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Descubre los secretos del mercado de materias primas

Keystone International Analysis

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13 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introducción

    • 2. Evolución reciente del mercado de materias primas

    • 3. Los superciclos

    • 4. Las teorías malthusianas y la evolución tecnológica

    • 5. El mercado agrícola

    • 6. El mercado energético

    • 7. El mercado de petróleo

    • 8. El mercado de carbón

    • 9. El mercado de gas natural

    • 10. El mercado de los metales

    • 11. Las empresas de materias primas; en particular, las petroleras

    • 12. Las mineras, la banca y otros inversores

    • 13. Conclusión


About This Class

La economía mundial y los mercados financieros dependen en gran medida de la evolución del mercado de materias primas (o commodities), el cual marca el destino de infinidad de empresas y países. De hecho, la caída de sus cotizaciones ha tenido un impacto enorme en la evolución macroeconómica de todos los países del mundo, y en los resultados y cotizaciones de bolsa de empresas y bancos. Resulta fundamental entender lo que pasa en los mercados agrícolas, energéticos (petróleo, carbón, gas natural) y de los metales para comprender la economía y la política internacional, y la evolución de los mercados financieros. En este curso se analizan estos mercados con el fin de explicar fácilmente de dónde vienen, qué está pasando en ellos, y qué se puede esperar de los mercados y las empresas de materias primas en los próximos tiempos.



