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Desarrollo de Aplicaciones móviles con Phonegap, MySQL y PHP

EDWARD DANIEL VIDAL GARCIA, Mobile and web developer

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18 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Registrando en Hosting Gratis

    • 2. Creando la Base de datos con MySQL

    • 3. Creando archivo de conexión a base de datos con php

    • 4. Creando Servicio para guardar con Php

    • 5. Creando Servicio para Editar y Eliminar con Php

    • 6. Servicio para Consultar con Php y Json

    • 7. Subir archivos al Servidor con Filezilla

    • 8. Instalando Phonegap

    • 9. Creando el proyecto y formulario para Guardar Información

    • 10. Diseñando el Formulario para Editar, Eliminar y Mostrar Información

    • 11. Creando Archivo para Obtener Url

    • 12. Codificando Formulario para Guardar Información

    • 13. Codificando Formulario para Mostrar Información

    • 14. Codificando Formulario para Editar y Eliminar Información

    • 15. Probando Aplicación

    • 16. Agregando icono y configuración del archivo config.xml

    • 17. Generar APK de prueba

    • 18. Instalando APK en el celular

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About This Class

Resumen del curso

  1. Desarrollador principiante móvil : aprenda el mundo del desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles, tecnologías relacionadas y gane dinero con la aplicación móvil.

  2. Aplicación híbrida : aprenda la tecnología para desarrollar una aplicación híbrida móvil

  3. Interfaz de usuario móvil : aprenda a crear paginas responsive con bootstrap

  4. Conectar servicio web : aprenda cómo enviar datos entre la aplicación móvil y el servicio web y la API web (PHP).

  5. Base de datos MySQL : cómo obtener una aplicación móvil para manejar la transferencia de datos con la base de datos MySQL.

  6. Funcionalidad - Aprenda a crear servicios para consumirlos con ajax.

¿Por qué debería tomar este curso?

