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Design Book Covers in Photoshop

teacher avatar Vincent Noot

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (2h 27m)
    • 1. Design Book Covers in Photoshop

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. Video 1 Fast process

    • 4. Video 2 Download Photoshop CS2 for Free

    • 5. Video 3 Windows

    • 6. Video 4 History and Layers

    • 7. Video 5 Tools and Quick Keys

    • 8. Video 6 Transform

    • 9. Video 7 Where to Get Images

    • 10. Video 8 Text and Fonts

    • 11. Video 9 Stroke and Fill

    • 12. Video 10 Contrast, Colors, etc

    • 13. Video 11 Example 1

    • 14. Video 12 Example 2

    • 15. Video 13 Example 3

    • 16. Video 14 Save for E-book, Paperback, and Audiobook Cover

    • 17. Video 15 Create and Save Bundles

    • 18. Bonus Video 1 Facebook Banner Creation

    • 19. Bonus Video 2 Coloring Cartoons

    • 20. Bonus video 3 Create a Youtube thumbnail

    • 21. Bonus Video 4 Last example for fun

    • 22. Bonus Video 5 Actions

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About This Class

When you take this class, this is what you’ll get:

  • 15 videos that teach you the quick keys, tools, and steps you need to take to create and save covers.
  • Additional insights and personal preferences from an expert (me).
  • The way to put a spine in your PDF paperback covers.
  • A quick way to create a 3D cover, if that’s something you like.
  • The right methods and formats to save your files for all 3 Amazon platforms.
  • Where to find images, fonts, and other sources.
  • Technical instructions on how to use tools, windows, layers, effects, and more.
  • 5 bonus videos that will show you what else you can do with the free software, like creating a YouTube thumbnail, a Facebook banner, and coloring cartoons.
  • Free advice on how to make your covers look even more awesome.

