Design 11 softwares in Java from scratch | Saksham Choudhary | Skillshare

Design 11 softwares in Java from scratch

Saksham Choudhary, Within Knowledge lies power

Design 11 softwares in Java from scratch

Saksham Choudhary, Within Knowledge lies power

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29 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. Course intro

    • 2. What is Java?


    • 4. HELLO WORLD


    • 6. Basic Data Types

    • 7. Code review of Data types


    • 9. Record keeperGUI

    • 10. Arithmatic operators and string addition

    • 11. Unary Operators

    • 12. Relational Operators

    • 13. Conditional operators

    • 14. CalculatorGUI Part 1

    • 15. CalculatorGUiPart2

    • 16. ForLoopsWithAdvancedExample

    • 17. While loops

    • 18. DowhileLoops

    • 19. R1ealtime digital Clock with while loop

    • 20. Inserting photos in GUI

    • 21. Arrays

    • 22. Processing Arrays & getting random number

    • 23. Creating Custom Classes

    • 24. Instantiating a class

    • 25. Input from User via String Variable

    • 26. Message Popping Application

    • 27. Billing application interface development

    • 28. Billing application interface with tabbed pane

    • 29. B1illing application source code development

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About This Class

Design 11 softwares from scratch in Java. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.


  1. Basic Hello World application with interface.
  2. Celsius Fahrenheit
  3. Converters
  4. Record Keeper application
  5. User Input output application
  6. Realtime Calculator application with interface
  7. Digital Clock with auto time update
  8. Image application
  9. Message Popping application
  10. Estate business system
  11. Billing application for offline store.

