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Design A Dried Floral Bouquet

teacher avatar Melissa Thomas, Florist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Dried Arrangement: INTRO

    • 2. Dried Arrangement: PROCESSING INGREDIENTS

    • 3. Dried Arrangement: DESIGNING

    • 4. Dried Arrangement: DESIGNING CONTINUED

    • 5. Dried Arrangement: FINISHING TOUCHES

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About This Class

Whether you're just starting to learn floral design or you have some experience, this class is for you! Dried flowers are making a huge splash in the floral world right now, and for good reasons - the flowers last forever so you can save money, and when you want to switch up your space, you can simply re-arrange the design and place it in different rooms of your home for a fresh look.

In this class I'll show you how to create a stunning Dried Floral Bouquet. You'll learn how and why to process all the ingredients, where to source them from, and tips & tricks to build a beautiful hand held bouquet full of dried textural ingredients.

What you'll need:

  • 3 or more different dried floral ingredients (source them from your local market, flower shop, or backyard)
  • A good pair of clippers or scissors
  • A ribbon, string, or rubber band to tie the arrangement (or place it in a vase to display in your home)

This is a great arrangement to gift someone special, to add a pop of texture and beauty into your home, or as a unique, stunning bridal bouquet.

Be sure to leave a review of the class and take a photo of your bouquet and add it to the class projects!

I'm so excited to see what you create.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melissa Thomas



Hello, beautiful! I'm Melissa, the creator of Pepper Rose. I'm so glad you're here.

Pepper Rose brings together my love for flowers, art and beauty through many different mediums - Skillshare being one of them! Filming these videos for you lights up my whole heart. When I was in high school, my dream was to be like Giada DiLaurentiis on the Food Network and have my own cooking show. My Skillshare channel has allowed for this dream to come true, but with my deep passion for floral design!

Just around the time I decided I wanted to have my own show, I started working at a flower shop as a delivery girl. There, I discovered the flower ranunculus, my heart went pitter-patter, and ever since then I fell head over heels in love with flowers. Speaking of love, j... See full profile

