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Design Amazing Album Covers and YouTube Channel Art with Canva

29 Indigo Academy, Graphic Design Training

Design Amazing Album Covers and YouTube Channel Art with Canva

29 Indigo Academy, Graphic Design Training

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7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Album Cover 1

    • 2. Album Cover 2

    • 3. Album Cover 3

    • 4. YouTube Video Thumbnail 1

    • 5. YouTube Video Thumbnail 2

    • 6. YouTube Channel Art 1

    • 7. YouTube Channel Art 2

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About This Class

Use Canva to create amazing, professional quality album covers.

I'll show you how to use all of the core features of Canva to get fantastic results.

We'll then create some great Youtube thumbnails for our videos, and finally I'll show you how to produce some stunning channel art for your YouTube channel.

In each each project, we will produce some high quality examples, which you can then apply to your own projects.

Meet Your Teacher

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29 Indigo Academy

Graphic Design Training


Hi, my name's Jamie Smith, and I'm a designer, web entrepreneur and teacher. I'm the founder of 29 Indigo Design Academy, which I set up to teach graphic design skills to beginners and those with no formal design training. I work on many different design projects, both for my own business and as a freelancer for artists and business all over the world - I have created album covers, picture books and illustrations, marketing materials, websites, book covers, logos and much more. I love design, and I'm really excited to be teaching here on Skillshare. Please check out my courses, and I hope to speak to you soon.