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1. Course intro: Hello, Internet citizens. First of all, thanks a lot for putting your faith in me with this coast. So before starting with the course, let's ponder upon these following question so that we will have to clarify as what we're going to discuss in this coast. The first question you need to ask yourself is weather. This is right course for you or not. What you're looking for by Java is this course, covering all the topics you're looking for, what you'll be able to do after completing this coast. So let me begin with clearing up all these doubts because I to remember the time when I was looking for a coast for myself to learn. So the problem with the coding is it is very tedious on very often it doesn't provide the desired result on leave us with the thought that really all these effort just for this. With Java, we create real time applications all over efforts, and the brain put into the work yields a very appealing result, so we feel that it's worthy the result. After eat section off coding, you will see real time applications as a result on your screen. The second point as to why you should learn Java is that it is the future. How you may ask it is so because nowadays most of the application be it desktop application , android mobile application server or Web applications, banking application, billing, application and even some of the application used by the NASA are made using the Java programming, getting a feeling like job wise all around you. After learning with this coast, you'll be able to make as many deck stop application as you can think off. Examples are digital flock with auto time update, calculator, record keeper, message Popper, billing system video, own company, organization, shop data keeper or beat a salary calculator for your amazing, hardworking employees and many more. Jumper produces the best results off your effort and struggles of it. That code Plus it has made very, very easy and interactive to learn. In this coast, you should find no difficulties. Even if you do, then you have an option to put up your credit in the discussion box. The Coast material has been cut, shot and made very apt for our patients audience. Also, an exercise file has been provided so that while trying out our code. It encounters with any errors you can match up and character code. I can promise that that this coast is going to be a simple life changer for you because after doing this ghost, you can make tools for organizations as they wanted. You'll be able to impress them. You can even earn as much as $12,000 a month. There are no prerequisite required for this course other than your king, into curiosity to learn and gain proved to the world that you are worthy on. If you're still not satisfied with this course, then of course, you always have an option to use the 30 days money back guarantee. So just sit back, relax and let's begin with this coast. Good luck to you all. 2. What is Java?: 3. INSTALLATION: Hello, Internet citizens and welcome to job training. In this video, we will learn to set up an environment for Java development before installing anything. First, we will quickly check with the job was installed or the version of Java that your machine is using isn't outdated. So what we need to do here is to open your terminal. Are the command prompt? If your Windows user simply right here, Joe, our space hyphen, virgin and hit. Enter here. You can see that Jolla is old. It installed in my system, but it might not be installed in your system. So what we will do here is that we will download the Java. I scared of Google first. What you'll do is you'll download the GME. That is the hour and time environment. He'll go on this first link and here you will download the Chiari. Now, which one do you think you should down this one? Our district. Thank you. Let me tell you, this is the seventh version and the 80 it update by a wrecker. So you need to download the latest one off course. Accept the license. You don't forget to accept the license and choose your operating system and simply download the file and install it in the easy way. Next, what you would do is get a google dot com, and here you will down there. The J. D. K simply by Jenny Kate. Download and you go on this first link and this fight Java applet from J. T K. Eight Virgin did 65 public 66 Click on download and get your hands on the latest one. Accept the license and argument. Get the fly. Are the operating system in which you're working? Next is now We will download I D, an integrated development environment. It is nothing that it is just a Pakistan or an application program typically consisting off a code editor compiler, a D burger and a graphical user interface. Also, it is so smart that it will automatically give you the gold position as well. Now I'll be using that beans. So let's go to google dot com again and download the net beans on. Let's click on this first link, and I would like to say this you $2 once for all that is to 60 TME version, and that means it's something that I will be using to are the cities for writing course. Of course you can get your hands on Other ideas to eclipse is also famous thes days. So you cancel down there they eclipse get on this first link. And now here we need this one Eclipse I d e for Java developers. Click here and Jews, your operating system and gain and simply down or the eclipse in the easy way. Just install these things before writing codes. And in next video, we will learn how to light. Hello, world. That's all for this video. Thank you for watching. 4. HELLO WORLD: hello Internet citizens and welcome to Job or Cheney. I hope you guys have installed the things that I mentioned earlier in my video. If you're facing any kind of problem than fee free to ask in the discussion caller tonight after installing the Net beans, this is the first screen that will appear in front off you. Let's just uncheck this so that we cannot get to see this again and again. Let's just close the stab. Now we'll create a new project file. Make sure you select the Jaguar and the job application is highlighted. Click on next and just let's just name old project Name is Java application. Finish fish. And now here it is, creating your new project file, where you will be able to write your coat and making your first application off jabber. Here it is. This is the source cope with. You need to write the coat. Let's talk first about the package packages and name space that organizes a set off class Next s public class. Every job a program, start with the class name. Suppose we have named our application has a name of Java application. So it is appearing here next is bubble ecstatic void, mean strings and art To dio here I d E has already mentioned. Then you need to write the code and the logics here. But now the question arises that would these guys are talking about? I just don't know about Static White. So let's just take a quick look what these guys are saying. The public is saying that hey, invisible to everybody out here next aesthetic, it is giving you the guarantee that you can use me without any object, and I'll definitely respond. Next is Void said. It's saying that the wildest spawn, but I wouldn't give you back anything. It's just completely avoid nothing else. Next is mean. Well, that's my name. And I held a special status off being the start off any program. Now the next is strings and arcs. No, they say that. Okay, guys, you can call me, but I do accept on Lien added off strings. Let's just light our first program. Remember the gel ISS case incident? So let's start with the first program. That's right system dot out dot print held n and space in the brackets. That's a sight. Hello and welcome to the world, Joe our and let's put it in their goats. Remember, the jiao is so sensitive that every call on matters every double coat and the single coat matters here. Okay, after the fighting, this you're all set to run. Your first program here is also ah, feature that I d is giving to us. This is called a hammer feature. After writing your code, you can click on this hammer. If there's in any era out here, it will simply give you a pop up that okay, there is some error in your code. Next is we need to click on windows and need to see the output. Hickam's the output barks this say's that built successful in just four seconds. After completing this, you need to run this present. Congratulations. Hello and welcome to the world off Shower has successfully built. And now we have compiled this program successfully 5. HELLO WORLD GUI: Hello, Endurance citizens. And welcome to our training and our previous video. We have successfully taken the output from the system by printing a line which is hello and welcome to the world of Tower. In this tutorial, we will make a nice graphic user interface like a presentable product in a Dalek box which will say Hello, world. Also, we learn how to make an exit button. So for that you need to click on the file, then click on new project. Make sure Java application is selected. Click next. Its name it as do you I Hello Word click unfinished here. The file has been successfully created. Now, this was our fight. You need to click on this one. Likely on this, like a new and click on Java frame form. Now you need to read this, that it is highly recommended that you do not place shower classes in default packages. We haven't done anything in the lower classes. That's what I've created a new file here. So now click on finish. Now you can see that our plane off then face has successfully being created now for this You need a label with say is hello world. Now there are two ways to the name it. You can add it like here, which says text Or you can also click here in the text potion and you can you name it to hell a word. Okay, now it is done. Let's just see scale it a bed. Now you can also teens the formed the size of formed and also the color of the form that's so easy to do. Like here on. Let's just choose a foreign 18. Let's use bold. Also, you can choose the foreign. I'm OK with it now. Here it is, looking a bit more nice. You can also work on it's interface. They are setting other things that you can work on like I can text vertical alignment, etcetera. We read about it in detail on the one hour later videos. Now, next you need a button it sees exit. So now let's just target that we're here. Onda. Name it as exit. You can give give your desired colors or the phone or anything best possible, which licks backer for you on this user and face by these featured there on your right hand side. Next, what we need to do is to run this fire. It is now billed successfully. Now we would run this fi. Congratulations. Your first prison table product with the Java with say's hello World is successfully being created now when we click on this exit, but it is not working over here, So what you need to do is to write something which exit this burden. Let's go back to net beans you need right a small court over here. You can do that by double click on that button it say's to do. Add your handling code here so they just delete this comment and add a small chord, which stands our system to give the output as an exit. Remember, Job is gay sensitive, so I need to take care off it. Now we have it in the code with a system that exit zero. Now let's click on Designed Once again. Let's run it. Let's run the file. Now let's click on exit button. Okay, now it's working properly. So you have noticed that we haven't written the code for hello war in this user interface, the reason is hello. World is just a big ning face. Not much of the court is here and and face has already label. So we will write some heavy gold from our next video. That's all from this video. 6. Basic Data Types: hello Internet citizens and welcome to Java. Attaining. In this video, we will learn about the basic data types. Yes, learning about the basic data types will decrease the chances of getting errors in your codes. First, when his bites bites is the minimum value off minus 1 28 whereas the default value of bite zero the maximum value of bites is 1 27 and by data types is used to save space in large. Jerry's mainly in place off in teachers, since a bite is four times smaller, then it and teaser. Now let's talk about in teacher in teacher has the minimum value off minus 21474 86 48 It's default value of zero, and the maximum value is still one for seven for 80 and 647 antes is generally used as the before data type for integral value. Unless there is a concern about mammary, next is short. Schardt has the minimum value off minus 32,768. It's default values zero and the maximum values 32,767. No sure data types can also be used to save mammary as by data type has short is two times more than in teacher. Next is long. Long has the minimum value off minus nine to do three etcetera. It has really a long way. It's default value zero and the maximum values this now the long is used when a wider range than in teacher is needed. Next is float. Float has basically do concerns. The 1st 1 is that it's default values minus zero point 0/2 and the second is that it is never used for precise value as an example off. Besides, well, you can see that currency is a precise value. Next is double Double also has a concerns that a decimal values are printed in double next to his double is never used for precise ready. Now double plays an important tool, and various errors are created while using double. For an example, I have written a cold for you and this is a fire tonight and sell telescope. Now here we have gone worded Father night into Celsius. A simple program is written, but don't really concern about the program at this moment of time. Let me show you what I am trying to tell you now in this program, if I have the moved the decimal zero and when I run this program, then you can see the salad. C'est is 0.0 left. That's the wrong answer. And when we add 9.0 to it and run it then sells, this is to 60.0. Now, if you have noticed that we have used double and we have forgetting to use the decimal in our logic, that's where the answer was giving a wrong value. And let's say fan tonight as 701 would run this value again than the cells is is 3 71.11 it section. So this is the mean the will of double. You need to print the decimal value. Also, if you will not do that, then you can see that the mathematical error is being shown to you here. Next is bullion pool. It has mainly to counter there it will be true or it will be false. This data type is used for simple flags that like true or false conditions, default value is false off bullion. Next is care care, or you can see character is data type off 16 but Unicode character. It's minimum value is zero and mag zoom value is 655 t five. Character data is used to store any character. Supposed an example. We say Character Letter A is because to single coat day and single coat. Not This is an example of character. If you will, right character and you'll add in teacher to it, then this will definitely given there it has its concerned You need not to right Auntie Gin character. You cannot write character in anti JAL, so it has its own perimeter that you need to remember while writing coats. That's all for this video. Thank you so much for words. 