Desert Botanical: Succulent Watercolor Painting | Rachel Eskandari | Skillshare

Desert Botanical: Succulent Watercolor Painting

Rachel Eskandari, Artist, Painter, Teacher, AZ Local

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8 Videos (43m)
    • Let's Do This: Succulent Watercolor Painting

    • Let's Talk Materials

    • Explore Your Colors and Stroke Practice

    • Natural Colors: Aerial Succulent

    • Monochrome: Indigo Succulent

    • Wild Colors: Aerial Succulent

    • Let's Review

    • Final Piece and Being Confident


About This Class

Desert botanicals are in full bloom and this course will teach you how to put some of that beauty on paper! During this class, Rachel will teach you how to watercolor succulents in several different ways.  All skill levels are welcome and encouraged!


  • Materials list, my personal recommendations
  • Exploring the importance of colors and mixing
  • Tips and tricks for basic watercolor skills
  • Learning to paint 3  succulent types
  • The experience to channel your creativity!

Watercolor painting is all about the relationship between your brush, water and your paint. After this course you will start to develop your own style and method specific to you! Painting is all about enjoying the process, so have fun and explore the beauty of succulent painting!

I would love to see your work and the progress you are making, share with me  at #pinkpuddlesucculent 

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Rachel Eskandari

Artist, Painter, Teacher, AZ Local


My name is Rachel Eskandari and I am a fine artist living in Phoenix, AZ. I specialize in a variety of painting mediums; watercolor, acrylic, gouache and oil. After graduating with a bachelor of fine arts at ASU, I explored a number of different career paths that eventually led me back to what I love doing the most; painting. In 2014 I took a leap of faith and started Pink Puddle Studio to pursue my artwork and creative passions, full-time. I can't put a price tag on waking up ...

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