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Vincent Noot


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1. Design Book Covers in Photoshop: Are you ready to create your own professional book covers? I will show you how to design beautiful covers in a matter of minutes. So why would you do them yourself anyway? Well, first, it's a lot of fun. Second, it saves a ton of money. Third, you get them. Now, instead of having to away for a designer and fourth, you have full control of what they look like. In this course, you'll learn the right size where to get free and cheap images, which free program to use steps to working with layers, tools, text and colors, how to save your work and awesome special effects. I added bonus videos and examples to help you trust me. It's easy. Anyone can do it. I could charge you a lot for this information, but I kept in affordable. So no worries don't wait and get started now. Oh, 2. Welcome: welcome in this video course and thank you for purchasing the creative Photoshopped book covers course with which you can create book covers in small period of time. I have created all my book covers. I have never outsourced my book covers because, first of all, it's fun. Second of all, it saves money. And third, you can have it, um, immediately. You don't have to wait for somebody to do it and then having a few days later you could do it today that you want to publish your book. Uh oh. And then fourth, of course, is that you have perfect control. So, uh, you know, just to show this picture to sell you how do I go about doing this? Well, all these lessons have simple steps. There's also a pdf. There's a little overview of that. The quickies. You need to memorize that the ways you need to go about, um, doing photo shop. Ah, and how you can create beautiful book covers. I have templates and, uh, have measure months of how big a book cover should be. You can easily convert these book covers into PdF or into J peg files. You can also Ah, create the four maps that you want for a C X, Ford Kindle or for or for ah, create space. And so all the only step so actually really simple. And ah, beautiful fix. That's what really what we want to see and beautiful titles. And when you're done, of course, you're gonna be really happy that you did it all yourself. You got perfect control. If you want to change it, you don't even have to ask somebody else to do that. You can do that yourself. You'll be a photo showbiz with the basic tools. And ah, you know, you can even use those skills for something else. And you can even tell other people you could A I've seen people charged two or $300 for Photoshopped book cover. Um, you know, some people have charged 50 eso designers. You could become a designer. Eso, uh, hope this video course will help you. You can easily pick out one of these umbrellas and color it and in different color. That's one of the many things you can dio and ah, yeah, after you're done, just think about what you're gonna do with this. If you're gonna create your own book covers or design for somebody else. Or if you're going to use those skills to just great beautiful images Eso at farther purposes, of course, for something like this slide show. So, uh, thank you again for buying, and I will see you in the first lesson. 3. Video 1 Fast process: 4. Video 2 Download Photoshop CS2 for Free: Hey, everyone s So this is video to I'm going to show you how to get a photo shop see as to for free. Now I know that there are CS six, since you have seven sees a link, the latest versions. And yes, if you're a multimillion dollar company on, you want to do everything perfect. And after lays updates, you could totally by that, I think it's a few $100 or something. But you really don't have to because CS Tools for free and every book cover I've created every car to enough collard every every image that I've actually worked with and that I've made tens of thousands of dollars. You know, this year reached six figures. Um, I've done all the book covers and all the images with CS two, which is perfectly adequate for once you want to dio. So it has all the basic tools to create awesome book covers. Um, on the same website you could probably also get. Usually you get could get illustrated and in design on other websites, but we're gonna go for photos up CS two. It's a gift from adobe. It's totally legal. They don't care because It's an older version, but it's free and it z good for argues. So just that, um, some people had trouble with with explorer or with fire flocks. So if you're having trouble downloading it, you might wanna install Google chrome, which is what I'm using on just typing Google download photo shop CSTO free and the 1st 1 I can add a lot, a little trouble with the 1st 1 So go to the second website, which is text spot dot com, and then downloads slash 3689 whatever. Okay, so you can just click on that and then all you have to dio whether you have Windows or Mac on. And so you know most my training is going to be about Windows because that's where I have a lot of times. A lot of the things you used a photo shop instead of control something g you just do the apple key and something else. But anyway, yeah, just click on that. This will download it. See, I just did it, but I cancelled it because I already have it on day Used a serial number C. This one woman knows this from store Mac and you have to put that in to continue with the download. So that's how you get C s pro shop CS two for free. It's very easy. It's free, it's legal and it's available for you so you can start creating your own book covers. Um, so let's start it up. Just going to show you Seen has his little white square with a blue greenish feather And you might wanna, um, pin that to your to your task bar so you can always just quickly go to it, just like a lot of other programs. And I have here. And since I already put the serial number in since I are all where you downloaded it, it's just going to start it up and something you need to know, um, is that it's always gonna ask you to register every time you started up. And every time you just click on, do not register. It's a simple is that you don't have to worry about it now it's starting up. So yeah, I just, uh that's a free tool that I've been using. If you want a little views, Ah, use a better version later version than you could totally do that. But you don't have Teoh. This is fine and all the book covers have created. I have done so with photo shop CS two. Now it's finally starting up. So if you don't click on next or insulator, you just click on. Do not register. Think close. Welcome screen and data. You can open file, do a new file, whatever and get started. 5. Video 3 Windows: Hey, everyone, welcome a video three. I'm going to explain to you some of the windows that you'll be using in whether you have Windows or Mac book or, you know, apple, whatever. Um, it doesn't matter. Photos. GOP only need a few windows that really matter. And first of all, you need this one. So it has, like, has the specifics of the tool. So if you select another tool, so it goes to that one. And so this is the options menu. So make sure that you have options checked. Here's here's windows to goto windows. Check out options tools. Which is gonna be this one. Um, check a layers, which is this one and check info. Info is not, I don't know, I don't know, really use info. And then there's history. You definitely need history. This is history. Okay, so you need history, need layers, the tools, they need options. And then you need a template for everything. So, typically, if you're gonna create a book of her for a Kindle book, O R creates Facebook. You Ah, you select that. I'm gonna give you a template with the right proportions, so you can just copy and paste that and to start working in it. And so you don't have to mess around with how big images. So if you want to change the image eyes just just showing you that right now. And so you know, if you want to check the image as you go that image you go to image eyes not emphasized but image size and then shows you exactly how many pixels see? So it's 15 63 pixels to me, 500 pixels heights and then with the height, uh, this These are the proportions for a kindle book. So use the template that I'm going to give you and that you can download, and, um and then it's just keep it at that. Okay, So I'll see you in the next video. Then I'm gonna explain more about the tools you could be using. Uh, you can use Teoh, create nice Photoshopped book covers 6. Video 4 History and Layers: Hey, guys, here's another video. We're gonna talk about the history and the layers, So first you gotta understand about history is really easy. What you have to dio is just fall. What? It's blue is what it is. So if, for example, I used to brush Tool and I make something, it's an action, right? So if I click on this, that's another action click on this. It's another action. If I do this, it's another action, right? So what I want to dio if I If I want to undo something, you can either do control Z, which works with with a lot of programs as well, or Apple Z or something, or you could just go back in history. So if I go back here, it does the previous action. And so if I wanna not do control, issue control Z, etcetera, etcetera, I just go back toe open and nothing is done. The same thing you could do. You could go Ford in history. And so if you want to undo that action, you can actually just group put it in the trash, this one and that has the same effect. So history is really easy to understand layers, you have to understand it as sheets that are on top of each other. They're see through, and that's a layer. So what you first, what you want to do is make the background double, click on it and make the layer. So, see now calls it layer one. Or you can call it volatile or whatever and never go. It's an actual layer, and now you can work in it. It's not locked anymore, and you can actually herring click on the layer. You could actually do something. Now, if you want to make another layer, you just go to the bottom here, it says, Create layer and you just make another layer. They just think about these to the creating layer, and he had a little trash can in the bottom. Don't worry about the each other. Things don't worry about channels of paths or pass ity or all that stuff. It's just too complicated. Just don't worry about this, however, means if you look at the whites and great blocks and means that it's see through, so if hair. If I if I click on the little I see that I mean that is visible means a layer is still there And the blue means that I'm working in this layer So if I'm working in this layer But I can't see it it doesn't allow me to do it because he wants me to see it so I can work in this layer. But if I click on the I, it's gone If I work in this layer, see through see And so all of this being see thru and then here it will pair on top of it If you do that, if I click this away So just remember the blue is the layer you work in A lot of times she will do something. You okay? That's not what I want it. But then maybe you're just working the wrong layer. So always selected right later. Always check the right layer if you're doing something and you can always, you know, see the layer without the other layer. That's basically the whole concept of layers. I'll tell you more later. Of course, the top layer is the one that appears on top. So if I want to make a new layer and I want to go over it and I want to use a different color. Um, you just see it goes over it seeing because this one's on top. But if I wanted underneath it, I could just go do this and it's underneath it. And if I wanted underneath everything that I do this. But here's the white background. So have toe get rid of that first. But so you can drag these layers and that, you know, it matters a lot. You know which layers on top for the selective tools and a lot of other things. So there you go. This is basically what history and layers is. 7. Video 5 Tools and Quick Keys: everyone. This is the next video, which is about tools and quickies are gonna go over the stools. And I'm gonna give you a list of quickies which honestly, guys, uh, you just have to memorize it. Um, and and if you dio, you'll be so much faster. I mean, eso So here's the quickies. I'm gonna give you a pdf filed and you can download and so you can memorize it. So, like the want of selection tool, the brush that crop, the eraser zoom in and zoom A. Those doesn't very important tools that you're gonna use all the time. And if you memorize them, you're gonna just go click, click, click, click, click, and you get you can create book covers within 10 2030 minutes. That's gonna go so fast anyway, first, this election tools. So there's several selection tools. One is that want two years of want, which is a W and with a long and select everything. Basically, it matters whether it's contiguous. Eso means that you know, it's there's a border. If your sample all layers see, it matters which layer this And so if I If I'm in this layer and I have. I don't have seven simple oil layers checked. It's just going to select everything in this layer, which you could see there's nothing there. But if I do sample all layers that it's going to take this thing with it because this one isn't in this layer. And so if I If I click on it and select a black and so you could feel it, you can you border it whatever. Um, and the same thing you could do with this. You could select the white, select a white around it. The want tool is something I use a lot, so become familiar with that one. It's probably one of the best tools there is if you don't want to select everything in the same layer and you just go to this and it does the same with this, if, for example, you have something in this layer. But it's not in this layer and you want to select it. Let's let's say you want to select this, but not the other line. Then you just go to this. You make sure it doesn't say sample all layers, but what if you want to select both of them? While you can need to do two things, you can either dio merge layers you could do emerge down, see emerges two layers or you could just do select sample all layers and it then if you select it doesn't matter in which layer it is, it's going to select all of it Anyway. Let's say you want to select all the white around it. You don't want to select what you just said, but you want to select everything else. So the opposite they just go to select and in verse. So now it's select everything but the black lines. OK, so what? If you want to de select this, you just do a control de or de select. You can go ahead and de select. But as I said before, just memorized quickies. It's the best thing you can do the same de select with any selection tool. And as you can see here in the history, it also does the selection. If you want that selection back, you just go back in history and you have it again. So if you d select it, just de select it right here. Um, then this one is the M for the quickie and actually just select a portion of it. So let's say I want to get rid of this. Then you just go and you get rid of it. Okay? Delete or backspace is actually what deletes things, by the way, something I didn't tell you before. And I just wanted to mention that you could do flatten image and everything will become a background in the layers you could do emerge visible on everything will be merged but not background. And you can merge them down, which is what you can also do. Pick late the layer. See for jobs help like this and they have the same layer here. Same thing with just copying and pasting is really easy. Eso let's say I want a coffee. This I just do control c control V and it makes it a separate layer, as you can see. And And you could just moving around or something like that. We'll go into that later. Um, let's get rid of that for now. Okay, so this one, if you right click on this, you can also