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1. Album Cover 1: right. So in this video, we're gonna have a look at creating an album cover or a single cover Basically a cover to go with any sort of music you want to release. Now, these days, you know, people released their music on Spotify Apple Music Store on Soundcloud. All these kind of things and allow the songs you release need to have a piece of artwork to go with them. They're gonna get very expensive. If you want to pay somebody to make all of your artwork for every single track that you release. So the great thing, my cameras, you can produce some really great results using the templates they provide. So we're started with our main dashboard. We're going to create a design, and we're gonna come down here and choose album cover. So while that loads, you'll see on the left all off the templates. Now we have some really brilliant templates here, loads and loads of free ones that always adding more and more free ones all the time. That will be paid ones. And you can, of course, pay for those elements if you wish. But for these course, we're going to be using the free elements. So what I recommend is just obviously scroll down. See which kind of template suits your band or your artist? Um, and pick. That's if I scroll down here. There's so many good ones. Let's have a look. Something like this is quite good. Quite a retro looking one. So I picked that to click on it. The design comes up here and then we could never go just changing out the information, changing the pictures and just, you know, adjusting it to our tastes. So the first thing I might want to do is change out the picture. And I like this retro looking picture here, done in these slats. But I want to change out the mountain. So again, you know, choose the picture that works best with your band. So let's try something like City. Let's see what comes up. Something we might be able to use that might look good. Ah, something like that might work. So you could maybe just dragged in. Let go. That's quite nice again. This all that's quite good one. It's quite modern looking one. Something like that. Okay. And again, obviously they put a filter on this photo. So I'm gonna go to filter. You can have a look at the advanced options, so the saturation is very low. So basically saturation. If you want it black and white, you can bring the saturation right the way down. You can bring it up to really make those colors pop out. My looks good. Okay, but I might try some of the D templates. First drama. That's pretty good. Epic. Someone just stick with that. Okay, great. That's really nice. Next thing I might want to do is look at the background. I mean, they've got a solid color background here, So if I just go to background tab again, you could change out the color gray. Dr. Grey, You could choose one of canvas backgrounds if you really want some to stand out. If you like one of these examples, it's plenty of different ones to choose from. They have like a It looks quite nice, but again, it doesn't. It's hard to stand the hell, perhaps a gray again with all of these things. Let's That's pretty good. You could also just just play around with it, see which one fits best, and once you happy choose one case, and next thing I like do is have a gut changing the text. So maybe come and change name and I put the information you need that could baby maybe greatest hits Volume one, The band name Safelite. Then we can have a gut playing around with these elements. So let's ever see if we could maybe track than a little bit. That's how I got changing the font. Quite nice. We could move it around a bit, maybe try up in the corner like that, linked up as it was before. That's quite nice, because you've got this nice straight line here in this nice straight line down here. Um, or we could try in different places. It's trying there. Maybe this would work therefore down here, something like that. So we could just leave it there. That's quite nice design. Perhaps the background is maybe a too bright. So again we can change the hue of the color a little bit. That might stand out a little better. Okay, that works nicely. So we could just leave it like that. That looks great. 2. Album Cover 2: another album cover I quite liked was this one here. This was quite like the minimalist type covers that stand out nice and clearly. So I bring this one up, but as you notice, this is a paid for one. So as we've looked at before is all we need to do is get rid of the paid element. I mean, I could keep that in and pay for it, but if I want to get a free design, I can click on the photo. I'm going to get rid of Delete the image, a case of the night to put a new image in. So if it was guitar covers, So let's have a look at Utah, see what comes up again. You probably want to put a picture of your own band or your own artists, but I just use this one for now. So drunk that one in again. It's not centered, so I need to do it double click like in drag that across like that, and then click your take here Greats. We've got that design now with a new picture that could be downloaded for free. Let's have a go. It just changing a few other elements, so I like the text here. See what Fonts Weekend again. You could have a goat changing them out. Quite like these, um, fonts with the serifis on them. You don't really, I think for this kind of design, you know, we want a hand drawn font, Something quite official looking something like that might work. Well, that's quite nice. Um, down here. Let's see what we can do with here. Perhaps something like an icon. Our administration might work well, so that's try with these. Look quite nice, although he is playing a banjo. So let's just try Banjo. Let's see what comes up. Yeah, that's quite nice again. These are paid for elements. If I wanted to use one of these, I would need to pay for it. But if I was happy to do that, something like that would work quite nicely. Let's reduce that down. Maybe we could move that to the side. Let's have that tend. Perhaps something like that would work. You can put your banjo in following three. Something simple would work quite nicely, or we could maybe move it down so it lines up. Okay. Something that that looks quite nice. Perhaps that's no easy enough to reach. Let's go back to fonts we've already used. Maybe go. If you want the picture here, we've obviously got that in black and white. But I think what they've done is they've Yeah, the saturation is right down. So if you want the picture to be black and white