7. Code review of Data types: Hello, Internet citizens and welcome to job pertaining. In this tutorial, we will take a quick review off data types. We are already done with the practical level of data types. Now you should know how to write the data types with the proper Syntex Toby. A smart and clean quarter. You should have a knowledge that were to use which data type with the proper ting. So in this section we will quickly review the data types all the data types that we have read in our last lecture. Let's start with it. I start with character. The Syntex off lead character is this Space has occult store space, single coat capital a handed with a single coat and Sammy Garland Notice that you are using a single code and Gadd Akhter Next is bullion bullion is either true or either fort Well, right fault Here we can write anything out here according toa where need but the syntax of bullion is this. Next is and teas in teacher. We all know the value that the positive or negative value is work. So let's right seven Next is bite. Syntax of bite is it's a lead. It goes to 1 27 and ended with Osama. Call mostly if you're creating a color in Java or it is mostly used to control the saturation point off anything. These are up to negative minus 1 27 to positive 1 27 Of course, next is short, they say. H physicals to 14 you can say and ended with the Sami colon. These are used to write some short values. Next is long. If you write something long like the number off population in your country, then you need to use this. And if it's supposed like, want to write this much of big value and ended with a semi call. And, of course, next is float float price for an example on his girls to and it to the Sami Golan. Now, before ending it with a Sami call. And you always use F in the float and Dan ended with Osama calling. Next is double Double is so important when your value is fractional. So let's say circle a dia his he comes to mats. The good news is, if you want to write by then there's already elaborately set for you to use it heads by then multiply it by the Radius and Vegas. And this week, in right, the formula off circle that that is by our square and let's move on to strings as well. Let's try it. An example of shrink anything, which is in double coat on strength. Named here are strings, so that's a string name space is Ecclestone in de vehicle? That's right. I am learning data types now. This is strength and ended for the Sami call. And of course, no strings are actually variables that are stored as an areas off characters. Also, for your knowledge, you need to know that there are two kinds of data times primitive and other one is structured data types. It has a simple logic. Primitive data types directly stole their values in Miami. Fought an example. Let's see X is. It goes to fight now in Mammary X has the value of five, while the others are structured types like supposed strength all Let's call a bike and said the word bike as Harley David. Now it will create a reference value or the address off a location in memory where this data exists. So this is the fundamentals that you need to remember before writing a clean and the best gold in Java. That's all from this video. Fox. Thank you so much for watching no. 8. OBJECT & CLASSES: hello in transit isn't and welcome to Java teaming in this tutorial, we will talk about object in classes. Now. Java is not so complicated language until and unless you connected somewhere from your practical life talking mood about objects, object estates and behaviors for an example in Apple and Apple has it states like it's shorten Zipes or unripe. And if you talk about its behavior than it's read and healthy briefly about classes, classes can be defined as a town plate or the blueprint that describes the behaviour states that object off its type support to understand more about object in classes. I have created a source file for you, which you can download here. I have all didn't some comments for you so that you can understand it properly. We will write a program which will tell age off person with the help of classes and objects . Now, here we have created the class and off course. My file name is Johnny Depp. Now you need to remember that the name that you will give to your fight will appear here as your toe us. No, we need to show its age. So eight is a new magical value ordered in Teacher. So you lied to right here and teacher and then the glass theme eight and Sammy gone in the next line. Let's write that publicly. We want to show Johnny Depp and strings name, and it started the cold bracket. Now this constructor has only one batter me to that we have given which is name I let connected now in the next line would need to get the output from the system in a French line with sees name Choosen is now We need to show here what we have written in the class that its name and ended for the salmon golden. Don't forget to close what you have started into the braces. In the next line, we need to write something like public void on Let's Send the Age and an anti germ value. And now let's start the curly bracket. And in the next line we will define Johnny Depth eight. His adults, too age and ended with Osama collar. Now we also need to write something which will show the age of Johnny Tab. Now here we will write public and seizure, get age and no records with the angler braces, and next we will get the output from the system. So let's hide system dot out docked friend Ellen, Johnny Deb it remember Joe, our SK sensitive. And if you're defining a class, then it should be. As it is, it's on a warship. Next is we'll finally get as the Johnny Depp's eight in output. So here we will write return. Johnny Depp age and ended for the Sami column. So now we're all set with our class. Our class creation is all done. Next we will talk about our object. No, we will create an object. That, of course, is Johnny Dab. Johnny Death. He's Johnny, that is, goes to new Johnny, Dad and in brackets codes. Johnny, Dad, and we'll end it for the Sami. Colin. Here we have defined there were object hit. We need to call a class matter to send Johnny Depp's eight. So we will. Right here is Johnny Death, Dr Set eight. Let's say age off. John. Adapt is I 52 or 50 T maybe, and ended with Sami Collins. Next. We want to call another class matter to get Johnny Depp Sage. So we were right here. Is Johnny that dot get age and angular brackets and ended with Osama call. And in the video, we need to access the instance variable as follows so we will get the output from system. It's a system that out dark print asses usual on and goats will like with the able value Sammy Colin and end it with the bracket and the Sami caller. And of course, we need to close a bracket in this bracket. Test will. So now we are old set to run this program here we have defined over classes and this column , and we have created our object in this column. So there are two parts where you can define objects and the classes as well. Let's run our program and the name that we have choosen was Johnny Dab and Johnny Depp's eight that we have chosen was 50 t, and we have to also to show the variable value, which is also ftt. That's how all you create the object and glasses. That's all from this video. Thank you so much for 9. Record keeperGUI: hello Internet citizens and welcome to the Our training in this studio will make a nice graphical user interface off application, which is named as record keeper. In our previous video, we have talked about objects and classes, so we'll also give a finishing hand to it. So in our previous video as a recap, we have taken output from the system as a name in a in our class and the set up name was Johnny to happen. And in the class we have taken Johnny Depp's age as an output and off course here, the giant APS age will be the object. So let's give a finishing. And to this project, we'll go on the file. New project. Make sure Joe Application is highlighted. Click on Next on. Let's give this project name as the guard keeper on Glicken. Finish. No click here. Likely care. Select New and Joffrey inform. Click on finish. Now you can see the outer interfaces is all set. No, let's live lit something like Let's double click here and liberate something like the card keeper that changed it for in size black hair on Let's make it bold. Let's make its foreign Texas 24 as that's the name it again as the guard keeper. Let's scale it a bit in the middle off it on again that Jews just label now in our previous video. According to that, we will right here as please select any name on another label and which sees eight off Johnny Dab is okay, let's scale it a bet. Famous film stars just in a box of jar, huh? Now the date of birth off Johnny Depp as now here we have said three labels And of course, now we need to set up their outputs to so on. Please select any name. We will select a combo box here and mixed We will just modify it. A bet here that name Britain's off all the food items that are combo box 1st 1 Well right, selects name. We can also use different value off it as select name. But now we haven't moved to that far in the scores. So just for this moment of time, we will use it as select name. Next label is Johnny Depp and that's like here it's all set to go now on age of Johnny Depp , we will use text field that the scale of it making a big larger can do that by dragging that on these points small score points that you can see it here. Next, we will again set up a text field here. Its scale it a bet on. In the end, we need a button by which if we're clicking on it, you need to get result on that. You can do that by double clicking on it, but make sure you cannot jump onto the source code like I have done it. Right now. Let's face skillet. Bet so we are all set to go with and face. Now let's do some coding stuff. No, If you run this fight, here it is. You need to select a name as Johnny Dap, and if you're clicking it here again, nothing is happening. So we need to play with gold so bad. So let's double click on get result and write something ritual. Do something here, so it's light as the button name that is J text field, one dog sick and Strengths, who right 54 and ended with the Sami Colon Andi next relate Day text feed don't docked, said text as June nine, 1963 and ended with Osama Call looking and no, you need not to write wonderful hours. I hated sometimes. Okay. You know, you're all set to go let on this file. It has now been successfully and let run this five. Okay? Hopefully it will work. Let's select our Johnny tap on. Get the result. Congratulations. Age of then Johnny Depp is 54 date Date of part of Johnny Depp is 9 June 1960 T Now you're all set to create something which can get all put in your box. That's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching. 10. Arithmatic operators and string addition: hello Internet citizens and welcome to the our training. In this tutorial, we will read about operators. Undoubtedly, operators are the backbone of our training. After reading properly about operators, you are all set to write codes with your own logics in a smooth way. So let's get started with operators in this studio will read about simple assignment and mathematical predators. Simple assignment are the most commonly used operators. It assigns the value on right toe the Left Open. For an example, let's try the program, which defines it well. Let's taken in teacher hexes. It goes to 10 and it for the Sami Colon on Let's Take the output from System his ex. Now, if we run this program and take the output, then you can see this then because we have already defined the value off eggs, physical Sudan. And here we have printed their eggs with a show. Understand? Next is the arithmetic operators. It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication division and the person. Tate is the remainder operator. Let's say the program to define it. Fighting the program is a good practice. To understand Java, I sit is you write all the programs yourself, although the exercise fights have provided. So let's get started with arithmetic operators. We need X physicals to 10 for an example handed for the Sami Coleman. Next in danger. Why is it goes to 20 handed with a semi colon? Of course. Next is and danger result as it comes to X plus why and ended for the Sami Golan. Next is I'm using all the operators plus miners divide just to give you an example off arithmetic operators here Hex last. Why is it goes to space calling on? Then we will get the result whatever it is and into the Sami call. And of course, next let's get the result off subtraction that is X minus y and it with Osama Colin. Of course, that scared the outperform the system again as X minus Why is it goes to on Let's get the result Indiana here and it for the Sam McCall. And of course, next is multiplication. Result is it goes to x multiplied by why ended for the semicolon again. Let's get the output from the system here too on X space Multiplication. Why is he comes to plus result here too? Next is divide result is he goes to Why space light slash x ended for the Sami calling, Let's again take out from the system. Why divided by axe as he comes to space plus risen to gain and our last arithmetic operator , that is result as he goes toe X space. Percent age. Let's say T because off course we are going to get remainder Somewhere out here on, let's get the output from the system that assist them, not out dot print tell. And as usual on in the bracket, that site acts space percent age space tree. Is it girls, too? Space on isn't taking so hopefully we are done with every arithmetic operator out here. That is. Addition, subtraction, multiplication divide and the remainder or preacher, Let's run it now. Now you can see the result. Here. There is addition off X plus y physicals too tarty. So it's all right. Exit astern. Why physical strength? 20. And if we add this value, then result is 30. Likewise, subtraction, multiplication, divide end remainder. So the addition off creator can also be used for joining two or more strings together. Let's take another example to understand what I've just said right now, Let's save this fight for U. N. Open another project name as next, and that side string damn you for you click on finish. So let's take another example to show that the additional preachers can also be used for joining two or most things together. That's right. Strength forced name that's digging for an example as when on the next line, let's site string Last name has it gulps too diesel. Don't forget to end it with the Sami calling. And in the next line it's like just like a string with a greeting is it goes to hello and then get the first team plus last name and ended with the Sami Garden. Of course. Let's take the output from the system greeting. Now you can see how I have done the addition off operators in joining two or more strings. Now let's run this program here. You can see that hit is showing the greeting to a great Hollywood actor in diesel hallow when these. So this is how you had the strength in the addition operators. That's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching 11. Unary Operators: Hello and and citizens and welcome to the Sabatini. Never previous video, we have learned how to sign the values and how to work with the arithmetic operators. Also, we have learned how the additional preachers can also be used for joining two or more strings together. And this a tutorial. Learn about united operators first to R plus and minus unity operators. This indicates on the gets an expression into positive or negative next to our agreement and agreement operators the increase or decrease the value by one. And finally, the logical complement operators the inverse of value off for bullion, like from true to false and forth the true. Also, to understand it better, let's fight a program, including all these unity or preachers so you can understand it well, how these works. So, like our old program. Let's taken and Teacher X is you feel Sudan and ended with Osama Colon and alternates taken TJ. Why physical to 20 and ended with Osama call And of course now using the united or pager lets light in. Teacher result is it comes to positive X and ended for the Sami Colon. Now let's get output from system as positive X space is he goes to on after the coats. Let's get the result and ended with Osama Golan off course. Next, let's get result is he comes to minus y the negative unity off creator and an ad for the Sami call. And, of course, and let's get out from the system as negative. Why, if equals two on Get the original two game? Next is the result is equal to positive. Positive X and Sammy Colin. Let's get out. Put off this unity operator as well by writing positive positive acts His equals two on a positive result again on another unity off critter inside. Result is he goes to negative negative. Why and it with Sami calling on Let's get out from system as negative. Negative. Why is it cults toe space? Andi. Then plus the result again. And the last one is bullion. It's a 1,000,000,000 Okay, his accounts to falls and it for the Sami Colin, of course. And let's get the output from this to as okay and it with a bracket on. Let's get another output as exclamatory. Okay, which inwards toe really off bullion. Now let's run this program, which is all the united operators on. Let's get the result out here. Andi. Here you can see the forced operator that is changing the value into positive. And the next one is changing the value into negative. And also it is shifting and increasing the value by 12 alarm and from 10 and also here decreasing the value by one from 20 to 19. Here it is showing fault. We have given the value fault and in a will last expression, this exclamatory is alternating. It's answer and ending it with an answer off. True. So that's how all the unity operators work to toll for this video. Thank you so much for watching. 