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Design Business Cards With Photoshop

Joseph Adam, Graphic Designer

Design Business Cards With Photoshop

Joseph Adam, Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create a new project

    • 3. Set the background

    • 4. Add Logo Name and Job tittle

    • 5. Save your design

    • 6. Back part of the design

    • 7. Download Icons and add them to the design

    • 8. Add Personal information’s

    • 9. Create A Mockup

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About This Class

Hello in this course you will learn to design business cards in a professional way whether you want to

Earn money by working  in websites sites like fiverr and freelancer and more or you want to

create your own design for you or for your boss at work with this course you will be able to design a

business card  in  your own way and you will learn to

set the sizes of the business card and get it ready for printing

adding the Logo and the icons

choosing the proper colors of each object and choosing the fonts

create a mockup to present the design to your clients  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joseph Adam

Graphic Designer


Hello, my name is Joseph I am a professional graphic designer with more than 5 years of experience.  I have worked with lots of companies and produced more than 2500 design, worked with more than 625 client and made a lot of money from this line of work. I work on many software’s such as Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator. After effects etc…
You can become a pro designer by watching and following the courses I produce which gives you the ability to work with big companies and as a freelancer. 
I will transfer my years of expertes to you so you won’t have to look here and there in the free content that won’t give 100 % of the trade secrets, because I will explain everything to you in detail and in a step by step manner until you become a professional de... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. In this class, you will learn to design business cards in a professional way. Whether you want to earn money by selling your designs on websites like fiber and freelance, et cetera. Or you want to create your own design for you or your boss at work. With this class, you will be able to design a business card in your own way. You will learn to set the size of the business card and get it ready for printing. Andy will learn how to add the logo and the icons. You will also learn how to choose the proper colors of each object and how to choose the right font. And you will learn how to create a mockup to present the design to your plans. 2. Create a new project: Hello, guys. And welcome to this course. In this course, I will show you how to design simple yet attractive business cards that you can sell on Web sides like five or freelancer and make some money. The scores is a part of the design Siri's that will show you how to design business cards, fliers and many other things. And this course we will talk about design and business cards. As you see here we have in fiber so many people that offer this service. And this is a very good way to make some easy money on the site. Same thing here in freelancer. And there are many other websites where you can offer your services and sell these business cards designs of yours. So let's begin. First we create a new page with the sittings right here. First we said inches in here. Then we go toe 3.25 in wit and we want 75 night. We make 300 in the resolution and in here we show see him like a color. Then we could create. Now we need to send the ruler tool. We activate the ruler tour. From here we go to view and make sure that the rulers are checked. Now we collect and read the ruler to put it all of the four sides. Now we need to make a frame for the business card. Now we go here to image, then we select can of its size. Then we put three points, five in wit and to unite. Then we click. OK, so now the prince and edges are said and that would be all for this video and I will see you in the next one. 3. Set the background: Hello guys will come to the second video of this course. We continue our work on the business card. So we need to make a background. And to do that we go to this shameful. And we make a rectangle like this. Now double click on the rectangle layer to change the color off the back room. This is the color of the background I chose. Now we add an image. This one right here. I will include all the images I used during the scores with course content so that you can use it if you like. I grabbed the image to our design page and I adjusted and I put it right here. Now I go here, I choose this option darkened. Then I reduced the capacity for me. I will live it at 53%. I would choose a more darker color. Of course, you are free to choose the color you like. You don't have to use the same color I used. So that's it for this video. And I will see you in the next one 4. Add Logo Name and Job tittle: Hello, guys. And we'll come to this video. Now we start ad in the local to the business card I imported like this. Then I drag it to the design page and I put it in the center rex, click on the local layer. Then I go to blended options the color overly to change their logo off the color of the logo. I will make it in white. Now I will add the name we select sex tool. Then we said the size and we put the name here. I would put John Doe as an example. I just text size zoom in so you can take a good look. Now I go to the shape tool and I drove this little around the rectangle in you right in here. I repeat, I go to the Schapelle. Then I select a rounded rectangle toe and I put 25 pixels in the radius. Then I broke the rectangle in here. I sent her it like this, using the same tool. I drove a thin line in here. I put it in here. I add the slogan here. There's just an example you could put the slogan you want. I said the phones size and the position like this. And what? This will finish the front face off the business card and common videos. We moved to the back face, So see you in the next video. 5. Save your design: Hello, guys. And welcome. After we finished the first face of the business card, we need to save our project. So we go to file safe hands and we select the location we want to save the project in. And we named the project. Then we select the type was like the J peg type and we click save. If I want to save the project as an open source, I select the PSD type like this. 6. Back part of the design: Hello, guys, and welcome to this video. Now we will start designing the bed face off the business card so it creates a new page with same settings were used on the front face. You can activate the zoom or to navigate. It told from you. Make sure that it's checked. Now we said the ruler like this. Then we go to the image cannabis size and we select the same settings again. Two points. Five. In the wit and to indict, we used to Schapelle to draw a rectangle. Then we duplicate the rectangle like this. Rights collect and duplicate layer double click to change the background color will use the same color as in the front stays. So I go here to grab the execs. Gunner, I used