Design Catchy Animated Adwords-Optimized Banners for your Business in 10 Minutes | Nin Abayata | Skillshare

Design Catchy Animated Adwords-Optimized Banners for your Business in 10 Minutes

Nin Abayata, Online Streetmart & Designer

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6 Videos (19m)
    • Why You'll Love this Class

    • Designing the Banner

    • Improving the Design

    • Pre-Animation Organization

    • Animating the Design

    • Common Questions


About This Class

Watch the behind-the-scenes of my design workflow and learn how to create animated GIF banners using Photoshop and optimizing them for Adwords.

Banner design can be an additional cost to your avertising campaign and you may need to wait for days before you can get your ad campaign started. Save yourself time and money by learning to do all your future ad designs yourself.

  • Learn some design principles along the way
  • Get acquainted with Adwords Animated Banner Ad policy and design banners that pass Adword's requirements to save yourself from constantly redoing your ad
  • Learn how to optimize your ads for Adwords
  • By the time you finish this lesson you will have learned how to create animated GIFs yourself

Designing animated banners is quick, fun and easy! Enroll in this course now and get the full source PSD file to complement your study.





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Nin Abayata

Online Streetmart & Designer

I'm a superlearning / accelerated learning enthusiast. A creative director by day and some other stuff I want to do and be at night. I aim to learn more in Skillshare and give back by sharing what I know.


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