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Design Beautiful Thumbnails for YouTube Videos - Adobe XD

Stevdza - San, Android Developer & UX/UI Designer

Design Beautiful Thumbnails for YouTube Videos - Adobe XD

Stevdza - San, Android Developer & UX/UI Designer

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10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Download Adobe Xd

    • 2. Adobe Xd Interface

    • 3. Adobe Xd Shortcuts

    • 4. Where to find Good Backgrounds?

    • 5. Where to find Illustrations?

    • 6. Where to find Fonts?

    • 7. Where to find Icons?

    • 8. Thumbnail #1

    • 9. Thumbnail #2

    • 10. Thumbnail #3

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About This Class

In this course we are going to design 3 thumbnails with 3 different styles using Adobe Xd.

You are going to learn how to use Adobe Xd to create amazing thumbnails for your videos.

Also I'm going to provide you with lots of free online resources where you can find nice Gradients, Icons, Illustrations, Backgrounds for your thumbnails as well.

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Stevdza - San

Android Developer & UX/UI Designer


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1. Download Adobe Xd: Ah, hello there and welcome back. So in this video, we're going to download and in store Dobek stay. Ah, the official u r l for ah, Adobe's is ah adobe dot com slash products slash x d dot html. So ah, Toby's Dobie exit is mostly used for designing mobile and Web applications, but it's a very powerful tool, and you can also use it to create the business cards. Ah, different kinds off images like Tom Nails and so on. So So because the is used also in other tools are like for prototyping and so on. Um, hello basically is free, but you can also pay an extra dollar toe, get an extra cloud storage and ah, I'm limited documents and so on. But of course, we're going to use a free version. So when you download and install a big city and when you run the application, you will see this window. So when the left side you have ah, Adonis cloud documents Ah, you can manage links and so on, and here you care templates to choose from. So you have iPhone and android templates. You have iPad templates and you have a web template So this is the dimensions which we really was for our time nails. So it will be 90 1920 in 10. 80. All right, so just click on that template and open up. So this is our new document and the in the next videos, I'm going toe explain you a little bit more about Ah, the adobe is the interface shortcuts and many more. 2. Adobe Xd Interface: Hello there and welcome back. So in this video, I want to introduce you a little bit toe adobe eggs, the interface. So what do you running Adobe's D? You will see a window like that. So on the left side, you have ah, adults. So Eddins are very common in Adobe's Day. You can down on the many kind, many different kind off adults. In this course, we're going to use a particular one, but I will introduce it to that Adam later in this scores. For now, we're going toe. Just go back to our home tab and they were going through with the template for Web, which is a 1920 by 10 80 dimensions. And those dimensions are pretty common when users are creating a ton males for their YouTube videos. So just click this Web template, and here you are going to see a default art board for your project. So on the left side off our Adobe's Day interface, we have a different kind of tools. There are not too many like sectoral rectangle, tool, ellipse, tool, polygon, toe lying toe, Pento tech store, art board tool and the zoom, so they're not too many, as you saw, maybe in Adobe Illustrator on photo shop. Now let's select this rectangle tool by clicking our shortcut, and here we can duplicate or drag this on the top by holding the order and shift. Okay, here we can change the name, and you contribute the dimensions for this element. You can also increase and decrease ah rotation for your element. For example, if you type 45 you'll get the 45 degree. You can also do that manually by holding, shift and dragging those and moving your mouse. You can also increase in the decrease capacity for your element, and you can increase radios for all corners or for each off those for each one off those corners you can. Also, it was a field caller or ah, border color. Or you can add the shadow to your elements as well. Okay, all right. So you can also use your custom qualities if you have your color palette. So let's select Ellipse, stool and the whole the whole time shift to create one perfect circle. So let's just like this great caller and, for example, we could move this on the right side a little bit and that we can increase the size by according old and shift. And let's move this on the right side. So when we select those two elements, we can murder stemming toe one and we can get the new elements like that. Or we can use a sub strict or intersect like that, and we can get a different kind off shapes with those basic geometric shapes like those. Okay, so, uh, now let's he was a polygon tool. So as you can see, we can increase or decrease the corners for this polygon tool, and we can also increase the