dio not just ah rectangular marquee tool, but also an elliptical and a few other ones so you could do a circle so he could do that. And then you could fill it, for example. And no, you have it. Um, And then there is the lasso tool. I usually used a poulet good. No, whenever it's called, so you can have a point, and you can just go around it, Um, quickly, quickly click, and then you end up in the same point, and then you have this selected, and then you could you patrol the if you want to be selected, so that's that. Then there is the pencil tool pencil tool is when you can use. You can also just it's very thick. If you right click on it, you can have to brush tool. They can see this is a brush tool, but you can also change the opacity. So, for example, 40% Let's say I don't want it s thick and I just want kind of light sees these. This is 40%. If I found a double it 80% it's a lot thicker. And if you do 100% it's all the way. This and the same goes for the pencil tool and something else that uses. Could the crop tool Saiki could crop it? But since, like I said, you just don't really want to do that if you have a template because you want the same size . Okay, then let's say you want some highlights, and this is very important. Let's get this. Okay, then you want to go to the oh, those a quickie, which is the Dodge Tool to burn The Lord's punched all responsible, and you can always right click with these tools like you can right click and make it bigger or smaller. Seen. I was really small, and now it's really big, and you could do the hard ners. I don't usually miss around that this one sponge makes it less colorful. See, then there is the Bertel really important. I use a lot and you can create nice effects like you can make the bottom dark. See, and then you can make the top of the dark. School can make it lights. I usually go any bigger it stuff like that. See? And then now if you want this to be straight like I see No, it's kind of crooked. It's at an angle. You just hold the shift button. So you just go like this. If you hold the shift button and goes in a straight line, see, hold the shift button. And no matter how much a deviate from it, it's gonna go into a straight line. If you want it even smaller, do this. And what? This, of course, you could do that to the exposure will determine how much of an effective deficit if I do. Ah, 100% see, it's it's a lot lighter and the same with the virtual. If I do that, 100% gonna make it extremely dark, see, and it burns it. Okay, then there's the eyedropper tool, which is that I on the quickies, and with that you can actually select any color. You want some? Let's say you want a different color hair. You can always go to black and white, by the way I see. But let's say you want a different color. You want that that color and you have it somewhere. See, for example, you you got it here and paint and you want to select that exiting color exact color. Then you just get the I drop of cool tool on a matter of what you have in here. Um, doesn't matter. You want this exact color back, then you just click on this. And todd are there is the color. Let's see whether their tools are usually use. Um, a lot of either. Others are details. Are are that important to me? Um, yeah. The eraser. Yeah. The razor is really important. Um, coffee save, paste transformed. We'll go over that. Um, so, yeah, the racers just e of from your razor is right there, and you could just erase. And you can you raise everything like this group. Um, but what you can do to as you can play around with the hardness or with the style. And if you do something like this, it might erase it less. See? So it's different. Okay. And then is where we're gonna talk about before Moment is, uh, um one more tool than I have. And we'll do that in the next video. 8. Video 6 Transform: Hey, everyone, In this video, I will talk about the transformed tool. So the transform tool, you can select it here. Or I could just do a control t. Okay, So, um and what you could do with it? Actually, you can select it here anyway. So if you have an image, let's say let's say you got this image and this one doesn't count because it's in a different layer. Let's say you want Teoh transform this do control T. You could turn it around like this. If you want to undo the change, you could just do escape. And if you want to apply it, you just press enter. See, now it's transformed. Of course, you can always undo it in history. Here, Um, let's say you want Teoh shrink it. Um, See, I got into the wrong layer here, the right layer and joins a shrink. It can go like this could go this gimmick wider, but let's say that you don't want to lose to proportion. So for itself, we don't want to make a thinner or bigger, and that could go for a lot of images. I mean, let's let's say, um let's say that for example, um, you opening this image here, opening for the shop. You just do control a which means control all See, it selects the whole campus. You do control C, which is copy and then you paste control V and then you want to select. See, It's way too big for this. And so you wanna You want to make it smaller, But now it's too thin. And now it's too thick and you don't know exactly anymore how big like what the proportions were. Then you just go to this one and it says constrain proportions. Just click on that. No matter what you dio proportions will stay this sentence. If you do this, then it goes on. Every time you check this proportions will stay the same. See, that is a transformed. Till now. Let's say you want this image, but you want it, um, flipped. You just go to hear, go to edit, go to transform. Gonna flip horizontal enter and you're done If you want a tense so you could also transform it Vertical see like this. All right, that was horizontal. Um, so here's vertical could do that again. If you press escape, it will go away. Press enter, it will apply to change. You can also do some other stuff with it. For example, you can you can skew it. See, you could just play around with it. Uh oh. You could, um you could do perspective. Um, it makes it even weirder anyway. S Oh, yeah, you could You could play around with it, and, uh, let's see what? Oh, you could rotate it so you could go this. So those are the things you could do with transform tool. And so that's very important, because you have If you have an image on you want to put that on the bottom of your cover? You just want to put it there. But you want to keep the proportions. You go like this and you don't. And then here you can. For example, you can take the sitting with the eyedropper tool. Remember, it's over here. I dropped tool or the key. I you just select that you could go to the layer, blow it, you can fill it, which is either shift of five or you just go here and then go to fill and then fill it and look. It's almost the same that if you want toe just kind of smooth it off. You just take this one. And you could just with the brush. Maybe you're just going to this layer. Um, just gonna brush it off, and it looks like there's no border to it. And, uh, you can put the title right here, and we'll go over that in one of the next videos. Um, the text tool. So remember, control T is transformed, but T is text. So this is the textile. We'll go over that. Another video. 9. Video 7 Where to Get Images: in this video, I will explain to you where you can get stock photographs. Um, and they will be royalty free images because if you just goto Google images and you just select any photograph you're not gonna get away with putting those in your book covers because it might be have copyright or you're not allowed to use them or something. But you need royalty free images. So there's a few websites that you can go to one, and that's the 1st 1 you know you want to consider is pics of a dot com. So picks a beta come, it's right here, and it's all free. The only catch is that they promote some of the istock photo images, which are not free. And so sometimes you see a beautiful image that you're like, Oh, I want that one. But then that one ends up to be not free. So let's say you want to create a book about parenting. Eso um, good typing. Parents got all images and basically here you can find see the shutter. Stock images are not free so you can get him, but it costs a little bit of money s Oh, yeah, you could just scroll through him. You can just click on one. Let's say you want this one for your for your cover. Um, you just go save image as or you could just do free download doesn't matter. And then, ah, just download it. It's a simple as that you can also look for other things here instead of just ah, all images you can look for, um, look for photos on Lee or Vector graphics, which will be something like this Seems still wets. Ah, you can look for illustrations. And I never actually looked into videos, but one of that stock free videos? Not too many, but anyway So, yeah, this is to go to sites for for just free images. If you don't want to spend any money and just go through the selection Now, if you don't find what you're looking for in this one, I recommend one of these one. So here I talked to Nappy family can get other images. It's shop dots, stock photos, secrets dot com, and what you can do is you could get like a subscription for, like, 50 or 100 bucks per year, and then you could get 100 images. So it's like it's like a dollar payments, you know, And the environment. Bulk, it's It's really cheap, and they have a bigger selection. The same counts for this one. Ah, photo dune dot net has a bigger selection. They're starting from $3 it says. So you know really cheap. If you really want the best image for your cover, you can't find it in any of these other two websites. Personally used this one myself. It's called Digit product Video on. I will put a link on the bottom where of this course so you could get it. Teoh. And so it says you get 16,000 images for just 30 books. So you and it just goes to show you how cheap you can get him these air. Beautiful images. They're all like in a certain order. And if you, um so So look, the Kindle sales. Yeah, for your websites eso 16,000 something high def images. I really recommend this one. It's 30 bucks and then you just got air. Everything. I mean, you got so much more than just what you get on picks obey or the other websites, and it's 29 97. And as you can see, I bought it myself. Um, and so you could just click on something and has beautiful images. Andi, she You see, there's a lot of them that you could just use, and they're all royalty free. You don't have Teoh pay anyone. You don't have to bother about copyrights or something. So this is another website that I used, and it's really cheap. And, you know, I really don't like a monthly subscription, so that's why I usually avoid these kinds of websites. But, um, you know, it's for $9 a month. It's like nothing in the difference between this website and other websites is that other websites have a limited number of images that you can download. But this one says, Look at this, guys, I don't know if you aren't getting this, but this is awesome. It says unlimited downloads. They have over 800,000 victors of photos. I'm not always excited about the vectors. About some of them are okay, but yeah, unlimited downloads. Okay, so do you get this? Ok, uh, you could, uh, have a monthly subscription here for $9 and you can download as much as you want in that one month, and then you can unsubscribe. And that is actually fairly Oh, if you ask for your money back like I'm like, you know, you just take your products and then you take the product that you don't pay for it. It's not always really fair. It's like going to a restaurant, eating the food and then saying like, I don't like it, So I know I'm not gonna pay the bill right. But you could actually have a monthly subscription, download as many photos as you want, and then and then just unsubscribed, which is what I did. So for two or three days, I just downloaded hundreds of images, and then it just unsubscribed, so I only paid $9. Now, the reason why you want to do this instead of picks obey is because picks obey. Sometimes the images are a little, you know, the little blurry or the little grey, or I don't know that they're not always the best images made for commercial use, even though they're free. But these ones, for example, if you look a diet and let's let's type that in Ah, look you get really high quality images. What's interesting, by the way, is that a lot of pain? People wear whites and they're always smiling. Always happy CEO are you could say of, um, beach vacation or something? And then, ah, you get a really happy image of people meditating or running or something like that. People swimming, I happy families. And you can immediately tell that these images they are high quality and ah, yeah, that they're the ones that are kind of images that if you go to ah Istock photo, you pay $10 for them. He said single image is $5. But ah, if if you just get the $9 a month and then get as many images that you think you're gonna use, you know, you make a plan of the titles and and ah, the keywords and the you know, the book covers that you're going to create, Then you just get this. And so that's what I did See, For example, um, I, uh so for business, for example, um, this is this is really good stuff. Guys, look, these are really high quality images. Somebody screaming at the phone. Sometimes they're funny like this one, Natoli. You won't find that kind of stuff on Picture Bay. So, uh, this one I don't want it twice, but anyway, yeah, I just don't want hundreds of images in just a few days. And yeah, it took me all day, but, uh, then I got all these images, and I can use them for every book cover and in the books and everything else. If I want to make videos with it or slide shows, you can make all these, um, could take all these images and see these are really high quality images. They're usually good looking people. And so I highly recommend getting ah stock unlimited dot com and just getting in from there , cause that's the cheapest one. So and of course. And that home host forgot to mention this is there's a link at the bottom of this video that that you could just click on and it takes you right to this page. And if you want, you can get a subscription, or you can get the plan or you get single pictures. Okay, So there's, ah, two more websites that I want to refer you to just in case you don't find your pictures on the other websites I showed you. And these ones are you know, some some of them are cheap. And I think you can get away with buying them for cheap eso typed in happy people. Just it was all happy. So happy cells, right? Um but yeah, you could just type in any key word. And so this is shutter stock each other stock has, ah, a lot of good photographs. As you can see, they're very professional. Eso I'll let have a link at the bottom of this video as well. And also on the home page to this on and the pricing and says hair 750 images a month. Subscription is $250 monthly, so it's very expensive. But if you're gonna get a lot of images like 750 um, you can have $200 a month with the annual plan, but yeah, it's a lot more expensive, and I think you can also buy them individually, but you'll have to look into that. So yeah, so I I step said, it's expensive, but with that, I mean, it's a big payments upfront, but if you think about it. $250 for 750 images, you do the math. That's three images per dollar. So that's 33 cents per image. So, really, shutter stock is really cheap if you pay a lot up front. So if you know which images were gonna get and if you're gonna create a lot of book covers or you're going to go into the direction off creating professional book covers for others and you get regular orders on five or something else, then you might want to look into this. And as you can see even has, like, fantasy images or or just all right, what if you want to type in the world or just