in the middle, that's the standard picture. Bring the saturation right down. You could get it black and white, or we could even bring it up. Make that color pop a little bit. Something like that would look quite nice. So there we go, Another example of a good album cover majors with a template nice and simple. You could export that straight away, although I would have to pay for this banjo here. 3. Album Cover 3: Now, if there's an album, design or design you really like, and you don't really want to make hardly any changes at all. That's quite simple as well. So I just come down here, this one. I like the look of Starlight so I can click on that. And as you can see, it is a paid for background. So, like we said, we just click on the image and I'm going to delete the image. I do like that design that I want to use it. So let's see if they got another. Another image. Similar night sky, for example. Right? We're looking at those. Something like that is pretty similar. So I managed to drag her over. Mary Kay so I could do something so simple as that and get something very nice. I want if I want to change star like perhaps the album is called Stars that work again. You can have a go, you know, moving this around, perhaps move them around like this and then just dragon place in the corner. So there we have it. You can have a an example of a cover just how you want. Just change one element out on, then you can have a really nice design. Now, when you're working on designs, you don't have to keep going back to the main menu to find new ideas. If I designed that, I didn't like it very much. I could go back into my layouts, and perhaps I want this one kaleidoscope. Um, I click on that and it will ask me, Do you want to replace the page content? So if I click to replace, it will lose everything that I've been working on. But that's fine, because I don't want to, anyway, so I click replace on. Then the new one comes up again. You can see this is a paid for element, so you can change that out. Um, and if you're happy with it, you could even keep everything exactly the same. The easiest way to do it to keep everything exactly the same and just literally change the name of the band of the name of the artist on download it and then you have it lots of different ways to make music artwork that load and loads off templates to choose from. And like we said, even if they are paid ones you can either keep the paid element, or you can switch that out. Delete that and put in your own are pictures or elements that you choose. Okay, and that's it. For music art, what will move on to the next lesson? 4. YouTube Video Thumbnail 1: Okay, So in this lesson, we're going to have a look at making a YouTube thumbnail. So, as I'm sure you're aware, thumbnails are very, very important on YouTube videos. They're the ones that get all the cliques. So if you are making YouTube videos, you want to make sure you have a video image that makes people want to click on it. So I'm gonna come to my designs here, created design, and I'm going to scroll down to social media and email headers going to click on this one here called YouTube thumbnail. Okay, so that should bring us up with our templates on the side, and we're going to have a go at making a catchy looking thumbnail that we can put into our videos. So first thing I suggest you do is go to YouTube and actually have a look at the kind of videos you're making and what other videos come around yours on. See what those thumbnails look like to take inspiration, really, and to see whether or not you can produce better ones. I mean, there's a lot of videos on YouTube. They just have a very boring picture on. That's it. Um however, a lot of the videos you'll find the ones that weren't really well have a picture like this combined with text. So you want the text within the picture, especially because a lot of videos these days are embedded onto websites. So when you're searching on YouTube, you'll see a video surrounded by lots of other videos off the same topic. But you might want to just embed your one video into a site. It's completely separate from the other videos. So that's what such a good idea toe have your text in with your image so you can see the templates here. Most of them have text within the picture. Okay, so that's what we're gonna do today. We're gonna have a go at making a YouTube thumbnail using some of these templates. So for my topic for this video, I decided to go for watercolors acquainted in painting and watercolor designs. So I thought would be a good video for me to make. So I went to you tube here, and I clicked on watercolor landscape tutorial on This is what came up So you can see here that lots of nice watercolor paintings, some of them have text within them. For example, here How to paint a beautiful watercolor landscape. It's not very well presented text. There's text on this one here, but again, it's very small. You can't really read it. Some of them are just pictures with no text. Obviously, they've got their titles over here, which you're going to put in your videos. But like I said, you may want to embed your video, in which case you won't have so much text. Andi Also, some people don't read all of these bits. They just scroll down the thumbnails. So you want to try and put your text within the thumbnail itself. So let's go back to our options. What we're going to do is pick one of these and make a nice piece off part. So I wanted to find a watercolor to use in my thumbnail. Obviously, if I have pictures of my own work, I could have uploaded those. But as I didn't, I decided to do what we did before and go to hear, picks up a and find a really nice image to use in my video. So again I was typed in water colors and see and I saw what came up. I mean, the ones that come up in can ver I didn't think we're up too much. So I type in water color There was checked can the first, just in case is something really nice I can use straight out of here. But as you can see, they're all $1. They're not really what I wanted. I didn't want to pay the daughter. I just wanted a free image. So I came over to pick Sabei. I search for water colors and I scrolled down there some really nice ones. I decided on this one here and decided on a few others. So as we did before his clicked on, the image downloaded it and I dragged it straight into my uploads like I didn't have to say it to my computer. I just dragged it straight away into here and I picked thes funeral watercolors I thought would work well. So what I need to do now is go to