radios for those the corners. So as you can see, it's zooming a little bit. So if you want to zoom in or zoom out, you can just hold control and use your mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom Alec. It's pretty easy. All right, So, uh, and there we go. Those are just the simple shapes, which can be pretty, was full for your project. And, of course, a pento mental is amazing, and the powerful tool on the some of you are might familiar with the mental. If you worked with Adobe Illustrator or other vector tools so you can create an amazing shapes. With this stole, for example, we can just now use a feel color and that we can select those two elements and we can substrate or intersect and basically create a new shape like that. And we can use this in a our thumbnail, which I will. I'm going to show you Ah, a little bit later in the scores, all right, and that's it for this video. I just wanted to introduce a little bit with Adobe is the interface or the tools you can use and so on, and that's it for now. 3. Adobe Xd Shortcuts: Hello there and welcome back. So this is the official document for Ah Adebisi Key Keyboard Sorkin's As you can see, those are the main shortcuts for selective V for right things are for a lip stool. He for lying toe l for pento p for text tool T for our bore, A for zoom toe said, and the for color pick I So those are the main circuits for your tools and down below you share many options. For example, you also want to use ah to create a new document by pressing control and for opening a new project for opening an existing product. You can use control for saving your project Control s, um for ah, exporting your product. Ah, you can use a control 50 plus e for ah, exporting for importing some images s with trees and so on. You can use a control shift. Plus I you can also group more than one elements by hitting control G. You can un group those elements by using control shift plaza Jerry, you can also use control and your mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out. It is a very useful options and of course you can use a backspace toe move around the canvas. So as you can see, there are many other shortcuts you can use. But also there is, ah, a complete list for the latest keyboard shortcuts, and you can scan a QR code hearing this document and get those ah, newest shortcuts. 4. Where to find Good Backgrounds?: Hello there and welcome back. So in this video, I want to show you one good websites where you can find the beautiful and high quality backgrounds for your time nails. So if you are not a photographer or you don't own a a digital camera, then you might want toe. Go to this pixels dot com website and toe find. Ah, beautiful and high quality backgrounds for your time nails. So here, basically, you're just typing this search box word for your project. For example, you want to make some videos about the snow and Christmas and so on. You can just type here snow and get the high quality and beautiful images for free. For example, it's type team building, and there go your shave. Also, um, many, many images to choose from. And also you have, ah, here, different categories off images, for example, feeling blue, purple delight, feeling happy health care, soccer adventure, black and white smartphones and many more. So you can do that as well. And when you click on some image like this, here you came an option to choose the size for your image. For example, you can use the original size which is a very, very large size. You can use a 90 20 by 10 80 here and here you can use 4000 by 6000 and just download that for free. 5. Where to find Illustrations?: Hello there and welcome back. So in this video, I want to show you four different websites where you can find and download the illustrations for your project for free. So the 1st 1 is called the on draw dot CEO, and here you can find, ah, very nice illustrations for your product. For example, click illustrations here and you can scroll down and, ah, check out by yourself old illustrations you confined or you can use a search and search them Here. You have also options to choose the toe True, the color for your ah illustrations. And you don't have to modify those colors inside the Adobe X'd. So that's a very useful options toe Hoyos. Here you can also use a search and, for example, search some word like welcome. And here you will find all the illustrations which contains a search welcome world in inside them. Okay. As you can see, those are very nice illustrations. So the next website is my favorite as well, which is called the free pick dot com. I hear you have the option to truth free Rector's, so just select this free and vectors. So we need to truth the vectors. Instead, off images. You can also pay a couple of bucks and download the premium illustrations. Okay, so as you can see, I just typed campfire. And as you can see, there are many, many beautiful, beautiful illustrations here, which we can download. So just click on one of them, and on the right side you will see a big green button say is valid. You just click that and you don't have to worry about anything. You can just import that inside of Adobe X'd as, ah, a scalable vector graphic, and it was in your