  1. Podrá crear una aplicación móvil

  2. Soporta  sistemas cliente, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

  3. Tengo muchas preguntas.

  4. Haz preguntas en el video. Y ten respuestas en el menor tiempo posible

  5. Actualizando contenido continuamente.

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1. Registrando en Hosting Gratis: Let's a copy to my mother, a moisturizing at those radio Bama's Our struggles in costing rapid muscle her toe. Luca Trevisan del Apart, allowing Sabeer pariahs Address school years, The hosting Kiss to Pleasure Web cause Okay, mass volume we we went, is likely last, as you don't think, Logan. Initial momentum. No every star Araki And these a racetrack gratis my c up Connecticut ATI's But I said, You're crazy in Korea. Okay, Pajama long got with me You made thank you up in a fungal. Well, let me come yet E No eyes here often are costing wrapped trays travel, whereas seleccionado is the party Zita who has election arrest, excellent scenery, soporific are okay, there's already have let up. They're hosting Gravity's cargo back in a couple cases. Karaganda No. Well, good bye. No physical, not off Mossad's Take your lay opinion attack on continue. Since similes put my long is more, why should lay or tries hosting gratis? A little known most believe recoil hosting it capped Mazar e Vickery tries motor literally off the hosting that are at a service by positive domino sex. But it's along what I heard my mother. He's let Okay. Just look it up in their price. So now you got room. Corio, uh, in court rail than the honorific are eloquent. There's one with us. Practical dig Even if he come when our general jiggle Corio motorist compete. But if he can remain I would have liked bra's there when was already we carpet up Whereas it also toe last around me in Okay, general, these it could mean actually vehicle it up My mother's Russo, the daughter Zahra me in Keep William was grabbed. My stars say Aptos keep my most rewarding. My structure chills. 2. Creando la Base de datos con MySQL: did you almost couldn't. The doctors on the most were the lower. He's talking for months and replace it. A work personal hosting the TNT. But most are learned. These a minus that always Or a minister there said that the pen daily among noting that must have lame on it that are a sickness. That castle, yes, but are you know, scar goony something breaking news up Bodies What I see Mazar lead on days and we are passing out De la Rosa. Two large amount phone got happening Almost where your roots do you know, contract saying you, you know, out on these, it could add there's a partisan battle. The Moses better care, right? Cora Toe Freeloader Park is a great correct, um, in basic Zachary. And allow say that everybody loose bottom Metro's. Then you start seeing that spread Cuando Simoes grand a minute. Stroll through to awaken actual asses. A prairie number allows a loose worries and was a great guy burrito. A host seasonal scare, local horse spare, almost using son tells me, and Rasmus wrecked car Ghetto freeloader. Okay, so what? I'm gonna tow John was back completar Mr Cargo When don't it nice crowd. Lousy at the general's Operates telescopes Uranus. Your lawyers have been these Apache pay my Abney Park in a tower in a mini stroke. There are saying that Kitano's our patch for my evening. I'm gonna lja pointed star formularies House Conlin Very fast. Your color is your lyrically in lower said that those fungal they put a ramp acquit temple Jayaprakash tingle its grip They lost a ups But the latter Talaja Milito ongoing camp Because I think women then will come. Book is number Oh, Tor Bridge Noack appear lower leg are a lowering. Continual Caesar. Correct. Disagree. Our cousin was Grand Westra. Darla than the muscle where they're calling for Marshall. Can a state councilor a Sarah CIA? You convinced a judge Conklin removed aristocrats in the last say that? 3. Creando archivo de conexión a base de datos con php: When was empathetically Toloza Choose Toloza revisions Karma's a continual allow interview godmothers with this place ARCA columnist Are there tears are fighting man under are considered illegal cargo to yours, but please put them to do as we run. Oysters have chills You almost have no harder than threats that revealed. But I must get cut again. No retakes unit A kid's individuals were told me to choose. Let's say up to just Zakaria this Gioia could put Acuna carpet turn indiscreet audio No, I am our phone in the second politica blow Arrest arrest as you length is boy am present. I could ever have to you the connection There's a key Do accredited joke is a connector. Ah, of course. Is looking Whose? A loose Who are you? You corto General Mohsen Media Plus we are you know point most Baraki Any minus that ties me stuff. They all say that Keep your word and lose what you're left with. The group put a commercial who sing gratis the Moores internals grand in student Mary Kay La Contra Zegna Fastball or pulls that? No. In tension. Yeah, How is that? You're like a San Jama connect the name ALS Least accurate. Decorah. Nari. Only that, Lord, I'm our connection allies. Your new my is equal lay Christian meto who told everybody on this product connect our city right now. I say that. Um well, you lucky for Yeah, biceps. One of them was The Kremlin will stretch you a connection. 4. Creando Servicio para guardar con Php: continuing with commando Eller Teoh the insert complete level in June. They were there in our say up. Did you in a second critic, Makram were to ahjumma insert goingto be anti pick boy. Uh, already last crotchety was dedicated by Anchalee near to a connection. Okay, Did a mark on iTunes? Okay, so union the surf to contest this lawyer as u k C. It's it, but dont t is it boat? See Larry, click on both tone tomato pose Little boy on Jamaar. Click on a button insert. Hamilton said most A cup to regulate body at least prima locator. Catherine are really number the other common in metal fours by a Captain Loreal a photo kill Assist Grandeau Yuki, Let's just recap to run. Captain, render early our door. E boy Gloria Leprosy time in Cap Turo A race You yucky worker Have no really Madam Marquesa Quickly Don't. They wanted me sent 20 years for a border in that town. Leave that grandma. And now I say that common Premier Campo resulting Crimen Dracula partner the local media I can Leo mbia l that number this place literally on. We are a community entry Kamuda toe I'm gonna low tour a portal Demo Loyang. Very fresh. 13 comma Brahmos eyes nearly a e la audio connection Case the connector equally metal query . You're Muslim. You're Laurie only is equipped Days Kalamazoo pregnant RKC a school and knows him Prima. Right. Okay, so correct. Normals are much island. You know, Ken was in prima Ralph. Jacqueline is a grandma's exurb. Is your loved ones. You can go back. Ward are in west according to determine a most aliens. 5. Creando Servicio para Editar y Eliminar con Php: I want to get out. Those those are to use, You know, Ramasar Jamaar day Goingto chippy. Um you know, true, The late point off the chip by ako pr So locating when it enter Now look, deh your cologne I'm wavy karaoke eyes Cuando lately our day at his age Amore mio tone They were capturing time in a little market lock on these young Columbia Lucky lady e Locomotion movie Karaca, Isla con Schulte. And now it's a day lower. Let down now, Ludo, those come for us And number three Garland and comedians Livio really number Goldman. Blow em br a lot or equal And commuters Lambiel nearly out or Quentin l still come. You a year bond or days are you? He prays you equal. Come was low. It's the people in in terror. No open air pressure. You are Keep that. It says it's possible. Now get That s this Brasilia Come! Yes, the Gambia. They are a lady. Say one comedian is the MBIA led. Least it's gonna stage a completely Moselle, the electorally self But most our better. Copia is the outcome. Ilham was in the late but late so long and is it. Thomas A lady. Okay, it's a Sotelo's bartlinski. Ive control? No, I see control ties at a limb. Enough late. They leave, don't they, lady by the big one l a dy ke Leo mbia Cornyn meto several moves on your local and meto get placed with that animal. Mr Archie, where police are Answer visual Police are e l Serbia's your daily Mina Mosa cooperating Lovely catch in the manga In my stories visit your morning. 