layouts, choose a template and will have a go of making the thumbnail. So as this is going to be a video on watercolor tutorials that I want to put up on YouTube . I want something with a nice clear picture on some nice, clear text, or this one looks pretty good again. It's a dollar, but it's most likely to be the picture, which I can remove. So click on that. Okay, so you got the crosshatch here. That means it's the picture. So I click on the picture. I'm going to Billy Image, and now I can use this template. So if I go to my uploads, um, I chose one of bees. Just a plain background and a nice lighthouse, But let's try the B. So drag this one in on that. Go see, That's a very nice image. Grateful water colors on up. Hit down here. We've got the text. So what we're gonna do is have a go changing the colors, changing the text. First of all, I might want this to say watercolor. Ah, how about water color? Um, full beginners change at the water colors. Watercolors for beginners. That's what my video is gonna be on painting water colors for beginners. Now, I'm not too keen about this color because I don't think it works well with this turquoise. So again I'll click on Thea shape. You see, they've made this ripped angle, but they've angled it so it gets this nice a diagonal line. So let's go up to our colors. Um, let's choose. Maybe a turquoise, but bright. So what we want to do again? Click on the plus sign here. Let's have a go at changing shade of that silence trying Get a car that will blend in nicely with the blues off the image. So something something that would stand out something like that. Perhaps that looks nice. Click off that great again. Black. You could use black and white. That works quite nicely. Um, but let's see if we can change the white so it matches the bees. Maybe one of these orange colors. See what we can do with. I need a bit brighter so I can drag it across the color wheel here, further into the yellow. I could make it slightly darker. All right, Uh, can just play around with colors until you get what you want. Something like that that stands out. That looks good. Okay, so there we have our YouTube thumb. Now what you want to do is zoom out. So down in the bottom. Right. You've got the zoom button. So assume out until you see what it would look like. One usually from a distance. But I think that looks really nice. Water colors for beginners. Nice image you can see exactly. My video might be called watercolors for beginners over here on YouTube. But you also want your text inside the image, okay? And then you have a very simple way to make a YouTube thumb. Now that will really stand out. In the next video. We'll have a look at producing a couple more, using the same idea, going to the templates. Try and change a few things around to give you a few more examples of what you could do. 5. YouTube Video Thumbnail 2: a case. In the last video, we had a look at creating a YouTube thumbnail on. This is a template we used here. Invisible chaos. But I want to show you a few of the other templates and other ideas you could use for your videos. So another one I like nice and clear Was this one here? Easy weekend dinners. Okay, but we want to switch at this. Photos are gonna go to my up close. This isn't a paid photo, so we can just come in here. We used this nice lighthouse water go that I got from pics of a It's gonna drank that one. I give up. We have a nice looking picture there in the background. I want to change the front. Let's change the text. So let's put water color tutorial. So is important Clinton system either that you poor you. So it's important to have a large text cause. Remember, people gonna be viewing these thumbnails small. So you want the text nice and big to stand out. Now again, if you think about the text with watercolors, one of the nice handwritten text might go Well. The problem with these hand written funds is that sometimes they become be hard to read, so I could change it like that. Looks nice, but you're not going to read it very clearly on YouTube. So I think we'll just stick with standard fun this easy to read something like that. Perhaps that looks nice, but slightly too big. So let's try making it smaller. We go. Watercolor tutorial That looks nice again. You want to choose your typeface carefully. It looks quite formalized. Watercolor tutorial. That's the kind of fun I would probably want to use if I wanted to view a video on water colors. Now we can have a good changing some of the elements. I'm not sure sure about this color. So let's change this up again. I want a color that kind of matches the color of these houses. Um, so let's just go in here. Maybe make it a little dark, huh? Something that will something like that that links with the colors in the picture. Now, finally, we've got this little white bar here that we could keep that in. Well, we could just delete it, so let's have a go click on that. Delete that, and it's have a go using some of our elements. So perhaps, you know, if you wanted to do a solid bike, unusual shapes or let's have a go putting some lines in so again there's lots of different options. I quite like a swirly line looks a bit like water, as we do water colors. So something like that looks nice, has changed it to a white and change the size. So again, if I want to make it small, I click on the bottom corner circle here to resize. I'm going to resize it to maybe about that's offline Fair. Then I can click on the middle circle of a hit a stretch, so I'm going to stretch it across. Why might just actually stretch it right across the page. So goes right off the bench, and then I can literally drag and drop, and then we go. Something like that looks really nice again. I want to zoom out, and I think that would stand out nice and clearly on YouTube, which is great again. You might want to try a few different ideas out, so if you made that, you won't see happy with it. Perhaps he wanted to try different layouts to come back to layouts, maybe scroll down, find something else you think would work well with your designs. Perhaps something with a nice, bold color to make it stand out something Click across on. Bring my design, it says. I want to replace what? I'm not keen on that one. Say, for example, something is going to replace it with that one. So up here we can have a go at changing them about moving the text using the blocks of color. The first wanted to switch up photo, so that's tried dragging my photo about in now. Obviously, this is going in black and white, so I need to change the