project. So the next website is a call the pixels. It's similar to our previous a website. You can also hear Finder many beautiful illustrations. When you scroll down a little bit, you will see future categories so we can choose from a different kind of categories. For example, business category. Here we can see some illustrations for that, and we controls, for example, of some other category, for example, abstract. Here we confined good illustrations for our Tommy of background, and that's ah, it's also useful. All right, so access is ah, also free to use so you can search here for example, football. And then you can find the football cartoon characters. For example, if you want that, as you can see, there are many ah, quality illustrations. For example, let's click on this football okay, and who controls the P Andriessen, GPS or PSD? In our case, we're going toe. Always work with SP trees, and the last website I want to show you is called the Vic TZ, so you can select this free so you can find free rectors. And it's for example, type beer. And here also, we have some amazing illustrations done by great artists, and here, when you want to select one of them, just click on them and on the right side you will see this. Ah, orange button says free download, and you'll get it for free. So that was it. I hope that you will use those ah, online resource is which I showed you Now toe create beautiful thumbnails for your videos 6. Where to find Fonts?: Hello there. And welcome back. So for the phones, I just want to show you one website and it's called the Google Phones. You don't need any other website. This is all you need. You have Ah, here. You can find here professional and beautiful. Ah, funds for your project. Also, you can customize this website a little bit to increase the size of those words. For example, you controls the numerals or, ah, paragraph on and it will show you a preview text for the fonts. And let's increase this a little bit so we can see more clearly. Okay, you can choose the category here as well. And I will just leave a handwriting category for this case, all right? And we can also true the background off our websites. I like to choose the this dark background because I can see those of phones more clearly and likened the sign better, which want the truth. And when you find the front you're looking for, you can just like this plus button here and it will assure you will pop up on the bottom right corner. And if you want to check it out, the more in details you can also do that. And here you can see you can check this phone usage. You can check who designed this phone as well. You can, ah see more details about this front, Orel. All right, so if you want to download this, want you just click this. Ah, pop up on the bottom. Right corner. And just like this, download Deacon icon on the right side. And there we go. 7. Where to find Icons?: Hello there and welcome back. So in this video, I want to show you four different websites where you can download the icons for free. So the 1st 1 is called the I went icons. In here you can download different icons for a material or I West style. So when you select one of them, you will see on the bottom side here material and I were style. So you can choose to versions two versions off one icon and you can search for anything basically here, for example, card and you can choose from those tool styles. They are pretty basic and simple icons, but could be very useful for your or thumbnails. So the next website is called the Noun product, and this is one of my favorites because you can find the different variations in the very many icons with different styles. So, for example, if I type here discover, I'm going to get the many and many results many, many results which basically anyone confined to fit for its ah thumbnail So here, just like this basic down, three continue and you can download this icon as SPD. The next website is called the Icon monster and the here you can choose from both or thing icons as well. So those are bold icons we can get back and through the time, nothing. And there you go. So you have ah many different styles here. Also, you can use a search bar here and, for example, type balloons. All right, if you consider those are very clean and professional icons here. So it's type for something else, like glasses. And those are very nice illustrations off modern and allow the glasses. All right, so the final website is called the dry icons. And on this website you can find the colored the icons and not just black and white versions. So if you like those the colored icons, you can find them here. There are many different icons here. For example, you can just it was, ah, the search bar here to search for some icons, for example, we controls this schedule or, ah, we can just click this on summer icon in the just make dollars and there you go 8. Thumbnail #1: Ah, hello there and welcome back. So in this video, we're going to start by designing our first thumbnail. So before we start our adobe x day, I wanna use this pixels website to find the perfect background for our first time nail. So our first time, they'll will be for ah well before Ah iPhone Ah 11 review eso. Since I don't own