6. Servicio para Consultar con Php y Json: I was confident under not to case Elkins, but most rattles that. Now I say that you know, vaginal, certainly toe pick local residents Curia Cukier s departure Zita Ratko Ego Lucky local or anti days control Tacoma Cumbia in its The Rto is crazy Leaks unit So they we left our lovely You okay, a solemn out our even though camunas it already recorded for at last feeling let down, you know, going on metal. Why is a quarterly French off Egypt Looking over Mr those numbers, they lost camps. You're Kilometer, Laurie. Only a well I could I don't know you live people. All right, But I wanted that Goldman's throws up to you. Yes, it was campus better. There's that Come You know the Arlen data Know how Jamaar your weapons are told those ducks on I started no held in front or the early role saya days interest But accordion Doug wide controllers that those lives by war Dando in a great a port with Tim Opara Monster load that does Mohammed Kwon Jae Soon in quote Quite a few cardinals. That was in Jason. It was but most have a lot of that. Okay, please looking Obama in jail they must have water that Bama's our at sea as we're oysters are choose Answer Bureau Grab, tweet! Oh my God! I see them! They find manager with Minister of your tears by Mughazi like car Gotta choose our It's paired on Moscow's you know Relax you any other minister there to use already Most minstrels are tear like carpet down the clinton this and most regard to yours least Mouzon ball Better interview Yaki Amazon selection Most roads are Chios Lesbos Arrest are asked on Terra beer. Bamattre Cargo are lost. Yes, but I want a moment. Tico interests Cardigan! You pulled almost a car. A mistrial Minister our they hosted a can of this equivalent routine also throws kids area phone. God! Gialamas said those were the Ayatollah. Were them Campell in a town early euro, Not loudly, Raja. Location. We record them in that ticketed point multiple. But I want that are thrown out. But those are laid on these inter attack. But Adam are in Ludo. Okay? Has been us our year. Thus they America Latina. Okay. Says this you are so good again. Well, most likely pretty time in his brain least one of them was So throw Come. There's a key U S Ally Tikkun Conduct remembers all these other than with response it You're more talking to me. This is the obituary Get anymore. So I doubt there's like you do already left to a clinic, June my mother See? Know Selena's per case So yeah, Correcto in my ninguna rural district was a real Celic and sell it to you Looking locus agenda eyes must run Don't knows tenemos problem at least most. The Secretary most No way I have, you know, a turtle Almost 1/4 Your director Min Zerka panic and no practices. I'll say something in this place you say Okay, I cannot toe e look for months and Iraqi although play most and we ve car tambien there's alter beer Brahmos case So cargo It was a river. This guy What kind of went tonight? There's partisan almost 12 days. That's perkiness cardigan, Mr. There to use you Look for me because I a key that coming at least a lawyer. Word of that. Most police are highest. Primeau's bear. Could you? Amir Teoh, They said, like less story. Implement the Kuniko. It's going premium. The told her that was Colin, Jason, Inco, Jocasta. You soon will know that this could be a single one of those in the towel. And now I say after Jacqui Nesta termina most all apart a lower in severe IGA continually most corn apart it clean Takei's area oil. A party there is positive or more it come from. 7. Subir archivos al Servidor con Filezilla: But as we look at usar Serb your muscles out of those Mentos by Most of us are So you're less tries, David Pain or point Most were low directamente administer their to you, Jackie. Jealous thing. Go Ah, those means have chills. Get them in a book on it Programa Mafia Luisita I'm easy to be or jockey will We're Cuomo Collison Miscreant CLS Yorkie Poos There is a screenshot It's possible to meet our shoes at the very tip for commercial Basic law Minister there chills and it's a hosting gratis. No, most funciona is You were Cukier course Barco pr newswire You you black OPR and lock Contra Zegna. You know, as your connector intent is Is he told us about a majority Symbian? No, it's a little knock on next June. I mean, is that of your Ah, I keep my stays in. Look at me connection. If I Joe, they were a month a sport like Ondra senior, do you know a little bit? I A low gear packages a mechanic they alter be or your boiler. We're in luck. Or put a bullet. I think they're merely those attitudes. Could your tangle and it is a tribute to join through a car. So in those memos, attitudes, You're lucky. Well, I got a those whose me mother to use l m in our laws. Well, you got me choose. But in Presidio, KCIA got a restart. Your connection Your low cargoes Arrested Outlaw directamente soccer potato public at eight AM Merely he And so that's what is create July's. It's just so that's clear. Well, Korcula, this is a true subzero Ernest Julia Kisses. Always career. They later Mr Sort of screen Wheeler to you Keep. Well, we're okay. You know, Demery, because your benefits I there we use a lot more because you yes, Egypt will. Arctic are easier to use and miserable Your on top of it. The bacon Villaecija Well, I gotta lose the victim in Tipperary. Free manager Yes, me Minister, they are chills. Here you go Car got out looking masses Our main A supper It is it. There's Japanese e Moscow Most were monsters are two tries The tip it well that tries the directamente Long Minister just their tears. They're replacing a web cost 8. Instalando Phonegap: and presented most control. Apartheid cleaned Mr Castle almost as cargo fungal, my mother live in lap Enough is your moment of Lundy's and very star My most Sadler, depending does it in the most mark. What animals Windows bombers are late. This car guard in the most case cargo to raise our shoes. What about those? You know, case Early Land Application Day Excretory. There's do nothing working with a car. If I see the insular, let's see more. It's again, again, again. It's pretty much scarier. It's promise because, you know, sadly, a because it's Saudi In Newark, unmarked Lee restaurants applications in Windows, There's starless Iggy and litigant is again the equality gelatin emulsion Saleh to me for a single day in Stella, and this was the King. Solomon's is supported. Zita locomotives it It's tambien this cargo are a a supplicant soon in West Rosa Lula simply because you're less Gargamel something. Nancy Dezell. A place store off There's the lab is store opinion, very system operate. You're getting Mezzaluna. There's the LaRocco deeply Peninsular aqui down, jamming South Korean, though as a soccer Peter okay, released spirit must cargie Nomi marks a mosque and waste residue left, but motors car got replicas. Young Georgia letting go. It's gotta go key me. I don't think it's gonna go. You're well compacted for lucky me. Me that I can be that most keep wait this in jail mental issue locomotives there. But Mohsen Saleh simply consume e Brahmos insular tambien love because you, when I