1. Introducción: being, of course, also analyses del mercado indistinct also bury most primitive our level within America. There's materials. Pre martial arts. 40 miles covers Paso Alistair Yes, in the last year, on a level three under a spiritual commercialised area, they're super thick clothes left areas marked to Ciena's very most distant of segmental There, America, there's materials. Primus Commitment. Calorie Cola Aesthetic. Oh, Petroleo Carbone. Very most America. Those mentalities Sana literalists took to another Mercado Mulago hospital. Later. Colorado allows me Nader's Salamanca shelter symbols stories. Karuna's conclusion is perspective. America, the materials Primus are come from below. They must, they say, speed Uranus. The dollars on oil is not Frankie Valli and they'll tell you their total. The Commerce international donor stink over. It is a peep. This part in consequence via last routine is the less politicized battery. Pretty much, said Rapidamente portal global Kanye Normal transparency riqueza in terra productive equals will be loaded. Los effect tambien enormous! So they told us Los mercados financieros mondo. So let's call it a minute. So reliable fuel economy kind marginal according to Macroeconomic Mensah majority at the last prices like important last materials Primus, if defeating exactly that's a stent toe. Total activity. Keramika radio. It's like a Tory incluye Roman numeral Viennese Derek and animal mineral foresee, Squali said, listing in for normalcy. Transform others. A party. They years like Mesa. Malaria, they appear country, he told us productive members here. Amanda, the matter is Prema cist finally rather impressed. Indeed, Really Super Lichfield is, you know, the less pretty palace activity Daito in Merida Economia Mundial is when I norm a stroke or intel out there, this tree will transform our materials. Primus travels the metal of dishonor. Just want to see close to you could suddenly set for their release that study out when he was important Materials Primus Sex training Run this Kabul CNN's Los mercados economicos Internationally Dell economia the practicamente toes with spices Moon for a simple breath Use polity and northerner Daito in travelers meal in the military Once it deeply current primary moochers prices so total by systemic Kentis seven if there are enormous mental distress. So either this economy and process was on course to those security for a minute. About the okay spectacular in cameo apart it does he love the metallic materials are equal . You lost me Petroleo Deal with America Kemp Liko Important that Paris having dresses for a total mistral tourism materials Primus Human. If Ethiopia packages consumidores character minnows aristos materials, the rest at the impact of formidably and economia indefinite Eva competent their location say the miracle materials. Primus is fundamental parent and grandest tendencias electoral mean that in the last 12 it s perspective Toda Spices and Fuentes common spices this every others. But I will get casing, friend Lesson places the materials. Primo the last place in Quentin Interest, my Otis Empresas del Mondo proper. They're and then their commander, Prudencio Ramos. In a way, you know, it was my dearest mercados Texas State electorally. Now not really an economic miracle of the materials Primus and resuming present. Corso released an analysis that together Mercado they last Mattias pre must. But apple, they're competent. Their case. Look, it starts with the Indo Equalization. That's perspectivas. They state mercado that important April Academy ammonia, Kikuyu analyses. We should that interest and they go meow are passionate Labeet Thomas party. But Mr Cool So yes, Paramus killer is pretty 2. Evolución reciente del mercado de materias primas: Ebola theon breath. Ian Bell Mercado, The materials Primus and Lasagna Setanta Community Smoke are Sartorialist, Enas Superior, but a temple fracaso, the systemic planete Cathy. Until anything economica parliament, Lee says politico for Lafosse Poke Be Rico is Gloria's in logical SCNT com pocus except Eunice. Addressed to the vices. Calm blisters for the 100 Trust esta system being burial juniper to the receiver. Come obeah man, He's doing more or trust collapses. Common bill owls Elfin model of the planete Kathy in Central The Apostle owner The last protest So's the rodeo. Must extraordinary Used a historia for superlative people Lane Men Support and Poco Sanyo's cientos Damien is the personas seem Corporan al economy and America the level you Tristan toes They found Campo and direct Allah pseudo base in Brusca. Do not prosperity that most of our fellow minnows alike, except for the SPDR esta mi Matthew Acevedo in my your excellent rural ready, Strettle asked electorally There legal go on this communal protest So do the money like you know me A Monday el pronto common So a replica comes last readies the production Ecommerce seo carrots here on our most represented issue here in Philly that the nervous impress us came player on the unit Trabajadores mature. There's quality commensurate Tressler Mandela made for his BP. End US coaches. Electoral domestic owes You work second Street, then then Alistair Porto's report. The tennis The meal is the kilometros take irritate us If we have a trend, he told us to professional signal trio. They can t that