an iPhone, I don't know which. Which version off iPhone is this exact phone? Um, so let's search for ah, another image. There are lots of images here for iPhone, which you can use. So let's try this out. I think this one is, ah, going to fit perfectly. So I'm going toe down or this in original size. All right. And next we're going to select a great and color. So I hear already picked this celestial, um, radiant in ah, you you ingredients dot com. So let's open up our adobe's D and let's create Web template with 1920 by 10 80. This is Ah, this will be the fourth template for our thumbnails. So let's maximize our screen and you can ah, you can move through the cannabis by holding space and dragging your mouse on the left. Right top in the bottom. Okay, so that's Ah, fast shortcut, and you can zoom in or zoom out by holding control and moving or ah, scroll. Well, up and down. Okay. You could see were holding space and moving our canvas so we can Ah, this is our art board. So we can change the name off our our borders by pressing two clicks and ah, it will be named just one. Okay, so now we're going to create one the rectangle. So the shortcut for a rectangle is our a leather are. But before that, let's import our newly created image. So Ah, the shortcut for importing fires is a control shift. I and it will automatically open Ah Brower's window. So now that we have imported that we can create directing up. Okay, So let's create one. We can use an existing art board toe to find toe Ah, to make an exact dimensions for our new rectangle, for example, we can decrease the with by modifying this with values here. But we're going toe get back toe the original size. Okay, so we're going to use this rectangle toe, create the shape mask with our image. So, uh, as you can see here, you can also increase or decrease values. You can increase capacity for this rectangle. You can add a feel cooler here if you want. This is Ah also for shadow for Border caller and so on. Let's ah, rename this rectangle toe. Ah, overlay. Okay, simple as that. So let's place this a rectangle just the ball, our image and let's decrease the opacity so we can see our background image in the background. Okay, so let's Ah, we need to increase this image. Eso ah, this black. This white rectangle which is placed above our image, is basically we will basically represent our thumbnail. So we need to place this image toe fit our needs. So basically, I want this iPhone Toby on the left side. So we're going toe try toe align horizontally our iPhone to our new ah rectangle. So let's select those two elements, right? Click and click mask we trade. A short cut is a shift control and m. Okay, so now we have our default background for our time. Nail. Next, we're going to create another rectangle with the same size off 1920 by 10 80. So let's add this this value and let's remove the border caller okay? And we're going to place this on the top off our big round. So if you want to move ah, your elements in the canvas, on the canvas, in the strike lines with the left, right top and bottom just hold shift. And now we're going to create this ellipse, and we're going to copy on the right side by holding out and shift. So those two, um um, circles will be will represent the columns. So let's copy this first caller for from our you ingredients, not com and click this select feel based this color code. Click, enter and click plus, So the plus we'll add our color to our color palace. And here we're going to copy another color hex code, and we're going toe pays that inside different circle. Just breast center quick plus, and it will automatically add toe your color palace. You can also arrange your color palette as you want, so now we're going to add those two colors on our overlay. So click Phil and select radiant linear ingredient. Okay, so as you can see There are start in end line for our brilliant, so we can move this. Ah, Azzawi. Want I will place this on the left side and this one on the right side. Okay. So for the right side, I would just like the blue. And for the last site, I want to select this red color. Okay, so now we can play a little bit and we can move this move. Those start and end points further from our our rectangle so we can get a little softer color. All right, so I think it's fine for now. And now we can click this and select our rectangle and weaken. Decrease the opacity so we can see our background image. Okay. For example, 60% of past there will be enough for now. But you can play. Ah, and the you can set the capacity of, uh as ah as you wish. So the next thing we're going to it was a textile to create the text. Of course. So the first text will be ah, iPhone 11. And again, I'm repeating. Ah, our big around the iPhone might not be this diversion, but this is just an example, so you can increase this phone just by holding shift and clicking on that little circle just below this text, and we're going to use a Fonterra Bata with style off 10. Okay. And let's change the text size here. You can agrees or decrease, and you can change the color as well. Okay, so we're going to add one more text, so just click and select this one text and hold old and shift and drag this text on the bottom. So you're