Design Amazing Album Covers and YouTube Channel Art with Canva | 29 Indigo Academy | Skillshare

Design Amazing Album Covers and YouTube Channel Art with Canva

29 Indigo Academy, Graphic Design Training

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7 Videos (39m)
    • Album Cover 1

    • Album Cover 2

    • Album Cover 3

    • YouTube Video Thumbnail 1

    • YouTube Video Thumbnail 2

    • YouTube Channel Art 1

    • YouTube Channel Art 2


About This Class

Use Canva to create amazing, professional quality album covers.

I'll show you how to use all of the core features of Canva to get fantastic results.

We'll then create some great Youtube thumbnails for our videos, and finally I'll show you how to produce some stunning channel art for your YouTube channel.

In each each project, we will produce some high quality examples, which you can then apply to your own projects.





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29 Indigo Academy

Graphic Design Training

Hi, my name's Jamie Smith, and I'm a designer, web entrepreneur and teacher. I'm the founder of 29 Indigo Design Academy, which I set up to teach graphic design skills to beginners and those with no formal design training. I work on many different design projects, both for my own business and as a freelancer for artists and business all over the world - I have created album covers, picture books and illustrations, marketing materials, websites, book covers, logos and much more. I love design,...

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