this enormous The materials premium do until they can tell a fortune. Tellers no venta economy as American taste todavia not any and everything. They come apart at the demeanor according to Global. And it's a sign your letter Monday that marginal say yeah, me neither for love spices so l expansion parity. Nervous technology has telling format can order killing tanto recluses, not rallies. Promoter. Six stories Let him under the materials Primus in Costa Quinn Fear A few 100 moral season for the For the expansion under offered portmanteau. Last 40 units will be in a sermon to get own bathrooms. See you in, you know less than audio International. Campbell Professional, A global community Oh Armando, A new lover moved in below the commercial that National Day, Venous said The Republic Oh, and Carolina those meals in the castle. The last materials Primus expansion is Patel Mental This tackle, Theo boundary more. There's no reporting toe on one. Enter the military s either. Well, more important, Seema Transport in turn, was history and treadmill. Nobody went. I think he does mean a city is more than just can't handle Esther cierto in hospital in a castle. The tina who you beat a mill limiting does no anti Quattro similar al espanol Mientras que soy is the methane superior lt can't Asiatic for them. Ask ourselves, Nascimento and process the inversion Discover analyst proxy must, I think, went forth into the beat rectory and can t Ellis Massie was the recluses materials See Kalsu, Matina Materials Primus and focus on You are so the four Mike starting area Astra said in mens and you knows Cassel's career. I think cuenta por ciento moon incremento lemon that Sena, also the materia prima pronto, can actually trace putting birth and Novosti Russia Tina Tebow, Apple Estacado Camembert en esta being assistant difficult in particular in a CIA in Latino America in Africa, stimulus monetary fiscal is happily Gatto's apart in the Latinos will also be in Provo Karen Ellen Charity Minto The Materia Spring but a little Impersonal labor Soon on a mass liquid injectable Apollo, Bangko Sentral is party civilly. He'll Istat American Thea's materials. Primus People anymore politic expensive What they deserve. A little more than a pretty at your dollar. Tratando de facto, less material. Primus. But I told her, not Eunice Germany, that noise lifestyle needs Los Palacios. They last materials. Primus comments, arrest And there are parties. The language Does esto sisario for Lado a momento and kill Amanda and spices the several others saying trouble Estrella. Poor black pieces Seen a list of them. A dentist being common Saturn at this Artillery FC Porto Santo Secrecy Minto, Amanda Materials, Primus Cyril in So in Gambia, now Fertile. Say yes in double Dundee locates that next a studio for getting the vote for this guy El cambio they ate Upper is relative a mental authentic, But I would have said Monte nearly 30 number So but a coma said are nervous scenario. It's a very good move around this export. Another is the materials Primus. I'll have nobody to appear. Yes, Monday against the sector is full in the low gas. Oh, no, says Paddock. In excess of the ferret exception about rapidamente go, locals play fears probablemente demonic and evil. Its workforce do that. Don't be unpopular longer that DeLuca Boudria said, fast and super thick, low the years they last materia prima. 3. Los superciclos: lo super thick clothes. They lost pretty years. They last materials previous medical materials premature until a salty Martos. They cut us in Kabul At the really super thick se Hoon Esther mascot is a pianist. Destin's Vienna's Cygan patron. Thick liko forces killed and annuals or inclusive regulars. Good lighting. Other Siegler went two. You know, rpm most in trouble, Jennifer say. I'll see stuff. They lost Politico's They like materials. Primus, Eldon the Istres Prometheus said Montenegro. L. Abbado's as tell a new parentheses Until Chris is the bill for Amanda Sunia. No se ve corresponded increments. World first locate the Aluar shoe either that a party in the area Prima Amanda is super sky for K I esto grandes movie Mementos. They lost breath use materials. Primo Okay and criminal Uva Cygan patrons cyclic. Oh yeah, they must. Seven. The former Cortina Se woong Lati area Stella Super thin clothes. Last look toe A few nicks to Syrian. A consequence. Yeah, they lost cab used and they pimento loaf The chokers him into the oferta Also with the bending their evolution the lesson best series, last quality body and significant development Entrance forces are vistas, even sisters the Z clothes and concrete toe and see global gonorrhea. DeLacy gentleman Ada Those benefits years Correa. Look at Ben Ali Sharia Lane, Bursa, but only see realmente leg span. Soon they'll oferta Saralyn Pizzeria establish a super in its a momento second area on Expresso. The Amanda lost pretty superior phone lost benefits. Let the prettiest Altos say Lavery Alan Bersin in consequence via oferta saying Elementary a renewable and don't taste very and come in Syria, particulary in America. The Last Materials Primus SK Process All this Cree toe commentary that rental video should say before Mylanta Los Barrios explored a theory plan. If it Cathy on the loss projectors for then sell more. They too for the simple A lost predictors minutos and promedio