going to you're going to get, um, another text. So that's a shortcut for duplicating elements. And this one will be named the Review. So we're going to change the style to regular, okay. And we can now increase or decrease the size off our texts just by according shift. Okay. And now you can play by yourself and choose if you if you want toe caller those texts or you just want to leave them white color. And if you want to place them on the center of this time, nail or on the top, or wherever you think it will feed, the better. So, uh, we can also increase the size off our fun so user can see what the this texts is saying. Okay, so let's place this a little bit, okay? When the center or it might be a good on the top, as I I thought so. There is one more thing we can modify here. So, as you can see, our linear colors are here. But, um, we can ah, said this Ah, start point for our grading on top left corner. So it will kind of give ah, realistic look, because our background the image is using source off life in that direction. So it kind of gives you a good feel, okay? And you could place those texts as you want. Of course, it's up to you if we want. If you want to make changes or not. Okay, So, uh, now, after you're finished doing, you can save the document so you can save it on cloud or on your computer. In this time, we're going to select ah computer. So let's name our project with thumbnail one and click save. And basically that's it. Your product is now safe, and, ah, in the end of the scores, I'm going to show you how to easily export your ah, your design in tow. P and G 9. Thumbnail #2: held there and the welcome back. So in the previous video, we have designed our first thumbnail. So now we're going to create the 2nd 1 Of course. So let's copy this Aren't bored by holding old and shift and dragging that on the right side. So our second, the thumbnail, will be we'll have a little different style than the 1st 1 So let's select all those elements and delete them. Okay, so now let's create one rectangle. Select this rectangle to or just press are okay, Remove the border caller and we can place this on the top by holding shift and dragging that. So now I'm going to show you were going to install one plugging for our adobe's day. That Blufgan is is called the andro, so that the name might be familiar for you because I have already showed you a website named the andro dot com. Well, sorry dot ceo And here you can browse that you can browse. The different blogging is here. Uh, as you see, there it is on dro So I have already installed this but if you haven't installed, just click install button on the top right corner and here We were going toe access our andro plugging by heating, shortcut, control shift and you okay. And this window will appear. Now we can just browse those illustrations, or we can type in the search bar on something we are looking for. So in this case, I would type app. Okay, so I'm going toe look for ah, smartphone. And let's browse some of those illustrations for this specific tag. Okay? All right. So I think I'm going to select this one, and it will prompt to that. Basically, to use that illustration, you just need to press ah, command or control V paste Death. So press that. Schork it. And there you go. You have successfully imported these illustrations. It's that easy. You don't need to be a professional toe. Make beautiful time nails. You just need to know, uh, adequate resource is where you can find the backgrounds, illustrations and many more. So now we have created one more rectangle, and we can wrote it this by closing shift or manually. And now it's increase the size off this rectangle a little bit, okay. And something like that. So now I'm going to select those two rectangles okay. As when you cover over the second this first rectangle, you can see those lines that overlap. So let's ah, copy those two elements by holding shift and old and dragged them on the top. Okay, so now we're going to select those two elements, and we're going toe intersect. Oh, sorry. Not this. Click controls that toe undo and press this intersect button. Okay, now it's good. So let's remove this rectangle and its place this on the bottom. So hold shift and wrecked that now. Okay, so let's at the soft gray color. So this new element here and we're going toe place our illustrations on top of that, Okay, Something like that. We can decrease the size by holding shift, and we can even remove some of the elements by double clicking on the hour illustration in selecting some of the files. And here we can change the quality off our s surgery. Of course, we can modify everything in our illustrations as we want, but for now, I'm goingto leave it as it is. Now. I want to add the text here, which will say design. Okay. And I'm going to copy this text by holding off and enter. And I'm going toe rename this to more by lab. This text, the second text will have a different style with the bold. Okay? And now we can move those toe text a little bit. It plays them wherever we want. So maybe if you're wondering how I am selecting multiple elements here, it's basically is your just hold shift when you are selecting multiple elements. So now I'm going to select all those elements and click control DRI toe group them in one group, and this is that the group? So we can rename this grow by double click and just type thumbnail one or Sorry, Tommy toe. Okay. And now we can ah, select this one group and we can place that one the bottom on on top of our art board. Okay, so now we're going toe export our our design. So click shortcut is Control E and here for the format, we can choose be injury. Ah, and the export for just to leave as it is design and just like export, you have successfully exported the your design. So this is our image preview, and it is high quality and not pixelated. 