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Design Bucketfeet Shoes on Threadless with Procreate

Michelle Cooke, Owner Quick Brown Fox, Lifelong Learner

Design Bucketfeet Shoes on Threadless with Procreate

Michelle Cooke, Owner Quick Brown Fox, Lifelong Learner

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5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. INTRO Design Bucketfeet Shoes

    • 2. Designing Bucketfeet Shoes

    • 3. Preparing your design to load to Threadless

    • 4. Uploading to Threadless

    • 5. Post your Project

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About This Class


In my first class I reviewed several Print on Demand Vendors. In this class we will focus on Threadless and designing and uploading Shoe designs for Bucketfeet shoes.  Bucketfeet and Threadless are both Chicago based companies that have formed a partnership to offer Print on Demand Shoes that you can now add to your online storefront. 

It used to be that the only way you could get your Shoe designs into the store was to submit your design to Bucketfeet, get accepted, gather votes for your design over a 10 day period, then, if you received enough votes, you would be approved for manufacture and posting on Bucketfeet. Recently Threadless have added Shoes to the overall store merchandise catalog so you no longer have to submit for acceptance, and voting. You just have to tap into your creativity and upload your design into your online storefront for sale!

By the end of the class you should know the basics of what is required to upload your designs, then you just have to let your imagination run wild! I will be using Procreate on my iPad Pro for this lesson but I have tried the template in other programs such as Autodesk Sketchbook.

