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Design Bookmark In Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Shweta Kalra, Learning Everyday

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Design Bookmark in illustrator introduction

    • 2. class 1

    • 3. class 2

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About This Class

This Class is for those design enthusiasts who would love to learn to design book marks. we will make bookmarks using four different techniques.

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Happy LearningĀ 

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Shweta Kalra

Learning Everyday


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1. Design Bookmark in illustrator introduction: Hello and welcome to the cities where I'm going to teach you how to make bookmarks in this city's I'm going to teach you to make four bookmarks, each with a different technique. It's going to be an amazing journey. And if you want to hope on, then don't forget toe. Sign up for my class. Dylan have ballooning. 2. class 1: Hello on. Welcome to the class where I'm going to show you how to make bookmarks in Adobe Illustrator , you can design your bookmarks in whichever Maybe you won't go on, then gifted it to your friends. So to start with, I'm going to go toe great new once clicked I'm going to select a four size I'm going to make it on a full size so that it is easy for me to get it printed. I'm going to go toe create. But before that, I'm going toe change my my name too. Book MMA. Next I'm going toe it. Create on. Here it is. So my window has opened on I have got initial size art board. Yeah, the have zoomed out a bit. Andi, Now we are going to start. Oh, To start, I will recommend you to make rectangles in this way. You would know, uh, the number off bookmarks that you can accommodate on. You can also move the size off each bookmark. So since I would like to accommodate four bookmarks on it, therefore I'm going toe. Make sure rectangles on my emphasize our boat. So yeah. So I have roughly divided my our book and I have made the rectangle You can change such a tangle According Toa whichever size you want next, um, going toe make an art boat of this size. I am doing it in this manner because I want to give my attention toe each bookmark. But in the end, I also want to accumulate all the bookmarks in one place So we will begin that toe. Do that. I'm going to make a poppy off this rectangle. You can go, uh, addict and see Copy, then based You get offended. I'm going to shoot this rectangle out of my arm. Your next step is goto the art boto take on the Advil tool on me. Um odd ward off the subtitle size. Once done, you conjugate a jungle out and you see you have got onboard Hubble here. You can name this art board, so I'm going to name this on Buddha's Oh, Mark one. Next, I'm going to copy this art board. So since I'm going to make for book moss, therefore have copy the school art boards. Onda I, um, going to oh distance. Then you can distance them by again selecting this Hardwar tools on dragging your art boards. It's a bit this way. You'll have enough space for you to walk. That's it. No, I'm going toe our name. All these are words. Yes, I'm done with that, though. This was our lesson one where we have just set up the boot in Next. Listen, we are going to start working on our bookmark one, so stay doomed on happy learning. 3. class 2: Hello and welcome to the class to in the class toe. We are going to work on our first book, MMA. This is there. We hade left in earlier class. So let's begin. I'm going to go to the layers panel over here. I've got rectangles in my layer One, I'm going to make a new layer to do so you can click on the small I can over have it say's create new Leo That's it. Next I'm going toe to my bookmarks. One this the tangle over here. Next I'm going to draw a background. You can color the background later or you can color it right now whichever way salutes you , I've made my rectangle. And since while walking on this bookmark want I don't want to displace this rectangle. Therefore I'm going to lock it. You can lock it by clicking on the small rectangle over here. That's it. We have locked it A tangle. This rectangle will work as a background for us. Next I'm going to make a shape. So my team for the bookmark is summer. I love summer. So my first book mark will be lemons because lemons means summer means lemonade So let's figure, uh I'm going to go to a lips too. I'm going to make any lives done. I'm going to make small ellipse on the top and the bottom so I'm going toe adjust. It seems all right to me now. Yeah. Their next step is to select pull of the trigger, which we have created over here on Goto. Shipbuilder Dude. Once done, draw a line he be shapes made a single shape. That's the beauty of shape below you can add or the leadership in this lemon shape we have added the ship so we may atrial be circles on by left clicking and making a line. We have added all these three fingers to make to make it look like lemon. Now we want to color the limits. Tokelo 11. You can go to library Onda go to nature and then oh, I'm going to find it in reverse maybe. Yeah, I can find I didn't see that lemony Follow