ask getting a bonus top because in this car gone you keep with tingling. Terrifies done. The poor cat almost was projects prevented Most pre meadow. Could you just tell me in single and missing? There's gotta go your bra. Keep welcome. Party release. Look at your thing with music. Marchais in Santa Me and dressed seeing me Oh, connect spirit. Most incentive connected to kill. Okay, Yankee, I cannot because you are Latino. Increase cargo. But Nokia was a killer connected by r C Is so in Greece and Domar me Maybe what? I really on sensitive, you know it's a string Take were true. I want that little safe. What I see is sitting because we want a package. Apoyo are so look at the single is there is a missile. But the jockey Jesse money pulling me to love I remember. Labonte. Do a tango phone Got this cargo? McKillop Remember the drunk eating Go boil your phone got Yes, sir. Length or for the phone? Got There's the application cases It Keano's bar. A doer I throw under, most notably Cancion. It's part of our communities San can go eat somewhere. Well, nice. Any Salo Those programmers Joep oil. There's the leche terminal or is the same. And windows. Well, if I command the fungal power system Salo Correct. Ament you keep were lax. You're getting with Santa. Okay, Slouch team. You put a ketamine Poor could have a project to bullcrap. Projectors. Pataki from God. Right? Um, do you work around Knocker Patika? Enough? Because Uranus Car Patika. No, I just my phone girl. There's boy interest. A car Katica Because it mazel darkest side. Never trust a key. Police are assisted into a stack of paper. There's confirmed. Good. Create age. Aleppo Jammer, Peruvian flute group. There is a sea poker I don't project inform. Look, there's a linear Commandos O'Connell publicas. Young kid tango gives replicas in this great story you live What are kind and mass Little credit More projector from God. Your book that in Blanco Portrayal of poker and most planted a skeleton knows him, but most have long Blanco. I must have c e N t e Jackie Lepore's here, don't they? Boy could have a monster project. There's aqui Tambien, Misaka, Angela, Pickles Unity, fungal Akila This you know as it can I have a project. Ah, but that didn't know. Carpet Ajumma. Fungal lawyer Come back. Bottom applications. I come back from the excretory least. I hope they say no so quick that I know when I look Apartments que no podia carries a carpet A dictum in two per case that Marty is some is mom applicants John McCrea, A soccer pitch July a career woman with mint Is Jackie Gelatin Normal? Completely normal. What happened? Fung from least likely project on his own. But really, our laws passed criminal project. Oh, then Blanco adamantly face most like project Lisa Carpet carpet in a I can tell you left uni at least when I was a premier. That criminal a carp later came was creative cake Akamas Acree at least rejecting me. Project No arrests or arrest as well. I'm But I would like to make real. That's already know. So you're so like Estee aka? Listen, jockeys a tango me carpet iPhone Good job. BlackRock toes Mazar choose and throw locker PETA people olio There's a career play metal throw our economy They say farm got leased that I already often to or not, But he could are still Puerto When hockey team in Moloch Brasilia Cargo No, it is the same A Come on. Is that today? We're not carpet uh a de my finger. What is welcome? A But I think we're came A pass waste cannot In Archie Okajima conflict Minto family was I could have lawmen one made. But most guys usually occur form, do you? But I won't. Arrest is stuck up later. A second a druggie. You know I could I'm not up to, you know, Jamaar crying. But most of the income boys. Good God. This well, Dan O Donnell might cause a problem. No, my Sarkozy in the latex Soon America. You are you Corona carpet Dama Fungal? Yes. See me more program on Melo. Your career there is a queue jump will were kids will be Orissa, Korean do in its the route and lastly intolerant titles pronto she until is in huge. Please, I looking It's a Karaganda you are keeping Ghanem Allow lawyer Keeter. So look at Eunice Monopoly, cause your name Blank would you look well? Car Gotta be like Come into zero calm Ojokolo pro are this day, Mr Lula And it is that abuse. But what I mean are quite later Cientos is entitled to save Tracy. I said Oh, you trays to Julie! Go Connector! Localizer is criminal category Seminal project Tokyo Tango Carpet A tastes Great Locker picked up this There's I nothing. Gonna nothing. You know what is so called application? Deism is in love with someone strong Donna, but the parental and I have no Joya secure Comey project. Okay, Craig Directamente Zalina komando skin You are entirely carpet taxi. So the phone Connolly said your permit close project is getting because Syria s Sayaka Yes , they are DNA, is that you? But most are part of its Arab. You're but multi is usually then was concealer. I cannot The present contributed Corey Endo, I Yes, sir. Your logo and this killer well in clear You really have put up Did it come into their car, boy And there I'm a carpet. Uh, I like a bit that days. Able to have a calm fungal. Okay, One through C idea. Bottles of beer. But there's an incident. The capital of Amazon. Travelers being configured be informed that he comments that I could almost rest interfaces wounded. 9. Creando el proyecto y formulario para Guardar Información: no more monsters interfaces Project talk is somewhat this original group better dakedo eliminate recycled printer. But I will be like there is this It was okay. Soccer player today? No, but he still you're more aid for a lap because Uranus for some carpet tampoco about six years. Yeah, well in peer leased by salad, Myakka Boy and trailer Carpet on city Ah, phone eight way. I could have any project Fungal create, you know Jamaar Group, My Jozic Will Days a Documents record Monster Project O Connell, Carmos Anita It's been almost cases, second toe shoes. At least we can most project Dancy okra almost an telephone Cano point Most bear almost half of Australia's. I could have taken some come Hamas has a registered voters are choose least there's a can crew knows what Robin was included too in the interests of carpet time a three PLO blue jays and the most were there. Almost Those are chills saying this, Julia, our new employees are There's this little I use them. Boy, are Bradley. No, that throws a bomb goes off. Phillies out. Ah, these are both struck. Most of these are J query. So then Lisa was in terrible stuff even was Entra Jaquie least centers. They will strip almost our linguist. Are he Bama's Arco are now high steel Castle Accomazzo Lisa What was happening left for Turkey? I am as some emotional Italy's R J query almost a copia is Selena. No cameras are confirmed by their corn Atchity merely Ah, you booster J query call Not just this retro or throaty. Okay, Tommy, Moments of delays are put upon Logan eyes in like Arizona by their loss equals those corners. The booster, the bomb Motor police are not economies. The phone a CIA Come. My most included love. They're nice, but I have told us not religion is least Mm guy suck. Move said I know that those promotions have located Tom was there today. May. There's a kilo. The names Majak. Okay, so has the lows. KPN A loss equals they fall lease. There isn't another choose. Convert those bubbles that unless you're not my most according Sicilian at least. Okay, I got the new moves. Least a slacker. Ok, There's lucky. The name was Stroh's. Most of religion is least key. Dam was on Peter using one stroke for more value but something arising at Mr Formal Audio a little now. Classy, not bar you. Bama's upon Avlynn, not bar. Those says there was dropped sizzle. Corridor here dark. Are you stuff