person think canyons Destiny this Caribbean toe pastel inicio they'll extract fear. Porto Santo successes. Oferta Here Amanda Tarlton Macho in the porter c e quando Lawful Lower thing. The former Brusca, he contended. Anthea Alasania refuse. They don't suerte. The Fecteau Mendiola let area the soup earthy, close, Most like center. The critic us for a simple citizen. Ella Philadelphia. A lot ago, Pleso Boudria said If Cassie better Malin payment healthy sta in particular parallel recursos No Reyna Wallace Tacular oferta Say, leave me in absolute Cuomo. Like anti support. They get extra yet on a mass less tractors. Have a complete condo. Say, Won't say one commando. Last couple as much access Iblis there has exploded pianists looking elemental. Those Costis put a little Amanda in cambio. L treat more crazy Minto. No teenage for kilometers, our control so tender, healthy, Obadiah said. For the mental system. Dekel Apology on Global rapidamente a new Middle East and assuming saloon lottery. A super close. Our hysteria. Mohsen Brando, Luna Rossa Batista. Think of the president's the idea. Trust pretty assault toes and don't spiral in there soon. Enormous Technolo. FIA's Noah's illness, especially in absolute locus central Syria. Very intolerable. The press years material Freeman battles 4. Las teorías malthusianas y la evolución tecnológica: last areas Malto Ciena's level You feel technological is the more likely sees very well. The less cassette the lower. Crucial not to release in a lot of Korea. Numerous vetoes The team Arnone cause the elephant Carbone Uterus moochers on Italo mismo Garnett petroleo Alas, will Demas esta Alinea the pain Cemento They standing that really feel any tear up for election amiss? Tankless Thomas Multi candidate Principios single Yet in Norway help for their They can see me in tow. The lapolla s infinitum. They produce ive since tanto lumber See leper look no foot psychopath They agreed last night, etc. Ivrea Brokenness Poor Laurie Corso's is cassette decreases after all, A revolution Industrial Last concert tour as the multi say complete called no tablet solo elevon Technological Very meteo Kahlo money that is Kappa Trump Family to CNN. I see auto dealers, factories clubbing and level field. They breath you last month areas Primus a celeb on say they let technology los cambios technological on revolucionario los mercados de materia prima US totals in numero social Cascione is our redondo care provision and for a simple oh like I Either they lost presidents tell interfere in the 20 Most in Post saying went really rather last nervous technique us The fact that you need replica or fracking Carmela together. Nervous signal off years is Cassie in the late being moody feel esteem our Wall Sida that tendencia America though a lot of plateau in my sound that demeanor Oneto ban Adar Lorik also so no red Novelis left areas the lawsuit particulars hypotheses mild Asiana The last question is the brewery so technological know shown Eskridge entities. So defectors respect tables for three and dominar and the steam toes Momento Okay, last materials Primus Poetry and comport siendo una tarea water, said Garcia momento. Historical equals the last Sunday's defectors dominate El Mercado in Car a moment, Antonio Caso, until in December, the quantum vanzela technolo here Quinto Noriko's nor a novelist or a said present day will start for the consumer 5. El mercado agrícola: L America, though, are Nicola Agricultura a spoon activity Asencio Honeywell Economico So tr in Marion being tired lt with gonorrhea and see the El Centro del activity Humana Duran Stay classy Total a story A e our knowledge India La vida Rueda Sivarasa Investor sector, LAPD Look Feel agricola estar extended up for practicamente totals Low spices the moon APPA survey Esto s relative a mental McKenna said, and I think a party in tow Dallas Elementos probation and a Penis. They close the plant us, we think Oh, animals. I explode. A pianist tolars lost a manual CBS here toca Kenya Skeleton Grandpa never me no skeleton party in tow. The comida mundial said Luther in Gracchus Familias a Porta May knows Don't those 14 toe they'll keep the last economy 1/7 Others a lot spices in the Suroyo in Kambia soup basis My your includes a superior outward to the people in our bonus cash control. Oh, don't rail meant a subset of us importancia It's in last e for us. Them play. Larry will do that that Ribuffo must they? Those meeting media is that personas in other moon can master no interparty anto receiving in love Spices in the sorority last personas Progres soon especialmente lip Indian Taste this the sector jack a nine or 10 top 40 in total of castles Be win in general rallies Recon asked on setting a por cento using resource in consequence via in motor spices Last look toe a fairness they lost precios This was venous. It's on a quantity Me in those politicals the premier orderly I see a simple you know they love the Tornante alibi for fourth incremento Costa de los elementos And in North Africa, the last refuge recall us trained a portent. Oh, this is Maximus. I see the minnows penalty ever kill Attila's McAllister All interfere. Tampoco foreign tampered in theaters. So sweet dread threatened by Teesta in from parathion Corner Trust materials Primo the well meant now for Nicola Norby Actresses Oh, the former