Just click. Inkley don't have to make a busier. Later we will do it Another company, if IQ and right there. If it's anything, it's toe to make it slimmer. Maybe maybe something like that, right? Yeah. Next time gruffness control g to make one group so we can sell it can duplicate it Like what I did here Or you know, Alky and then make it smaller. Petitioning somewhere here they were. Frito, no more of this, right? So yes, 10 on a basic basic explosion effect we have here Next windows on my black lines again. Here on the left side. It's like summer explosion something. Okay, You're seeing the pain. Told again? Yes. Click and like to make a young points and then close it in the first point that you didn't right there. And get the that x election toe toe, baby. In that point, Nansen at the store duplicated on the major alky. Or maybe just the reflect total Oh, in your keyboard. And then holder out and then click in that space. No, get that. And now we have this part. Now we can edit this. We don't have toe no more like what we did in the mental. Just a didn t safe. If right You think the that X addiction daughter, we can very be with a night next Click on the points you want toe move and zoom out to see you are the same. Okay? And do it again and then click data make it smother. Or this one Maybe right there and next This smoke Yeah, we'll do it again. Like that one. What we need in our smoke base? Nobody. I mean, uh, it's a duplicate that changed the gold or Dwight the say the first for a sit again But we have obligated what they did like this one. And? And the sizes, of course. Yes. No duplicate. Seven times. I mean, as far what did? Since you know the steps and there just duplicating and goto isolation mode. If you want toe be spacing off the white part and the black one and then just groping control G and then duplicated control C and control f in front and make it smaller. This one right there. You know, being in this a small part. And then this will be the smallest one. And for the seven duplicated right there. And this one just put it here. Yes, body, The spacing and the decisive from those smoke and those black lines you can right this one make something variation of that design. Okay? Yes. Rotating. So it won't look like a coming from the same. Right? Cool. It looks good and now necessary. All the design that reading ontology the group it now, As you can see, it's here. And when it duplicated Darcy control be toe pace in back on. This is it. That's a high diese first layer and select the the one on the back Expand appearance Goto object again. Expand, make Okay and no Finnic. I love this again. Goto object, Expand. So make sure that we're going to expand everything expand again. Everything will be, uh, in shapes after do it Severin several times to go toe compound path and make or control. Eight. The short that you're the same should look something like white here. There's no compound chief changing the gold or something. Agree. Thank God. This 13 X code C six, beep beep, I'd like Okay. And then go to appear expanding on the field, the capacity and make it multiply right there and then go to layer. No. Let's, uh, like that view our first layer, and we're going to move it that don't press your keyboard Arrows left or right? Right down, arrows. And here we have a shadow off our effect comic effect. Right there, I guess. Ah, position it nice. Me not so much apart from the I'm your insane. It won't look good. So it seems okay, right? We're done, actually, Frito Elegant design. If it's not look good, you spend more time doing it. Maybe your unit toe practice, Marvin the tools, like, you know, pain toy or something like that. But they seem to have done using simple steps. Right? So next time in the next video, we're going to do another design using a mental. But don't worry, it will be simple. I know. I know some of you are familiar with the mental, so do it in those that do so. I hope you enjoyed this video and see you next time sailing the next video 5. Comic Effects 2: e and welcome again. This video we're going toe designed another comic effect. If you haven't seen the 1st 1 is due or I go a step by step in the process. Okay, So this is the design we're going to do now. And a fairly simple using a mental way will do this. Corners these spikes on our explosion effect. Okay, so I hope you are. I mean, they are with the So that's it. Move it aside here and then. Yes, sir. Okay, so when ready? Yes. Get the benton when you see the sex, the snap cups, nothing about your keyboard now and then. Drug doctor. The daisy a curves And then click this corner so we can start again. Right there. Yes, we can drag and then the stalker So we can start again without those crazy, uh, weakness again. And then run somewhere here, maybe hear clicking drug. So you can see those curves. And then again, maybe somewhere here and then to make a guess. I rotation. So we will cover. Does thanks. Fast forwarded. You can see the same same thing on then close your but a smudge. It's possible. And you can see here we have a very rough corner here. We can edit that, using their extraction, this point here so you can use a daily anchor point. Oh, let's, um, points or and uncle Point all toe added some, like this one. Just click and drag to show those uncle points. Okay? Yes, we can run and you can end it here. Or you Can you see my rec silicon told and then drug those hunger pains. Also, this one just clicked on the point so you can move you. It will show the uncle Point. I don't. So I think that's okay. No. And exchange to call your Dwight and duplicated control C control f controlled the I mean in the back. Now, this may bigger strange, the colder to block their fancy. That's enough to be a aske. Loneliness. Perfect. Like your er the first shape, the white one. Uh, it's like it's not the background or something, but just, uh, find something that you can see. I'm still editing the point. Some points here. Yes, using this vaccination. And now get me type alone. And that's type I'm using a kombucha cited axis that I installed here I power in the exclamation point Escape, escape Don't commit that takes here Keeping something like that changed quarter or something. Bluish I think this one and the corner our background He's one tau nine bc six get off election told I mean smooth created control Seeing control be again Hide the first layer Now it's a stone Strange going on the white Like what? We did the first video four points Looks fine. No, please read it again. Control C control be goto appearance panel Signal that color and duplicate the point size. Make it 11 points right there. Then go to layer and show the first type Destry When Troy G Group make it one Me when I am Yes. And then let's see how it looks fine to me. Yeah, And now you stop effect here. Not perfect, but some design here way They feel colder Off right? Duplicated control C control Be then this change the order of the another one about a block the size. Make it bigger. You think the keeper dad was the one that okay? Just anything here. All right. That ontology in position. It's somewhere there duplicated. Make another one on this side right now. He's getting it to get that small. It's on crop that way. Actually, Did this the first video so duplicated, just like in here, composed off severance. Here, guests send itto front if it's on the back so you can go toe object range and click this Bring the front shift control And okay, so it's not cricket another star on top. I think this one, maybe a little smaller, right, seems seems OK. Get the dole and it's like me asked. It's just a father. And for this one, just begin. Just obligated. You don't have to. I mean, thats a stroke there. Three points, right? You don't have to duplicate it. I just deleted one. Okay, I think there are done here having just on someone nice here some place, Another one here. Is he all right? It's about anything right now. Just adding some smoke and maybe some variation of right being free toe play with this design and on something if you want. Oh, I smoke. I just signed up here and another one on that side, right? Just groping. Tongi is no one item here. It's actually here on top. So No, Bring it, then control. Seeing control be. And it's here, Jake, expand several times several times and connected again. Isn't everything in expand one more time and goto compound paths or control eight in your people. Change the corner. It will be our shadow Farrah five. OK, the European expanding shift F six and the capacity. Make it more play from the field corner and show our first design. Make sure you select the, uh, in duplicate one promoted on that side. All right, We're done, actually. And it looks fine to me. Yes, anything. Anything here. And they're adjusting some, uh, shadow party. We're done right, And we're going angina in the next video For the conclusion, I will show you some designs. And I hope you do the same thing for your assignment. I want to see some of your insight. Now you traded the same. Maybe dispose your some of your in science and yeah, And tomorrow That's a long tradition video. Your next time 6. Conclusion: Thank you for enrolling and taking time. Toe follow along with me. I hope you enjoyed and learn something from it. I hope to see your designs in the gathering or discussion. Bird. You can design different types with steps I shared with you. As you can see here, the combination is unlimited. Put into practice what you have learned. The more you practice, the better you will be. Start for D. C video. See you next time.