list when it's journals journal Sanjana Asai support Paolo. Yes, that pleasant. Please block you netiquette time. But they are opening them in Osaka for malaria. No, I got that ticket that form. You must own formal audio. We went up in a little tickle Reto por aca dramatize. You live at two cities. Detour Toka says in trout much upon it. Really class because there was dropped. They're Fleiss. It's prize you used. If I une Clinton, you send the West or look remember in law documentation there was trapped Yaki Lamar labor You're kind of for I'm on some bizarre It really is under Maestri's annual for Mullah was, after all, not placidity. A form grew. Your car was up in a little only it's the label butter for a number. But I wanted that number it up in a really input the boat. There's no class from going through. Get those So there was dropped you almost upon of unity. Their own eyes number this mosaic OPR you take out his air? Yeah, number outdoor. But I guess you you lucky by Elberton Listen, there's a cucumber mammals. Oh, I was told her. You they still assert fresh. Yes, I said the people number number Llamas come Very poor bridge. You know, scaffold Tando Elbow toe Burton Uh, board not up whenever you're not classy but daily. But there any you bring my Yeah when I d que se de the queen serious. Go on, look at the most And it's Arab, your kid Little enter Jamaar in circum Osaka There's a sequence here Corn is still to come Yaki llamas upon their What is that? There's con esto, Jacqueline. Clearly most in these and new Ministro formulary. She looked at him more's It's a local and most Koreans directamente in a dispositive or more exactly look among as a this usually fungal cerebral When premeditated, most can travel like a better case Syrian growth. Carlesimo's longer Sarah. But there's a key knows, But I really don't serve your young Puerto Inquire knows what was promoting Grazer. There's point. Most injuries are porous. Epworth, my most your mirando Komano scare a daily coma. Ok, you know you have water that there's a problem with bed. Look for a more equitable tanto in Idaho, where the fungal, you know, where connector answer be or Keano's Baraka Exhibit B or flair? Mm. I'm lucky when the market anymore you're kdoc money pool and directamente means they left but calm. Okay, on Western warmongering. This problem was centime interesting on this card. And the roads had to, you see on extra agenda, You know, this is in my new moves by the endorsee last Captain Corrector or no, there's a general political strategy in those are chilled. You know that political headquarters? There's a Kadar do paperwork. You were okay. You don't get car leasing out people in black and present tomorrow for their people number . Yeah, but see very loose with your left hungry people day time in my Paris Really, Colin Daddy, When the experts continue Ramos and Alexander, you must continually stealing Quentin. You almost calling for more police 10. Diseñando el Formulario para Editar, Eliminar y Mostrar Información: there's a reason and do it for me. Was Adam are no Avery Oneto locomotives. It is Copia toe the winter. There's considered data. Cesar Summer Day. The little Qualcomm. A Germany in a cimento IHS. Yeah. Is it the most? Some in India. I'm going up a lot. Classier danger pocket police car and readyto let me know by hiding Castillo quarto e commerce. Were there a lady? But Kekana lady is Canastota Obama's actually Czar the Colonel Carmel's I leave enough. There's no the. At the time of his 80 I saying Put the hiding this below most Ramus When Mazza at the terminal, the Celik, but almost traveling for months. No ajumma, silly. I said there, man. Well, a strip Tura. You know that these are almost upon a multi. I mean, the leaders Rommel's that almost someone is saying this come by most upon Italy levers at least almost all released A for a baraka container. It's a it's laying for months in La Motta mustering talentless okay has arrested the ah that remission similar and I must happen in Big Kong. Classy Early response. The Response CEO at Darlin this positive young let Allah corn classy 1000 toys does process classes as the summer estrogen delay The nuestro there's chicken marching much another car This those classes consequent and appointed director Montella Pine I wussed they like I do , I am. I started number almost. A photo by a monster e protects you. Ive William muestra good in Britain Data How? Come in front toe one of you improve Ready the west going through in theory. What happened? The controller? No, Karim's please. Hockey time. Interval toe one nearly a They here because like I said, I love the latter Allah Police kill off the animals. Least kill There is as a reenlist uptown. Yucky. When Ramos elk were there Boy, I instead think already it is done. Then I trust corn Adjust Brahmos Convict Quickie. Yeah, just by most almost traveling for months here yet the name unless it was for malaria. The that animal is a former values. Don't say lik e j Manuel, stop formal audio They in character or were the the most careful time do is there live in generally up at the I stop. I mean, I have a lovely cutie or more 11. Creando Archivo para Obtener Url: there was created in front or Gregory's wants young. Okay, someone's you're looking at. The bazaar is often there now with a report on the nose or throat Zambia models that shelter beer or put it on their racy model that plays Juliana Copia Rocker, he says to 11 John Complex. You know, our border that then third like a picked, appetizing large Amar get boy. I see Lord Rama or get well, tenor lower really put on the Mir model that already took one. The similar Tando called Quit because you under those formularies Lebanon, thinking on pocket, coming home. And John says an alien this most Paktika. This was the J query. Give a J s case. He loved what comes. It's solo most a copier and lose the Mazar choose most key you normal upon their I got the name almost lto or life. Once young kids, you gotta get out of there often Their last were a list Quick emir less where a list and we started beer 12. Codificando Formulario para Guardar Información: for malaria Carlos I de collaboration with a number. Dante's in 80 AL Financial Ta blackened Avonex Create parking Almost contemporary Serbia's Your Corn address sarcomas up in a really the woman blue. All right. Hey, once you're at least one more story Yes, there are. What happened? A little pointy coma United Yucky Bama ties usually see you a moment. The comedian Mo Metal Inter Click as your tone click What more could I do not want you on? Ah Markey already more Cesar Ramos in a coma. She'll act like I entered almost up to the last body outlets number You know, most characterized the economical. You're a pretty smart kid Connecticut My pretzels Number 12 While you know, means more money as a corner store. Three comedians almost upon it. He amount of territory of the Cambridge cop to remote is arguably it. Comedians put it because of what those numbers clean Posey Most in a light at least and then throw do know, really large amount that by most of water that flows it was dynamic. It's this part of my personal, but I see is maestro most through insert Kezirian is to be a car, Syrian memory or press says unos loose batteries case. Esperandieu. Oh, my stroke Her rubbish because a camel llama opening number battery while must Laurie Arlen number my sparkling cuttino column one upon anything? No, um person. You Oh, tour bazaar equal marks our store. But on these Muslim was corn corn impress you pronounce you mas. Don't you want mom's? Yeah, calipers almost Lowry Early place concluding Moscone early in his early meto Esperon. Don't always throw nice times that abuse you at least, Or Calama is upon unequal country