Tom Marca commoner resto the materials primo in Wana party. They will not give it up with a lava supercede the other bolus authority that this Bela distintos spices look at the stars Una segmental America Are they mass and left? Nothing is the salary. Others laugh Alta the T arrest up to us allies forward of Lazio theon economica in 50 musonye on Limitada library. Recall por tanto land oferta are pretty Parliament Delasin Kentis is a former limit hunter Theo Activity sector s gonorrhea and don't know our meal Cristian Toes media honest persona said Armando Correa Animals I live in a super Fethi superior. Ninguna attracted a porta six to their ass calorie asking called shoe Melo money that you there, Theo? Less protein looks Garnica Hamas Impacto particle element important. So Hailemariam Bientot? Yeah. Keep sort of a own 30 0 Dell offer TEM del the Tierra No polluted, stinking toe. The lemon grass is defecting, but a simple killer The gardener trickery, you know skins a meal, literally. There were parachute production, The s better mask Gilo, Porto Cristo, Serik, Amanda More than Amanda. They Carney in love spices the Sarajevo's Don't they consume me most America The Thean Kilo sport persona a land Aflac's emolument tell doubly promedio moved on this economico demographic Oh, those meeting Quinta 60 Markkula Pulasthi On Monday El Al Gonzalo lost nova me, me, Eunice Their personas que probablemente it and run Carpathia rkc TBA passed on the Superior Elect My friend has tell Amanda is probably kill mental. A super physical jacket in Black Cola solo suit. Eliza Pierre A potential meant the 30 internal Al no went a party in tow. The less superficial port operator sent mantra in Africa in a medical Latina Ingraham party content rather in a Penis. CIA DEVICES Brazil La Repubblica. Democratic of Congo, Sudan, Angola are fontina, Colombia, Bolivia and a lot of extremo sin cuenta Oriente medio in North Africa Yassa Many of you know end on the Nokia practicamente dearer apthe scene exploded a si misma Lomax. Probably it's gets extender elusive. The technology escaped mental Apple TV that classics product pianist who took on a new so their metros industrialised production element Dill sector Fundamental Vlado Guest menace affect Otto Killed raced to the materials Primus for last look toe a theory anus They last cotija theories A lot of a plateau from Toretto importantes caramel and they see that expanded the former substantively elementos own Apoula here India, Can I with my your he must pull the end 6. El mercado energético: last material and Thomas New Comen on a radio. Inglis especially several. And Jeremy in Cash. Mineta's The Senior Maquina but a combative last frecuentes known that the onus case free and last minute stay. Carbone. Yes, Daniel, this is clear. Saleem Vento Media said. Food you know about destruction there were parted. They came They Carbone Waters Combo Stephen the Stamen Ada cost Rio una maquina path Transformer liner, Kia calorie FICA and in Algeria physical I si m Bethel level field Industrial Los principios de la maquina. The new comment set foot on applicant so outre. Sam Bitos, Common Transport, El Industria Commentary On a proliferator thoroughness barcode of a poor, he professes industrialists automatic like a party that the product feel, said the Sparrow home. Amanda about Belmondo. Throw in Leiria Industrial. A molecular Snivellus David celebrate on the former Known can seem after another, said Griffin. Take on Schumer. They interfere. They brunt. Okello Potente Entry, Consumer energetic Oh, minustah C, B C and actually death and spices. The Sarajevo's servant, Those grandest tendencias Vlado started Trust Luso, Belk, Arable farm or gas Natural appropriate Sando case. Enough Went dinner here. Menaced contaminant! A team of course must party system introduced fiend off Latino listeners. Respect I come, you climatic Los Altos breath You still crudo on for mental through this A rodeo Premera Siegler went, you know, knock stunt momento El special The last dinner here and nobody's rebel Fido receive lamented lento. So principal limit a theon escape dependent Dallas County Fiona's climatic US Senator elect Tanto ministro No guarantee sorrow in total memento Local legal. I stellar centralised. They know Renna Wallace responded Atlas yesterday a lever macho su casa. I si s probably Oculus compost evils. Fossilised ko important terrace quarters. Part is the letter here seeing on diminuendo America Energetica Mundial Durant Mature annual mass. 7. El mercado de petróleo: el Mercado de patrol L A s called mature diferente. Grand preference Last materials Primus, Isla Premera pointed and clear. Mundia lost. No, Went, I think media Earnest, there are readers that grew locascio consuming. Elia knows proportion and full field. The lender here use almost. And the moon. A mask that bitterly shipped in an infinite at the creditos plastic coast, they taste fertility Sundays. You Largo, etcetera. Esta materia prima is indispensable. It on a sector that transporting Jackie Cooper are stowed. No, went, I think, a party in tow. They sued Amanda, then is here. Support them and start by rest. Look what's okay, you know, for a fact. Okay, So I suppose you can be this scenario that similar then, but totals row spices and Mondo motor Astonishing. Beaten up inside the mast, like I know