12. Relational Operators: hello Indian citizens and welcome to job putting and continue shin off over topic operators . In this tutorial, we will learn about relational operators. Now the relational operators are used to compare to Oppens are two expressions and you need to know that inhalational operators the result is always in bullion, So these are the list off operators in front off you. Force one is equal to 2nd 1 is not equal to on 3rd 1 is thing greater than greater than or equal to, and second lasted less than and finally the less than or equal to to take a closer look in the EU's off These all operators, let's say the program firstly, let side and seizure ex physical Stan like as usual and Asia. Why physicals to 20 and it for the Sami Colin and let's site Julian result is equals two X and why so here we have used our first operator that is equal to on Let's get the output from the system here. X space equals two operator. Why question mark? And finally, let's get the result. Next is the result is a girl's two acts is it goes to why and ended with a Sami Colin. Here we have used our second operator that is not equal stoop and let's get out. Put off dis operator to buy acts. Exclamatory Easy equals two. Why question mark and let's get theirs, too. Now it's time for next. Operator Say's result is equals ax greater than why and it for the Sami Colin. And let's get the our put off this operator, too. Chase Axe is greater than why question mark and let's get the result. Next operator is Result Eggs created. They're not equal to why and ended with a Sami calling. Let's get the output for this too excreted and are equal to question mark on Let's Get does it for this one, too. Next is Result equals toe acts smaller didn't why, and it fits Sammy, Colin and the output for this will be acts smaller than why equals two. Let's get the result off it. And finally, our last operator result is equals. Two X smaller than or equal to why, and it for the Sami Colin on the result for it will be acts smaller than R equals toe. Why question mark? Let's get the result off it. So now we have used, although Peter's that are used in relational operators, let's get the result for this now Here you can see the result. According to the EU's off operator, the 1st 1 is Acts equals toe Why? And the result is false because X holds the Valley off fan and by holds the value of 20. According to that, you can see that the answer here showing is in bullion value according the conditions that we have used in relational operators. So that's all for this video. Thank you so much for watching. 13. Conditional operators: hello Internet citizens and welcome to the other training in the continue shin off our topic operators in the city area, we will read about conditional operators now the forced to are used to perform conditional end and conditional or, if we understand, and briefly, then they have a short circuiting behavior. For example in and operator. If the left expression is evaluated as false in the light, expression is not evaluated. Then, of course, the finals. Lt's forts and for the operators, if the left expression is evaluated, toe true than the right expression is not evaluated, then find a result is true. For an example, let's take a closer look to it by writing a simple program. As usual, let's give and in Teacher X as a value off 10 and indeed in why, as value off 20 handed with Osama Colin. Now let's start playing that operators. If in double records that's right, X is greater than eight on why is greater than it as well, then in the curly brackets, let's get the output from the system as both ex and why are less than it and ended for the Sami calling now in the same program. Let's use the other operator, too, in double records, the stick X greater than 10. And let's use this operator or and in brackets, that's right. Why greater than time on Let's open a bracket on Ben? Let's get the output from the system. Either X or why is greater then damn Now let's run this program out here. Now you can see in the program that both X and why are less than eight. And secondly, either X or why is greater than 10. It is satisfying our condition, and also it is satisfying our operators. That is an and off now that her Bannister Neri operators in a form of eternity that is three opens in the following form. This interprets like if a evaluates to true, then be and assign its value to the little otherwise. If a valid toe fault that evaluation off see and assigned to a value to the result, it's a bit complicated, So let's get our hand with writing a programs and that you can understand it easily. Let's create a new project fight for you like a next let's name it has eternity like unfinished. Let's change the comment here durin every exercise fly. These are all available to you to down there. Let's get started with writing this program. Now again, let's give in teacher X physicals to town and it for the salmon collar integer Why his guts to 20 and it with Osama Colon? And now let's give the value and the result off this anti seizure and a lot IQ as X is created and 10 next is question Mark X Colin Why? And and it for the Sami caller. Now for this, that's getting output has result. One is unless yet the result out here that's also use another condition, that is result equals two. Why greater than tan space question Mark ex and why? And it for the Sami cordoned off course. Let's take output for distinct to on the street visit. Do is Sami call and let's get the result out here and let's run this program. So now you can see the result of one is 20 and result off to his Stan. Now this is referred l a shorthand for if then an else statement. That's all for turn every operators. We are all done with all of our operators and conditional operators to. In next tutorial, we will learn how to create a real time calculator with a nice graphic user interface. So that's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching. 14. CalculatorGUI Part 1: hello Internet citizens and welcome to job training in this tutorial will in how to make a real time calculate around. In our previous video, we are all done with learning all of our operators and first thing that pops up in my mind after watching miners plus multiplication and division sign that we can make a calculator from it, or it is so similar to a calculator. So in this tutorial will learn how to make a real time calculator. I've already created something like this. This tutorial is basically divided into two parts on an 1st 1 will create the interface where you can see will also learn how to give colors to your buttons on how toe make it takes box. Something like this. Yeah, it's looking a big pretty, and if such, on something like Calculator and Mac OS X, it's looking a bit similar and barrier than this one. Why? Because how? Look at this and trying to resize it, but I cannot, but you can resize my calculator. It's a big, little bit easy to watch on. I like it. So from my creation, I have dull of this. You can develop any off your according to your comfort level. That's many minds and go to your net beans. Click a new project next on its name. It has calculator. Do you? I don't forget to this select this create mean class. I repeat, don't forget the selectors creating main class because we will be creating the mean class on our own. So we need not get educated by its own. And let's click on finish. So as usual, that likely can calculated you are on go to different form. And let's rename it as calculator D y on its given back his name as scale, kill, aiding and, like, unfinished. So here are boxes all ready to make some changes that first create a text field on its drag it over here that just re scale of it. That's Freescale a bit. There's still grinding to a calculator on now it's looking smart now, before giving properties to Text field. First, we need the bag down for it mean interface and some different colors. I would like to go in the source code and in this public column, that right that is, got content paying, no break it starts, said background on black it. Let's get our caller that I suppose I want to take Gray so I'll go with a great and let selected. Of course, ended with Sami Colin on Let's run this program now. Her on fight. Andi. Now you can notice that it background is showing and gray color that's minimizes. We have a lot of work to do out here. Let's get it on the full screen on Let's get on the properties on text feet. So, Wesley, I would like to change its background. Let me get it something similar to my background off interface so that one cannot different year, that it will look a bit smart and calculator. Let's make it a still 38 to 38 2 38 Commander. Now it changed on that play with its foreign, let to the far end off apple Nasty Got chicken case on Let it go plane on. Let's shoot a big bigger phoned because it will appear as a big thing on a string. So let's choose 48. Click on OK, Charles it Now we don't need anything written something like date X for you, so let's clear it. We are also with our text field. One more thing to go that we'll go or horizontal alignment from the light inside because we want towards the bulletin from decide that it's right inside. Want to three and sore. Next is we will give some buttons who are calculators, so let's gives them batons out here. We will be given 12 tree from hair, but but name it as C. That is clear button and or calculator. So given that see, let's give another button. Let's also team the properties off these buttons together so we will give its bag down has won 51 50 and 1 50 Also, I would like to change its phone on that saying this it's for in tow again. Or Apple has the guard. Technion. I like this one, but you can give any off these according to Eurasia, according to your comfort zone on its here. Another one is let's get and they get their on a positive sign. Give it some color on change its properties. It's quite boring, but it will be fun for you if you will created yourself all stained its front to this apple on the tree. We are choosing and all of these apple ized exotic neo and click on OK on also change it for in size. It's a bit small. Let's give it a 36 click on OK, similarly, let's just copy this off the buttons on Paste it to save your time. Let's based another one hair on base that there were here. You size it again. You'll get that product in the end, which was looking really pretty enough to get your eyes on it on. It's the person did sign or here on. It's the divide sign over here. Now the white sign is not adult present in your keyboard, so I'll take help from more Internet. That scared of safari. Um google dot com Let search sign off Divide. It's found appetite. It'll start. Com. Thank you for giving us the sign. Let's copied from here. X Close it on. Let's base the door here. Okay, we are done with all of fourfold buttons. We need more of them, so it's copy again. Andi paste it. So what is the profit off? Basing it a warrior. I don't need to change its properties again and again. So that's why I'm pasting it again and again. Salmon pate, base of the gained Let's rename it as nine. Let's be last one. From this line, you can see it's alignment is getting a bit side. You need to set it again and again is here to prevent it from getting here and there. That, based on the multiplication sign over here, that Skopje this and paste it again that's scared of name is four but pace of the game. Let's give its name as Fife. Give it a name of six. It's You need to stay here. It's figured over here again. Let's resize a bed. You can see if it's matching its line from the best off its keys that are in a left inside than its on the perfect match. From the upside down, it is guiding you how to make it in a line. Same as like others are no, just the two more lines to go paces, saying hopes we have for gotten to rename it. Let's give it a sign off, minus. It is a reflection. Let's name it is Juan Swan has to. This one is Cree. Make it really large. There's no need to stick into this Just that column make him a big thought. Let's based our forward bottom. That is tradition. Now we need Zito Dog and is equals to sign, which will your answer. So we need a bit more. But in South Chair, this will be, let's say, zero on this will be dot for the decimal values. That's the size of habit on. Put it over here. That's cool to go on. Finally, off your final, But yeah, let's re scale a bit on you. See, you need to match these alignment for a battle look. So that's do this thing. So that's it. So let's give a different color to this line. Something like these bottoms that is orange on. Let's get back to the net beans on, Let's give him orange color. You can do that by clicking on this, and if you know the RGB code that is readying and Blue code, which is making audience than you can directly type it over here on, I know the code off our initial it. Type it something like 2 43 comma, 1 27 comma and 30 night. Let's give the same color today that stopped the want to On 2 43 comma 1 27 comma 39 subtraction tr turn Now to teen you're calling to Orange. The 1st 1 is to 43 going on 1 20 Saland Garma 39 second Last edition. It's Change it to do 43 comma 1 27 Calm on 39 and finally, the last we need to change it through is Equal Stool, which will give our answer. Well, it seemed it. Now it's all okay to go on a team. That scholar to Let's change It to 2 43 comma 1 27 comma 39. Electronic Once again, click on a K now so similar to kill you know why they started coming The terror Look, Get in and beans again. Okay, so it's not as big to show it over here. So that's why showing the dog tore there. So let's rename its warned on gilded forints that's made a bit small, Right? Se 18. Now let's run it again. Closing our previous one off course. Karen, that beans, Let's run this. Why okay, now. So similar to a previous one, we haven't He had given the color to our text feed. So let's give the colors. No, I would like to suggest you something that is color Digital color meter. You can use it if you are on Apple device. The measure RGB value on Let's select Display January cardi B and you can see on the left inside that it is 1 2120 and 1 20 So let's change its background value toe 1 2121 20 again . So but added it to 1 2120 and 1 20 So now the background values chain and let's run this program It closed this one Now you can see died. It is looking actually same as this one. So that's all from this video, we are all done but making an interface something like this that I've created before Yes, of course, you can get out off your thinking box and make it s convenient and beautiful as you want it to be. And that's how you teamed the colors and make a design off. Nice toppling face. That's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching 15. CalculatorGUiPart2: hello Internet citizens and welcome to job training. In our previous video, we are all done with setting up the graphical user interface off our calculator. Still, we need some improvement. Forced Lee. We need to make it non any table. You can see it. I can write anything over here on. We need to make it known at the table also will work on its border. You can see it is now engraved on. We need to make it normal. So let's go down and beans that select our display Boggs quickly on. Let's go to properties. You need to do select this at the table so it is not at a table anymore. And secondly, let's scroll down a bit. That's click on Border on and