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Michelle Cooke

Owner Quick Brown Fox, Lifelong Learner


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1. INTRO Design Bucketfeet Shoes : Hi, I'm Michelle Cook, and I'd like to welcome you to my next skill share class. Some of you may have previously taken my first class where I focused on teaching artists how dis other designs through print on demand vendors. Today I'm gonna zero in on one vendor in particular, which is threat Lis. They have recently formed a partnership with another Chicago based company called Bucket Feet. This now gives you the ability to design and sew your designs on shoes. I am also going to specifically focus in on using the procreate app on the iPad to use their template toe, upload your designs. Now you can also design in other applications and upload your designs. But today, that's what I'm going to focus on. So I hope you can also use some of the tips and tricks I give you today in some of the other applications you're using. It used to be that the only way you could sell buckets, feet, shoes was to go onto their website and submit your artwork. Once you submit your artwork, you could be entered to win contests. However, to win and to get your shoe designs featured on bucket feet. You then had to be scored by their community, and so they would post your design, and people would then have to vote to score. So that's no longer the case. Since September of 2018 they announced in partnership with Thread Lous, also known as artist shops, that you can now design bucket feet shoes on your own and post them into your artist shop on thread Lis. And these shoes have eight possible printable areas. That's four printable areas per shoe. They're a polyester and cotton material blend there, slip on shoe. They have comfort bubbles inside, and it's a machine washer bulled material. And they do come in women's sizes 5 to 12 and men's 7 to 13. In this class, I'm gonna walk you through how to use the template. You what you find here. I do also have the template downloaded and posted into my class, where you can grab it directly. So we're going to talk about bringing that template into procreate on the iPad and designing some shoes for sale 2. Designing Bucketfeet Shoes: Let's get started with designing your bucket feet shoes. Today we're gonna be using procreate. Now, when you are on the bucket feet site, they do talk about it being a PSD file, and that photo shop is recommended. However, there is a way you can use this with procreate. Normally, you would go to the plus button and you would pick your various sizes that you're using for thread lists or for, um, Society six or other sites were not going to do that today, instead, were actually going to go to import. And there were going to import the shoe template for the thread lis bucket feet shoes, which I have made available in my skill share class. I've actually saved it out to my iCloud drive, and I'm now going to bring that into procreate. This is the best way to do this. If you open a file even if you said it to the right file size, you can't bring the template in like a picture I've found because it is a PSD file. So here we go. We've got it. I'm just gonna pop out to the gallery again quickly so that you can see It's already precept Lee appropriate file size for you, which is 5968 pixels by 5709 pixels. Okay, so we're gonna open that up. When you first open the file, you'll find it says if you're looking down at your own feet with the tops of the shoes at the top of the page, I actually find it difficult to design that way. I like to do it as if I'm looking at someone else's feet. Now, this is how I do it. You work what works best for your workflow, but I designed it this way. And then the key is at the end. Remember to turn it back around to save the file and submit. Okay, so that's just my guidance there. But I find it makes more sense is if I'm looking at it as if I'm looking at my customers feet to design the shoes, you'll see that there are multiple lines and in fact, multiple layers within this file, their small medium. And there's also a large size, which is actually men size 13 because as a reminder, you're designing for women's size 5 to 12 and men size 7 to 13 and all of those air contained within this one template, the size that will appear in your preview on thread Lis will be the medium size, so that is the one that will be shown in your mock ups. But keep in mind that small size, because if you create a design that goes much bigger than the women's side small, um, the women's size small shoes may be disappointing because maybe you're cutting off part of your figures head. So if you've got an important figure you're designing, keep it within the women's size small and then think of other creative ways to extend it into the other sizes. What you want to do is create a layer and move that layer underneath all of those templates . If you had brought this template into other programs, I've tried it on my iPad pro with the auto desk sketchbook application. This template will open in there as well if you choose to design there. I haven't tried other programs, but, um, bucket feed does mention gimp as another option. When you bring it into the audit, a sketchbook, though it does automatically have what they call the drawing layer available, and it's placed right where I've got this layer four. That is the layer you're gonna want to create your design. They actually recommend that on all over design. Um, like a tile herbal pattern or repeating design is probably the easiest to work with, because then you just fill this entire page with it. Um, you can certainly do that. Um, you can also design individually by section of the school of the shoes. There are four panels per shoe, so eight possible panels you can design and customize you could make them all completely different if that's your design aesthetic. Um, so complete creativity There. You want to fill the entire panel, though, so that it covers over the additional padding as these air sewn together. So if you wanted to do something just a really quick color block shoe, you could, for example, make sure you're on the right layer. Yes. Among layer for which I've placed here is my drawing layer. Um, I'm just gonna grab my selection tool and quickly select this whole section. Let's make it blue, and then we congrats the selection tool again. And I'm doing this really rough. Obviously, you will take much more care, cause I'm already missing some areas there, Um will quickly select here. Maybe we want to make the middles of the shoes a lovely, deeper ed. Um, And then is there gonna be some clown shoes I'm creating here? But you're getting the general idea. Um, and I need this to just be a bit smaller. Um, well, just Oops, I'm sorry. I'm drawing Instead of selecting, here we go will select this bottom bit, and we'll pick another color for that which go with my clam theme. I'm gonna make some sort of a yellow orange. Okay, so what you could do is now you've done a color block shoe, and you could then copy that. I'm just doing a quick copy and paste, and, uh, I'll select it and pull it over and put it over the other shoe. So, poof, I've got to color block shoes for a clown ready to roll? Of course, I would have done it. If I were taking my time on this. I would have done it a much tighter toe, actually. Get every corner in every edge there. But right there, we've actually created a design for a shoe 3. Preparing your design to load to Threadless: What you just watched was a video capture of me actually designing the shoes that you see on your screen right now. Thes air, my monster peds. Um, some fund shoes. I thought I'd give a try for Halloween. You can see I've done a color block on the heel counter in black, And then I've drawn some for along the two panels on the sides and copied that onto both shoes. And I've got a monster face and you'll notice I contained the monster face within the women's size five because I want to make sure that even on the smallest pair of shoes, they will have that full monster face. So I've already spun it around. So I'm looking down at the shoes instead of the shoes facing me, because that's one of the things I have to do to prepare the file to upload. The other thing you need to do to prepare the file for upload is go into your layers and hide the template. Okay, so you just want your design. Then what you're going to do is you are going to share the file as a J peg. That's very important that you remember it's a J peg file, so we'll export that and save it to your hard drive and get ready to upload to the site. 4. Uploading to Threadless: When you're ready to add your shoe designs to your thread