respond. That question is pushing trolleys reminisced a most on telling you a lot of variability in Polk Petroleo. But like horse, they lost in Tokyo. Canto Hillary's skin on face and lower production cities Parrado fracking in North America on a mask. There are very few in the bison export, others de petroleo. No, sir. Mostro this poster terrorist are special Off in Saudi is a Unicode by Stella paid commercial traffic that Jalisco Tita Journeys seeing case good our areas. But Achebe rear Keramika I am us a party for Leo. Say stop became the case device Return America and pianist Normally looking Flicka Mento this exporters in the crudo and Mary Omiya class so peeking through so suspect pronto. Oh, meet your they were released idea. More important, Amanda in lost by, say, the several. Yeah, those consumer The Petroleo idea is a cow's tail. Actresses economica people are the technology is the consumer must feel. I can't really hear shadow incremental consumer Siegel with in particular Tina for rest forcibly that those 30 years tell another man that global Uchida and Talayna those meal trays does mean that is after affect. Probablemente alas, Prospective America Party. Six Protective Mondelez no sun print. Third, less competitive failure is acquiring dousing when the dollar is for Barry and consequently a political plateau is perceived like which is productores. So I am pretty random aspect of the spirit years. Are you with that also sent over really coma minimal on every movie. El Sistema Killing Birds Here and Petroleo Khao Bain Departamento In this Wilkinson respect Argentaria Blokhin borrowed absoluto significa media Ernest Salaries in labor momento an excessively off in America Petroleo sig asean no Llevado called Oculus Prettiest car There are reports for FEMA sent us in particular See? They believe that Monday is reporting there was positive for the other hunters say spices product stories for an obvious on the yakavetta Acquire them resting here for our cows that won't conflict And quickly caso last predict bonus so pretty that Materia Prima as your party wrestler Petroleo different from our second Grand Philadelphia Jacquet in order a new better factories does affect America Portmanteau moody 15 level of here 8. El mercado de carbón: I made a couple. They are carbon Is Lhasa Wanda Fuente Hamandiyah esta materia prima Ah Who was clever? Interlace Arroyo Economico Belmondo Parlamento Keep me till the revolution Industrial Kamala Khan A scene doesn't done things. Yes, Tell a premium Amita They'll seek cover for leprosy. People wanted their fear. E you are trained So look for the trust their patrol Maria separately in La historia I see the sign another up until they the last nuclear is the last renewables Bello Tennessee and lacked a leader a quaranta Portmanteau electric You have mundial Syria, Fernando up there El exito taste Roka received the in case I start in transport seem place even at the mass is we're in a service providers area Very super Alan Siegel, the consumer I'll treat marked or yesto trust must Sentosa In years, this vaccine must Colorado sin cuenta were Partido por el Mundo's in Muchas castles relative in America. The last does the consumer opinion keeps the party in tow. Their carriage moved here because the Corinthia Celestina America the Internet government moochers Mina said Karissa Alluring political interest. Ablest local. No probablemente locally is supposed to taste American CIA. They were said the substance. What are people conflict for the resto Maria Spices Telemundo inches Protest this Arroyo and Rick Garrido Maciver Mente People went based compost. Evil is 14 packed ambient extracting diner. Mariam Vnt Yes, Peligroso charrolastra calories transported Ramirez Contaminant yelled. Must lawyers who came across Canada does. Nevertheless they exit the car. Bono, you're just took seacoast professionals monomania Be anything Sistema cara Born African serval skin test meeting mortis Elena Maria Spices in the sauce Cuando si use on the massive mente Clearly third cimento friend Dorothy made Ambien Tina are up another mercado carbon 14 toe there Nobody mandate Correa the Granules meat Tina Tina worked as artist. They select introduce sinister combo. Steve is probably can know who were a cedar. Possibly sustenance to this communal Demento will be my steak, The spices, the majority per capita. I need a little window consumer. They care about Department for Quest Tunis Media being talents, ultra spices and my dentist. I'm being killed in a coma for the Templo myself. Tina, No stunt day last very soon is paralyzed proximamente colors in the canticle consumo service. Provera led a terror spices menace island others up post under police. The humble stevia look Well, Amanda know several. Like I told you, Have Portishead India s team were tender, The man An important day in centralised carbon. He says Petrakis also sex funder in Africa It started three. A report Really seeming horror. Less technical meaning without having pacto being less quality exist them Go out and meet most famous yellow cards Indefinite Eva Trust O C close the consumer Masebo They Carbone Parasitical Mondo say that the thunder s stick Kombu Steve Mona, This is pretty palace front and center here. Run to Tim Thomas C compared to previous years, then living there in years the same proportion