let's make it as amputee Border click OK, Also according to our according to your comfort, you need to change the variable name over here. I have changed it to G text display. Let's run this file once again, and after running this fight, you can notice debt. Border is not engraved now, and it is not at all at the table. Now let's close this program also what holder one on Let's go to Net beans. So now to make it functioning, let's start writing some code for it. First, let's go to source. Now I will define some of the classes and public class column so that we can make it working. Firstly, we need to write Double First Number and ended for the Sami Colin. Next class I will define is double second number and ended with the salmon colon and our final clause that is double on results and ended with the Sami Colon. Finally, we need our string that feel are played our operations, and we will all tend it with the Sami collar, so every calculator to balls nearby, this logic that you need to enter the first number, then you'll apply the operation. Then you'll enter the second number, and finally you'll click on a button that will give your result. So, firstly, let's do something so that you can display the number that you're pressing over here and to their display box. So double click on one hand that's right, accord for it. We need to right here as strength and her number, he quotes to day text display. Remember J text display is the name off our box that will give the display. Also, if you remember that we have renamed this box and set it to D Texas day. Then we were right. Get text and and annul brackets. Then we'll add the name off the bottom that we need to press that we can see or hear it is Jay Burton 13 so well, right as it is over here, Jay Button, 13 dot Get text on in all records and it with a Sami Colin on the next line. We will simply day text this play dot set dext on Dhere. Well, right as it is, what is written or here. Enter number. Remember, Joe is a case sensitive language on you need to write as it is over here and hand it for the Sami Colin. So no. Now we're done with this two line off coats. All we need to do now is to copy this code and based it over the rest of the other buttons on simply, Just change the G. But name that is 14. In this case, you can see it or hear before editing aid. That is Jay Burton, 14 Didn't know here you need to write it as it is over here. Next days toward Button. Let's pay the similar thing over here and let's change the name to 15. Let's go to design once again. That's right for four on its But the name is nine. Let's make it nine j button nine. Let's go to design once again for 51 that's basted over here to on. But the name is Lonmin. In this case, let's go to designs for 61 on But name is Stan in this case designed number sound on Jay, but the name has Fife in this case. 81 on Jay, but the name is six on Finally the ninth Andrzej Button name his eight. Don't forget to write the G, but a name as it is that is original. We're here. Let's go to zero on it. About the name is 17 on this decimal value. I had to say about the name as 19. Let's go design. Finally, Villwock Unclear Button. It is also as easy as these are. We will simply print nothing over here because we want to clear the section on. We will keep it as it is between double coats. So now, after writing this piece of cold, we will run our file. Hand it, check it in between. If it is working after running or file, let's check it like want to tree 0456987 on decimal value. Everything is working. Finance. Finally, click on the clear button, so it is also working fine now that close it and go to net beans once again on Let's Work on our second section. Now we'll work on our operators. So that's tried the code for additional Prater. It just the forced number forced number. If you remember, this is a clause that I have defined. The starting off this video forced number is equals to double dot bars double and in brackets. That's right. J next display dot get text and ended for the Sami Colin on In the next line, we will simply light de text that is uneven for this play box text display Dot said XT and and no coats and ended for the sound Sammy Golan. Finally, we will define something that we have defined in the starting off this video as strength and strings. That is operations which is equals to addition. Operation in the double coat and end it with a Sami column. Now here is a small error. You need another bracket here toe. Now we are all said with our operational button cold. Now, same as usual, will simply copy this code and paste it in the lest off operational buttons on. We will simply change the sign subtraction. Next is multiplication. We will simply had the sign off the operators. It's the white. The operation sign for divide is right slash on. Finally, the remainder. One on it. Braider Sinus percentage. Now here's a burden that will convert your value to negative and positive as well. So let's write a simple code for this button to that's double click on it on Let's jump on writing some code off the Spartan well falsely defined double o. P. S is a wildly that I've taken is equals to double dot bars. Double on in brackets will simply light strength dot value off on again in brackets will write the name off our put box that is J text display dot Get text on the knoll brackets again and ended with the Sami collar in the next line, we will define what I've taken O p s which some with a simple logic that is opiates multiplied by negative one on end for the Sami Colin. And finally, we'll right, Jay, text display dot said text and in brackets will simply I'd string dot while you off O P s and handed for the Sami call. Now, here you can define that Opie is connected with a yellow highlighter or here, So we are all set to go that ran it over here on Let's run the file and that check it once again. And then finally, we will write the code for a result Butter. So if I say nine hand now, you can see that is that it is kind awarding the value of nine to the negative one. So it's all working well. And finally, the last step. Now we will define for which you can get the result on Let's double click on equal stew And let's write our simple logic string answers on and it for the Sami Colin. And then we will simply write a class that we have defined earlier in this video that is second gnome. He quotes to double dot parse double and in brackets that simply light day text display dog , get text on no brackets and ended with the Sami call. And of course, now I will write a simple logic that I've used in the conditional operators. That is, if Operation remember, operations I have defined earlier in this video after writing strength is equals to operations. So and operator here on, we will simply get it for addition. Now let's start the curly braces on, then some tonight result. He quotes to forced number plus second number. This is a simple logic that if you want to get the result half tradition, you need to add two numbers and in second line will simply died. Answer is equals to string dot for meant and in brackets. That said the format for the string that we want to get. Answer. And that is and percent age dot 0/2. Remember, I have used F because off float value over here on then simply right result and ended for the Sami Colin. The coat is still have only on Let's hand us here now. Finally, the last line we will write day text display dot said text dot and in brackets that simply right answer and ended for the Sami call. Now we're all set. Now what we need to do is to simply copy this code from here to here on. That's a Skopje it hand and next line. That's right. Health. If now, if you remember that, lt for is it written that it will keep on finding your operational answer till it finds the true value. So it's based it over here and what you need to do here as that you simply need to get the subjection to on Let's copy it once again the else if let's copy it, you need to add it subtraction while you here, too. And it's copied once again. Hi and done. Our multiplication is left. So are simply right multiplication or here and here on it's basted once again because off our division operation, that is right slash hand that simply put right slash between these and finally our remainder those operational Sinus percent age on That's right percentage over here. So I guess we have used all the operations now and we are all set to run our calculator in a final level the strong this wild and let's get started with checking our calculator if it is working fine or not. So let's add three plus three. How we're getting the answer that is six. Again. Let's divide a 68 divided by Zito on We are Perfectly given the answer that is written infinity or here. Let's scare the screen on it. Subject eight from eight that is getting zero. Also, subtract minus one from the result. We're getting minus one. So congratulations, your calculator is finally all set to run an appeal as a real time application. That's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching. 16. ForLoopsWithAdvancedExample: hello, Internet citizens and welcome to the our training before giving you a small intro about this tutorial. Let me ask you a simple question. What if they ask you to add five numerical values from 1 to 5, like never giving a feeling yield. Simply light in teacher access. Agusto one plus two plus three plus four in five. And finally, you'll print the value for X. What if I didn't ask you to add the values from 1 to 15 and get the result from it? It's getting a bit Lindy out here. And what if I ask you to have the values from 1 to 50 or 100 riel? Landy. One. So for these kind of things we use for loops now, this is the only way to interrupt the flow from the top to bottom Andi that get started with dieting and understanding the four loops in Java. So let's just remove this program that I've written for giving you an example. So for four loops, I will first define the teacher has Luke one you and ended for the Sami Colon, and then I'll simply give the in Teacher has an on value as 11 so that my loop cannot go beyond it. And there is a very small syntax for loop that is, loop value equals 20 which is the starting value off loop on in the middle out here. Well, simply light blue value as smaller than and value that we have defined earlier in this video on ended for the Sami Colin. And finally, there comes the increment number that is loop value has increment by one. And then we'll simply right and braces as let's connect the small out here as v mistyped on Finally, let's try the final line off. Four Loops has system that our dot print Ln, and that's just friend the loop Value equal Stoop on. Finally get the loop value and ended for the Sammy Cahn. Now let's run this program. Once on, let's get the result. You can see all the blue values from 0 to 10 has successfully being printed in the output box, but yet our aim is not completed. So let me remind you, our in that we need to add all the values from one to fight, so make some changes and discord on the on. Let's run the loop from 1 to 10 and add all the values. So, firstly, let's define another in teacher, that is addition on. Let's give it a value of zero and ended with a Sami Colin. Let's just define what exactly the addition will do in this program. Addition will simply well define it as addition, plus the value off loop and ended with the Samiha Khanna and finally, and the Output print line. Who will change it? Read Total on Here will simply right addition. Now, what is the mean logic? The loop will start running from zero to train, and also we have defined an teacher. As addition said, the loop will add all the values from 0 to 10. And so the Louisville or so the Loof will add all the values from 0 to 10 on. It will end on our ending value that is 11. So let's run this program. So now you can see our loop has started. The heading process zero plus one is one plus two history, and so on. Finally, the loop will reach undervalue off of to fight. So that's how you can use the four loops and many programs out there and This is one of the really important topic of shower. That's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching. 17. While loops: hello Internet citizens and welcome to Java, attaining another type of flu that you can use in shower. It's called Why Loop Now? Why? Loops are a lot easier to understand than the four loops. Now they look like while and then you define something logic and bracket. So let's get an example, Teoh understand it in detail. So for that, like, as usual, will define an anti gyp off loop value equals 20 and added for the Sammy Cahn on them. With us in Tex, off loop will simply right while and notice that we will ride the condition between these packets. So let's put a condition like loop value is smaller than five. And you need to start the curly braces over here to write the output by the system on there . Just right here has this is the magic balls. Why loops and finally in the aunt world, simply add one to the loop value by simple matter that we're using. And now let's just run this program Now what? You have noticed a magic off while loop that it is now printed here the five times now. This is because we have here kept the looping value, which is less than fight, but it has yet printed to five times. Now that's how you can use the Y loops. That's all from this video. And thank you so much for watching. 18. DowhileLoops: hello Internet citizens and welcome to our training. And that's a tutorial we will learn about do while loops. If you go on its name, then it names itself telling you that do comes forced and while comes last. So let's get on to it. Syntex on a That's here, the new product file on its quickly click on next, and it's just name it, as do while on Let's Just Finish. So here is your new project file that change it for you, as do why exercise file for you on then that start coding for Do Why loops so now related to do while loops. Why Loop is the do and do Why it looks like when the do comes first and it now it's getting a bit counter gated, isn't it? To the best V and the best practice don't understand it. It is just by writing it, let's get started reciting the do while loops so firstly will define the teacher Liu value as usual as a new value equals 20 and ended for Sami Colin. Now, as I've told you that in this program, do will come first, so let's go with the do on in the curly braces but defined the system dot out docked plaint Alan on that simply right. Printing do. Why next? It's all good to go on. Then let's simply right here. The loop value increased by one and handed with Sami Call on. Then they just simply died. New value increased by one and added that. Sami corner. Now after this after bases, you need to like the logic for a while, which is very simple out here. And brackets, you simply need to write something like Loop value is smaller than, let's say, six. This time on, let's just end it with the Sami collar. Now you can see that it has pretty much similar. But again, Joe Loop round and round until the and condition is Matt, which is six in this case. This time the wild part is at the bottom, but the condition is theme and keep looping, while the value inside of the variable called Lou value, which is less than six, the difference between the two is the code between the curly brackets of do on, while will get executed at least once with a while loop. The condition could already be match job. Well, then just bail out off your Lou on, not even execute your colleague Brackets go. So there is not a big difference between do while and why? Loop on. That's all for this video. Thank you so much for watching. 