Comma. Our column with you, Casey. But of the sea in my toe point the dream The lower The only number is my door I don't want a link is module I say don't get any easier. He met the three nights Probably closes positive The lower early number you link. But then there'll a donkey to his mother or cousin was Pork is a he You a full and two or three Nobody. Only our thoughts wouldn't link Is my door my daughter Seydel E for two or three. But I guess you Ah, Poor darling. It's my job. Not settle his participation. I don't always come easy general totals. Campos already Colin Metal are just Bama Zambia lost that. I just already most do you What I'm gonna That was poorly. My fellow close coma kind were Really You know what it's stuck on with llamas upon our lower. Really? Ktn in Music City I stay. Yeah, condom was upon their weatherly And this is last memento A service Yokomizo German is insane. Point open. Chippy lamb was upon in a coma. E laughter back raise here. But I said hey, sorry. And they have this case only a lot. Is my container told Mr O that lucky that does. Coleman. Yeah. You must implement our economy. The convention Susic's sews it is correct. Ah, full deal. But I know what I see. Yes, a pack. You lazy Most problems. Is he going? Poor kid? You and aliens there, Leslie Pasando Achille Okay, I will. Businesses are busy. Oh, is correct. O Rourke in totally separate Nintendo, Cassie may well be correct in my own bed. Correcto. Jackie lawyer is here earlier. And what now? What are coming? Twinkly coma. You know, my old Luna left corn Klingman, Sunny and Ralph At least a key. Almost a kiss Aromas. True says Lucky. There are modes. Yes, it's in someone's Rondo a la jacked in the large acts motor. Leave a car I saw you so fucked animals Pointy comma Ramos Early a lean Estee, aka E Save Casa Ramos is the mature really they like. Yeah, he's almost documentary. There's a kid that any mortal partisan the alien don't is. Look what I say. This care almost are terrible, but not upon that phone. Saddleback. Thanks, Jack. Table Serb your But I could write a bomb. Most power to you. There's nothing working until our boy are Iraqi. Love to you made phone. Got but most of spending cake out again. Even bomb. Exactly. Cornick back. There's a interest than the almost Ari and the loss of sea. She's a garden was too least connector days occasionally opening number upon. They're putting him no number a little. Okay, CNN guardian. He press you seeing Quint lowering were there but parties there tenemos Olympic in your drawer. But Martha Levy car in West Rocco, you go are done day locally. Thermos. Our God No one tie. Coming. But it's okay. There's nothing about Trintignant. The best mommy that A nice try. Say that to me that our car and getting a Muslim picking with are in early when I must call you Go in one start ups, but I'm going with him. And you know, those ones are like wanton were aliens. Erika knows after all, huh? A stained staying, sir. Law, Almost our gun Is that in my stroll, in self bad chipping? I'm a hospital. Cannot Scott again when one was organised and I go in my stars Yeah, to scare this thing. OK, but must organise algo Formosa Rooney in Sir, there's the maestro Open the left Your was Alicante noir. A sane sir Masako! Pierre Luc Along those pajamas start you, I say aka Bammer Opponent locking this bomb or a specific car. Laidlaw's Camp Oscar Most agena sets a trap for my gin. Are monstro in? Sir? What? I'm gonna number What? I'm getting low tour. You almost um Br l but it praise you in comedies. Car Khaki Maestro, Praise your jazzy Jacko. Muvico! What? I'm Iraqi. Come here. Lay support your most our, uh, razor. My stroke. Oh, you go in this lease from cities by more pro. I don't know I like it. It does, but most are leg. Were that he? However, as you know, these were the correct Ament. Most are artists is constantly looks up, Rondo. Least whereas you almost allow us a vote by Amazon. Com was a worker called out the names least she knows. Connect. Thomas. There's the exit. Solar collector knows the settlement is It's a ruler. Okay, Almost got. You does have a link clinic. It's hardly open. Think we were okay? The most rotogravure. Isa Corey Endo. AKI Lawyer. Our year a phone got someone was something in the most cargo moves are liquid nectar. Saraburi meat market in your come do you re most in a Electra Mineral knows this ice cream and the cone. No. One of those years. Those into scares you because I complain a lot. You in a long you're correct time And I'm not up on your lucky Pereira A You know your mom ? Definitely CIA almost Like what? That Yeah, Kino Westerman Say top quartile, Correct? Romantic. You know, super on the rectum enters the mezzaluna DeGioia. Now I say that Loretta meaner e occupying our is in you because you're more like a Jap. Well, water informa soon directamente l nice that my music Well 13. Codificando Formulario para Mostrar Información: continue Memos in the party last controlled US return without are in K. Don't knows that was getting the most in West Rosinha toe. Same Western Satara and formula. You say like Anthony boy or cook anything that a sip Our cooler ego could be arrested. Local resident square and Blanco esta part is it? Read the Marais. Your key workman's are after I love really They? Mm. The me service you Celik, Syria s Sayaka or Secure Key. You know, Come here for a little silly but the most cases a lick your committee Saturday in those rooms It's when Jason but my family's are loudly lucky. That s their start. You're looking the separation The moon Jae shin They tour like for my gin card. Your tango in U. S. A. Up in town Look a job look adore. Pretend, though, is most racing form. Assume in Metallica There's a key. A model too literal metal Goingto often there, Jason, You Bama's Oppa's are really But we don't have enough once you on. Hey, someone had Amar tile. All right, Suit Police. Um my mom, Saudi Jai's. Was this a lapidary pointed comma? Diagne eyes your key, but most are according to a surge age Was that according local on age, Almost as he left a in the lower your literacy cuttin in those that choose Coleman a home till gotta cora bump really coma. He knows battles by Jamaar camps least Saudi zero a que edge a model bar I did, but it'll come pooh poohed I d say be Just call most and laws that bar number. But Iguala come to Toronto Number and bar I will talk Iguala Camp ive our praise You got very well come 4.0, rich as he's come or salvation At least that's surfacing for months. You're looking for much, Angela Most Earnest said Troy. Now I must write a corn. It's still a monster and they work least upon a oneto up in. But inspector dentro toy were Krayer Hey, you were coming up with that loss? Come! Okay, guys Arian Campo number joy upon their my body only number Welcome cutting Lumbly months point. Well Yotam, my old daughter, masked hero and, uh, one Gugliotta. We can cut in a key and but it's lease must. Yeah, but they and yucky when okie a key vento three every day. You and tomato que Syria and data. Look at us. There is coming a greater dramatic it I would be in Cologne connecting us. I'm a bit then you may think and and then you on pretty much. Oh, what a pity. Let in police. I'm not talking the stock and electoral, though upon their los Campos lies here case in your condo lately as a what? Donator. So by general more general. A big food too. I took them early. I must know at Gregory's single the prevalent a low ambient lost that force. Um, you like D A. Keep knowing MBIA Any number My eyes number and no young via a long tour must out door, do you, Leo Young mia. Okay. No swelling that we are laying bridge because I keep on the moors, But it's you equal must But Lisa 00 commedia My mother made Iraqi Come on our remove