lis store, you're going to go to your artist shop and you're gonna click on at a design. I'm already on that page here, and the first thing you're going to notice is that a master image is required. You cannot just simply go toe, add shoes and upload your shoe design and be done. You also have to have a master image. So let me take you back to procreate on my iPad and show you what I've done. And then we'll come back to the thread list store to set up our design. Here we are back and procreate, looking at my shoe design for my monster peds. And what I'm going to do first is I'm actually going to highlight and select the background color, and I'm going to go and look at that color in my color selector and specifically, you want to check on value. The reason we're going here is you want to capture the hex a decimal number. So for this one, it is 84168 e. You want to write that down or keep track of it because you're gonna need that for your master file when you upload into thread Lis, then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna exit out of this file and I've created another file. Now, this file I have actually made the master size for thread Lis, which is 4204 to 00 by 4800 pixels. And it's 300 d p. I here. You'll see. I've recreated the face of the monster from my shoes. Now what I want to dio is make Right now it's a transparent background. What I want to do is go to my color selector and you will see here I have put in 84168 e. That's the color that I want from the previous colors from the previous shoe design. So I'm gonna go to my background color, which default is white, and I'm going to select that as my color the 8416 80 so that I can see what my master files gonna look like with that color. But I'm actually gonna hide the background color and export this as a PNG file and save that image so that I can upload it to thread Lis. Okay, so if you can follow along at home and do that with a complimentary design that will match your shoes Um, next, we will go back to thread Lis, and I'll show you where you're gonna use that hex. A decimal number again. Okay, now we're back on the thread lis website in ad design. It actually says add product once, see, go to add design. I've added in the product title which have called thes three purple people eater I've uploaded. When I first came to the site, there's a button here for the interest of time in this class. I've already uploaded the image here it is my transparent PNG of the monster's face. And you will see here the background is showing the checkerboard, which really means it's a transparent background. And this is where we're gonna add in that hex a decimal number. And the reason you want to do this will just pop over open the little I for the information . But it's basically if your file isn't large enough to cover the full area of the item, it will fill in, Um, if you fill out the background color. So, for example, in a water bottle, I find to get that full wraparound your best to put a transparent image and then have the background color. So we're gonna click on the background color and this is the box here where you want to add in that hexi decimal code. So in our case, it was 841 68 e and now they're we have that familiar purple color of our monster shoes. Then you can. Now you've got your master image. You can come down here to this twisty where it's add shoes again. In the interest of time, I've uploaded my J peg file here. You'll remember we exported from procreate a J pic file. Here. Where's the transparent one? Up above was a PNG file in a different resolution, the the upper file Our master file was this high rez 4200 by 4800 pixels. Where's this one? Down here is thes shoe size, which the template automatically set for you when you brought imported in that template in to procreate. So it's 5968 by 5709 pixels. Okay, so I've brought that file in. It does have the purpose of background already. And what we're going to do is we're going to select that. We want to do both men slip on and women's slip on. I think everybody was gonna want monsters for Halloween, and then you get to select your binding color. And this is the binding that will go around the front flap on the shoe just before the little elastics that hold it tight to the feet. So I think with my color scheme that a black binding color is gonna just look awesome. And then what you need to consider is do you want to stop here and Onley create shoes with this design? Well, why would you? You've already got a master image loaded. Why not make an entire complementary line? So what you can do is go into apparel and you can select which apparel. Um, I'm gonna select at all. Remember, my monster face actually came in as transparent, so that face will appear on all these colors. But you know what? He's got a lot of black in his mouth and his eyebrows. I'm actually going to de select black because I just don't think it's gonna look great. And the Brown monster just doesn't cut it for me. Um, then I'm gonna go toe women. Sorry to men's. I think it'll look great is absolutely everything. Ah, women's. Why not select all? Um, again, this is a print on demand site. There's very little risk and you selecting everything. But if someone wants something, you'll have it available. And you know what? It's a fun loving and not too scary monster. So I think kids are gonna love it too again. Why stop there when you can go further? I'm going to select all of the home items. I'm not sure I'm gonna need a do their shower curtain with the Purple Monster, but you just never know. And then the accessories certainly I think stickers. They're going to be fun phone cases. Why not? So I've selected everything now, and I'm just going to go ahead and create products with a little movie magic here. There are going to race ahead and and show you that in a clip in a few seconds. Okay, so here we are, back in my store on thread Lis, my design has loaded of the monster face. It is now on all of the apparel. Women's kids, home shoe accessories, you name it. You can see how cool it looks on other colored backgrounds. How I do get the purple on things like bath mats, beach towels, blankets, you name it. And here, most of all, our our monster peds, my purple people eater shoes. Look how cute they are. I think anyone would love to wear those out on Halloween. Maybe they'll even, uh, go on, get themselves a T shirt to match, and it'll be really funky and cool. So there they are. Now, the next thing I would recommend you do is create a collection. And so what you're going to do is go into collections on the far left hand side. Because then if you want to direct people specifically to your designs, what you could do is create a collection. So I created one. I called cool kicks, and that's where I've got all of my shoe designs. You'll see. I've got a lovely black one here with some silver distressed skulls on it. Um, and then I've also got Halloween. I thought my monster face. Now that I have the master file and all that lovely apparel. I've also categorised him in a collection called Halloween, and I've published both of these collections to my site. So certainly something you can do and we can go into cool kicks, and you can see how I have used the procreate file to create all different types of shoes. So what you can do is when you do create a collection, you can add a design or you can add specific products. In this case, I've added very specifically shoes. So there's a silver skull that is now might my cure. Oh, image house. Have some sugar skulls. Ah, worker bees. And here's my purple people leader shoes that you just saw us create and upload to the site . So definitely a great way you can promote them. When you're driving people in social media to a shoe design, you can drive them right to a collection. Um, just another fun way to promote it. And when someone is in your shop, they will see your collections, and you can cremate create as many as you want on any themes that you want as well 5. Post your Project: Thank you for taking the time to take my class. I hope you've learned something for your project. I'd like you to show me your shoes. Post images of your designs. I've included a few of my own toe, hopefully give you some inspiration. And, uh, here's mine. Um, I actually, uh, did order a pair of thieves skull, silver skulls that I showed you is part of it. Um, I'm quite pleased with them. They got nice cushioning here, and you'll see the bubbles on the inside. There is the little bucket feet logo. You have to keep in mind when you're designing your back panel. Um, so there, there really, really cool. So I hope you enjoyed the class. I look forward to seeing your designs and join me again for a future class.