Porto here. 9. El mercado de gas natural: Mercado comments So calmer TMNT Really? Kassie Siegel, This poison this a rodeo The last technique us that fact. The moment they either Fernando, protect you India a portent or no work total Total energy consuming stuff went in And Athletica Winterthur, lover for important here Trust their petroleo either cardboard They're just not the right sex Bandido costing we competitive Same issue Some minorities last the ultra combos Two days they so combustible Foresee them I can not stand tambien dinner. That's when concrete toe regular construccion the complex infrastructure tormenta lost entrusted any consumer Carlos last year. Stealing trollies are blueberries complicated or tanto la Busta for a lesson in much the Casio defend the department they like the similarly, that is a will there soon ministro another sector of assisting. I only work into it. So in a patrol, I guess those metal fracking second death must remain secret. No foot on competitive goes back a lasagna. Llorente said its original technique us that for every car into a tree, sitting coveted super looks in consequence CIA. Introduce me to create a product Fields and Meadows Leader movie and I'm cracking momento and 20 think a party in the last eight years Get on estos burning impacto NATO positive of that so very stylish meters, according to me millions de dollars or, you know, stand frequent dollars or through there are no solo Carolina meat like I either. There was pretty astounded us. I took corrective that several companies incluso on the diesel where a riot started a decade of my daughter's cost number rallies San convention. Either here, the ability of different mass post and moved in a low begins here in the US is entering. Think Wente you import in Moscow. Inclusive apus are the super Theo Tambien at Diesel America. Though the customer to assume Mercado, we said, mental okay is defeating a lot of the press years. Dracula me apart. Soon mini strokes a party. They run this contractors and the larva platform. It's been 50 others. He could use predators and move. So Cassian is sending Gulen Allah evolution, their president Petro esta formula particular petroleo. You'll hear a lasagnas descent. $1 importa Lorries. It would appeal the rice field. Marin's Premera spun credits under of a blessing. Seeing Texas still pretty is the reference here, part of us, Los Proximus on your is this better continuing momentum in America in caustic, wealthy, and then come back 10. El mercado de los metales: el Mercado. They lost my palace. Lost Metalist and see, Though fundamentalists are constrained, Jeremy in test yesterday told us, is the Kahlo Kobe for on this queer toes they, you know, sent a meal annuals or India seeking and siendo beetle is But I like a Lamia. Jacqueline Mintz Maria Callas Activity is Manu Fact letters in the construction for killing run this country that this taste come on Castle Day Address Materia screamers. Tina Amar Kado Amanda alone team, I reckon. And Daniel owes me the Mandela in door No, I don't support Piento. They love Metalious movie theaters, me and trust. And actually, it's a theory for a moment A star for Cassie. L think Winter portmanteau that Amanda in Gambia is Bristol Mondo Manto Nihilistic Schumann Relative Momentous. Published before I see no extraneous collateral in here and there. See article also carry that The last 40 fairness they lost, they lost. Now first of the Mentalist for super, we are gonna feel so extraordinary. A mental Oculus altos precios ari in this part of the Lindbergh. Soon until a premium liquor they'll see glow in June for a temple proxy on the year Oh said three click. Oh, and for those me think Oh, it was me. Qatar's mean Transkei Aluminium and Nickel Creek are in the last year, but his seat and plus embassy us I choking oferta. I just heat inclement undersea. I started relative dentro de esta categoria stucker every minute all the year present and lined Austria. When this relays second Austrian coach is he safe? African Lesson trainee in the most elect problem is because the ultras moochers produce in Germania. No, really. That embryo, the repair, their carbon Acero and Milner the interesting When you breath, Macedo is fermented spectacular and those it does say multiple for master be in the mood Thomas pregnancy Ever rest Oh, the materials Primus. Okay, Owner See, we are restaurant owners Think for with his must battle can and does meet those No says better not in the last 40 years. Mineral Eero, poke the rest of my talents jacket momento lasts over feta is way tres grand this product or ease the meaning of the year. We have a 1,000,000,000 demento evil on a postal form Internet a tent limiters whose leaders 1,000,000 test regardless of the cost in a castle, the grand This metal is covering Ramin Will nickel. Let the Bethea aceto similar Oliver Mineral the year That's impressive. Beast or coma and spirit Years before you put a momento something travel in Recorder Coast tastes different. Our embassy anus they cover photo me and dress killer recorded days. They'll have product direct Well system defender Double the former must receiver Toronto Last over oferta probablemente reactor that Unanue those homos in absorber say that or C element must lose trust Anto Lomas. 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