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1. Dried Arrangement: INTRO: Welcome back to my skills, your channel, Melissa. And if you're new to this channel, Welcome. I'm so glad you're here. And if you are a returning student, you might notice that this is a really big change in an amazing difference, because I'm now talking into this microphone this fancy new mike that I got. So hopefully this will elevate these videos for you guys. And it'll be a better way for me to show you and walk you through and talk you through what I'm doing. So in this video, I'm going to teach you how to create a dried arrangement and on social media is getting a lot of love from this strider region that I posted and I'll show you right here. So I'm gonna kind of recreate something very similar to that. But add in a couple different elements. So without further ado, let's get started 2. Dried Arrangement: PROCESSING INGREDIENTS: in this video. I'm going to using several different elements, as you can see here. And they're all either painted white or their bleach. Oh, we're just dried. And this is what they look like. This is a palm fan, and it's painted white. This is some bleached Italian rescues. This is dried campus grassed. Uh, so this is many dried pampas grass, and it's so cute. I have found details that literally looks like a bunny tail. And then I also have this dry fish marry Oh, and it is also together. All right, this Dr Scenario, which looks like this, which is so pretty so I'm gonna treat a really cool looking, unique arrangement for you guys. Oh, and I also forgot to tell you guys that I have This is each straw flower, and not just as a little bit more texture. So what doing is I always have all my ingredients handy laid out in front of me. I have all my supplies they don't like, run around and try and find them. I just have everything ready to go. And I actually like Teoh just set up my space so that everything is clean and cleared off and then I'll get started. So what I'm gonna start with are these Palm fans and I'm going working in mostly groups of three. So three, three steps for each ingredient start with these three tall fans. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be a little face with my hand for he items to go into. I'm going to train the stems so that I have the right sized pieces that I won't cause this is too big to put into just, like one. Okay, So busy clippers, and I'm gonna find apart on the stand where there is a long got with no leads coming off of it. So that looks like a good spot right there. And you had a one like measure. How long you want your stance, We And if there's anything like falling or breaking off, you just break it off like that. I thought these all my biggest problem with my local wholesale market since I am Forest and I got wholesale prices, but I sound really cool ingredients at Trader Joe's actually got these details from Trader Joe's a while ago. And the amazing thing about these arrangements is that people's forever. So you don't have to put them in water. They're dried and the only thing you have to worry about, I guess, is the breaking over timer getting so brittle. But they really should should last you forever. So see how this is like a long autumn of the stem. So that'll be good, too. Place into the arrangement and then at this piece is also good. And some of the you've got intertwined together. So you wanna be careful when you're Chandling use, And if you see any of kind of like we're listen pieces, you can tv off and I'm gonna leave this one as is You just break a few pieces off because I really like the chunky nous of this and that will give it a lot of a lot of meat. I hate that word, but of wheat in marriage and then just know that I have don't have to put my arrangement back down again. I'm also gonna trim down these large steps because they are very long and I'm gonna use one . So I kind of do the same exact thing. I'm going to start from the top and cut down to a piece that is like the size that I like, and then I'm just gonna pull off. Those buying hurts some of the same things. I think you don't have to be so precious office. Theo. The cool thing about doing this is that it hides where you cut that stem. So look that pulling bomb, he's and then we'll cut this down. So it's committing by all the other dishes and then take the bottom. Hertz is this off? This is so fluffy, and it's shutting a lot. So it's kind of what you got with dried Can't this grass. Okay, cool. So now we have all of these pieces and then all do the same thing with the Italian basket because, um is I'm gonna break it down into a couple different pieces, like I see immediately. This is a great piece, top issues, and then I'll just take off this bottom sprig, and then this guy's already broken also will take him off. And you can always use this for, like you could make many bouquets. You could make Putin years with this, So don't throw away stuff, um, that you don't have to like you can think about you and then that's beautiful. I don't want any lunch edges, so I'm gonna cut and train this little edge off that I just cut from that That looks way better. So used. One does and then I'll do one work. And so you can see I chose all of the different pieces of this arrangement to be pretty different texture because my client wanted that. And I also think it's more beautiful and interesting to the other way to look at when you have, like, a bunch of different kinds of texture. So I have some fluffy, some like more sharp edges and then, from like, three pieces and then more eerie, elegant, natural looking pieces. And then, obviously, this is like, great texture to this little small elements. So go from big elements to kind of like working down to smaller elements. So I think that should be good. I'm not going to cut these down the little holes. Three of these used three, and then I'm also gonna use about three of these guys. And you also it's when you're doing a dry arrangement, okay? Or any hand tied? Okay. If you have any long or little pieces on here. You can just stripped the bottom so that you don't do it while you're pulling the okay that you're building with one hand. It's hard to do stripped best with one hands up and we'll actually for use. Okay, so those air pretty much all the ingredients will poke a few bees in at the end and let's get started. 