ah, really beautiful images? So if you're gonna buy in bulk, if you're gonna buy a lot than shutter stock is actually really good website, and it's not that expensive. It's just a lot of money up front. So that's just, you know, the big catch with shutter stock. OK, but if you only need a few images and you're not gonna create that money covers, then yet maybe shudder stocks, not the best deal for you. That's all I'm saying, And then there's deposit photo. I asked some of the professional designers, which photographs. They usually said a lot of time, so you shudder stock, but also use deposit photos. And as you can see, these are also very professional. So if you go here subscription plans air subscription plans 75 images for $69. So it's actually not that bad if you think about it, cause it's less than a dollar per image and same thing with this, it's 30 images for $29 a month and then a dollar each. So if you're gonna go big minus 12 you that. So if it's on demand, if you buy him individually, there's a lot more expensive because see, 10 images is $49 which is almost $5 per image. And if you get 25 it's almost $4 per image and under jets, almost $3 payment show. You know, on demand this is love more expensive. It's better to just decide what you want first and then subscribe for a month or for a year or so and then get what you need. And then I'm subscribed. That's what I would, dio, but yeah, very good website. Definitely. If you don't like the other ones or if this one has the exact picture that you need for your book cover and you think it will sell so much better than check it out and it's called the Positive Photo. And also, I will have a link at the bottom of this video to this one. The last one I wanted to point out is graphic stock. So I'll have a link to that one at the bottom of this video, as well as and as well on the the home page, where you could just check out the links and the pdf. So anyway, yeah, graphic stock. It's pretty, uh, pretty. Ah, cheap is $49 per month or $149 per year. You go figure what's best to meet. That's that's really you would probably go for the yearly plan if you do that. So here we go, uh, sport of fitness foods lifestyle. And let's just click on something, see what it looks like. Yeah, click that away. So, as you can see, these are pretty high quality images to see these are pretty professional photographs and $449 per year. That's pretty cheap. Ah, and well, the only thing is, you know how many dollars he I think you get unlimited downloads, but, um, yeah, so go check it out. It's Ah, it's a good one. Another one to consider because you could just make your take from these different websites . I think this one is unlimited downloads. So here, same thing. You could probably pay $49 Donald hundreds or even thousands of images in just a few days or weeks time as you're watching a movie. In the meantime, of course, because you know you don't just want to do one thing you want multitask and then on subscribe. And then you got all those hundreds or thousands of images for $49. So I'm pretty sure that's how some of those designers do it that usually people outsource the books, too. They just do that. And then they got so many images and then I'll subscribe, which is actually really not unfair at all. I mean, you paid and subscribed and he downloaded what you could and that's it. So yeah, check it out. There's linking the bottom. See the next video 10. Video 8 Text and Fonts: So in this video, we're going to discuss how to do text and Texas really important because it has to be big. Title has to be big for for people to read it, to show the keyword that you're using. I'm not going to discuss a lot of other strategies for for covers. But anyway, just know that the title has to be big and the contrast has to be good. So if this is a dark background, you typically want on lights yellow or white fought, Um, if it's a white background, obviously you want black or dark blue or something like that. So make it stand out to title really has to stand up, especially for phones when you zoom out. So control minus or control plus can make you zoom in and out. Let's say, saying we call this book brain science, um, brain science, see as a standout, So so that even now you can still kind of read it. So let's first go to the tea or text tool. Um, you create something like this, so Sony greatest square like this, and then you can type it and see, So I'm just gonna get rid of this one. That was an example. Let's say you want to change this size, okay? You just select it. Go here, you say, For example, instead of 350 make it three. I'm 75 it becomes bigger. You can also, if you want to do it in a different way, you can stand on this layer here on the right quarter. Then you do control t not T because control T is transformed to use text. You can make a bigger or it can constrain the proportions and just kind of drag like this. Um, so this this is kind of good with a bit higher. And, uh, basically, that's what this If you want to change the the, um, color, you could just go here. Could just go on black or white. She just reverse it. Now it's white. Or if you wanted a different color, you can click on it, make a pink, or, if you want it, this specific color now, as ah, you had this yellow No, the eyedropper tool Use eyedropper tool. They go back to t text. You're standing in it, you select it or you do control a which is control all. And then you just click on this and click on, OK, that's how you do this size. And, uh um, color. Now, if you wanted a different font, you could select the font right here. See, there's a drop down menu you can select. Select all kinds of fonts. See this one? Yeah. It's got a cool, but it's not any way you want. So So let's say, uh So you want this on? Well, okay, that's not a good idea. Of course you want it smaller than so you want 3 20 for example. Or to 70. See, that fits. Um, you guys got ugly, so I'm just gonna change this toe blacked again. Um, but you get the picture. So, uh, Anyway, what you can do to ah is it's a selective phones. OK? Ah. Selected different funds way. Let's see. Um, ok, looks kind of cool. Great science. Don't go too crazy on the phone, because if it's not readable than then, the whole point of having a nice title on your book, you know, is gone. So you want it to be something that doesn't look like this? Uh, like crazy, crazy stuff Ah, could be this. Let's say just just nice and clear and big. Let's see. Okay, so now I want a bigger so I'll just change this. You can exceed the boundaries of domestic constrain proportions and you can't bring signs. So let's say you want want that's not in the drop down menu and you want to go a little crazy. OK, then you just go to the Internet, go to 1001 free Fahnestock, Com or some other website that has him, and you just kind of, you know, just look around. So, for example, let's ah, let's do Ah, headline phones, OK, Horror Gothic Disney. You know, you're all kinds of phones here. You're like, OK, I kind of like this. Ah, Sin City funds. So let's download that. So you click on this. I was gonna load, click, download. Now, remember these steps because it gets a little technical. I mean, it's not too complicated, but, you know, so you just open it. And in the folder and the download folder, um, So there you go. And there it is. This is the true type font file. So that's a fun file. So you want a copy or cut that one. And you want to paste it. So you go to Ah, this BC Not sure how to do it on Apple, but it's probably almost the same you go to see and then you have a tab folder, but just called windows. You click on that, and then you go to thoughts in here, you see, all the phone said I have. So you just paste it in there, just paste it. This double check. Uh, it didn't do it. Okay, Now, then, I want to, um, back to this back to you this Take Sin City copy. Good. Frantz. Paste it. And if I'm correct and should be in here, that's see Sim. I don't know what is not in here, but, um, it should be in here to. So let's see, I think you can just type city. All right. Um, well, this is how it's done. I don't know why this is not working. Maybe because it's not extracted. So let's do that first extract. Okay. And see if it works now. So there it is. This is the farms, but in a fonts paste. And there you go. It's installing the front. And as you can see, it's here. So always extracted first and don't have it in a zip folder. That's the mistake I made Sin City regular. And then, if you want to go to a photo shop, okay for the shop, the shop, one for the shop, there's no life. Okay, Now you can select like you just type it. Actually, Sin City. Uh, and it just became Sin City. It's way too big. So you do this? Yeah, Let's go too much to decide. So just stretch it a bit and there you go, and press, enter. 11. Video 9 Stroke and Fill: So in this video, we're gonna talk about stroke and fill. So, um, there's two tools that you can find an edit right here, and one of them is stroke and the other one is Phil. Phil has a quickie, which is shifted five. And unfortunately, stroke doesn't have a quickie, so you always have to go here in the menu. If you want to start something, let's say you want to stroke. Um, we have to stop these. Let's say these letters are too thin. So, um, let's go. Uh uh. Let's say that these letters are teething, okay? And 11 way to make him thicker is to just select him, right click and put on Bull fought for bold. Okay, she came. Ultimatum italics. But see, as you can see there already bold but not really thick. So let's say you want to make him stand out more. Um, also you Lett's. Let's make the blocks a little smaller, so it's easier to transform it. So let's do that. I am in the middle, so OK, Sarah, go now we can transfer. You can also transform them. Of course, as I taught you, uh, control tea and you can constrain proportions and, uh, they're bigger, but I want this font, but I want a thicker One way you can do it is to stroke these letters, so we're gonna zoom in or control. Plus, we're gonna create a new layer. So here you go, New layer. So 94 just gonna double click on it and call it a stroke. I'm gonna stroke it. We're going to select all sample all layers because we want this one especially. And then we just select. And if you want to select one thing, you just click on it. But if you want to select multiple things, that's all. Something else that you need to know is you have told the shift button. So hold the ship button. He's like this, This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this this very simple, never go to stroke. And it asks how many pixels? So if you do 40 pixels, it's gonna look like that. So that's does not very good. So you just gonna have to test out um, you could go back in history. You could make us many mistakes. As you want. Eso 40 is way too much. Apparently eso lets you 20. Let's see how that looks. Still A little bit. Yeah, a little bit thick. Actually, that's pretty good. 20 years. Good on. If you just wanted a little bit, then you just do five or two. You can Also, when you go to stroke, you can change the color so you can actually stroke it and say you want to stroke a red? They just do this. There's a little bit too much. So maybe we'll just Teoh stroke five pixels would read and tell on its drugs this. Now, if you want to stroke the thing around it, then of course, you could just select it again when could select all of it. And so if if you if you click on this, um, this I button here the stroke was gone. See? So this layer has just struck the struck that you have. So this is what it looks like without the letters. OK, so that's one way of doing it. Um, let's say let's get rid of stroke. Let's say you want the background to be dark. Let's say you wanted black and you want white letters. Okay, so let's, uh, let's do dark. You just go, Teoh. Just go to Black Sea. There's black. We could slept here or in the corner, in the manner. Um And then you do shift five, or you go to at it and then you fill, and then it feels it. See, uh uh, If you want to do the same thing the other way around, you could just select. Here he comes, like these black and whites inverse it. The front colors, always the color that you're using. This is the back color. So if you want this to be white, I just do this. I mean, of course you can't see the letters, so you have to going here. You have to select all the letters. Now they're black. And so that's what you could do with stroke. And with Phil 12. Video 10 Contrast, Colors, etc: the guys in this video. I'm going to show you what you can do with colors, contrast, hue and saturation. So there's a lot of different things. I use this to the stools often because she can really and make a difference with this. So I'm gonna merge these layers together so that it becomes one. It comes one, um, color green with the image in it. So what I'm gonna do is go to image and then go to adjustments so you can do is go toe levels. And then you see these levels and the higher you dragged a level of darker, it will get in the lower it won, the lighter will get so you can drag these and see if you can see that it gets a lot darker and can do this and can see and get to walk lighter canoe, Cancel or okay, Uh, whatever you want to dio, you can also go to adjustments. New brightness, contrast. They click. You can drag the brightness so they're just makes a brighter or darker. And the contrast is what I often use has C and makes it stand out more. There's a little bit too much, so you know, it's a little vague, but, you know, this could use a little bit more contrast, so it makes these lights stand up, have more. So, uh, there you go brightness and contrast. Then you can go to adjustments and you can play around with the hue and saturation. Saturation, obviously, is how much the, uh, the color is present. So if you go all the way down, then it's black and whites, obviously in grace, if you go all the way up, it's very like color. So you want to be kind of in the middle, but you can make a stand out more like this again, you can play the lightness. Um, it's kind of the Samos lightness unconscious, and you kinda interesting to us what you could do to let let's say you have several books that you're all gonna call brain science. And let's say this is book one, and you want you want it to be the exact same image, but you wanted to be in a different color. Now this is really easy. All they have to do is copy to file call it, you know, resigns to or whatever and then just play around with the hue. See, now it's turning blue. Uh, now it's really blue. Ah, And then this book could be this color Or could be this color Could be this color Always know that it's it's all about the level. So, uh, it's about the the layer that you're in. So if I want to change this layer as well, then, um, I have to select this leg too. So it's not even visible right now. But see this, owners, I don't know. The thing is, if you want to select both layers and you want to play around, so So let's say let's say I have a layer here, and, uh and it has this ugly, uh, blue, uh, pencil or brush tool on it that, uh and I want both the one in this layer and in this layer I wanna play around with the human saturation. Okay, so one thing I could do is just merge the layers, you know, they're merged, and then is one layer another thing I could do if I want to keep the separate layers as to just, um, hold control and then click on this one and then it's Lex, both players. And then you could go. Um, actually, they can Can't really do that with you. You can only do that if you merge them. But we could do, for example, is to, um if you want to keep the separate later layer, she can also do good layer. Then you still have this one in separate layer, then could merge these layers and see its advocacy. There's always a way around it. You can always play around with it and make happen what you want toe happen. And so here is your brain