Design A Custom "Save The Date" Card | Cynthia Dixon | Skillshare
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9 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction

    • Picmonkey Overview

    • Choosing a Card Style

    • Finding Inspiration

    • Choosing a Font Pair

    • Create a Photo Style Card

    • Create a Text Style Card

    • Printing Your Custom Card Design

    • Conclusion


About This Class


In this course you'll learn how to create to a Custom Save the Date Greeting Card.  You won't need any fancy software or special skills to create your card.  You'll design your card using an online photo editing tool called Picmonkey.  

If you're skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator you're encouraged to use them, but they're not required to make your custom designs.

I'll demonstrate two unique save the date card designs, which include a photo-style and a text-style card.  These cards are simple and easy to make, yet elegant!  

Creating your own custom save the date greeting card allows you to create the exact card you want and helps you save money, because you'll only print the exact amount you need.  

They're great for the bride-to-be who's on a budget or just loves to DIH (Do it Herself).  You'll have fun creating your custom card! 





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Cynthia Dixon

Entrepreneur | Cupcake Lover | Introvert in Bloom

I'm an internet Entrepreneur with a passion for cupcakes, cartoons, the beach and family. I enjoy helping others learn how to create and use graphics for branding and DIY craft projects, along with sharing online marketing tactics that helps other marketers grow their online business.

Be sure to visit my website at along with my Facebook page and my YouTube channel where I share a ton of helpful information and resources to help you start and grow your online b...

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