Design Bites: The Bauhaus Movement | Meira Gottlieb | Skillshare

Design Bites: The Bauhaus Movement

Meira Gottlieb, Arts Educator & Creative

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11 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro to Design Bites: The Bauhaus

    • 2. The Bauhaus in Historical Context

    • 3. The History of the Bauhaus

    • 4. Philosophy & Tenets of the Bauhaus

    • 5. Graphic Design, Typography, and Color at the Bauhaus

    • 6. The Bauhaus Legacy

    • 7. Illustrator Basics: The Text Tool

    • 8. Illustrator Basics: The Shape Tools

    • 9. Illustrator Basics: The Alignment Panel

    • 10. Illustrator Basics: The Pathfinder Panel

    • 11. The Project

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About This Class

Interested in beefing up your knowledge about Graphic Design History?

Get a small "bite" of Graphic Design history by delving into the Bauhaus Movement with me. The Bauhaus is considered one of the most important influences on contemporary design.

Learn about:

  • The history of the Bauhaus
  • The philosophy and tenets of the movement
  • Graphic design, color, and typography at the Bauhaus
  • And the Bauhaus legacy

 The class project will be a Bauhaus inspired poster in Illustrator that epitomizes the visual and conceptual spirit of that movement. During that creation process you will be guided through some tools and techniques in Illustrator such as the shape, pathfinder, and align tools. 

No prior of design is necessary, but for if you wish to complete the class project, a very basic knowledge of Illustrator would be helpful.