signs number two. So that's it for you and contrast and all that stuff Don't play around with the mode because, you know, if you wanna have ah, an online file, you have to have RGB I know for print. It's a c m y que color for, um for create space. You could use that, but it makes only a little bit of difference. Do great skills gonna lose all the colors. So just go to adjustments, play around the levels, the brightness in the contest and you sell saturation. If you want to play around with any of these other things, you can. But I usually don't. So thank you for watching this video 13. Video 11 Example 1: Okay, so in this video, I'm going to show you an example. I'm gonna create the cover, and it's gonna be fast. And I'm gonna show you that within 10 2030 minutes you can create a professional looking book cover. So let's let's find a good, for example, let's go to ah, something like, uh, let's do fitness, huh? Let's have the keyword fitness. You have the fitness 30 day fitness, uh, workout book or whatever. So you look for an image and that that goes along with what you're doing. So here I can't find anything. Eso maybe weight lifting. Maybe that's what something I would be looking for. Um, maybe a muscle person. Okay, so let's let's say you want to picks up day. You want to have this image, for example. Maybe not in that one. Yeah, I don't like it as much. That's even, uh so that one has a head cut off. Don't like that as much, either Weight lifting. Let's look at the images and downloaded from the and see how the fitness see if there's any good ones in there. Okay, let's let's get this one for example. Okay, so open it in photo shop. It's really simple. And it's loading. So yeah, I just have to look around for a good image. Um, and then you open it in a photo shop or downloaded from picture day. You do select a which is good already do control A which is control all. Then you do control. See you Copy it. Control V. So you know, you paste it into a control T so he transform it and so that you can do you control minus so you consume out. And so those quickies you could be really quick. And so here is my picture, Gref. No, no, we want to have a text. So let's say, um, you I'm gonna go t t and we're going to select a color. I'm gonna dio fitness. Uh um uh complete fitness workouts Book CNN Doesn't matter the farms Not OK, because I'll change it anyway. Fool for love yet has not really deformed with love. Neither kind of a cool farm to the downloaded one time. Just simple. Ok, the complete If you want to have this like this because the the word fitness has to stand out. All right, so we'll make that the biggest, um, can even put these side as long as that. And so, as you can see now it's 1 34 and we're gonna make it 250 maybe more. 280 maybe even 300. There we go. And so if you want this a little lower she now it's way too low. So you didn t just go here. Do you see now is 1 34 So maybe you do 50 and then see an ended Lower it a bit, but not too much. So here we go. We have this image. We have the title. Now we want the author. So we create another text. Think so. Here we go. And author is, um, the average Joe. If you could do it, everyone can. Until we go to a cool fonts. I know that, um, Vivaldi is a good form for, like, a cursive funds. Eso You could put the author right here. What? You could do it at the bottom doesn't really matter. Just not is what your preferences. So now it's kind of against his head. We don't want that. So we're just gonna do control teeth. The constrain proportions go down a little bit. And we're also gonna go to this layer to text layer duty, and we're gonna make this smaller, so I'm just gonna go 100. See, that's big enough. Um, then we want to center it. So go back to this layer. Do control T. We just drag it kind of to the center to complete workout fitness workout book looks kind of cool, but now we want this to fade. So what we're gonna do is go toe. Oh, that's a quickie. We're gonna go to the Dodge Tool and in this image, we just kind of gonna go over it and make it fade like that. I also see that fitness has to be a bit more squirts up being like this. And, um, as you can see, this is already a pretty cool looking cover. Now, if you wanna do a little side effect and we could weaken, um, creek the eyedropper tool and take this color and then we can go to the brush and we can create a new layer, and we can do kind of like, uh, no goes something like this the hold shift, because then you get a straight line, and then it just you just make these lines like this one more time and you have on awesome looking cover. 14. Video 12 Example 2: Okay, so here is another example of a cover, and we're gonna do it quickly just to show you house fast you can make an undercover. This time I want a black background. So I just clicked on black the background. We're gonna change it. So double click on it, make it layer zero or background or whatever you wanna call it, but it can't be background because of background is locked. So press enter and it's in layer. Now we do shift at five. So we're just gonna fill it with black there go black backgrounds. Now we're gonna create another layer and let's see, And this book is gonna be so go to text. This book is about how to save money. So let's get the title hair group first. Going to just make it whites because flight on black goes very well. How to And then because I want it kind of separate, I just I'm just gonna create another text layer. Um, so she year another one and then save money. And this is gonna be really big, of course, because that's the key word That's still not big enough. Little do big. So thriller 80 maybe three under 60. General. 60 works more centered. So a bit more off here. Um, actually, I should have done the farm first, cause now if I change fun, it's gonna Okay, let's get to me. That's not bad. So how to save money? Now? Let's say I want to stroke these because I want a fatter So we just create a new layer right here. We call it a stroke. Just not confuse ourselves. You don't have to do that, but see, it's sampling all there's. So just hold the shift button selected all and stroke it with whites and go to edit stroke . Five pixels? Yeah, maybe a bit more. So we just go 10 pixels as looking a little better. Maybe even 15. 15 pictures looks great. So now if you zoom out, you could still see it saved money, which is the key word, which is what you want. So now we want an image. So let's say you can go to our all images or it could go to Picture Bay. Let's do it. Let's do this because it's about counting the pennies, right? Oh, I don't know what currency that is, but we're just gonna use that anyway. So save image. No, Save it right here in my images. And then I'm gonna go here, as you can see, here it is. So I'm gonna open that with photo shop. We're gonna select everything with control a control C control V to paste it. And then we go. But now you say Okay, the problem is that it's white. So it's not really nice. I want it to be I want to block the whites to be see through so you could see the black. So, actually, what we could just do as to just goto want tool that w Just click on this just press backspace, which will delete it so pressed backspace. And there it is. And so now I want to tilt it because I wanted to stand up. So I go control t to transform. I could just go like this like, a little bigger, maybe. Yeah, it's got a cool, um and so no need the author name, of course. Uh, so put it on and eat their, uh, want a major cheapskate course can have real author name if you want. Select a different font. Maybe this one made you cheapskate. Okay, I looks pretty good on then. Yeah, maybe it's just missing something because it still has this, You know, it's not good enough. I I think it's too simple. Um, maybe you can look for another picture or come just, uh, the words save could be bigger. As you can see, that's hard, cause any after the stroke is in this layer, so you'd have to do control, click, and then you can do both of them. If you want Onley towards safe, to be bigger, you'd have to race. You'd have to erase the stroke on here. So you don't have to do this and then save so t and then 400. Maybe, but that's still it. Miss it it up. So? So I don't want to do that. Um, So we're gonna go back in history, and we're just gonna leave it like this. Um, Maybe we just want something shiny. Are something Something, something, something like this, you know, or maybe a piggy bank. Ah, in there. Yeah. We'll take the piggy bank. Actually, the money dropping down more like making money, actually like to piggy bank because it's saving money So take this green piggy bank and see , that's a seat through background. So that's already really great. We can use that easily without having to use of one tool s. So we're gonna go to the pictures. Here it is. An open it in Photoshop help with. OK, come on. Okay, it's loading, and it's just not responding. I don't know why all the guys sit tight. Here we go. It's opening it. Control a control. See? And as you can see, this is already see through backgrounds and made for spoken shop. So you just paste it in there and it only has a piggy bank. Uh, then we were gonna put it here. Um, we could even put it in front of it if we want to put it in front of it, then we just move the layer and we could make it bigger with control. T constrained proportions like this. This looks pretty cool. Um, making the race go. This layer with the coins from you raise this one and, uh and then this one has to stand out a bit more of the color. So we go to adjust image adjustments and brightness. Contrast I like the contrast to be bigger like that. I like that saturation will be a little bigger cause it's it's kind of creation like that. Maybe maybe Huell could even change you. Yeah, it's not gonna be too good. Okay, let's not jump to that. And and so there you go. Then we could take the same color, and we can could put, like, a nice little line underneath it if you want just whatever you want to dio. I don't know. Maybe in all smaller doesn't look too too good like that. How to save money, Small line over here, how to save money. And, uh And now we're gonna take this. I'm gonna make the background. We're gonna make it. Faith. We want this color, but we don't want it to be 100% so protective brush tool like a really big. And we just kind of want toe the background to be faded from my greenish like this. So see, that's even too much already. I mean, uh, wanted wanted lesson that so maybe 30%. See, that's even better than a little bit more off here. And, uh, there you go. You got another cover, then you just save it with control s. I'll tell you more about that later. 15. Video 13 Example 3: Hi. I wanted to give you one more example of a book cover. And, um, I thought of maybe a travel guide or something to the Caribbean. So when I was going to do and I found this really cute picture, I thought that was cool. So we'll just go open the picture and photo shop. We do control a control. See, we just do control V. Then it's in here. Let me dio controlled t and we justice sizes. See, we want those palm trees in there, so maybe a bit like this have to go. And so, um, yeah, it could basically take this color and ah, create Ah, layer above it. And they got separate and just gonna Of course, we have to do capacity 100 with a brush tool. Toby, you just kind of go like this and we don't want to go over her hair. So, um, it will make it a little smaller. She and the line is gone, and so the whole background is is blue. And so what we want to do is and I think the white kind of goes with the blue. So instead of making it black letters I wouldn't say white letters kind of like that. And so we want to make the background darker. So we go to the burn tool or just Oh, and we just start making a bigger and just group and look at that. Now it is looking awesome and ready for the white letters. So, um, let's see. We'll do two text boxes. One, Of course, we're gonna select white care of bian, and that is the first word, and it could be even bigger. And we go carried the n make this smaller so it doesn't get in the way and make another text bock box, um, textbooks and then say travel guide. And you can see that already it's looking like a pretty cool cover, especially with the burn tool hair. Um, we can make these letters bigger like this with the Control T and the transform tool. And here is the Travel Guide. Now we wanna have the Caribbean stand up a little less So we're just gonna take this color from her from her, whatever those things are and just make it yellow. Karen being travelguide. And now, of course, we need a pen day. So we're gonna put pen name right here and Jake by Ah, John, Travel dude doesn't really matter as you Comptel. I don't really know what pennies you got a lot of different pending. Usually think about him. But now I don't really want to take the time. Um, so we're gonna get a different. Usually I'm making cursive. Could do that to, uh and they could Smaller because the pen name shouldn't stand out as much as the title. And we can are gonna lower this a little bit. Uh, I'm gonna make it yellow. Uh, okay. Maybe you will make just even a little darker just because then we could see the pen name better. Having galore this a little bit if we want, Um, just like that doesn't matter as much. And as you can see, this is already cool looking cover. 16. Video 14 Save for E-book, Paperback, and Audiobook Cover: So in this video, I'm going to show you how to save your covered for a C X for, um, Katie P and for create space. And you need three separate files. Eventually, you'll have four separate files once the PSD file. So you just save this as a PSD file. Now, I haven't as a pdf because I just released previously saved it. But anyway, he said it has a PSD file. So you keep the layers and you can always make changes later if you want to, um and then you go to flatten image and that will make it one layer. Then you do save as and then you do as a pdf file. So we're just gonna call, you know, whatever. It doesn't matter what we call it to call this Caribbean travel guide. Pdf or four create space or something. Then you save it. A Z can see I already saved it. So it's going to save over it. You don't have to worry about all this stuff that it says it's going. Okay, save pdf. Do you want to giving? Yes. And then it just saves it as a PdF for create space or for the Kindle KDP paperbacks that they have nowadays. Okay, so then you go to save for web. I was gonna open this, and I always takes a little while and then you can see J. Peg seems going to save this J peg the maximum quality. That's what I would advise you to dio then. Okay, so I already saved that soldier. You could just do replace if you want to save over it. So now I say that for create space or for paperback and for Kindle and Outcomes chicks and we're gonna go back in history. And now we have to save it for a C X sound. It measurements the proportions of a C X. You go to image, you go to campus eyes. Then you go to 33.333 and you do the same with with you say proceed and this is going to be your canvas size. Now you have to do some photo shopping. Teoh, adjust this. But that's kind of easy. I mean, I mean, you could easily stretch this saying like go here or maybe a little lower like this, and then you can actually take this controlled t, of course, to transform and could just change this just like that. Um, then let's see. Caribbean could be a little bigger and travelguide we're gonna deal was due t. We're gonna We're gonna be in the text box so we can actually, um, make it like this. Okay, so it's still too big, So it's just going to 300. Gen almost hits the edge, so join it. 80 looks good to me. So there we have travelguide could make, maybe make, uh, author name a little bigger. Moved up a little bit. This and, uh, that's it. And then you just say, save as you want a pita psd file, Of course. So you