or let me go toe You can also go Do You can also find more colors by looking on this site in on then of going toe Open squash Luxury on. Therefore you can't elect most watches from here. Uh, I suppose econ Go bid fruits, Beverages. I students never before us. Yeah. You can teach the color from here. Yes, the ones they have found the color. Next I'm going to make the small pockmarks that they're on living the door soul to do so. You cannot being me on the lips The small lips take the boundaries. None on to like a dark upto. So I have selected the tone. Oh, we're going to zoom in a bit on I'm going toe Add the's spoke months it and you. You can change the shape of bed so that more real, that's it. Seems good. I'm going to make the boundaries of the lemon. None. That's it. I'm going toe group my 11 along with its mass group you can select. You have to select or ellipticals that you want the group. Then right? Click on who all You can also go with the short skirt which is control on G. The hair is my lemon. I'm going to re size 11 on I'm going toe. Make several copies off it. Now I'm going to trim all the levels that are going out of my heart to do so they could have tangled doing on me. Correct, Amber, It should just catch the boundaries off. You're one of the edges of the rectangle. Should touch the odd bold. That's it. Next I'm going to select the lemons, which are Neil and juggling out. That's it. Uh, next I'm going to select the share bill. Ato and I'm going toe this odd this year off my lemon. This just got one. Once done, dig it up. Down and away. Andi, that rectangle See the edge of a Harris to you. You don't have anything out off your art board. Anyone? Now you can repeat the steps again. Going to take that a tangle do Neil. I'm going to select this lemon Andi. Then I'm going to go to the shape in that door on then, um when do you get up? Down. The loving will be half teenage is now next. I'm going toe open the just on a lot rectangle. Um, now we are going to Fadi. You can tell in Niccolo we're going to make the boundaries near the book months there looks less lively. Soto make it more likely I'm going toe add a little drama to it does. So I am just going toe big Make a line which is of my on board ship. I'm size. Yeah. So I have made a line lie. It is off my hardwoods land. Next I'm going toe Make it invite color. That's it. I'm going to increase the stroke size and then I'm going toe goto effects the store. Transform the exact get the review button. I'm going to go with this. Move on. This looks beautiful. Yeah, I'm going to drop this below my lemons but above by our boat And I'm going to copy it The sequined with this cash And I'm going to add this throughout my wood. Yeah, you see, by 11 light looking bookmark is very It is giving me that summer wives who end You're going toe all off it. I went with d um, you are done. You have made your first month which looks fabulous on fantastic. So in the next class we are going to make our bookmark number two. They stay tuned, Aunt Happy learning 4. class 3: Hello, Aunt. Welcome to the class three, where we are going to learn to make our second bookmark. So I already let's make our second book. Mom. So this is the place where we had left from my second book. Mark represents the funky college goal that I waas. So let's begin. The first thing that you need to do is add a little. I'm going to add a little. I added a little. You're going to repeat the process of making the panda. I'm going to make the doctor which we are going to use as a bag. No, on. Then I'm going to open it Open my Leo. Yeah, I have got Mr Rangel, and I'm we do lock it. Next. We're going to work on the funky looking goal that I was talking about so you can go to be lips stool on mig disease. So we are going to make the face. Um, you have to make sure that you make it inside your bookmarks. I'm going to change the color. Next, you're going to add the glasses and we do at the glasses. I'm going toe, make those servers. I'm going to add them over here. I'm going to make them as shades on. I'm going to color them also. You can adjust it according to your skis. You have to copy these lips. Maybe shadow. I'm going to copy it by clicking on old on simultaneously lived left. Clicking and dragging my ship have made a hobby and I have made about next I'm going to call a these copies. Basically, I'm trying to make a shadow. You have toe take the circle that you have copy on Drug Lord to the circle that you have made only, Or I'm going to do it by clicking on the circle over here in the littlest panel on Dragon. Get below the other two circles, which I have made as glasses. I've dragged him. God. Oh, Guardo's next. I'm going to drag them a bit. Look more like shadows. I think the glasses. I'm going to do it with the pain tool that's going to add the deer in the glasses. You can add the beer in the glass. Is the pain too lucky on? You can color them this time in they write. I've got my dears ready. Next, I'm going to make the nose again with the pain. Yeah, Seems okay to me. Next, I'm going to make lips to make lips. We are going to go to the Ellipse to they're going to make any lapse. We're going toe holiday laps. You can color than a nickel on you because