the eyedropper tool to extract the color and we selected like this. We selected the move to to move this rectangle and I will adjust its size and I will make it look like this. Now we have the same background we used on the front face We on Look, it's later than we drag it to the design page. No rights Click and we select creates clipping mask to make the image love like this inside off the rectum. Who applied this effect? Darken Then we just capacity like this. I'll make it a 53 saying as the front face. Now we had the logo. I drag it to you and I change its color toe white. It's like planting options, color overlay that I choose the white scholar. I just its size and I put it in here now. I drove Stay in line in here. I make it in wet. Then we type the name in here and now I take the job title in here. I just its size and I put it in here. I use their electable to make sure everything is a line. Then I removed the rule and that's it for this video and see you in the next one. 7. Download Icons and add them to the design: Hello guys. So far we designed the front face and to top part off the back face of the business card. So we move for the bottom part first create a folder you can revenant rename its if you like. I will leave it as it is. We use the shapes home to draw a box in here we change its color degree. We use the shape told to drop symmetrical circle here. Then I changed its color. We just circle size from here. If you don't have this window here, you've been activated from you Make sure that it's checked in the window. I put it in the center. Then I duplicate the folder so that I can duplicate the whole shape writes Click And we way select duplicates group. Then I drag it to here and I just its position like this. Then I duplicate it one more time and I put it in here. I leave the same space between all of them like this. Now I will add some icons in you so we go to flat. I can't welcome to get the icons I said for home I choose the icon and I select the type B and G and I would choose the size 32. Then I downloaded. I opened the Ark on for the shop drug. It's and I put it in here. Change the icon color, toe white like this. Now I would add another icon search for female icons, which was the icon who select PNG type and the size 32 same as the other icon. Then we don't load it. Now we open it with the photo shop software. Then I drug it, and I put it in here. I copied the color from the last icon, the night blades to this. I don't like this like this Rights, Click, copy lifestyle and right click and paste lifestyle. Now I get a phone icon. Choose the icon I like. I will go with this one then, as usual, BMG than the size and we don't want it. We use BNG because it gives us icons without background. It makes things easier again. I put the icon inside the circle and I change. It's gonna tow What? So that's it for this video. See you in the next one to finish our design 8. Add Personal information’s: Hello, guys. Welcome to this video to finish out of design. First we used a textile, right? That was to let the blood color for the text. - I take an address in you. I said size and position. I keep going like this. Then I take the email and the phone number in the other boxes. I used the ruler tool to make sure that everything is aligned something in here. Course. This is just an example. You can put whatever you like in here. No, I put the email. Then I put the phone number in here. Another one here. As they said, Of course, these are just examples. I removed the ruler from here. I just space between the boxes. So now we finished the front and the back phase of the business card. Now we saved the project like this. Use the G peg type. I'll select the location than the name. And as they said, How will use the J pic type? And I make sure that the quality is set at 12 again. I say that as BST so that I can edit it later if I like. So we finished the design of our business card and this is the look when it's printed. You see, it's so simple. It's corrective 9. Create A Mockup: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this video. In this video we will learn how to make a book up like this one so that you can show your products to the customers. So first we add the bed ground. Here it is. Then we add the business card this side of it to make them look up like this. Then we had this site, the front's one. We are locate, layer. Then we drag it to the design beach. You put it here and we check this box. We will take it and put it right here. The nets click on the edge and we select this thought. I just it like this Now It's good. That's it. So I'd like you now, right? Click. You and I select duplicate player. I put it here. The nets click and I select Glyndon options. Drop shadow and I had some shadow like this. I said the distance and spread and the size likely okay to apply changes. Then I drag a little bit like this. As you see, I dragged. The guards will leave this area right here so that it looks like there are multiple cards on top of each other's I will adjust the shadow a little bit more like this. Increase the capacity a little bit tonight. Okay. To apply the changes as the amount and here we are now, I will duplicate card like this. Let's click on its layer. Then I slipped duplicates later. I don't hear as I said to look like there are multiple cards over here. I keep duplicated and dragon until I make a lot of gods again to show that we have multiple cards over here. A duplicate it one more time. Dad's good. Now we finish this side and we will move to make the other one this one with you so I would drag this side right here. Backside. I drink to design page. I put it here. I click here and I rotate the card like this. Then right click the edge and I select stores. And I just did like this. That's good. Now I click here to apply changes Now, right click and I goto blending options. Let's look drop shadow and I will add some shadow Just the angle So that shadow abuse you. Then I click. Ok, now I have the letters of the first side in their own folder. So I slept all these layers and I had them to fall like this. Then I will make the layers of the site second sight in their own folder as well. Now let's click here and I slipped. Duplicate the card and I drug it a little bit like this again. Rats Clegg Duplicate layer. And I keep duplicating and dragon until I make multiple cards like this again. Rights click Duplicate layer. And as I said before, I keep going until I make multiple cars like this. Now he's amount. Click here and now I want slept. The two folders and I will click here. And I will adjust the sites of the design like this. It's it's now open in you later and I will select the white scholar. From here I select the brush tool and I select the radiance color brush This one. Not this one. This one, aren't you? I said it size bigger. Then I drove right here. Sorry, I need to activate the breakfast. Then I clicked like this and I would reduce the investing a little bit and leave it 20 or 32%. Then I select the razor to and I will raise thes parts were here. I reduced the pass a little more. That's it. I'll keep it at 18%. So that's it for this video. Thanks for watching. Now. See you in another video.