can always make changes and then you want to say, uh, for audible or for a c X whenever you want to call it. So now you have a photoshopped file that you can always change one for the Kindle and the create space version and one for the a C x file. Then you flat in the image. Then you say, save for web, and then you have the exact proportions that they require on a C X, and you're gonna upload this J pick that you save, and that's it. So with every book, the a c X file takes maybe maybe 4567 minutes, 10 minutes, maybe extra Teoh create. So, um, we're just gonna let's see, you know, all the way back as yeah, And here's the other file. And so you you can do the same with Jake pigs you. So you'll have. So, you know, the other ones that I made, you could do the same with this. Um, you save it as a pdf, you save it for web for the J pegs Cape KDP, and then you just go. Here you go. Canvas size do 33.333 And then, um, when you dio, it's, uh you'll have to do a little bit more photo shopping to get the correct size. But, you know, a C X is a platform. We could make passive income as well. So why wouldn't you take another five minutes to just do this? And as you can see, you could just do this seeing and just go like that, and you could save money. You could do sing with, uh, you can extend this or you know, and then you just delete the stroke layer and you'll stroke it again. And that's basically it. So it's actually really simple, so you can actually get away with doing just a front cover. Ah, on create space or paperback files, but sometimes create space has, ah, warning or notification about it that they do want you to have a spine and better in the back of her. So, uh, I'm just gonna show you how to do that as well, so it could increase the profession ality of your cover a little bit. I don't know if it increases sales, but, uh, you know, it could make it a little better. So here's one of my books and ah, As you can see, it is just a phone cover, but it's not the right proportions. So one thing you can dio So, for example, if you haven't 8.5 by 11 um, cover or book size. So we're just gonna open, uh, templates. And, uh, we're gonna just gonna changed. Change the size your age and 1/2 in just by 11 inches. Then we're gonna take this file control a control, see and control V. And I know why it's doing this is because it's cropping. I don't know why it's cropping. I did control. See? Not see. Okay, So So we faced that makin downsize it. Well, you can also do is make it twice as big so that you get a better, uh, resolution and it's a little sharper. And then I just have to actually just, uh, adjusted a little bit. So for example, we can hopes control t transforms it so we could, uh I could pace it again. Have this be over there and then you'll just crop it meant will take away this. He's hair m. Thanks for square. Then we do backspace. Now it's gone, but not the bottom. It's still there. Then this This layer you could you cheese So we transform it. You go like this still looks OK marking take em in the Emmental Square. We can, uh, downsize dis a bit with cruelty then. Ah, control de to de select and take the bottom one. Place it right there. I just need to get rid of this and this later. Always make sure you're working the right layer, See? And then it's pretty similar. This needs to be gone in this layer, and there you have it. So now it's 8.5 by 11. So now we want Teoh to create a 17 because we need 17 on this side and still 11 on this side. But we also need, uh, this spine here, so it's points of 419 inches. What's so hard about create space book covers with a spine and back side is that I just showed you, ah, book of her in which the spine was already decided. But something that's more important is the spine is always different because, you know, you can imagine that if you have a book that's 200 pages, despite is gonna be a lot thicker Then if you have a book with only 50 pages, for example, so what you want to do, Teoh exactly the term of the spine and also, you know, to bleed and all that stuff. If you want to go into that, then what you dio issue go to create space dot com slash help slash book slash artwork dot do, and you can also just look it up by just Googling creates based cover template and then it appears in top anyway, so you'll go here and then you have to look at how many pages your books gonna be. So here's the sizes. So if you want to do to 69 inch as very typical for shorter books, But you know we could do agent half by 11 they just fill in the number of pages, which in this case, is 77. Or maybe I'll just dio 96 pages. Whatever Dennis said, so is built templates. You just click here to download templates. It's very easy, guys. And then you showed and folder. Then this is a zip folder. So you have extracted extract and there's a template both pdf and J pic. Now what you didn't want to dio So you go to photo shop, You go in this folder, you take this so you just open it. How about a little bit? So these are the proportions. So it shows you exactly where the spine is with this 96 page book. So you want to make sure that your picture stays without within these pink lines because that that it's all visible in the white. Because if you have something that exceeds this line, then it's not going to show, you know, to bleed. It's gonna be cropped off. It's gonna be cut off. Uh, so so basically what you want to do, this is the background, and you want to make this, uh, maybe you just double click on it, then it makes the layer. And so you just select the whites and you do back space, which makes it clear, and then underneath it, you can have a different layers with your book. So then you just open. So I'm gonna take one of our book covers. Just one, for example. We're gonna do control a patrol C. So when a paces in the air that Ah. And you make sure that if you digest and the proportions are right, so So now there's a problem. So all you have to do now? Yes. You could do this, then. It looks like it actually doesn't even look that bad. Look. Got a flash? Yeah. Here. It looks a little flat. Huh? So ah, what you could do to good put it in the middle. I think a just, uh, with control. T force transform. Do you think this maybe just kind of extended? And that's the way to do it on and just want to you, Of course. Hope. And you just do control t and you extended C In this case, it doesn't really matter, Does the eye lashes? Could be a little longer. Uh, he's your man. Makes hardly any difference. See, so it looks good even if I leave this one out. Oh, so this is important, So make sure it goes to all the way over there. If I leave this out, this is just to show it or not. Then you can just take this side here so you don't get the, um with the M Joel. So I take this side, copy it, paste it, Thank you. Extended what you get Then it's that same nice grade tual thing. And you know, here here, it's not completely correct. So, you know, just go over it a bit, make it look good, and anyone could do Teoh is just take this and extend that would control t go down. And I seen a stupid line here. We want to get rid of that. So we just take the brush tool. We do the eyedropper tool to get the color. You would brush tool to go over it and crush tools 25%. So we're gonna change it to 100% and one go down. I could just take this and selected extended T control T. You got a nice cover. So now this is in there. So we want on the spine. Okay, this is so this finest too thin. So maybe you don't want to write the title on the spine here, But if the spine is sticking up, then you can just get the title and the subtitle. You can make a very small a ticket, whites, and then you go to differently, going this one, you do control T and they just if it like this, and it could be in spine right there. But this one's very, very narrow. I mean, 96 pages obviously isn't enough for the title to be in the spine. But if you have a larger blow, click two or 300 pages. Obviously you wanted to that. And then once you're done, this is the file. So, um yeah, of course you can. Ah, something else that I wanted to dio as you can Ah, create, for example. So over here, this is the barcode right there. So you don't want that. So over here you could creates. So this is what the n tal you go to stroke? I don't know how many lines, maybe 15 pictures is good. Then you go like this control, do you de selected? They do t for a text layer, and then you can Ah, you can have maybe just copy and paste their summary in the boxy and just typing stuff right now I and then have a summary of the book or testimonials? Uh, yeah, whatever else you want to put in there about the book so that it has a nice back over and that when people look back, they can read something about or about the author or something like that At the end, when you say that, get rid of this layer because you don't need it so and then flat in its and save it as a pdf. See, still here. Pdf 17. Video 15 Create and Save Bundles: Hi. So, in this video, I want to show you how easy it is to create a bundle cover and actually what all it is really is just copying and pasting these, um, these other things that you made into one cover. So you take the same templates and you can also, if you want to make one for a C X, of course, gonna take the A C X j peg files and just copy and paste mint there. But let's say I want just a two on one bundle. See, I just copied and pasted them in here on. And then you just put the title out there, save money and travel lots. Okay, so we're gonna make this black, and we're gonna make it and his needs a capital letter, and, uh, we're gonna make it bigger, and that's too much. And so he just kind of try it out on DSO That will be a bundle. And if you want to clarify, you can say to in one, um, definitely would make these letters thicker. Um, just with the same stroke tools that we use before. Yeah, that's basically it. You couldn't make a two in one bundle. You could also just, uh, make it three in one bundle. Of course, you don't want to do the same book, but, you know, I just happen to have this, but you get the point. The main purpose is to just here you can constrain proportions and could just paste it in there. And then you just kind of zoom in with control. Plus, just to see if it adds up. Ah, and, uh, and they could put the title here, the big guide. And you could put your pen name underneath it with another text blocks. And it's actually really that simple. There's other ways to do it, which is like the Three D Way. And it shows that you're getting war books and one and then you downloaded on Kindle on. It's actually just one download. I think, personally, that's not the best way to go. It's a little deceiving to customers. They think they're gonna get more books when actually just going to get Kendall book. Um, s O. I would advise to just do it this way. What other people have done to us. They could create a completely new cover, and they just put at the bottom. They put it like it's more books and one. Um, of course, you can do this too. Um, if, uh if you if you want to create four books and one, it's actually just the same concept. You just you just take this and you make it smaller and you should put over hair than you take this one. And everything's with control. T, you know, transform you just to transform the constrain proportions if you want. And then, uh, the names you just kind of zoom in you You perfect that And, uh, that's how simple this. So you just put this one here. You can copy and paste that one over here, and then you could put the title up there. And so here's the title the subtitle or three and one or 441 where you could put the pen, name or bundle combo or whatever you want to put their. And so this this basically, if you save this is a J peg or or as ah, pdf it will have about white background. So if you don't have to worry about this great, these great blocks of just mean see through. But if you want to make sure you don't really know if if that's what it is, you just create a new layer and then fill it Whites. And then you have a white background, and that's how simple it is. Uh, so, yeah, here. If you want to make a foreign one bundle, just do this and, uh, just depends on how many bundles you're gonna create, I guess. How many books you gonna put in that bundle now? This one is not visible because it's underneath this one. So all you have to do is move this layer up, and then it is visible. And as you can see, it's not perfect. So I have toe like, just in a little bit. But, um, and if still hard at the mouse, if you don't have a steady hand and you just zoom in a little bit more sea and air, there's a problem with that one. But yeah, you can imagine it doesn't take a lot of time to just create a bundle. You could do it in five or 10 minutes and, uh, in the same with a C X. You know, you just take the a C X files. Now make sure that the A C X bundle file is also 33.333 changing the canvas size into that . And then just take the J pegs that you saved for a C. X and you just paste them in there. So I hope you like this. I hope you like this video. Uh, it's simple to create. Bundles can also create a different cover. But this is the easiest way I found. So I wanted to add something to this video. And maybe it sounds a little different because this is a different laptop. But that's okay. So, uh, hair is what I Googled is cover three D image. So you get this image and I just saved it to my computer. That's only need to dio. Then I have it here, so I opened it in photo shop. And as you can see, this photo shops looks a little different cause this is Photoshopped CIA six. But it had basically has all the same tools and, you know, it's almost the same. So, uh, then you go to image because this image is very small. C It's only 2.8 something by 3.3 something inches. So we want to make a bigger who want to constrain the proportions. That's important, because otherwise it's gonna get a different shape. So maybe just removed a dot and put it over here on then it's bigger 10 times bigger. So much better. So that would just take one of these. Would you do control E A, which is select all control C, which is copy control V, which is paced. Then we constrained proportions here, and then control T will make it. So I went a little fast, so controlled tea and then constraining proportions. And they gonna make sure that the top of this image reaches the top of this cover and the bottom reaches the bottom like this. Thank for sensor. And then you do a control to you again. They go to image no, to edit, transform. And then you could do skew or perspective. And you just got to play around with this a little bit. So let's say, for example, skew so I could just go like this man like that. And then this is divide the right angle. Then maybe l just make it a bit smaller. This so I just did enter than control t again head. Now you have a three d cover. It's pretty easy, huh? So that is one thing I wanted to show you. And then another thing I wanted to show you is how Teoh do. Ah, bundles a different way. So you take this. Ah, So, for example, if you want the background be black, Let's let's do that. So you double click on that. So it's not back right anymore, so you can feel it. You can dio shift a five and then it says foreground color. So yes, we want to fill it. Shift at five is Phil. You can also just go here, Phil and Phil. Anyway, eso we already have this one in the clipboard, so we copied it. So we're gonna pay step, then we're gonna cut. Couldn't do control a control. See and paste at with control being here's another cover control and console. See pace with control. We now these covers, you know, aren't really topics that are related. I would only create bundles with things that are related to each other. But that's not the point right here and So? So we're just gonna dio control. See? What if I if I want to select all these layers and transform them all I do control and then click on them. So