filters. So I just wanted normal again. You could have a go changing up some of these filters that looks quite nice that makes the colors pop out. Let's keep that one now. Let's have a go at changing the text so you don't want to call this watercolor so sure about that front. So let's go for that's too wide. So that's trying this one. Still, too, aren't try making it smaller. Okay, so water coming in the lineup with my lines again. Something like fat Now that make that smaller? What? Water color. Here. I might change that to tutorial. What has changed? The science is gonna be too big. So car tutorial. So again, I might bring that up here. Perhaps a line like that, it was looks nice. But again, if you just is quite hard to read the text against this, like background, So I need to put another block of color behind so you can really see that. So let's go back to our, um elements. This time we'll close lines. Let's put a shape in Nice is simple. He's a square you want to resize. Let's have a go. So it's so maybe look that one onto there. So I put a nice black square on. Perhaps I could have a little gap like that again. I want to make sure this goes behind the text. So I'm gonna go toothy, arrange window, click on back So my text comes through. So from there I could perhaps make it small up, and I could fit the text in nicely like that. Okay. And something that would work. Watercolor tutorial, black on yellow and then yellow on black that would work nicely could move around. You could put him down in the bottom corner. It's maybe slightly large because I would say, This is you, don't it? Touching that rainbow? So it's just make that slightly smaller and drag that, but in that works better. So watercolor tutorial. So you can play around, have a go with lots of the different icons and create your own YouTube thumbnails. And then, of course, when you're finished, you come to the download. I would suggest, he says, PNG. That's for a slightly larger file. Again, you can damage both PNG and J Pick, but if it's going on the Web, you want it to look quickly. So I would recommend going for the J pick and then click Download, and you will have your YouTube thumb now ready to load up into your video. 6. YouTube Channel Art 1: Okay, So you've produced our YouTube thumbnail artwork on what we're gonna do in this lessons produce our YouTube channel art. Okay, So I'm gonna come into social media and email headers down here, and I'm gonna choose the YouTube channel art template, and that will bring up a whole list of templates on the side here. So these are the templates down the side. But what you'll notice about them is they're the full screen templates. So when you go to YouTube and you load up your channel art, your your art will be shown in three different formats. So you have the full screen like this, which is what people will see if they watch your YouTube channel on their televisions, and then you'll have the version that we'll see on their desktop computers on. Then you'll have the mobile version. So it changes theme picture for the three different versions. But the templates that can for for rides are the full screen versions, which means we have to be very careful when we edit them. So what I decided to do was choose a template. I chose this one because you are, um, guitarist are banjo player that we use for our album, and you can see it's a full screen template. So this very large orange circle here giving you the text giving you the picture, which will look great on the full screen television. But it will not look very good on a computer or on a mobile device. So just to be clear about what will happen when you download this and uploaded to YouTube, I did just that. I downloaded this image, uploaded it into a YouTube channel on This is the channel here. So when you come in, you'll have the option in the corner here to edit channel art. I did that uploaded the photo on This is what you get. So in the middle here, you see the TV icon on. This is what the image will look like if you watch your YouTube channel on a TV, which looks great, full size, everything is clear. However, if you come up with side and see what your channel would look like on a computer or on a mobile device over here on the right, you can see that really cuts out most of the image. You haven't a rectangular section across the center off the image here. So when we produce our channel, are we gonna be really clear when we put in text? We won the text to be clear across the middle here in this rectangle. So these very large circles with all these great big text, it looks great on the TV, but it won't translate onto the computer or mobile. So what we're gonna do in this video is have a go at producing a piece of channel art that does fit nicely into all three elements here in YouTube. So what we'll do is we'll go back to our design in Canada and we'll have a go choosing a different template. So scrolling through the templates here, I want one with text that is nice and clear across the middle. So, for example, one. This one here, wild surf. That looks great. But this is text will not show up on the computer. So I could go down to something like this with clear text across the middle. That's why I want So again, we've got this image here. I just need to remove that and I can have a gut putting in one of my own images. So we'll have a go producing a YouTube channel art for our watercolors channel as we've done a video for water colors. So something like this would work. Well, I got this again. I got this image from picks Obey so I can put that in there. That was nice and clear on. Now. What I want to do is have a good editing the text. Maybe have a good editing. The image Andi producing a nice clear piece of channel are so first things first. This is still too large, I think so. Let's get rid off. That's I like the fact you've got the bold text next to the non bold text. Okay, that works really well. So that's well, let's change it. Not small. That's cool. Channel water color. And we'll call this masterclass watercolor masterclass. I cannot make that smaller. Okay, it's gonna be quite hard to see and white, so we'll have to put some I think some shapes behind because of the mobile devices don't stretch right across the page. It will do on the computer on the mobile device. It probably be coming down around here. We need to make this smaller still. So let's try. I mean, 24 finance in 24. Okay? And then lay this out. We want to find this centered. We've got a nice line here underneath. Let's keep