19. R1ealtime digital Clock with while loop: Hello, indolent citizens and welcome to job training. It's 11 past nine AM, and I'm recording another tutorial for you. Hold on a second. You have really observed this thing on my deck. Stop our but it's looking nice to get your eyes on it. So in destitute, Auriol will simply Kate a digital watch, which in a lot of work is the remainder for you. If you're working on your computer or anything else, so they just start making this digital watch in job on that beans first, let me close it all so that my ran can really boost up. Sometimes the each other programs take a lot off your memories on now. First thing you need to do is to get deformed like I have used here. So you'll simply gun google dot com on. You'll get the digital phones for Mac. So here it is. If I simply right download digital foreign for mag, are any machine that you're using? Are there like Windows or anything else? So let's go to free digital phones on. I'm good to go with this phone, so this one has got a more STAIs so they just download this file on Thanks The foreign spacedotcom for giving us these beautiful forints on They just close it so as you can t my download is completed on I need this model simple forint. So let me just double click on edge on Let me just installed performance So it is now installing my phone's on. Now I'm all done with installing the forints on Let's just close it. Don't forget to restart your net beans if you have downloaded your forms for the first time in your computer. Now let's jump onto making this nice digital clock for you in Java. Now the reason why I have choose to meet this clock because we want to set an example for Loop will be using Why Loop? Why making this digital shock for you. So let's get started. Firstly, I need the label. Let's just Raggett or here on If I said it a nice way, make sure I have used the background color to black and last material. We have learned how to use it. Have simply used this line. Get content being dot said back Now color dark black on its black now on every simply light as 11. Well and engaged for two seconds on day just increased this forint. Click here when he plane on select the digital forms that we have just downloaded on. These are the digital seven forms. That's all team size off these forms that set it to 70 on click. OK, so now it's old set. I guess I need to increase the size off these. So let's go to front once again on Let's Increase It Size a bit to 75. Yes, it's looking much better now. Also said it vertical alignment do center so that it can get Start sitting itself from center on this. Just remove it. And also, let's said the color of the front. It's killed a foreground on Let's color the phone, too. I this one click OK, it's all set now on Let's once again right. Uh, example E forint as 11 14 and let's see 55 seconds on. Let's just set it somewhere in the middle on. I guess it's called to go now, so let's run this fi on check. If we are all done with this and with its and face on now it's running over Jerre. If I know it's looking at school as it was looking in the starting. So let's just close this file and start working on its code, which is very simple out here. Firstly, we need to import something with, say's Shower your lead in library and let's say calendar on. Let's head it for Tammy Colin on Next will simply boat java dot your Lady Dodge Gregorian calendar, which is already built for you in library. Now what is the profit off using Gregorian calendar and this calendar? Now we will simply use the loop in this program, and loop is usually run by your system. Memory order, time. You can see now if we will run this program with the memory off our system, then seconds are the ours off. Our watch will simply be miscalculated. So we have simply used these utilities that is calendar and Gregorian calendar, so that our time will automatically match with our computer time on. Also, it will help us to measure the exact time for seconds. So now let's start writing with the coach here. Firstly, we need to set an in teacher There is in teacher time run. This is their all way too, said then teacher on and it fit Sammy Colin. And we have said it, Tzeitel, because we need to get it running over and over again, also will use. Why loop in this program for that? So let's just start using it. So next we'll create a new thread on, well, simply guide new pride null rackets on. Then we will simply start a curly bracket in which we need right public void, run gain and no rockets. We'll start one more curly bracket, and here we simply need to write about Wild Group and we'll set it's time running on to Zito and next, another curly bracket. We need to write our specifications. That is, Calendar calculator equals two new Grigorian calendar andan. No records will ended with Sami Colin. Then we'll simply set up the Are Minutes Second and also the MPM. So we need to write as an teacher. Our calculator dot get calendar dot our and we will simply ended with Sami calling. Now we will simply copy the this thing price because with similar way, we need seconds and minutes and also the e m p m. We will simply replace it by writing minutes, seconds on this just right here as I am on the score PM now we'll simply change it from here to. So it's a fright over here as minutes on here. Let's write seconds on. Let's simply right here as I am on the Scorpion. Now, After writing this, you simply need to write a matter that will simply said the MPM thing for us. So we'll simply died. String day on a school night equals two on and no strings well and it with semi colon. And we will use the if statement, which is so obvious that are that it will be a M or it will be PM and and it it kills toe one on next. We need to start with our curly brackets on real simply right here as day on a school night equals two B. M and seven. Collins then will get on with a simple logic. Other told bpm or it will be so we'll simply light else on. We'll start the currently races again. Andi will simply right day and this girl night equals two a. M. And and it would Sammy collar next we need to set strength. Dying equals two R on, then we'll simply get the null strings on. Then we'll simply such minutes likewise again the no strength on. Then the seconds again, we'll add it. Further strings. There are no on. Then we'll simply write other over D or it will be night and ended. Fifth. Samiha Khanna Next simply, we need to write clock dot Set Fixed has dying that we have defined earlier. Time on and it with Sammy Cahn. Next after these two curly brackets, we need to simply right here as dot start. Simply a command to start something on Laissus. Correct it and simply going to go with capital. Um, now here you need to remember this clock is the name of the box that will define in our design. So let's just code it to variable name as clock on. Let simply go to source once again. Now, after writing a clean piece off gold here, they just run our file and see if it's working. So that's run or fly on. Now you can see it's working fine, but you cannot see any separators out here. But time is showing all right, like it's 23 23. He'll too, So it is all said according to your computer. Let's work on it again to separate it. So let's go to our coat. All you need to do is to simply entered the double dots between the strings that we have put in the starting off over program. And now let's run our fight once again. After running over file, you can see that it is now separated, and it is looking as beautiful as it was looking in the starting. Also, it is now separated with two dots. No fee. Observe. Then it's AM on seconds are matching with our time. This is because we have used a Gregorian calendar utility in the starting. So that's all for this radio. Thank you so much for watching. 20. Inserting photos in GUI: Hello Intern citizens and welcome to job training. In this tutorial, we learned how to insert a majors in your J frame. Well, undoubtedly inciting images and working on interface. Get the satisfaction to your client so you should have an idea what color schemes, or what background or what kind of images here should put into your product. Of course, if you are making a building product, then you should definitely know how to insert a majors and your chafing. So let's get started with inserting images in your Jeffrey. So let's go to our net beans and starting photo shower on. Let's create a new J frame. Let click on finish. Here is your new Jeffrey for inserting photos. What you need to do is, firstly, drag your panel on your screen so that your alignment doesn't really get messed up their image. Andi. Then there is a small break out here and J frame that you need to brag. Label over here in your panel if you'll enlarge it a bit on. After enlarging it a bit, move the forint that is written in your jail, able on simply right click on your J label box and go to properties After going in properties, you need to find something that says, I can just click here on. If we have a look at this box, then, of course, we're gonna go with external image that we won't put on done. If a browse forever image, let look at somewhere on our deck. Stop on suppose. If we want to insert this picture, simply click on Open on. This is a small image that stays open 24 hours. If you're making a billing system for your launder anything which is open for 24 hours than it, then you're good to go. Simply drag it up on now you can see that image is already inside this box. Let's insert another major simply Dracula label over here on. Enlarge it a bit. Remove this text right click properties on then icon that's browsing once again on its browse for our image, that is, picture wrong. Let's open it up. Here's a small image with some burgers, french fries or sauce engaged. If you are making building up or something for your launch or anything, you can just re skillet a better anything you want to do and the quick guide to you that, ah, background off these images will match to a J frame that it will look more better. So simply goto our source code on down simply right. Get content pane aunt in brackets dot said background on brackets. Let's set our color two black on but that Sami column Now, if you will have a look at these images down the background color off, these images are black. And now if we run this to you, I now let's just run this fight and now you can see that it is perfectly looking and matching off with black color. But white out here because we haven't yet said our ji frame on it's getting out of it if we said the color off, back down off this G panel to black, so I just said it quickly. Let's click OK on now it's what we need a major anywhere or here on one will run this while you can see that the sculler is perfectly matching up. But there are black background, so these are the small, intelligent things that you should put a video client to make him satisfied with your products so That's how you put the majors in J frame. Also, you can have a look at this that I've just not designed for one off my client. Now, you already know how to double up a calculator so you can simply put the small logics like calculator here calculating a price off labor, travel, Iran, copper or anything out there. And it is a small scheme that I've taken. You can get an idea off how to develop a building up, but make sure we are not jumping into any database, so you could just calculate with the prices of products cannot do much, But more than enough at this moment, because we're not dealing with databases right now. So that's all how you put a majors and J frame. Thank you so much for watching 21. Arrays: hello Internet citizens and welcome to the our training. In this tutorial, we will discuss about a raise in Java program. If you briefly talk about ADIZ than Ara is a container object that holds a fixed number of values in a single time, you can say that each item in Ari is called an element on. If we say that each element is used by its index, then there's simply they use off area. So to understand more about it, let's quickly take an example and let's make a program which will clear your doubt and everything about area out here. So first, let's declare an addi off in Teacher. So let's simply light in teacher and in square brackets on. Then let's right on, Carry on and it fit Sammy Cahn Andan Next line. Let's allocate the memory for like Fife in teachers so that simply light and at a equals two new and teacher on in square brackets. Let's simply died five and ended that Sami Colin on the next line. Let's initialize our first element off Ari, so let's right. And at eight and then square boxes, let simply right zero. You need to remember here that an alley always starts from zero culture on Let's Say it as 100 ended with the Sami Colin Andi. Let's initialize than other elements. Likewise, so they just copy and paste this thing over here. Andi, they just rename it as want to tree and for you need to notice that we have written five means we have given the five numb brings. But we have started with the Zito, so this is the reason we are ending it to the four here on. Then let's simply give it as 700 605 100 on, Let's say, 200. Then we'll simply tell our system to print the element at Index zero would double dot on done will simply define to get and Harry and Records. Let's give a disease all one hand it on and it fit Sammy Colin, and this is in boxes. You need to remember this thing about area. Let's just copy it on based it on the rest of these five Element. And let's simply change the index number on also the a number, which is one over here. Two over here, three. And finally the 4th 1 Also, let's change the index 24 free two and one. So let's take a look at the output off the program that we have written over here. So after getting the output, you can see that each item in this airy has an element is accessed by the numerical index. So this is what exactly the area is. You have an element, and it simply shows you the index. And next tutorial We will learn in the dale about other topics off Addy. Thank you so much for watching. 22. Processing Arrays & getting random number: hello Internet citizens and welcome to job training. In this tutorial, we will learn how to process the areas with four loops. Most of the times we only use the for loops to process the addicts. So let's take an example and look how to sell. So not to waste our time. I've already written this, a small piece off gold for you. So in this piece off gold, I've simply created my list and have given examples like 1.12 point 23.3 and 4.4 and line them denying in line number 22 have given a small four loop logic where I've defined in Teacher I equals zero on. Also, I have defined my list as smaller than I on like more loop and three parts. I have increased the I to one. Finally, after getting the system our boat, I'll just get this list our in my output box to summing up all the elements like we have done in the far loop. We have something created. There's a small logic with safe in teacher, I equals zero and II smaller than my list Dark plant and again, I have increased it by one on in line number 28 I have simply created as the total off my list, which will simply give you the total off my list. Next. I have also used us more logic to get the maximum out of this list. So I have simply given the four loop again. But this time with F statement. So let's have a look over here in line number 33 I have used a for loop and again has given the same condition where in teacher I equals toe one. On this time, I is smaller than my list or plant and again I've increased it by one and then and condition. I've stated that my list I is maximum than the max value which will be stated by the para meters, which I've taken in my list. One. So let's our game get the are put off the system on. If we run this program, you can notice that the list are mentioned were here off carries on the total off this list is 11 and also you can notice that it is giving us the maximum value off a raise. So this is how you can process the advanced at a loop. Also, let's take an advance example, which is sometimes used in Arie's as random Harry number. So let's read that program now. So all exercise files that are well able to you, so you need not to worry about anything out there. Get to create a random Harry number. You need to import their classes over here, so it's important them has. You need to remember that there is no other way. So let's create the forced one as random. And it fits Sammy Colin on all to import the other class as java dot utility dot our list on hand. If it Sammy gone now, here's a small beasts off gold that you need to remember to get the random Mary number. Firstly, we will define random as new