10. Thumbnail #3: show their and their welcome back. So in the previous reader, we could design it our second thumbnail. And now we're going toe design our 3rd 1 So just hold shift and old and the drag our art board the right side. So select all those elements and just remove them because we don't need them. We're going to create a new one. All right, so and now we went through the pento and we're going toe create a custom shape here. So something like, uh, something like that. Okay. And now let's connect those deaths so we can have the field color removal, border color and feel color toe. Great cooler. This is just an example for now, but we're going to change that. Okay? So create one more rectangle with the same size, Remove border, select those two elements and drag them on the top. So we're going to select those two elements again, and we're going to use the Intersect option so we can get the new shape, something like that. Okay, so let's place this new shape down below. Hold shift and drag that down. Okay, Down a little bit. Okay. Perfect. And now, uh, we're going to set the great core for now. But let's search for some beautiful grading course before that, I wanna search for ah, specific icon guitar. So we're goingto use that inside our third time nail so you can check it out. How it would look like so does down on this basic Donald Lee. Continue truths svg like Okay, and that's it. Next visit to the white brilliance dot com And like your selected Ah, this radiant orange and yellow So let's copy this yellow code and the user linear Grady in here. What? Ah, yellow color will be on the top. Just pays that leak. Enter and let's copy our second color. Okay, just select other, uh And Okay, so we need tools like different orange color. Just select this one more time and click enter. Okay. And now we have our great aunt. We can play with this great into a little bit, but for now, I think it would do the job. So next corporatists element and click flip horizontally so we can have our element on the right side as well. So if you notice maybe that white background now looks like ah, guitar, It's a similar shape to get our So that's Ah, that's a good thing. Now we're going to import this guitar, which we downloaded. The shortcut for importing files is control shift I Okay, so just double click and really those toe texts and we have our guitar. So flip this guitar horizontally and we can create a totally new icon now, so select those to get our cyclic control G. And now we have a new group Elements. Okay, We can place and decrease the size off those elements by holding shift, shift and old. And it's place though that guitar on the center we can change the quality says, Well, if you we want we need to play a little bit to see which qualities will match our a big round core or core off our radiance. So, uh, maybe we don't need those guitars icons anymore, but I wanted to show you how you can I create a thumbnail without a text. You can just use a icons. But now I'm going to remove those guitars and I'm going to wear a text which will say something like Learn toe play. OK, and now let's change that text color toe, maybe. Ah gray for I think the the black will be a good combination with the orange and yellow. So Well, it's Ah, that said those guitar scare we can share something like that or Ah, in this case, I think I will actually remove those guitars and the eye roll ad the text instead of debt. So let's change for us this color to black Remove those guitars. Okay, I think we should remove them. So, um ah, I think I know what I'm going to do now. I went to had one more text, So, uh, but before that, it's great. One. Ah, circle. Okay, plays that circle right here. And the ad The one Ah, one more rectangle with the same size off. 1920 by 10. 80. And we're going to select those two elements and click intersect. So we have our health shaped circle, and this will basically represent hole in my guitar. So as you can see our white background, it kind of represents ah, shape of a guitar. And the hearing went to write one more text which will say guitar. And, uh, I think I will have a different styles for our texts. One text will be bold and the other will be Ah, thin. So let's change this. Learned to play toe thinner fund. Okay, We can decrease the size a little bit, So guitar can be in the in the first place. All right. And there it is. So this is our our third the thumbnail. This is just an example. Of course. I just wanted to show your different styles off, creating a thumbnails. You can use your imagination to create the amazing thumbnails for you.