Kim. Okay. A car plant that must least must. Why are you so you where and yucky weapon A loon. What's our weapon out early? Equal there. Last they lost phone call the last from getting worker. This is getting worker for now it's, um, looking like a classic case. Utility operators is far, far, far Gyun. Okay, Wrong, Tino. For a young, far young age this is area Lee Kuan Okamoto Lie. It is the common I am must. But most are gonna gardocki then then tries Juniper being cool. Classy Battaini Okay, I yes, everybody who are ill Arlene, this one toe check their email happen alone. But there June three months e Certainly in the unity of me it's put up Another law must speak a At least it was up in our uni Konopka Yeah. Oneto cross documents up on every leg for arguing home. Yaka not secure. Come back as fast What Obama's At least it's a custom arsenal Celic. And until it knows, But you're really a Lindy's years. The Lindus Gettleman lawyer is here. Kmet radio, huh? I'll say like us Lama happen alone. Search how much I wanted that Iraqi. The lamb was in contractor. There's no geo. He when I cannot struggling with that, we don't know struggle commanders with scary mosque in order a strike I mean, I just want to go a key. OK, I'm on its back a card game when take your most calm problems or low notice that agenda and number. Okay. A low door monoliths. A Trojan tomato meter. He knows you're alone. Rajan. My, my higher Complete the come for number computer Our cart animals Common least hockey tambien e Oh, I see are just animals Have the contract are lucky Knows almost. Randall number a long tour. You'll press a key. Impress you. My mom got 11 signal. I the best. I still must contact police. That's all. No among us. Africa Liisa tries when Nothing. Those are really good signal pace. Mm. My mother upon our Lord hunky I got It's been a musket cargo, but it's a Karaganda President Gino Plato's Harry Tommy Thomas Khumalo Most open with a key corn Next. I used to the so much actually, sir. Fact Numbness Aggregate Endo help! Fresh bread! Oh, Ari Turlock, our eternal Come with the peninsula. What? I have Nazi putting moment. You are in the city. There's late there is constabulary click And like ours It Giada lean with If you lower click and in boots car may be our last concert. Is it a little clique in eight Are Major Garland Minister Orchestra e Akinola, Minister or my file will happen early. Okay, Ministro, our in a lily my file happen Nearly came I j r me home. Oh, come on, dear. Unless control lucky Yes, sir, I see. I looked anxiously lower Click imbues car Majerus console Absolutely. Casita majora. Alan, this are you more connector for a little A lot of proximity. Most cuomo commercial and dispositive or more lucky? Open spit. Almost. He is your connector. Valmont has put out of no segunda internews cardigan and turbulence. A Korean dozy bomb was, uh, Arial phone Got an excellent lover para Que nos Cora was competing with stuff because you're just I must carry Moses. Better need Santa me in trust. The most cargo Lamos connector you cannot terminal most really dozy and toast is a connect a satisfactory Ament. Our local just a single problem with estrogen. The little two years, he our car just sums least courageous citizen is a doula. You pour water that room in that locker. It was a fun in a key literally. You know, front nausea. They went up on the little dears. Yearlong was having water that for a least a war without Kordic Termine Torno Okay are taxable skills in trade exterminated time Intel is controlled Was our Lincoln to test Ballo Ke So little time we kill Is your leg une tarte men area travelers that those I say formal aereo But I do up for these are loose women are look it up Almost better kill Principia tingle a casita Nothing works Signally Elie Cohen I deserved They will scare. Yeah already Toncontin was kind of the police are yet daily, Nina. 14. Codificando Formulario para Editar y Eliminar Información: we must connell for malaria, your daily meaner. There's more hours that little day The instructor were cooked here. So it's a party Gita open a cantina. Yaki Brahmos out there is that it's so minimal but almost complete support. Look day. Yes, The cumbia glom on to our final day. Kids in the most Italy's are less who loved ones when they get really Perrachon knows Tiger lower. Really An answer. The quantity Louis leak about on a retired documents that region are formal. Are you and Mr Markie Markie broken? My surgeon? This commits a vaginal fruit. Are you to assess body out, please? You know, we work up to that. What I got there's aqui Cuando lay click in a day I can see is a job by syriza party Aquino's falta lower a lady care I said he gwahd Uh, no matter. I want to buy how you start released. Ah Arche lawyer Gregor In a separate casita d equals Ah, I did equal a month. I d mask. I see Least we are keep most Captain Love batteries Bar e d Uh, the quality. Why would he Yeah. No, I tried metal get wearily. Goodbye a que women are being Kamala. Jimmy, kick my soccer great today by least again since ticketing work hard and get wherever. Yeah, killer. I cannot write that in and I d least you just Loomis more as they're called a number. Hold your pressure lap. Unlucky number number. Okay, A little You for our team. The name was but it this circular coral reef. Okay, how would I win? Lose burn Notice Lewis somewhat about those buttery skipper put. Never really sang without in a self body of our boy. A signal control a kid? No open air. No matter. I d going to bad. But I least you'll know those threes. He quit. It's a necessity. He did number a little. You you put it the stock. I just someone boy. Yeah, but I didn't know I go the model ghetto My doctor Liza. But Mazar Lake Country Star He said Correcto When the delay in a terminal traveling for months you are? Yes, sir. This spread on the metro help fresh. I was I mean that I no special pressure least press you. Okay if you cut our seeming travel pressure there is loaning coca programmer for both orange. Actually, saps really mean a toy. And often once upon a lucky venti, quite bombings are left. Police are e no, Sacco. When police Iraqi Poconos, we'll tow will signal one person, liberal policy, Muslim, Iraqi and say, like, could you Sammy down the support? Is it okay? Cool. But I must Are this good? Okay, supper's on a low skill. He's a lawyer key in eight hours, Jackie and the when elop were whirling for margin Could win be your president Obama gonna required a low total number. A lady never thought point out of land. Really? When he put it all in economics, a police and the correct time in telling for a month, he the one Babeu's car You don't leg, I say a clip on walkie governor here really go. Actually, sir, those means actually correct aumentar Hey, And by much better care that these factories are correct out. I'm not a continual Connolly meaner eliminar What I said like Gwendolyn was click in Alberta on their late late Ah, By most start Oso hockey mom was born Achille metal is almost present. The port of gate put out in a glove herbal or the lower. Really? Achille. Any intervention regiment? The late What happened? Look. Payment Like my stallion. The late e aqui local. Among the bazaar is Lowry early I d s Sayaka. I was up in that lab for Kim and bundle lawyer Lady I like the most a mosque leader. My l NATO in their legs least a country comma. Listen, taste like you, Ellie. Me? No, correct Um it says yes. Who knows the most consulates She were Correcto. She loves that may provoke. Correct my presently me. Now it's You know how much quicker he didn't go in Western Serbia in search you Almost 1/4 year is the Boskalis Some was some wasn't me and the public. There's a tambien system. Others in the program can be almost propagate List my mom Uh what of that Montag police are but most are really contradictory. Gay Barmasai z relay a samosa alumina career Waas Women are you know so let me know Jap I must bear can Castle immuno Correct Tomic, There's like you almost Cuando releasing conduct police bomb Assad er law Celic. From what I see like Gwendolyn Meaning? Tell me, Momma Lohan Zelic, the tambien Cuando worthy? Almost. I feel like a large area, I'm saying. Okay. Documents term in a motel day, a lemina. 