3. Dried Arrangement: DESIGNING: I'll start with. He's a guy. And again he's looking around. Okay. Hey, so I'm gonna go in with these thistles like that that it is peace. So what? One in the back? And then I'll put one in the front, and I'm putting it in at an angle like I would work. Please design. You seem like this one in the back so that the stems on the bottom are crisscrossing each other. And then I'm going Italian. Cascais do the same thing, just looking in a single you got so that it's kind of no singles. And then, since this is a longer he's a player, then you look around and see that these are getting lost, pulling them up. So one layer that with the other elements using kind of like fast. And don't be afraid to tweak and touch the flowers and have a lot of fun with it, because this is I love this. So I'm going in with this campus crafts, which is another bigger element, and I have putting it incredible besides at angles and that's immediately good somewhere texture and floppy and club leaders and lightness. And then again, see this one kind of fell. So I'm putting this back in. I'm gonna put this one here, okay? And then I'm switching hands and turning it around. I want this side of it look nice to So we'll go in with one of these back here and what I just did there is I twisted it in. Sometimes when you just like Shevin, that doesn't work. You have, like, maneuver it and twist it into the arrangement. So you can see there's 123 which to me kind of looks weird. So I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna take it out, which is totally fine Dio and put it in at an angle. So it's like next to this one, but it's not sticking out. I don't want it to be symmetrical. Like to eat. Go in with something like this little guy and okay, look bad you down. And then again with its and then I just decided I just decided in my head I'm gonna break this down into two because I I don't want this to be long everywhere because it kind of already looks a little bit like this. And I wanted to be different. Glenn shoes quickly. Just set this down. A zest I can so that the arrangement doesn't fall everywhere. She's not God. And then I'm just gonna do this, even those of the others, and go down to about this. That is my daughter. And that's stripping the stance that I have some room to use its theory like that. So I just created two pieces from that too little. 4. Dried Arrangement: DESIGNING CONTINUED: Also, if you have, like long steps like this, I'm just gonna cut it because that can get in the way and then all go into this guy side and then again, this one in the front and leading that a little bit, and then this straw flower I love a lot together, and so I'm holding the step on the bottom. If I held at the top off the stand and ended in, it would it's so fragile it would break. So I'm putting it in at the sturdiest plot and new bring that in and holding it close to the arrangement so that it will go in like that and then see, that already goes like some really pretty tux shirt. I'm gonna do that again on the back. So then again, maybe have one. Come out, Hughes. And then when you're putting the stumps in, sometimes it's nice to loosen up your grip on your bottom hand. That's holding everything that will help the stands. Um, loosen up so that you can put more stuff into the base there, into your hand coloration. So I just decided I didn't like that blocking that little palm band so I'm just kind of like moving it up here. So it's like a little piece that sticking out there and then I mean, they do have this scene being I'm gonna pull this out like that, sticking out a little bit and then about here, one back here, twisting it so that the head of this little straw flower bold, is facing outwards. If I faced it backwards, I twisted it so that it wasn't doing that it would look hidden. So I'm basing it out. Kurds that way head is facing that way. Okay. And then you can see this looks like a lot like that front of uranium. And this looks like the back. So I want to kind of do one more back so that it looks similar to the front. So I'm gonna stick that one. You can kind of like, put it instead of putting it in and then not liking it. You can put it up against where you might like it to go. So I like it there or yeah, or in the middle to see what it looks like. A little twist. A Okay. Do you like that? I also do it looks like on the other side where I initially liked it, Like on this side. So I'm just sticking it in again at an angle and things like that. Better beautiful on all sides gonna go in with. I want something else. I'm gonna go in with one more flowers and then I'll have in mind. So right there. I like it next to that one. So I think so. Okay. I'm going in with the funny zeal I'm gonna go in, like, right here. So it will stick out on the side years kind of nestle that between these two guys being here. So you just kind of adding it anywhere that you feel like you could use a little bit of extra texture. And if you have trouble getting a stem in, it's kind of stuck. You confront the bottom of it and pull it out. Spirit. It's something 5. Dried Arrangement: FINISHING TOUCHES: and you just want get and fine Tune it, um, you can. It's a justice needed before you tie it. So this is, like, really pretty nice textural. Dry your engine in it. Another good tip is to take a share of it on your list to see if it is and thoughts that you don't like or that you addressed because sometimes the phone, like when you look through it out an image, you can see it better than your with Sure. Okay, I'm using water, really, against this white backdrop and then I'll do the back. So do you really like it? But I noticed that these two guys were, like, kind of sitting weird. Now I've added all the other ingredients, So I'm going to adjust that that it's sitting a little bit more street and I like that better and then pull out. Yeah, let's see what this is like. Like that. I see that this kind of long I'm good. Whole stuff. A little bit out. They're coming out like that. All right. Feelings ready to be Ratched