ultimately you're going to change the export of this is they're doing on this. Got your lips? Yes, they have Guardia lives half next. I I'm going to make triangles. They depend too. Making sure only this more part of the triangle comes on overlaps my upper lip. I'm going to select both of them and then I'm going to go to the stables. With that, I'm going to go over the overlapped small part. I'm going. I'm going to press all that that you can believe the small area. Once done, you can just look at this. God, bring those lips closer. You can bring those lips neo on their four. Make them according to the size off your Seems all right to me. I'm going to change DeCarlo next. I'm going to make my deal making EEO You are going to make in the lips on it. Next. I'm going to cut it. The diseases into half. Andi, I'm going to use this spot. I'm going to decrease the size of my ear. Next we are going to in a part of the U. You're Sigel is almost made. I just have to add a little bit charred over here for Shadow. I'm going to make a small ellipse. We're going to collaborate in the shadow of them. We are the shadow over here. Make sure that the shadow Ellipse is lower than your lips have meditated. Lower my lips and it provides a good shadow values. He going to make my hair to make you go do the pencil. Don't make sure that your color is Phil is colored on your boundaries. None Or to the color. The type of collar here that you want. I want background. I'm going to be here for my This is what I warn. Next I'm going to add a few excess fees to be here off our mortar. I was going to add a level make of lava. Go to the Taliban duel on make us excited. 87 I'm going to get it color in lemon gree on all you can get it. I'm going to get it together. Invite? Yeah, I wanted invite are going to make it a hell so that you can see next photo with that Tyga selected photo the start transformed and then Goto blogger on boot load Well, the review on right 100% over here. And it's OK, but do you have a awful I really with you with the fly collected Who object on expanded it is That's it. I'm going to show me the flower of the size of my mortar and I'm going to That's it. Next I'm going to select Pull off my sugar and I want to prove it can group it by selecting all of these because that you won't go. He want to be grouped then right Click on, go through back to next. We're going to work on the back. I'm going to walk on the background forest I'm going to highlight by bigger I'm going to highlight it by picking the Ellipse Tune on by making us open wayto bring the circle down. Yeah, looks like a nice happen Next I'm going to call it The second is yellow. It is my favorite color. You can get it colored in any. Any of the other cardinals that you want next I'm going toe unlock the the fungal. It's I had loved olio, and I'm going to select a different color for it. I have made the glasses black so that they can probably I like this lightly, like pink color a lot. So I'm going to use this like, big color. Next, I'm going to add a little bit drama, since I'm going to give my bookmarks and combination. So I want to make sure that all of them have same tea I'm waiting to. Are these TV kind of effective? This one also. So to do that, you are going to take the pain to make a line which is exactly equal to the length off your art board on. Then you are going toe in ciccolo. Andi, you're going to Jean c collar off it, so call it off. Um, and next I'm going to go to affect the star. Transforms exact of you moves. Okay. Actually, I need to change the calligraphy life. Then we do add this my whole lofty. Next, I'm going to make sure that the goal that a hard made is above all the V's. So here you are. There is a beautiful bookmark with the girl above Villiers. It provides some kind of a three D effect also. Isn't it beautiful? You can add whatever you want with Do it on. Make this bookmark even more amazing. So how was this class do? Let me know about it. I'm sure that you are excited about your class for because in the class four we are going to make yet another beautiful bookmark. Until then, happy learning. 5. class 4: Hello and welcome to the class four of the bookmark. Here we are going to learn to make a beautiful bookmark again. Now, this is going to be an easy one. Uh, we are going to make it on new Leo. Id aloof from here. I've just added my layoff. Or next I'm going to add a tang. You know that you have to add the tangled region people use afterwards and not that family that is on this. I'm going to make this in the easy one. I'm going to make a flour to make a flower. I'm going to go to the Taliban too. Make a polygons. Once you have made a publican, I'm going. This time I'm going to collaborate in two follows So right, Uh, a bit of yellow. I'm going to add some yellow. Do it. Yeah, Going to Artem illiterate. I'm going to make a trivia. This looks perfect. Next with the publican selected go to be effect the star transform Parker and blood like the preview. But go 200% and hit. OK? Do you have a beautiful side with you? The politan still selected. Go to object, Expand impudence. I do have a deal. Now I'm going to make this are small uh, the most. Now, once I've made the child small, I'm going to add