now we got three layers selected. We do control t transform. They were constrained proportions. Just go down a bit. And we just kind of estimates how big we can make these. So, for example, like this And then we can go this layer and take this one over here. And as you can see, there's no room for the 3rd 1 so we're just gonna do it over. So control control, you can select the mall control T constrain proportions could make it in a little smaller. Now, we're just gonna click on this one. Move this one over here, This one, it's gonna go over here, and then we're gonna zoom in and make this a little more accurate. It's because we want this one to be closer to that one like that. And that one too. And see, now they're the right distance from each other. So is your mouth. And then control and click on those again. Seem because we have a little bit more space constraint proportions Go out a bit more. And now, uh, so at first T and, you know, you could just use the text tool. Uh uh, All 10 minutes, Uh, bondable. It's kind of a weird phones for that. I got you murderer. Kind of a cool Florence. But anyway, we'll just do this one, and, uh, we'll make it bigger. That's way too big. 300 maybe 200. Ultimate. So even spelled correctly all the mutt. And then we go. And so and I say underneath that, you could say three and one if you want. So let's make that really big and you can play around this to you could do look a little smooth something around it, but and then an end. The main trick to having these look even better is to have a white line around. So that's what I do. So this is the layer with this one in it. So I just take this electoral continuous. Don't send ball the layers always make sure these because we just want to be in this layer . Then we select this, I'll select everything around it, But then we can go to select and do in verse and then selects all of this. And then you just go to edits you Stroke seven pictures. Yeah, Let's try that. Yeah, it's pretty good. Maybe, maybe 10 pixels. And and then so we do the other thing with the other one. So click on this. Do select in verse. Edit stroke, 10 pixels. Uh, and we can do the same thing And this layer she select in verse stroke, and then you go. 18. Bonus Video 1 Facebook Banner Creation: And here's a little bonus video just to go to show you that you can use photo shop csto for anything, actually, and you really don't have to have the newest version. You don't have to, um, just use it for book cover. Sheikhoun Curie it good. Create banners. You can create images for, ah, YouTube or your blog's or for Pinterest or whatever else you want to use it for. And so you could do that with the just hooking up the Facebook banner proportions. For example, if you want to create a Facebook better so these are the proportions. 851 times, 315 pixels. So you just open a new file with pixels. Make sure it's just pixels, not inches 18 51 15 Facebook banner doesn't matter right now. Ah, and so you have 72 pixels. But it just typical for Internet files or JPEG files are usually Resolutions 72. If you're gonna go into heavy print and haven't really detailed, they usually do to under 300. But we're just gonna do 72. So, yeah, just opened that, and this is the Facebook banner, and so you could just put anything in there that you want. So, um, have a picture of you or no. If you have a self help banner or whatever, you just take this control a control. See, just a control V. You see, it's way too big to do control T and you constrain proportions, and you just put it out there on. So as you can see, it's pretty pixelated because you know it's it's pretty small, but that's a day and, you know, use it that way. Then, if you want something in that you want you want, like text or something, here's your self help texts because they no Andi think it's way too big. That's right on doing it. So we're going to create a new text layer text box. You see, it's way too big, so it's just gonna do 100 says, Change your life. There we go way too big still don't Doesn't matter because we're just gonna do control t transform it and we can just put it right there. And, uh, here we could put something like like my page. Of course, that needs to be smaller, so it's gonna be something like this and you can even look up to go to, uh, Internet Facebook light icon. Yeah, Yeah. Take this thing or something. And, uh, never Just just say that image as ah has. Yeah, images and short. And then you just open it in photo shop, more ready to go. There it is, what you do then, because you don't want the white background. So you selected with the want tool so that w hold shift and select this to then do backspace. Okay, so this is wrong, because this is still a background. So you want to change it into a regular layer, double click on it to enter, Then you do backspace. So now it becomes see through, except for this little hand. Didn't do control a which elects everything control. See, I don't have to save the changes. Control V and here we go. And whatever else you want to put in there, you could save this file. You can if you're gonna save it, save the PSD file. So save the piece, De um, and then also flattened the image. So and then save it for web. And then when you say before web and you click and you get out of it and say, Save changes? No, because you don't want to save the changes for losing these layers. So you save it first as a Photoshopped file PSD file. Then you flatten him and she saved this J peg or save it for Web. And then, uh and then you just exit out of it without saving it. That's it. 19. Bonus Video 2 Coloring Cartoons: Okay, guys. So I'm not gonna color this whole cartoon right in front of you, but when I am going to do is show you a few tricks to color cartoon fat. So first of all, we want to make this not background. But we wanted to make this a regular layer. Second, we want to create an extra layer for colors. Now, this eso usually when you color cartoons, you have three layers. You have a white background, so we're just gonna make one layer go black, white background. Usually you have won four colors. Um, then you have 14 airbrush effects or paint effects airbrush effects, and one is black lines. If you want to keep the separate, that is the best thing to dio now. These black lines later still has all this white in there, and we don't want that. So because you want the white to be in the white background, So we first we go to the white background, we fill it, shift at five, and so it's filled. See, now this one's white. This one has to be see through, except for the black lines. So we're gonna uncheck the boxes continued did you? It's and sample all layers. And just check all those boxes and just click this. This will select all the white. Then you do back space, which makes it seek through. So now it's all gone. See if I have removed a white backgrounds and still see through then do you wanna check all those boxes again and start working in a color layer? So what you do well, here we have the colors already, so I could just take this, Um, maybe a little lighter. I don't like that better. Ah, and just Ah, just go like this. This is the one tool. So this is up here, or you could just select w with quickie and you select all this and then you just do shift the five Phil. And it's a simple as that. Now, if a cartoon doesn't have shading, it's a lot easier, and it takes less work. This one doesn't have shading. However, something just gonna select a pencil tool appear just gonna make it smaller. And we're just gonna manually color this in. Uh and so then it takes all the shading with it. You could just erase this hope without any problems zip and is gone, and same with this. And so you just do the same thing everywhere. Um see, you could select this and this because it's elects all examples all there. So you could just select everything here and then the parts of the shading. Yeah, you know, you have to do that manually. But if you don't have any of those, those those cross shadings, you know, a simple cartoon is even easier, and you could just color it like that. So here you go. Here's him. Maybe maybe a bit more like this. Like that Better? Ah, a bit too much. Maybe so you can play around with it. Um, filled shift of five. And, uh, there we go. And then what it does is it has all these little because of want tool didn't select, um, these pixels with it. What you want to dio is to just stroke it. So just like a few pixels, just maybe, like five pixels or something that's more than enough. And then it goes over all those little things that still it doesn't do it. That means that these things are just kind of grayish. So we can remove those by just simply clicking on them And this one and then it removes all those things which are too white. Grayish, here's one. And there we go, As you can see now it looks perfect. Thank you. Used a pencil tool. Go back to the color layer. And, uh, And there you go now. And when you're done doing all this, then of course, you can used, uh, the Bertel on the Dodge Tool to put shadows on it. So you just have, for example, you could go over here for the shadow here, the shallow there put a shadow on one side on the other, maybe even some some smaller shadows. And remember, if you if it's too much, then you just change the exposure. Teofilo able for five. How much, uh, like 50 or something. And then it's more gradual. And so you could do the opposite with the dog stool. So you just go on the other side and see that's too much. 100 is too much. So do you like 40 or something on S o many of the Dodge tool for some highlights. And that way you can perfectly color this hero has called the Hells. Yeah, that's touch for hero. Anyway, So, yeah, you could do that with everything. And, uh, you know, uh, the backgrounds, same principle. Really hear it. Didn't make sure these boxes are checked. Um, you know, you just make it that color, the brownish color. And that's basically how I colored. This cartoon is just like this. Um, you know, you stroking a little bit, because then it will get more perfect and used a this tool. You just color it like that, you just fill in the blanks. And then, of course, I bet you you want to know how I did the, um that the little shiny thing on the on the sword and that's what airbrush effects come in . So you just go to white that instead of pencil used like brush and so see, this layer is above the black lines layer. So if you do, if you do this, then it's gonna overlap it. She's already nuts. When you could do to is have a smaller capacity and narrow down a bit more, and then it's gonna go like this, and then you make a smaller one like this and these human. And there you go. And so this later separate. So it won't affect your black lines on then. Of course you could You could make a fog layer, uh, which, which is what I did. So, uh, I just kind of went over it with fog. That's too much to see. You know that you got I want to be really like so you won't make it 5% or something. Uh, maybe that's not enough. Let's see. 25. Uh, yeah, it'll be like that like that. And so now, of course, if you wanna, um, after that you want to select these things you don't want. Teoh have this visual. You don't want t to be seen because if you dio is gonna affect the selection. And as you can see, it's select only like, small portions because it's like affected by the air bush. So you don't want to do that? You wanna do control de de select and so un select thes finish coloring and then see how this looks. And then, if you want to get rid of it, you can always do this, or you can adjust it. Uh, or you can make it darker with the burn tool like, for example, like this. And then it's less foggy. And basically that's how I colored this whole picture. So there is one example of a cartoon. Like I said, it's easier if these little shadow stripes aren't in there, but it's perfectly doable. It takes a little bit more time if they are in there as well. So I hope you like this, Dio. I don't know if you're gonna color a lot of cartoons, but just for funds And just you know, if you ever want to color cartoon, this is how you can do it. 20. Bonus video 3 Create a Youtube thumbnail: the guy. So this is Vincent again with another bonus video for this course. Justus, go Just to show you what you could do with photo shop, um, that you can create a thumbnail for a YouTube video. So here's my video. And, um, you know, on ah YouTube it asks to it creates thumbnails automatically. But if, ah, if you want to do better marketing, it's better to create a thumbnail with, like, some text in and or something. So this is my video, and I could just pause it at a moment like this. Then I could take a screenshot, uh, so you could just go to print screen. Then you paste it into a word document. Because if you try to paste it into Explorer, it just doesn't work so that you just go save picture as and then you go to thumbnails. Whatever. Save it, Julia. And then a photo shop. You open that an order to go? This one. Okay, so this Ah, this video is, um, three reasons while you book covers importance or something, so I can open it in photo shop and super simple. I mean, first, we're gonna cooper crop it and so press to see button or go to this tool, the crop. It doesn't really matter what the proportions are. YouTube is very picky about that. As long as it's not too big of a file. Then you press the M tool or you go to this square. You could do a circle to if you want, but anyway, make a square, That's why Do it. Ah, Then you do shift a five or you go to this one and say, Phil, then you can go to stroke. Pick a color, do you? I always have something with red, gray and black and white. So I'm gonna do red and shut up. This is what we have here. Then we can also do the background. You can actually just do it Dark gray if we want, um, fill it. So shifted five. You selected with a one tool. Of course. I've got to tell you that Make up the oh, Gene, this is ah. Either burn or or ah, make it lighter or make a darker go like this. Maybe Dodge will be a bottom and then, you know, since it's a dark black ground backgrounds, we'll just do a white text. So go to the tea or textile she liked square. They say three reasons for creating your own book covers. And as you can see, it's too big. So do control A, which elects all then lower. This maybe a little bigger. See, up here is how big it is. Maybe a different flaunts Did ah in the three a little bigger to make it stand out maybe. And ah, yeah, just flatten the image and save. And that's when you have a thumbnail with a cool thing. You can also put something else in the foreground or whatever you want. And you can have customized more professional looking thumbnails that will attract Mawr people to your YouTube channel. Have more people subscribe because looks more interesting than maybe have more people on their phone or tablet. Look at it because they can't see the title of your video to just see the image And ah yeah , just little one little bonus video just to go just to show you what all the stuff that you could do, a photo shop with simple tools that I'm telling you, but having a square cropping text tool and yeah, stuff like that. Thanks for watching 21. Bonus Video 4 Last example for fun: Hey, everyone. I just wanted to do one last video and, uh, just showing you, uh, what you can do. She's So I got a picture here, and I was gonna create a book cover on the meaning of life. So remember, you know, there's a lot of tools on this side, and I showed you this course, um, only a few of them because there's a lot of tools that if you want, you can play around with them. But it's really not that important. What you really need to do is master tools, and it gave you with which I created all the book covers that I have and yeah, if you want to put a filter on it or something like that, I'm sure you could do that. Or if you want no player out with the the Blur tool or path selection with all that stuff, you can always do that later. But just master the tools that you have, Um and and I'm gonna show you again which tools are so easy to use. So you do control a which select everything. Then you do control, see, just coffee, then you paste it and then it's in a different layer. And as you can see, it's way too big. So we're gonna zoom up with control minus we're gonna do control t which makes it, um, transform. Then we're gonna go to this one, which make sure that the proportion stated saying and then we're gonna make it smaller and zoom in. So now we have a nice picture for the meaning of life. Maybe this. Now we want to create a background with that same color. So what we're gonna dio is we're gonna create another layer, which is this one and the bottom of the layers. Then we're gonna make it this color. And as you can see this layers on top of it, it should be underneath it. Um well, you know what? What we could do, actually, and that's probably easier instead of filling it So we go back in history, you can always correct everything you do. So you just take this color of the eyedropper tool, which is the I quicky. Then you go to the B Quik e and you just select a brush. Make it bigger. Is that 100%? And Walla. Here we go now That's not very nice. So we're just gonna do this? I'm gonna do the opacity. Maybe 30%. So it just kind of, um, touches it but doesn't, like, completely dominate it. And unless you can see now, it's like nights and cloudy, and it's almost like it's part of the picture. So we're gonna take so the eyedropper tool, the B from brush. And we're just gonna create this, um, desisting here and create this cover eso uh, so now we want to put the title in there, but first we want to make, like, this little square to put it in. So what we dio is we actually select M, which is, uh, um, the marquee tool. As you can see, it's a circle now that we want a square, so select a square right there, and we can kind of drag it to the middle. And then we're gonna do you work in a select white we're gonna subdued in a new layer, and we're gonna call it Stroke Square and symbols, and then we just go to edit stroke. 