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Design An Eye Catching Header For Social Media

Max Winner, Learn Something Great Today!

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7 Videos (24m)
    • Video 1 - Introduction To Design An Eye Catching Header For Social Media

    • Video 2 - Introduction To Canva

    • Video 3 - Planning Your Design

    • Video 4 - Finding Images To Use In Your Headers

    • Video 5 - Adding Images To Your Header

    • Video 6 - Adding Text To Your Header

    • Video 7 - Conclusion


About This Class

Design An Eye Catching Header For Social Media For Free, Quickly & Easily!

We've all started a social media account, page or group, then trawled the internet to find generic images to use as a header. Often these don't fit the bill and you want something that tells visitors what your are about.

This project will allow you to create a personalised header for your social media needs, no matter if it's for your personal accounts, business pages or community groups.

Watch these videos to learn how to find and use great images, graphics and text that are really eye-catching.

I’d love to see what you come up with. Please share your creations with the class in the project gallery.





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Max Winner

Learn Something Great Today!

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