random and in brackets. You need to remember this line with, say, system darch current chime mellis, which is already defined the Java for you on Done. We will get the number it's said, then teacher, that is number on. Then let's define the number as hot A and e dot next in Asia, and here you can set your limit like 50 20 or 100 or anything. So it said this limit has 100 ended that Sami Colin on Let's get out from system as numbers that we have defined and just over earlier life also is a small tapping mistake that you need to work. All right, then, let's run our program. You can first observe over Number is 67. If we run it again, then here's another number that is 49. If you run it again and again, you will notice that every time the random number it's popping up and the output box again and the key. So this is the easiest. Be how you can process the Harry's on how to some of them and how to get the random number out off it. That's all for the areas. Thank you so much for watching 23. Creating Custom Classes: hello Internet citizens and welcome to the our training in the Citterio. We will learn how to create the custom class is also in this lecture. We learn how to deal with strings, doubles in teachers and a lot more so that you can really understand how to use these things while creating the custom classes. So let's get started with creating the custom classes. I have already created a new project for you. Also, the excites file is available to you. What All you need to do while creating the custom class is that after creating a new project, Fi simply go on your project file, right click on it. Gilda knew and simply select the Java class after creating their custom class, give it last name and simply can finish. After clicking on finish, you'll find something like this on your screen on. You can get started with writing the class on your own now, so let's get started writing our class. It is as simple as we were writing the programs in Java. Nothing exceptional, our special here. We simply need to write all those things, like creating a new class or you consider program so lit right, Private, double asking price. Hand it that Sami Colin. Also, I want to tell you that I'm creating something which will define our house selling business in real state properties as well as dealing with land business. So, firstly, I'm defined private Double as asking price. And next I have I need to define the strings so I'll simply that private shrink on rules him to get it like property type and ended that Sami column Next I'll get double. I need to keep it private has encapsulating it simply getting in teacher saying number off bathrooms and ended that Sami Colin. Also, if you're selling a property or a land Arial state, you need to define that how much acres it is. So we'll simply right Private double, for it has a lot size and and if it Sammy Collins next, we will define private in teacher as number off backrooms on Danville simply ended that Sami Colon. And finally, we will get all of these here by writing public on here. We will write our class name, that is, I've turned it out in a shark phone that is house selling business as HB, so I simply need to write it over here on and brackets, I'll simply they dollar that all of these things, like double asking price next as spring has property type on. Also the Lord size on. Finally, how will just start writing and college bracket as qualifying this as my asking price. So I'll simply right there start asking price. You can also see that it is already stating our asking price on. Then we'll simply get asking. Price on ended with Sami Colin. Here's a small error off Miss typing, and it's good to go now and next line level simply this dot property DYP. And then here we will simply that has property type and ended with Sami column Likewise will define everything here, and you need to know that there are zero number of bathrooms and bedrooms in a piece off land. It is not yet constructed. It is just a piece off land, so we'll define our number off bad rooms. Andi bathrooms as Zito so well, it's implicate number off bad rooms. Has Ito you need to write exacting that we have written over here on next Well, right number off bathrooms equals to Zito and ended with salmon collar. So this program we have written for, ah, piece off land that we want to sail next. We want to sail and he stayed building our house or something, so we'll simply died as it is with a few changes. Let's do that thing now. So after closing this thing in calorie brackets, let's simply start getting on another program. Let's define the class over here on simply right has double asking price. Another state that is string property type. It is getting seem as we have defined our earlier lines above. Also, here is a small change that I want to keep you and noticed that here number bathrooms and bedrooms are not zero sold some to get those things to here, as in teacher number of bathrooms. And indeed, your as number off Bad groom's on Done will start. Another Curry braces on, then will simply get it like we have got it about as this. So it lights. Similarly here has asking price handed that Sami Colin this dot property type equals two property type and and if it Sammy Colin next as they start, lot size equals to lot size onder that Sami Colin Next says this dot number off bathrooms, as it is suggesting equal stew number off bathrooms and and it that Salmon Colin and finally this dot number off bad rooms. He quotes to number off bad rooms and hand it that Simon column. Finally, we will work on something which will give our output so we'll simply light it as public on . We would like to take the output and strength so well by public strength and then do string and the old brackets on. Then finally, in curly brackets, we will define our return. Mattered has an output that is final answer. Return Hand in strings will simply write asking price that is in dollars so we'll get the sign of dollar were here and then we ultimately get the asking price. Also, you want to bring the next of the things in the new line, so I will simply use the back flesh and for the new line and then ultimately die property DYP on. Then I'll get the property Type two by simply writing property type hand in next line again , a new line so backslash and a lot sighs. Double dots on then will simply get the larger size too second last time backslash and we will get the number. Bathroom's over here with double dots. And finally we will get it over here like number off bathrooms and finally the last one. And finally the last one back slash and and then number off Bad Crooms. Double dots on then will simply get the number off bad rooms on, and it fit Sammy Garland. So this is how all you create the classes you can see. It's as easy as we were lighting the codes and our previous Java programs. We have simply defined the things over here by using certain things that we have learned in our Java coast. In next video, they will learn how tones Instead, she ate the classes and to our core program. That's all for this video. Thank you so much for watching 24. Instantiating a class: hello, Internet citizens and welcome to the ah, what any in this tutorial, we will learn on instance creating a clause which means the clothes that we have all dedicated. We will link that class to our main program. So there's the clause that you have little in our previous video notice that I have used all kind of double strings and teachers just to make you realize how to use all of these. It is not as complicated to create the class, but just for teaching purpose. I've used all of these. So finally we are done with all of our sections getting out. Ford are defining any very able in teacher double. Now we will connect it anyhow with our code program. So let's go back to our main file on let by the small piece of code on how selling business . So here we need to write falsely. That is our class, which say's H B. As you can see, I've written here. HB is our public loss. Hand will simply die tear as at B and then land equals two new HB and in brackets will simply right, let's say, for an example, 13,000 comma on and strength. Let's get the land. Or here on the value of land that is 2.1 and rule then simply ended with Sami caller. So now we're done with our land part. Also, we have defined the E ST part in our business. Supposed in case if you want to sell our house or any building our stuff done will simply light HB that is our class on. Then we'll simply I e state equals two new H B and in brackets Will will simply give it money as $26,000 to $60,000. Comma and and strengths will simply right, he states on again. A comma will give her 1.53 on four. These are the values off bad rooms and all the stuff that we have defined in the more class . According to that, we have given its value. Next will get out from the system that so we will simply right system dot out dot sprint Ellen on brackets with light land dot does strength on done and no other brackets again, we will get the output from the system for our real state part. So simply light system that out Dart plant line and in brackets will define our e ST dot do strength and Don when and no racket. So that's all we need to right here. So now let's run this program on. Let's see what our are put box sees on. I'm increasing it a bit so you can see that the asking price off a lad has $13,000 on property type ist land, so nothing is built on it. Lot size as 0.0 acres. I guess we have written somewhere wrong about acres. We can give its value toe anything like 1.5 acres or three acres. Next, the number of bathrooms and number off bedrooms. Zero because it is just a piece off land. Next is our estate description that its asking price as to $60,000 property, diapers, estate on lord size is 1.5 acres. Number of bathrooms are three number off bedrooms are for. So this is how you connect the code gold to our class that we have created. That's all from this radio. Thank you so much for watching 25. Input from User via String Variable: hello Internet citizens and welcome to Job Martini. In this tutorial, we will learn how to accept the input from the user with the result. So one of the strength of Java is the huge libraries off codes available to you. This code that has been didn't into specific jobs on one really useful flaws that handles input from a user is called the scanner class. The scanner clause can be found in java dot utility library. To use the scanner class, you need to reference it in your code. We can do that by simply writing import java dot util for utility on. Then after dot you need right scanner and ended with the Sami column. So that's how to do it. And then we'll simply start writing some code over here. And then we need to write scanner user underscore input e quotes to new scanner and in brackets. Well, simply right system dot I am Richard first input. So let's see what this line see that I've just now written. Instead of setting up an anti jer video able or the string variable, we're setting up a scanner very able out here. We have called our user input on after an equal sign, we have the keeper new. This is used to create new objects from a class. The object we're creating is from scanner class. So in between ground brackets, we have to tell Java that this will be the system input on. In the next line will simply light system docked out dot print on again in brackets will simply light. Enter your forced name on. Then we will close it with Coach, so notice that we have used print rather than front line like we are using it Always. The difference between the two is that print line will move the cursor t a new line after the airport, but just a print stays it on the same line in the next line. Let's simply write forced underscore Name equals two user on the skirt and put dot next on , and no brackets will end it with Osama car Here. This is showing some error because we haven't yet decided that what exactly this force name is. So let's had a line to define this. We need to define it by simply fighting strength forced, underscore name and and it for the Sami collar So now it is defined and it's all good to run. Now we have to do the same thing again, so we will simply copy these three lines on. Just copy it on the next line. Let's just be based it again. What changes that I'm doing to give you example is that I'm just editing it. Fit family name, replacing the worst name riding family here till because I already defined family name here in the start. Finally, in the end, our light strength full underscore name on ended with Sami call and then I'll define what exactly the full name is that I've written after the string over here. As you can see, I'm defining what is written after the string that is like family name Have defined it over here after the family name, so simply ill defined the full name over here. Now that IHS full name equals two. First on the score name, Aunt, then I want to add on. Then I just want to simply like family, Underscore name and ended for the Sami caught on and let's finally right. The last line off this program that is system dot out dot print L n hand in brackets. Let's just simply write you heart after this, we will simply get full name on before running this program. We need right here as family name, which will meet logic in our example on. Also, we have used family name over here, so let's simply right. Enter your family name on now let's run this file and that's just run this wild on it is now telling you to enter your first name. For example, if I see my first name is William on Hit, Enter on. If my family's name is Shakespeare and if I hit Enter Dan, it is showing us that you're William Shakespeare. So that's all. How you need to give import on it is finally showing the output as you have given in this program. So that's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching 26. Message Popping Application: hello Internet citizens and welcome to our training. In our previous video, we have taken an input from the user on has shown some out for ties. A result. So in this video, we will simply created Do I off what we have done in our previous video. I'm not really a big fan are fighting a do I but you should know booed the vase to design a D u I and also a very small code is needed to right in a dialog box to take the input from the user. So I've decided to write this code for you. So let's start creating a Jew. I Firstly, we need to import Java ex dot swing ought J option pain and ended with the Sami Colin. Now again, you need to remember that you need to import jowl extort swing door J option pain. So now we will start writing some code for our do I. It's as simple as we have returned the codes in Java. So first we will simply light string first on the score name as you have written in our code to on. Then we'll simply define first underscore name as taking an input and J option pain dot show input in a dialogue box and in double coat will simply diet forced space name and ended for the Sami calling. So this is how to get the dollar box and then we will simply copy it because we need to Dolich boats as we have written the family name in the last cold. So we'll do the same thing over here on. We will replace the first name by family name so it's empty. Died here as family on the scorning and also will replace this message. So let's write family name now. We will copy it once again because we need to show the result on for that to we need a dollar box. So let's just copy and paste it over here on. Make some changes out there. So here I'll simply light according to our last lectures logic as full name on. Then we will simply define the full name. So let's replace it here, too. And then we are going to remove this because we're going to add to Dolich boxes here so we will simply light and coat as you are space and then we'll add our first underscore name and then we'll add again has family name, family underscored name, as we have defined earlier in this program and ended with a semi colon. And after writing this a statement. Okay, we have forgetting to replace this one, too, as by family name. So now it's all right now. So let's start the final piece of code for our do I as J option pain on thought, show message, dialogue and in back, it's very simply need to write as Let's remove this between the brackets on Let's simply Right as No Handgun full underscore name and ended with the Sami calling again. So that's how to get the input from the user on Converted into a Do I. And now let's run this program. So let's run this fight, and after running this file, we can see that it is now getting the output as our J frame on Here it is now ready to take the input as our first name. And if I write that my first name is William and press OK? And if I like my family's name is shakes peer on. If I click OK, then, Now you're getting a message that you are Ah, William Shakespeare. So that's how toe get the input from the user and show a message. Has a president. You are William Shakespeare. That's all from this video. Thank you so much for watching. 