30 pixels. Yeah, that's actually pretty good. Um, then we're gonna put the t the text tool and we're gonna do meaning off life meaning oh, life. And we're gonna select all with control a make it smaller and actually going to go to this font Be volte. I know. That's just kind of a nice funds for cursive. Um, you have We want this to be bigger, so let's do it. 250. Ah. Course we could drag this down. Um, maybe even maybe even 300 actually. Yeah. Uh, and then this one, they got 350. Maybe life. Ok, uh, let's see if it's bold. Yeah, it's bold. You can always stroke up to if you want meaning of life and off. Well, actually, we don't want it. It's too big, because that's not very important off. Uh, but then it's not really in the middle, so we're gonna put it more in the middle. Uh, maybe 150 that's all. We just play around with it. You can always just go to this do control t transform it and like this. And then what you get is a nice um, how spiritually looking title on. Then you just put the pen name underneath it by, uh, Craig Ah Scott's whatever. Um, make the smaller maybe take a different. Um, I usually do a different uh, was this different fonts for the for a pen name? Yeah. Make this site Alec. And oops. Yeah. So we're just gonna go this control t make it smaller. And then actually, what we want to do is make the background darker. So it stands out more because now, if you read it from distance, it's hard to read. So what we want to dio is to go to the O, which is, uh, well, in this case of burn tool and we're gonna go this late here. So you were in the right layer, and we're just gonna make it dark are gonna. And now the title stands out even more. Maybe you want to make this a little darker till just so it's come grew and and, uh and then, yeah, you put something else in there, like always When you do a number, make the number really big because people are attracted to number. So, for example, you could do Ah, um 50. Make it. I'm not cursive 50. This 1 may be okay, so we're gonna make it bigger. 50 Ah, And then you could dio reasons for living a full life. And of course, gonna make this smaller, like this, maybe space it out a bit more. So going here, Prisca, enter or shift, Enter and, uh, you go like this, uh, not make it curses. So it stands out from, ah, author and, uh and I'm still not really good, because I want it to be over here. This time we're gonna make the 50 of the bigger 50 50 dragged out down so controlled t go to the right layer control t and then just drag it, Make sure and this is the same. And presenter if you have breast escape its cancel. If you press enter, it's confirmed. And, uh, we have the meaning of life. And, of course, like I said, it takes a little bit more effort to stretch this out and to make it a, uh, a c x cover. But it's easily done within five or 10 minutes. And then you could make passive income with that as well. So thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoy the boat's video. I hope you enjoy the whole course that you're gonna use these tools, like the brush that the selection tools, like the wand, um, the text to transform tool those. Those are really the most important tools that you need as well. As, um, it was fill stroke. Ah, and maybe just adjustments If you want to change something. Eso Yeah, work with the layers. Work with the history of you make mistakes and, ah, don't make it too complicated for yourself. Figure it out and ah, it's ah. And if you if you see something not working out look, for example Lee, you see, like like oh, I didn't want to select all this. I actually just wanted to select everything in between it. Then maybe you just accidentally got the boxes on checked or you're working in the wrong layer. Or, you know, little things like that can make a big difference. So of course you're gonna before you say that you saved a Photoshopped file, then you flattened him and she saved the pdf and the J peg and and then you go back in history a little bit, and then you make it on a sex file. So I hope these things will help you. Um, thanks again for buying this course and good luck with photo shopping 22. Bonus Video 5 Actions: Okay, so I have been talking about having photo shop CS two for free. And you can actually do a lot what she has to, um, when you want to buy, see us six. Which is, I think, the newest version, uh, then and it when you go to the Adobe website, they require a monthly subscription. I think it's only 9 99 I think about it. If you have to have 12 months, then it's It's 100 $20. And if you do that for 10 years and it's $1200 so I really I really don't like monthly subscriptions. So I tried to look for it on eBay, and you can Actually, As you can see, you can get it for 29 99 which is about British pounds, which is about 38 dollars and 74 cents. So if you just browse around on eBay, you can have ah, one time payment and they'll take you to a website. It's a download. No, you won't get to see D, but you will get the license and a code. And, uh, and a key. The key. Yeah, says with with key official download, and I actually did it and it works. And as you can see, I have a photo shop. See a six on my computer now as well, Which eyes required for some of the more magical, high techy things? Uh, like I said, you don't need it. And you can do it with the free version Photo shop. See is too. And I I used that for more than two years with success and for hundreds of books and covers . But if you want, uh, CS six, you know, it's only a $38.38 74 So I don't know, the price might change a bit future, but basically, if you look around on eBay, you can find something, and, uh, I definitely recommend that as well. So Okay, I just showed you how to get a photo shop, CIA six, which is something you need to get for these actions. If you want to have them, that is. But they're really neat. So this is one of the pages. It's just one of the like 50 actions that this cellar has on there. And as you can see, it's only $8. You can. I added to your cart, and then you follow instructions and you get in effect like this. So this is this one's called Blizzard. Ah, and so, yeah, you can have all kinds of effects on it. This is the blizzard action. You can have it from all different directions. And, ah, I'll school through it really fast because you can look at those things on your own. Ah, but as you could see it, it's really professional, and you just have to click on the action button and a few other steps. Every action, by the way, has a tutorial video on YouTube. Some of them are a bit more complicated than others, but there is a lot of them that are very simple and see. Ah, you could just go to this Web sites, and there will be a link. Those several links at the bottom. I will have 12 in the general overview and a few of the ones. My favorites, actually, that I all personally bought and you can use these actions prefer to create professional looking, um, book over. And maybe it's even better for fiction. You know, if you look at it, book covers that, um, good for fiction. So glory, action seeing and see this, You know, you could just tell this kind of stuff can make you stand out from the competitors. You know, if you put this in there and you call your books scattered or something or you you have the water giants or some other thing or this this could be for motivational books. The flame, uh, this on you could be like a how to draw or something else, actually, So, yeah, you could even put old throwing book together, I guess with that action. Ah, so, yeah, you have different actions oil pains, even legendary winter spectrum. So it'll bunch of them and ah, I just feel free to have fun and scold through these. I personally love this stuff. And ah, I got to say some of them cooperated a bit more than others. This is one of the ones I bought sparkle modern art. I think I bought one of those Focus off focus makes it really look nice. Ah, what a shimmer. Anyway, when you buy one of those actions, you simply download it and then ah, just follow the instructions. You put it on your computer and then I'll show you how to use one of these actions. So basically most of the times it's you goto Windows actions. Then there's an action window, and then, as you can see ah, there's there's this is one of the actions that I have. This makes art. So ah, I'm just going to click on brushing that play and then it's going to create a few layers. It says here now you can brush onto area. You wish to keep the color, and the rest of them are going to be, um, more grayish. So do this gonna just Ah, I want the color of this woman to remain. And actually this is a little mistake, so make sure the opacity is correct, So I just want 100. In this case, this is gonna have color, so it's not gonna take too long seen, which is it doesn't have to be exact. In this case, there's other actions where you can, um, actually just used the selection tool like the last tool or the magic. Want soul and make a clear selection off what you want to be, you know, affected by the action what you don't And then basically, just click on play and it will go on for for several minutes, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Uh, how until the action is completed. So as you can see, it's gonna dio. Okay, Now you're rushing to the area to keep the color. Oh, and then you go to apply effect. So, uh, I guess I just overdid it. So we go back in history so you can always go back in history, and then you just go to step to me clicking play and look at all this stuff. It's gonna dio Look, it's gonna create new layers. It's gonna create little attached thing he's or you know how they think. How you figure that salad was probably pretty break. Genius knew exactly how toe the ah, good expert and photo shop. But the good thing is, you don't have to do all those things manually because he created an action pattern of step by step. And so he's selling it on that website and only have to do is download it and pay for, like, $8. Some of them are six or $7 and then it does it all for? You know, if you run into any problems, I really recommends looking up to YouTube tutorials for that action. So this one's called SS mix art. So I would go to YouTube. I look up mixed art as s mixed arts or something, Uh, action to toil and photo shop or something like that. And I've actually done that with several actions, and it totally works. Ah, and so you know how long this is gonna take. But I won't bore you. I'll, uh, I'll skip all this stuff, but yeah, as you can see, it does it all for you. And if you can actually do other things in the meantime to actually you could just minimize this window and just do other stuff. So, uh, so it's really not that bad, Or you could just go do something else. Eso? Yeah, and then it's gonna create a beautiful effect for you. Okay, so take a look at this. This is 10 minutes later, and ah, did all this. Did all these quick masks and all these color things you can You can go into them and see exactly what they did. And you can change things. She could she and you could just play around with color if you want. But anyway, um, you don't have to make a very complicated I mean, this. This is what that action does. It highlights the color of what you selected, and it blurs the rest. So if you want to take this image and you want Teoh, uh, put it in your on your cover, then all you need to do, of course, is to ah is to, ah, flat in the image because you don't want toe if you just If you select all she in control a its electoral and then you Ah, you just take this area. Then it only takes that orange thing here. Um, so you don't want to do that? You want you want to take everything right? So then you just do a flat an image. Discard him layers. Yeah, of course. Because you know you don't need toe. Keep what you can't even see. So then it's flattening the image. And then, of course, you have everything selected with control a control. Then you do control, see to copy it and then you can go to you know your book cover template and can do control V to paste it and you can play around with it. You can do control t to ah, transform it any way you want. Or maybe you just want Want this one or or what you could do to as you could just crop it, Just do this and then do control a and control See to copy it. You know, whatever you want to dio or you could Ah, if you don't want this, you have to make this other layer toe not background to work into So you take the eye the eye dropper to So just try the quickie Then you go to be which is brushed I think you just brought you over that And then all these weird things are gone They could do control A we'll see and tasted into Europe will cover So I hope this helped. Ah, and I hope you can use these effects if if you like them be picky about which ones you choose. I mean, you know, if you have a fortune to spend, you can get all the actions. I got about 10 of them, so I spent about 60 70 $80. Ah, but that gives you great effects. Yeah, so and this is a picture that I took in one of the actions. I mean, this It's probably not the best thing for this picture, but I did every action that I purchased on this this ah photograph of this little girl. So this is one of the actions, and this is another one. So that's the one we're applying on the ah, on that. That would just applied on the one that I I did with the woman. Um, Then there's this one Glory. I think it's called this one. Ah, it's like I know you kick. You had all the kinds of strange effects here. This is the soft focus. I think, um, it's really nice. And so Yeah, that's ah, several different images. Um, and you comply all those actions. I like this one, the shimmer one. And that's basically it. So, uh, good luck with it. If you like these actions, take a look at them and ah, that will be it. Thank you for listening.