15. Probando Aplicación: journalism was probably the most replicas. Unilaterally. Despite it. Your moral mom was a me dad. Misapplication Korean Georgia Nelson you love in Topeka to complete Welcome longer, please Almost legitimated LNG query muestra your arms are moving your not look at what the other point most pro are Kenton in I go panel lay as part of our learning this positive, more per case was a battle court The jockey poor put him floodwater that on my own on oil weapons testing 0/3 Ed uar be the even up don't presently see what? That they seek war that correct MNT I know separatism and most okay knows they Jr less control. There's I point most readily, Timo, because he John my tasty never dilemmas eight are was I come every president for crazy and delinquent hazing Most police are This is actually correct. MMT knows Bambi are putting Was better kill president Totally so e but much I have lived for Amina Amina this is a liminal. Correct. Um anything Jackie general parties Most burke easily mean correct. The 10 emotional about Auntie told the La Casa they really needs your ultimate in a model bottom. Zito, the Brusca, Coniston Concrete Ministro Employees. Coma is demonstrate capacity or more for most career replicas. Your next money Poland does that. My years equally come cheap. Kim frequent Getting hammered Maestro Serbia's You in London for Casey Lot the name of local. Maintain Nola's buffoons Una parquet until a lot of little okay, personally parameter, your more. The next day. There came with Rose Service. Use a 7 1000 in Serbia people. Amusement. Heuristic is gratis. It has concluded. You know, Martin, not again. Take classic was instructor Elizondo, which is the most months? A It wouldn't your own escaped any longer. 16. Agregando icono y configuración del archivo config.xml: my mother comments. American people are demonstrably Kasun. But as we are most tropical, it's But I do have to your own people kiss the perimeter cameras as it is comfortable and legal. Tangle me. You know, in the best of my company in here. McGregor in the carpet, then the projector and grew three low level in order on the rays. Equal Andre a que a Gregory. Least they didn't carry a gun with a car. Technical was the You're gonna go. OK, Siaca, your key most already noticed what you're calling people summarily on the most valleys are powerless. Come, people, as you know, is demonstrably catch you. I can't participate toe maestro. Discreet. Your normally that's preferred and tell us plugging killed because you're not gonna go automatic come into occasional a plataforma. Andre cannot let our man look a mother that has come. People are really cool. No model can be can be really cool. Yeah, let's get to it. I loved immense units correspondence, but because our economy is more place Boy apprentice. I mean, we're gonna keep on a multi Kizzie Ramos Agriculture illness plus screen on the Karjala Ponta Komaki must cooperate scar Moonstruck Que zero Gregory Lee Kuan Autumn input values Boria Harakah Stay casual somewheres in the Iraqi Jacqueline was a kilo up on any number because you end up on their where within a kilo, upon a number of market cap. Mariska, they said number one. Come on, Joel. Was Carlo in the play store for me? I keep Warren after Kenya. A script soon. Course I and there's a rodeo. They're really classy. Honest, More Gillis Fungal AKI do up when they really made day. Lepers, Anakin, Days ago. Joe, you're appointed a meal. I keep hoping there will now find out where. Let me, um you killed open number. They know it or they left because you Well, what of that? You keep the name was Ah, they're on the poem. Except origin and monsters are Jews. Don't sprocket. You're letting go Kapoor the road again. There's the quail Carollo since the Navy Capt. K Joep oil aggregate attitudes tanto stare. Most coming terminals. Jackie Thing worked, uses Amazon s read up on the juvenile Lupica no more unequal. It was cheaper. Monastic cannot sink went. But I also and from got off Cordova teen and including pajama while these there is a great please go loco avoris instead of low in west roar in my strap the Iraqi and letter Amina we're gonna gotta meet by you know Okay, so I just do what I tell you. I said I'm a fruit. What's OK to stay there? You ever start? It's like a bit least I just really didn't recruit. Yes are paired with a Parker Who says tengan Really him the Iraqi where copy are asleep looking kid your tango a se plug in Isparta Boy, it's a McGregory can come pick Clint Trickett down with the monarchy It's a plugging Melissa explicar looking on There be this predicament point As it turned out, she was a ceremony Come voice your 10 Welcome that you insert no or through e or truck is in the holster up Last Wednesday's jaquilla You know Greg O s a plug in local Cuando yo general epic Are you insulin? Insulin Levitsky Memorize your kids are chosen Quinta commanders Sam Ostrander Condi Query was replicas. You know our phones, you know, is Boris alot The calm people are Muslim Poco alert your calm people Kissing made 17. Generar APK de prueba: in Italy. Logica com was in Salahuddin was a lot of the player by most out please our commander fungal boy under Mama's Arlen. Very quizzical. Monday Look as it is clear known, was through a picker. The most disturbing trend was carpet tile project. Oh, these bombers has better chance Ternana some amateur p import, But I can attended Endless Tropic. I must be in a Tokamak card. London with those cartoons more great. Angela Plataforma, Landry the Ark and Andre Sekar picked up a blunt Force 100 interest soccer play tunnel back and auto Bama's Amita. Some was, in fact, first Andre in the carpet. Uh, boy. Well, back out on the carpet ties early out boots on my carpet Topic come the book. Yucky. Eston was about you. Cornices! Solo commando Messina That must throw a pick. I will be a separate kind of promotion Sullivan List listener. But our commerce is coma. Calico No, E c sistan with the reason the dollars won't you know, even with stop because you're 18. Instalando APK en el celular: insula. Mr. Application, Different withdraws ruler they do acquire. Is that become you? Come to the normal upon it, Of course. So course Jamaar Colson, La Suite on the two of you? No, he had a key party Alguno used is lucky A insider on this when I was gonna go, let's put up. Get cut again. Less than I become. No! Yeah, I keep pushing states killing. I said put us Caneda! And well, now it's the Julian. Your this card are limited, but enter Korakia meat incidents is less. Let them a cool supermoon toe. Take us pitta Laminar Directed you us practice upon number Disease practices were correct Omitting or does he? There's the Missoula Noah and I don't think I memorized convertible as if you okay? I am a size car gun kissing money. Poland A judgment? No, I already is. Just wear khaki Issa logo. Okay, usually Cano it. Come on Jam and strappy casual and comfy was there s tinny police lawyer Insular. How much has been up? Mientras Eno's in summer? Most of those incentives Summary mortar Illinois authorities open a well man Ceasar Correct They were kids and lose I Queller Samia boy, I made a rocky ended excretory. Oh, then I still say Lola. Yeah, I keep well, banister Lovely Kachin, Kiko correct aumentar in summer.