27. Billing application interface development: Hello, Internet citizens and welcome to Joe Attaining. Now let's take a closer look at then face off this building application. Although there's nothing new in it but still will have a closer look at all the elements that are in this J frame. So firstly, have used a label tag over here on have simply turned off liberal billing system. Then I've used labeled tag again here with our text field box. What? All you need to notice here, The name Variable name off this text box that is J. Tait. Make sure that you keep it some word that you remember because we will be using this variable name in our court Next again, have used the label and the blank text field. The name of this blank text field is J name on Next one is order, which will be showing the time at which the order is taken. So we have used its variable name is J time. You can use any off your come forward to never. But I have used tea time over here. Next is customers telephone number that has used for J phone. Valuable name on this is just a blank label because we don't want to change it again and again or make it added table. So we have simply used Jay Label over here and we'll be getting the random number again and again. Just in this box the name of this boxes, Jade reference number. Or given the variable name of this box of tea left number next is quantity and this is again different. For all of this, beds are passed, are and co So the name of quantity text field is J Q T y one second and toward likewise similarly for unit price. I've given the J unit price one J unit price to and the unit price train this text field on for subtitle I've given Jase up Total one sectoral two and G sub total tree. Next comes the order total for this I've given the Jr the total s the name off this blank text field on it is takes. I've given the genetics speed, natch paid for that. I've used a gene that being I'm just showing all of these names because I'll be using every better destined name and my code. So I'm just showing you in case if you want to copy as it is, what code I'm using. And, yes, feel free to take my coat on and you can make certain more applications for her Dell's models and organizations as a billing system. Next comes the total, and I have named it as J. Total. But one on here is the display, and I've used as Chambers in 23 reset for J. Byrne 22 exit for Jay Burton, 24. So these are nothing but just this simple Burton that I've dragged them over here. This is what all I can see in my billing application. So that's all from this video and next tutorial. We will look at the source code off our billing application. So thank you so much for watching 28. Billing application interface with tabbed pane: hello, Internet citizens and welcome to the our training and the state O'Dea. We will learn how to make a nice billing application for a restaurant or any motel, hotel or anyplace outer, although you should have done it yourself. But on demand off student, I'm recording another tutorial on how to make a billing application. So this is the program that I've made for you already. And if I run this program, they just have a look at this program, and then we will work on its working. So this is a random program. If I hand training name along with random telephone number on, if I see that I'm ordering stupid does one pasta on do Cokes or FSt five. So if I hit on total, you can see that quantity price off one pit size for euros. Past ties. 2.90 euros on Coke is 1.20 euros on. If you have a look at the Big Ning, then the date off the order and time is as it is, what is today Andi. Right now the time is 11 p.m. and you can see that it is 20 out here also you can see that it showing a random order number every time you are getting your bill so you can have a look at her again. It's changing every time you're hitting on total next days that it is just calculating the sub total off your item. And finally, it is including the techs and showing you the net price that you need to pay it. This restaurant also, you can just change it to some like wine, shop or hotel, along with different items on One more thing. If you want to get the licit, then you simply click on display and you can just get the Recep saying number of big job faster or the reference number, date and time and finally, tanks for shopping with us and this building system. We will also learn how you can just add a calculator in it, so you can just simply if I say to pits up, which are four euros it each, then weaken. Simply multiply two with four hand. You can see that it's eight, which is our result. 80 euros. So this is a simple building application, and if we have a look at its logic, then simply, you need to add forced number second number and showed output as a result. But still, let's have a look at its logic also, how I've made the user interface off this building application. So first, if you have a look at it, then you can see that, uh, there are some tapped pains over here, So let me just quickly teach you how you can make a tab pains or here. So for an example, this is an empathy job or frame on to add the pain over here. You need to drag a panel over here. Let's me Let me just give it a color to border so you can get a better look what I exactly wanted to do on you can now have a look at the border off it. And next you need to do is to drag that tab pain on. If I decide it, you need to decide it as much as you want it on. Now you can see it is not showing me any type pains right now. Thanks. What you want to do is that you need to just drag the stop pain over here once and now you can see that Tavon is over here. If you will drag it twice, then you can have a look that it will show you the second tap. So now both the tabs are here. And if we run this program, then you can notice both the jobs on our software. So if we have a look at it, then you can see that one dab do. So this is how I have made two tabs with a receptor on Gallagher. Later. This is how you add tohave in your billing system. In next tutorial, we will have a look up off other interface off overbilling application that Howard made that on. Then we will simply look on our logics. So that told for this video. Thank you so much for watching. 29. B1illing application source code development: hello Internet citizens and welcome to job training. Now. Finally, it's time to jump onto our source code off this building obligation. So let's have a look at our source code, although you know most of the things already. But still, let's make a quick recap offered so forcefully have imported the job was Simple Date format utility because I just want to give a former time a date and time over here, which is already showing in my computer. So I'm wanted as it is in these boxes. Next, I have em voted the gallon the utility of Java because I just want to show the date over here, which is showing in my computer as it is in this box. Next, I have imported the utility off tandem because I want to generate the random numbers over here in this box. Every time I'm creating a new order, you need a random number. So I have simply imploded. The tandem utility finally have imported the jowl color utility because I have simply given the background to this G frame as white. So I have imported this utility. So if you had a look at my section seven, I have just felt this calculator, so I have done nothing special in it. I just can't be basted it over here on. There is a quick tip. If you will copy, paste all the buttons with right click, the code will automatically get copy paste or here. So let's go to source once again on if we have a look at this glasses. If you notice that Double First Number Second and Marie Result and operations. These classes I have defined and calculator in Section seven. So I've defined as it is in this building application, because I'm also taking the calculator and this building application. Next, I have written three more classes that is double pizza 4.0 double pastor to pawn 90 Double Coke for 1.20 euros on. Finally, I've taken the X percentage as 7.50 You need to define them on next. If he have a look that doesn't simply a goat off calculator like we have done in our section seven on. If we move forward to it on, then you can see this is simply for Jay Burton, 22 for clear already set. So by hitting on clear button all J and reset button. We need to clear all the fields, all the button J text field. So we have taken name off all the latex feels and has said the value as no so that nothing is shown. If I had the decent button so moving forward to it, I have simply defined Jay Burton 21 as a double quantity 12 and three and get takes with which is N j Q T Y Want to entry? If you take a look in the design, then j Q. T Y one is the name off this box. The quantity which I have entered and g q t y want two and three will be shown as it will get the text and Jake UT by 12 and three. And then, finally, we will jump onto the operation. Before that, I have defined some totals up total Adam beat expertise, want to entry because we need all of them on unit price 123 tax and all of that for the operation off that I've already defined it as double next I have defined the strength pits up price on and also you need to notice that I want to get it in decimal. So I've used afloat or here and just with the same matter that we're falling in our previous lectures, I've simply defined the G unit price set texts and the price that I have set well shown and this J unit price. One text field simply. I've done the similar things for Pastor Aunt Coke Price. Next, we have done the purchase off the value that is entered in Q t y one button multiplied by pizza. You need to notice that bed za price off beds I've already defining the starting on q t y want. So what? The logic of testing is the rally dental Entra and Q T Y one will be multiplied by price off PETA that I've already defined and it will be shown on our porches. One next is next. After processing this operation, I want to get the value off it as a sectoral one susceptible to and subtitle tee off course and float and euros. So I have written it. You need to notice that these are the buttons that I'll be getting the value off sub total on here deceptive will want to one tree Next. We have simply calculated, as with a simple operation off takes that septal off parties one plus two and blustery. So for eggs or you can say or percent age which I have defined something near to 7%. A bit costly, you can see. So for this I have simply so for this what I have done, I have simply multiplied the sub total with the value off text that I have defined already and have divided by 100. This is a simple matter that you always fall a while taking out the percentage off anything out there. So I have simply added this and then I have just got the airport J tax paid. You can see that detects paid is the name off this text feet. So that's going toe source once again and let's have a look at other takes. Next, I have taken the sub total off all and simply have taken the subdural and has shown nd or order total without the text you can notice and finally I've added up these two things That is sub total Blast X. And finally we have got the G net price after this operation. Jeannette Price has this This part is Jane. Net price on Finally, we have got the output as our total bill that you need to pay in this restaurant and let's move on to date and time. If you remember, I have just taught you how to make a date and time application. So we have simply used that program over here, too. We have simply got the calendar time that is in our computer system and finally have done the same thing as that is already defined in the job a utility and simply has Garda daytime format and do our minutes and second simply I have done the date for mating to like D d M and Y Y Y for here, months and days. Likewise. So you're all the different family of a date and time off this piece of gold out here on. If not, you need to follow all my lectures. Just don't skip anything in it. On. It is already defined in the Dale in my clock application development. Next is the random number created. This is also one of the thing that I've already defined in the ad is section that how to create a random number. Still, I have been a small check out her. I need to get unending number. It has a four or five digit random number. So what I have done that I've simply taken 13 to 5 as a random number out here, and I have simply added it with a Matt Dark random. This is utility that is already defined in Java, and I've simply multiplied with 4 to 38 So just to get the random number. As for five digit random number, I have simply followed this Lindholm operation out here. We finally have guard the output energy difference number with which is Jane ref number. And this is nothing but the design. Let's go. And the name of this boxes giraffe numbers. So it will be shown here. Next, be going to the source. You can see that I also need to perform the operation to get the bill, so I've simply defined the string order, number, date and time that I need to define in my bell. And then I have simply defined the q t. I want to three and finally four as the some off all these three q t y want to entry. You can define more of the tanks if you want to show more of the things in your belt. And finally a guard the output as simply string backslash on. You have read all of these things in my previous lectures, and I've simply taken the output as simple thing out there. And this is all the coat that were written for our billing application. So after writing this piece off gold when I run this program, let's just run this file. You need not to worry about anything. Every lecture has an exercise file. If you miss something out while writing this piece off code and your computer, then you can simply have a look in our exercise fight. So if you check out this building obligation, if I simply write my name Andi, then I simply get the then the mobile number. And if I've brought stupids us one pastor and three Coke bottles noticed that order, date, time, and everything is empathy out here. When I hit on Total, you can see that Force Chan 2016 that is date off today. On the other time is 18 32. That is justice Moment ago on the sub total for this year, the price is now shown that I've told you that I have simply multiplied four by two. Andi, I've simply got out. But as 80 year olds finally, I've got the output in order total to likewise that we have done the operation in our source code. And finally, the main thing. If we display it, you can see that receptor is also showing Tow us in this box. So that's all. How you can you make a simple building application? One more thing. If you still want the exercise file off this whole lot off source code, you need not to worry. You simply just go into my lectures on underneath. You'll find this lecture 41 as billing application exercise. You simply need to download it or you can just review it. If you are getting out somewhere in your program, you need to remember that Joel is always a case incident language and sometimes the court will irritate you sometimes. But you never need to give up. Always try and try until you get sixes and this program and just keep on making some cool tools out here that's offered this video. Thank you so much for watching