that so it to make it clear, let's put some elements in this. Try a shape in the background so we can readjust the size of the shape. Let's have this is a a block behind the text. So then we want to arrange. We want to move it back. Okay, very gay. So once we've got the basics, that's if we can just adapt it a little bit. So first thing I'll do is I'll change the text. I still think it's slightly larger is maybe the 21. Let's have this down to 21. Let's just make that slightly finna like that. So let's just move these out of the way. So let's try and center up this black bar so we can't go. It centered. We'll have that as a complete by right across the page. So that's come on. I never think about putting the text in. We go with our underlying here, bring that closer in on let's spread that out. Okay, Something like that will look nice. You've got your bold text. Next, your non boulder text with a nice, bold white underlined That looks really nice and clear. We can always do a little bit more, though we can always I just sent straight in that up a little bit. Um, used piece of lines is always really, really effective. So what we'll do is we'll come over to our elements. We could use the lines we could you maybe like a dotted line above something in between. But we might want something very basic. Let's maybe come back to shapes. It's trying to the square. Let's change that toe white as well. Let's have a go which is shrinking that maybe that height living to a nice thin rectangle and that could maybe split the two words in between there something like that. Again, if you want to work in more detail, we can click down here. We can zoom in so we can get a clearer picture here that so ago just shrinking that down on moving that up slightly. Okay. Something like that once were happy with it. You can use this little barred on here to move left or right so we could just check. The are on the lining. There is straight. Could check the West right here, which we are two nights sitting back out. Maybe it's slightly too wide, so that's just getting slightly. It's better bringing top down slightly. Here we go. So let's zoom back out. Great. So there we have it. We could have something like that will work nicely. Maybe just shrink the black down slightly. Wait a right and there we have it. One final YouTube cover. As with all all of our other designs, we can adapt it. We can change if we think the coloring in the background is too bland or it's not interesting enough. We can have a goat switching that out. Perhaps. So let's go back to up loads. Now let's try this design reviews before this is a nice design. That one would work well because even if you can't see the whole image, just seeing part of it. Even if we saw this small part of it on our on our laptops or desktops, that was still look nice again. We can have a girl maybe changing up the font so we could go for this nice turquoise color again to match the background. It's nice against Mitt Price so we could bring it down a little bit saying with him, Maybe change the text. Great. Maybe change this into the orange and it's making it little darker and change this one here . So you have something nice like that. We could have a gut may be making this black bar bit more transparent so you can see through the invention. That's maybe I still want it dark enough so you can see the lettering clearly. But maybe just a little bit transparent so you can see the wings of the bees. Something like that that would work really nicely. And you could bring that in from the side. You want to save it. More of the image, Um, actually click off. Sometimes it does that. Let's bring it back out. I think he looks better right the way across. We could have what in like fat, You know, you could mess around with it. You can try out different ideas and see what you like. Best Buy quite like having it right to the edge. So what we'll do now is will download that on. Then we'll upload it into YouTube on. We'll see what it looks like. 7. YouTube Channel Art 2: Okay, so here we are, back in our YouTube channel on what I've done is I've uploaded the image to be our new YouTube cover art. Now, first thing to notice, you want to download your art from Canada as a J pig. Now, when you come to the download button Uh um, here it will recommend, but you do a PNG. However, when I downloaded, it is a PNG. It came up as a seven megabyte file, whereas in YouTube, you can't when you upload your photo. It says maximum four megabytes. So when I tried uploading the PNG, it said he wouldn't allow it. Said it was too big. So I had to download it as a J pick, which came out about three megabytes, which worked perfectly well. So when you download it, download as a J. Peg, not a PNG, so you'll notice the image we have is much clearer than the one we had before with the guitar player. Now, on all three devices, you can see the information clearly. So here's the one on the TV. Here's the full image with a nice banner across the middle. Here's what it will look like on the desktop or laptop again. You can see the design in the background and you can see the water. The writing clearly on here is the mobile again. You got to see it clearly, but it's not quite perfect. It's not quite centered. You're missing out the W here on the left. So if it's not quite right, the first thing I do is coming here to adjust the crop. So I click on that on this little highlighted rectangle shows you what will be visible there on the mobile. So why can do so? I can just drag it in until I can just keep the full words watercolor masterclass that just fits. We're here. But what I would do if I was using this is my actual channel. I would actually go back into canvas, probably make this text, maybe one size small, that just so it squeezes in a little bit nicer. But if you can, if it does fit like this, you can just go ahead and drag the crop, and then you can go to devices preview. And there we go. It will show you what it will look like on the TV on the desktop on the mobile. It fits better now on the desktop is not quite centered. Now it's moved up a little bit, so if you're happy with that, that's fine. If no, if you don't want to adjust the crop, if you want it to be a full crop like that almost just going back into can Va having a go, it may be just moving this across that you can just move maybe the whole block of text across a little bit or making it slightly smaller and then re uploading it once it fits. So there we go, there we have it. That's how to make your YouTube channel art.