it to be to a part of my, uh, book, MMA. Next, I'm going toe on love, I I'm going Do I'm going to our two off such flowers. You can add the middle part Well added, I want to make a soccer. I'm going to tolerate it, you know, on I'm goingto addict over here wasn't Do I'd one over here. Yeah, so that's I'm also going to add such Leo's people. Such sales is actually my identity. Uhm, I'm going to add for a before such news, so yeah. Yeah, that's it. So I have made my yet another bookmark. Make sure that once your bookmark is ready to all the elements of the bookmark over here. So my book Magnum, a tree is ready. I'm going to make my bookmark number four in the next class in the last class. Andi, I hope you there, so I'll be learning 6. class 5: Hello and welcome to the last class in the cities of the bookmark. We are going to make something very beautiful. Yes, The ultimate pleasure Off a book. Warm a book wall needs a good book. Andi. Yes, You gets the trite tea or coffee. So I'm going to make a bookmark for all those, uh, book warms Who? Who like to drink coffee or tea. So let's begin. I'm going to make it on a new Leo. Have added Mallia five. Next, I'm going to under a family. That's it. I'm going to be. I'm going to love. My background is Thank you. Now I'm going to make a cup of tea party. I'm going to do that by going to the triangle Tool. Uh, once made a rectangle. Or do you think that X election too? Select people old select one of the corners. The lower one. Um God. Then you're going to make a kind of a share. Yeah, this looks like the fact, but I need to take it. A sport. Yes. Looks all right to me right now. Oh, I'm waiting. Stop. Next I'm going toe. I awfully lips. This looks profit. I'm going toe group them together by control that Z Yes, I'm going to make the handle of the coffee month. You can resize a shopping mall, so I'm going to make it look more like a cup by I didn't go at the bottom. You didn't color it in the same color on We are done. So I those beautiful take some window ardent honey, we do other hand. Oh, I'm going to are the hundreds with the far right And to do you can make 100 briefing and then our okay years? Yeah. Seems okay. I'm going to book them next. I'm going to write coffee. You can write it in a beautiful bond. Next I'm going to make a pope. Will be mega cocoa bean the help off, uh, lips, then who on, like the color. I suppose this is a nice color. I'm going to add a smaller lips. Yeah, So I have made my cocoa be went to group it and I'm goingto added. So I'm going toe arrange deflect Review What? Because particles, Poppy. Now have some coffee beans with me on your car is ready. I'm waiting to group all of it. I'm going to place make up Down over here? Yes. Next. I'm going to a lot. My rectangle on I am going toe Color it. You can color it Any color you want. I think the strong color looks good. Yeah. So the next thing that I'm going to do is a window. You? My coffee mug began us next. I'm going to add some hard coffee papers to do so we are going to use the pain. Do I'm going to draw a lie? Thies, this line is going to be the slyness have been going to be right and cut off the boundary should be right in Ghana in cities on then Goto if sick transform the exact view Mood I waited the pretty easy Exacto every tree or Yeah. Okay, So do on I This is big more then someone toe How I like my coffee. I love coffee mug. I'm going to add in the lips. I'm going toe pilot it in Said, uh next I'm going to pick out the extra ellipse. You know how big the extra lips go? A rectangle on the side on then to like the ellipse Andi rectangle on their four r v Bordeaux, too. And on the outer lips. With that, then you can do the same over Hill Elect the Rangan on the Ellipse that is coming out. Photo the shape builder tool on at this election, your family. That's it. Once, Tom, a family out on you're done next, let all of them the book month that you have created on group it group. So now you are done. You have made for four bookmarks that look beautiful. Now you have group holy book months, remember? Yes. Now you can just Rapidan or drag them toe the tangles that you had made earlier. I you can place them on the a full size sheet. I would, Yeah, I would ask you to keep a copy of it on diligently on diligently. Place them on your sheet. Ever say she All you have to do is get a print out of this sheet. By taking a print out of this sheet, you will be able to get four book months in one cheat in this way, you're going to save money on your also annual. Also be able to keep a tab on the number off bookmarks that you need while placing your bookmarks on the A full size sheet. If you feel that they need more finishing, you can add more finishing to it like this one. Over here. I need some more finishing. Yeah. So evil thing will get some finishing done. Over. Hail. That's it. On the are done. Tell me how you found this gas, Toby. Tell me, what was your experience on? Also posed some off your bookmarks in the project section. I would love to see your creativity. You get me as many bookmarks as you want. You can design them. You can get it to your friends, your teachers, or maybe keep those bookmarks for yourself. Andi, Before signing off, I'll be learning.